Happy Birthday to "Light my Fire"

Steve & Ted
Monday, July 31st
The Doors classic turns 50 today.

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8:30 Stevens in the morning team Macintosh Ted Woodward gets. Westbound traffic on Kellogg block for several hours overnight after a fatal traffic crash from Kellogg your Washington. One person dead four injured in a rollover accident that happened just after 11 PM Sunday the driver and passengers were trapped inside the vehicle to people must. Lies in critical condition to others hospitalized in serious condition and the police say it appears that speed was a factor in this fatal crash. Now what's the forecast with K units as staff meteorologist Dan holidays good morning Dan good morning we become cloudy across south central Kansas to to a weak disturbance of spinning over the western part of the state. That's where some showers and a few thunderstorms were drifting a little bit further east. Most of those should wind down by the time they get here. But we could see if you showers and storms tonight today's high 84. Tonight 66 in court Tuesday a slight chance of rain with a high back in the mid eighties. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now cloudy skies 72 degrees we have an east wind. At seven miles per hour. One person is dead after a traffic accident in Meade county in southwest Kansas. This happened on US 54 east of me early Sunday and if you be let off the road on a curb rolled over the driver 68 year old Alton will Oman. Was not wearing a seatbelt and was thrown from the vehicle. But the bond was taken to meet district hospital then flown to via Christi Saint Francis in Wichita where he died at. According to the Kansas Highway Patrol the car left the roadway at a high rate of speed. Every county sheriff's office as an employee of the contractor that provides food service to the sheriff Jeff Easter says detectives arrested thirty year old Timothy Kenny here Friday. He was booked on two counts each of aggravated battery sexual battery and mistreatment of a confined person. He's employed by ICBM food services. To inmates alleged the incidents occurred in the jail between July and June 20 and July 16. Which doubled and was treated at an area hospital after being hit in the face by. Balls around 11:30 PM Saturday which don't police officers were dispatched to a shooting call at a residence in the 19100 block of south to peca. A 31 year old victim stated she was on the front porch along with a 57 year old woman. When an older white SUV drove by the house. That's what an unknown suspect fired multiple paint balls at them striking her in the face and the residents. The victim was transported to an area hospital for treatment no suspect description is available at this time. If you have any information on this case please call crime stoppers at 2672111. Or Debbie PD detectives at 268. 4407. Ronnie Price Canadian assets. News a judge has sentenced to Hutchinson college student to five years in prison for starting a fire. While conducting chemical experiments in his apartment. The Hutchinson news says district judge Trish rose sentenced to 43 year old chase Coble a Hutchinson community college chemistry student. Who was convicted last month of aggravated arson. Coble contends that he was conducting experiments in his twelfth floor apartment creating chemical heat to melt metal to plastic. The flash fires set off sprinklers and alarms which alerted authorities. Reno county district attorney keep straighter says Coble had done at least fifty experiments in the apartment. With ingredients including chlorine gas he says cobol also removed a window and threw items in the Alley below in an apparent attempt to hide them. Race drunk can SS news. And assist national news time at 834. Right now the White House president trump swearing in Indian chief of staff the now former Homeland Security secretary. ABC senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega. He will be swearing and retired general John Kelly. This morning and and then right and then John Kelly will be attending his first cabinet meeting this of course comes after the ouster of ranks previous. And and very very chaotic week here in the west wing the president hoping that that John Kelly might. Bring a little bit more normalcy to it. Russia expelled 755. People from the US embassy in Moscow retaliation for sanctions passed by congress Australia on high alert after a terror plot. Investigators say the plan involves taking down a plane with poison gas at least four men were arrested at least ten people have been killed across Venezuelan clashes between police and protesters the violence comes amid a controversial vote to grant socialist president Nicholas mature oak sweeping new powers and rewriting the country's constitution. Dave packer ABC news. 987 and thirteen 38 and as answer your heat content in the morning entertainment use the blurred now with Ted Woodward. Looking at the weekend box office across the country that. Yeah out of the box office drizzle shake up for the weekend and who is showing up to perform with the Foo Fighters. So shall my TV choice and win at the box office director Christopher Nolan won't work to drama Dunkirk number one for a second week with an estimated 28 point one million dollars I have more than one emerge -- OG movie almost debuted in first the animated comedy takes second with 25 million despite terrible reviews possible. Surely draw action flick atomic blonde slightly short of expectations opening enforce the comedy girls' trip takes third at its second week out. We don't know which pop superstar will be on the next who fighters album titled concrete and gold but frontman Dave Grohl tells Rolling Stone it won't be a Delaware Taylor Swift lots of speculation who will be since Grohl said last month quote probably the biggest pop star in the world and quote with guest on the album. And actress Kate beckon sailed briefly postponed to Saturday appearance at Tampa Bay comic con after police arrested a suspected stalker there that's according to the Tampa great times I'm Christopher Watson. Who are the most underrepresented. Groups in popular Hollywood films. And I'm. According to a study examining the ongoing epidemic of inequality on screen and off answered that collection is women Hispanics in the disable. A report released today by the media diversity and social change initiative at the university of southern California's. Annenberg school of communication and journalism is that women made up only 31%. Speaking characters from the top 100 top grossing. Fictional films. Also in stark contrast to proportional representation here in the US only 3% of speaking characters were Hispanic. Less than 3% were depicted as having disabilities. Women of color at least represented. The report says until companies about solutions to combat exclusionary hiring and asking practices. Change is unlikely. I'll bet they're not too many people over the age of fifty. Now you know it is probably another group another demographic in hand. There's a big rock anniversary over the weekend at all this weekend a last weekend marks the fiftieth anniversary of the song light my fire by the doors. Doors light my fire became the top spot in the US burning way to number one. The billboard hot 100 chart and guitarist Robby Krieger struck gold in the first time out. That was actually the first song I wrote for the duration. She's great creation he tells us the other guys' health and originally she didn't think the seven minute jam was single work. But we know those who did songs since when I would play it people would just go crazy. We don't know close the show whether or whatever light my fire one up spending three weeks number one a limited edition final vows to day celebration. Jason incomes and ABC news Hollywood. At CD in the track and ready to play at any time in thirty lawyers great Saul Meyer era alana. The ref blow the doors. Go fifty years. We have Melissa movie anniversaries today if you're one of the today's the 25 anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And a Kristy Swanson Donald Sutherland. He wee Herman Paul Rubens. Rucker power Luke Perry interesting cast Hillary swank. Isn't okay at the box office mixed reception from critics. Horse and go on this on very successful TV ship. Last few years later Buffy the Vampire Slayer the movie. Not twenty I eight years ago today. Today marks the thirtieth anniversary of one of jet chambers favorite movies the James Bond movie the living daylights the living daylights. Fifteenth James Bond movie the first to start Timothy Dalton. It was a whopper at the box office gross 291 million dollars down towards the course yet Miriam to upload Joe Don Baker John Davies. It was this is that this was the change in the bond movies though you had Roger Moore exiting as James Bond that many years ago he would have been 59 had he done this one PE and everybody kind of decided. When you're younger and you need to go with a new guy to really get to be the next James Bond. Well and it turns out. One of the heady contenders was Sam Neill from New Zealand. A the producer wasn't quite sold on him even though he screen tested really did a Pierce Brosnan from Ireland of course. We still doing Remington Steele on TV there's a lot of push for him. And there was some people didn't want that. Small screen T private lives be jumping up to bomb and didn't think it was in the same league. So they couldn't get a consensus on bras and or Sam Neill and Timothy Dalton whose name came up. The Welsh mine Nancy they ended up going list. You know it's Shakespearean actor and he's got to Bagram and I think it might have been better off just on baker and picked itself. In that introduced the Timothy adult years evenings on living daylights came out thirty years ago today. Ensemble movie over the weekend that I'd never seen before and I really enjoyed Flamingo Road never seen. Yeah I don't get offered only. Sidney green street directed by Michael Kerr tees and testify at a CNET no one's Sidney green street is so. Good in this news. All throughout southern sharing real gap and he's just a and as I thought about the heavy guy animal d.s yeah just. Edit and and Casablanca at the net and got it didn't start acting Antilles in his sixties really aren't act in movies and move up. And he he the only acted in movies for eight years to get he was in cast of wind and Maltese falcon. Is a great little run there. And my wife is a big fan of Audrey Hepburn she was on yesterday afternoon. Until the classics in the movie called the road. If there's an English when it. Yeah Albert Finney yeah what about ten minutes of that mine and my wife that this is awful. In just flashing back from one that make it does spill was considered a classic up walls to unite this cited Audrey and made a mistake that it distinct Iran wow. In mind that. Lot of people like he has got a great a degree in Simi got a great sound you ago. Diego Adelaide enjoyed filming the road or you through I'm not for taking people to do one more here. We have another one more movie anniversary cult classic horror comedy celebrating its thirtieth birthday today. I know we you know you before he was agent Jack Bauer or president Tom Kirkland Kiefer Sutherland with a vampire in the lost boys released thirty years ago Monday though or a comedy kick the dust off of movie vampire troops making them young sexy and cool it was director Joel Schumacher's first film after 1980 five's critically loathed saint elmo's fire he went on to direct hits like falling down in the clients. The lost boys had a killer soundtrack to and paved the way for twilight true blood and all the rest. You battle him and sent it never coached them. Let them vampire. Christopher Watson ABC news. Life still the lost boys. It's the only thing that ever say this but I miss Bullock goes merry go entertainment news in the blur Retief my good friends at pizza Johns in Birmingham your family up there the other day. The house and great meal and can't miss bill so tasty yeah make sure you get your family down there. It's a tasty pizza right there on tape fifteen at 208 self Baltimore it's Pete and John didn't pay cyber. Prairie fire coffee is the freshest coffee in the Wichita area because prairie fire coffee beans are roasted fresh right here in Wichita. You can get prairie fire called beat her office just like Stephen dead by calling. 2673771. Or online at prairie fire. Dot com the. 842 now Steven Pitt coming up at her ability which business journal new tenant for the orpheum theatre building.