Happy Birthday Kirstie Alley

Steve & Ted
Friday, January 12th

The Wichita native turned 67 today.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS. Wichita is number. Who won the news talk and what their station depend on. Morning it is 830. When you're listening to 98713. 38 and as as it is Friday January 12. A winter storm blew through south central Kansas during the early morning hours yesterday heavy rain first and. Falling temperatures freezing rain sleet snow. Alan King Wichita as director for public works utilities says his road crews began prepping the streets at about midnight yesterday in the rain a lost a lot of it away. They basically had to start all over again and about 4 in the morning yesterday. Keep treating until we get the results we want which are all arterial streets and in good. A travel conditions we wanna try to get down there pavement on all arterial. Don't really know how long that will take but we'll just continue to put up all sixty trucks on twelve hour shifts laying down salt sand mix until we achieve those sorts of conditions. The city is treating the arterial those main streets however the residential and side streets untreated. That are still in many places extremely slick. Kansas Highway Patrol troopers and Wichita police officers yesterday worked more than 150. Traffic accidents in the Wichita area. Take a look at today's weather forecast time to check in with meteorologist Dan Holliday Dan. Well good morning we are back to the habits of having the heater on a high and a heavy coat on it. As more cold air is in place and we will cloud up throughout the day with a high 23. Northeast winds will make you feel more like five to ten below zero throughout the afternoon it's cloudy and ten for the load tonight. Sunny 23 tomorrow we may be back above freezing Sunday with a high in the low forties I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Anti Dan right now we have wind out of the north it is partly cloudy at nine degrees with a wind chill at minus six. The winter weather yesterday in many areas schools closed for the day however the Wichita public schools stayed open. Wichita school spokeswoman Susan aren't men tells Kagan SS news. No I kind of got a little. A little more Dicey and we anticipated. But by the time that happened we we start school we have schools that start at 6:50 AM and now we already had caught the borrowed picking up kids. Our incident says overall things went pretty well yesterday April Wichita schools she says a special team makes closing decisions for UST 259. Another death involving faulty psychotic airbags has forwarded asking owners of some ranger pick up to get them off the roads. A man was killed in West Virginia in July in Iraq key involving his 2006 Ford Ranger equipped with a faulty to Conway airbag the second death at a Ford Ranger and a problem that's led to an ongoing recall that began in 26 team that span the auto brands now covering over forty million vehicles including more toyotas and Honda is in a recall announcement made this week to come as faulty air bags used the chemical ammonium nitrate to create a small explosion and fill air bags quickly at a crash but the chemical can deteriorates. Causing the hot metal canister to turn into deadly shrapnel killing 21 worldwide and injuring at least 180. Jeff's mom also Fox News. It's Kansas US senator Jerry Moran giving his best guess what will happen with the latest budget impasse he says he expects another short term fix for now. Or editors I think is a continuing resolution that takes a couple weeks in the February but I hope that only happened because we have a deal struck it and and the immigration is part of that and that so called stock got fixed is part of that issues that are controversial but these that the White House are Republican Democrat leaders with the president seems to be that there is progress being made. As an extended weekend for congress of course the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday is Monday. Authorities in Texas are looking for a serial bank robber they're calling a Social Security bandits Robert world male forty year old black male described as a career criminal who accused him a string of armed robberies in Houston dating back to October in which police say he holds convenience store clerks at gun point demanding cigarettes and cash but that's not the interesting parts. They're com this guy's Social Security because he has a Social Security actually tattooed across his for a veteran may be B investigator frank humans as Walden also has his Houston area code is 713. Tattooed on his neck were told no one's been injured in the robberies MM it's just a matter of time before the Social Security bandits. He's caught Jeff from and office ago Fox News. It's 836 with Stephen set in the morning 97 and thirteen thirty KM SS it's time to blur that fine line between news and entertainment. And here today as your hosts a man with 316. Tattooed on his neck yeah it's a dad chambers and Jad we have an actress wants Leo meat no movement to keep. Focus that's right them into movement started as a result of when and speaking out against sexual harassment molestation or rape. Actress they're serving us says she wants to stay that way. She says she hopes that can be to label doesn't get slapped on other issues like wage equality and equal opportunity. And she's one of Harvey Weinstein most prominent accusers. She claimed her career suffered because she spurned his advances back in 1995. There was a point when she was in a whole lot of movies and and she did just and a drop off the radar so there could be something to do that really could be. The eighth 23 annual critics' choice awards airing on the CW network last night that's right. Recognizing the critics' favorites in TV and film. After the big films sir Patrick Stewart announcing. The winner last night. I'm very critics' choice award for the best picture goes to. The shape of war. Each Guillermo del Toro filmed the shape of water on my list I really wanna see them one. Like your Guillermo del Toro movies. Generally pretty good and on the TV side day hand maid's tale winning for best drama series. Here's executive producer Bruce Miller accepting the award I'd like to thank the critics of this or they really. There with first people saw that show. A home and they didn't hate. So I appreciate that and I appreciate them spreading the word. Always get when people don't feature film yes but let's generally a little bit of a look at success instead what you a talking bear a commuter enact it woman. All have in common on I don't know another all hitting theaters today. I'm Michelle police who likes his mom vision into heading into our favorite morbidly loving parents back this time. Patting team is now happily settled with the brown family. And a popular member of the local community. He picks up a series of odd jobs to by the perfect present for his aunt Lucy's 100 birthday only for the gift to be stolen and Pennington frames. Grants failing Hopkins won nothing else I ask you do one little helium Neeson is back in the commuter Neeson plays a businessman. Who's proposition on his daily commuter band gets caught up in a criminal conspiracy Duca. Not exactly I'm proud Mary gives us vampires Taraji. Mary's life is completely turned around what you need to young boy after she crosses when a professional hit. Goes around. Only I've often found on fox. I might not be going to the theaters this particular. I would going to say that in my mind I don't think they'll be joining you either India. Pay them I'm sure those news anchor and host. Anyway moving on August 8 or actually on this evening back in 1981. That. At the premiere episode of. That's right. Theme song for dynasty there in primetime television soap opera. The ABC news as ABC's. Answer to Dallas got him trying to come up with something IC was out trying to compete with CBS that they wanted dead. When their very own Dallas dynasty had a nice long run. Yeah on the air for a long time and of course it was about a family living in Denver Colorado. Yes insisting there in the accident. On this day back in 1981 that as a dynasty Linda Evans and Joan Collins and yet the Davis female stars of the yeah it was an interesting one well. On this day back in 1966. The debut episode of pac man that oath. Probable aria he Stephen Brothers were definitely watching these. Mere episode of backhand. Doubt color how it all began is still being shown. Yes still in reruns he still catches he can still catch it on your wants the same thing. Of course I don't wanna sadder note. Adam West when the celebrities we lost last year the that's right from the been a few months actually seems to us that Adam West TV's original backhand. And finally Ted or are we talked about this just a little bit earlier this morning. Wichita native. Is the Alley. Celebrate your 67 for a bad day birthday here's the Allen writes of course best known probably for playing Rebecca Al. On six seasons of the classic sitcom cheers. Guys. I have to take my clear bullet time. He's a nice man. You weren't even decided we have some medication I think we could we be sensitive to his concern is very answer back but you don't have to come there might have been. Didn't quite click always have to be the bottom are stupid jokes. And a very similar situation myself through this idea of taking the exact same medication for a skin problem. It cleared up beautifully. I just hope that we trying to piece and. Does that bad thank you. Two and it always happen you. This years ago I was just a little boy at the time he. An excellent chip from cheers he's seen as good in that role he really was actually I liked cheers mean. Even. Even after the Shelley Long was it. And even after the Shelley Long years and clever show that it was embarrassed and here's an alien Star Trek to the wrath of con that's right one of them on the big screen and apple can in and I believe this again. She won an Emmy and Golden Globe for her performance differ she's also says starred in the sitcom Veronica's closet. She was in the look and talking hill. Rights and once the volume my spotter around the Wichita county everyone I'm Alison on there that Wichita native. Kirstie Alley celebrating her 67. Birthday. And of course every day on the Blair the killers brought to you by. Pizza Johns in there Rick and our good friends they've been in business since 1969. Serving a tasty pizza. If you want a good deeds. We're how about good about grace yeah on a great pizza. The open Monday through Saturday 11 AM to 10 PM right there on 208 south Baltimore. Right off K fifteen it. So tasty pizza Johns an eight. It is 843 was even dead in the morning 987 and thirteen 38 and ask ask. We'll give you traffic and weather updates and to tell you the results of the grilled cheese challenge. Do they and SS news time 84030.