Happy Birthday Nichelle Nichols and Stan Lee

Steve & Ted
Thursday, December 28th

We wish actress Nichelle Nichols and comic book writer Stan Lee  a happy birthday on The Blur


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on us. Even as noisy Macintosh deadly bird of Flickr has arrived in force in Kansas and across the United States. Bitter cold weather has taken hold of much of a northern United States that is expected to stay put for days to pump. Forecasters are warning of high school. Serbia and frostbite from Arctic air settling in over the central US and spreading to the east. The National Weather Service reports International Falls into hitting Minnesota. Set a record low temperatures Wednesday in International Falls the self proclaimed icebox of the nation. The temperature plunged to 37 degrees below zero. Giving it bottomed out at 28 below. Now the forecast with Cain is a step meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning with temperatures in the twenties here early on it will actually find ourselves above freezing later on this afternoon if some sunshine by late today with a high 39. Clouding back up tonight are low in the upper teens. Forty for the high on Friday but another blast of cold air will put us in the deep freeze for the last two days of the year I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday partly. Cloudy 21 degrees gonna south wind at eight miles per hour. High speed chase for the man shot on the streets of west Wichita yesterday morning. Deputy police chief Troy Livingston says a resident some mail being stolen followed a man and woman to a business on north Gilda. The male suspect fired shots inside the business and then fired more shots outside that officers in the parking lot. Was so please harsh returned fire the suspect and we later learn the suspect was shot once in the lower jaw. And have no reason to believe that that wound was self inflicted. Police say the suspect then stole a car fired his gun and an officer near I 2:35 in central. And swerved and an officer trying to put down stop sticks in the road at maple in meridian. Some reports indicate chased reached speeds in excess of eighty miles per hour. The suspect crashed his car at maple in May as he was arrested with the help of a police dog. All five officers involved in the shooting are veterans of at least eighteen years with the department policy two of them have been placed on administrative leave during the investigation. The Kansas bureau of investigation is looking into this case. The female suspect was arrested on north Gilda police say they are familiar with the male suspect who has criminal history. He's identified as 21 year old Elijah Martinez. A Wichita mode. Or slipped a car running unattended for just a few seconds Tuesday morning but that was just enough time for somebody to easily steal the vehicle. Police officer Paul cruise says a police sergeant from the patrol west bureau spotted that stolen car Wednesday morning. Located. The Chevy Silverado. And around 6 AM as it pulled in school parking lot in between 800 block of west central. His supervisor. Pulled in behind the vehicle. Into the parking lot and after a short foot pursuit suspect 24 year old male. What's sickening to cut custody without incident the vehicle was recovered and returned to its owner. Wednesday another very cold morning Wichita police responded to three calls of cars being stolen with their motors running unattended. On Tuesday evening crews were called a house fire in southeast Wichita lineman neighborhood near Ponte into the canal route. Lieutenant Jose okay eighties says heavy smoke and flame I was coming from a detached garage the rear of the home. They were using a wood burning stove in the garage and also they had campfire. Later Monday evening time frame also bet wasn't completely extinguished we wanna remind everyone the importance. Any type of our recreational fired to make sure that date it is. I'm extinguished completely. And fire was in the 2500 block of east Kincaid. Kansas is delaying the launch of a new computer system for issuing driver's licenses department of revenue announce Wednesday what it called a slight delay for the candlelight some system that was supposed to launched January 2. It came less than two weeks after a state audit raised questions about whether the system would be ready. The system would replace a decades old system that was initially to be deployed an early 2012. Department said the latest Elaine won't be only quote a matter of days or weeks and that the officers will remain open. Dan O'Neill came and SS news. After two terror attacks in two months. New York City is taking extreme precautions for New Year's Eve of Fox's Bryan Landis reports from times lawyer we expect a little more scrutiny on rental car and truck rental places. And around the city to prevent a vehicular terrorist attack we also expect truck restrictions and around Times Square to be more strict than ever before. Parking garages and around Times Square more of those to be shut down and also vapor wake dogs will be in place. They are trained specifically to sniff out bombs. On people it in the air there'll be extra scrutiny on office towers in hotels overlooking Times Square at all of this on top of checking every single person who comes to Times Square. And all the trash cans and manhole covers will be got it taken away or sealed in a 25 block. Radius a controversy you'll Maynor is denying the White House aspirations but making comparisons to past leaders. New York City mayor build a blind zeal making an appearance in the early voting state of Iowa last week leading some to think he may be considering a run for the White House he's come under fire from members of his own party who say he's too progressive to get elected but to bossier doubled down by saying lots of strong leaders of the past have warned against many of the same struggles he believes he's facing. Every time someone tries something or doesn't work. It invalidate anything else they might do long before we'll tell Thomas Edison Madden Henry Ford and you know tell mama Gandhi and has no leader who hasn't had set. Still laws you had told reporters before he spoke in Iowa that he's not running for president Havel serve all four years of his second and final term in office. In New York Mike Kantor Fox News. Gay and assess used on now 830 forced deep into the morning here on that came in assessment that. It is entertainment the blurred time now it's at bordered in what would be better to talk a batters reached and we. 27 teams in the current issue and why not as the car that she is now well let's check in a Christmas with the Kardashians Connelly is gift to his wife. This year Kanye chose paper or plastic clinic came to gift giving at Christmas time. The rapper gave his wife's and Sox at Disney toy and oh yeah lots and lots. Paper stuck to Amazon when he got to get kind stuck to and that's legs stuck to apple hence the little headphones. If Kim Kardashian posted the video on into Graham and this enormous gift to cardiac Sheehan is yet another example of how rich they are the family also broke with tradition this year instead of releasing just one photo Christmas time the famous family released 25 different pictures from rolled them out one at a time on social media. The shop Leno Fox News. Sound a little bit like my gift giving to my lovely spouse patiently again lots of goodies like the stock. Rate it. I would be stuck beats him I. It added don't be solemn. Let's take a look at the actress Sutton Foster hate it will close circuit on their on its box on stage. Thoughts on stage I'm Jane Kessler. Broadway success story could have been written by a Hollywood screen right. Leading lady falls ill the understudy steps and then walks or in this case tap dances away with a roll winning a Tony award in the process. Another Tony would follow for Georgia may get some. Foster she's nominated every time she sets foot on a stage. Sutton Foster also stores in the hit TV series younger she's in five starts taping in February. But her most important roles and you want. She and her husband adopted a baby girl in 27. Team and moments of elation we took her to beat Santa for the first time in New York. And it's Macy's she's only nine muscle thing and seeing the world through another pair of eyes. That's fox onstage. And let's get another up close how about Danielle Brad buried her new music. And Danielle raspberry making a reintroduction of sorts with her sophomore record I don't believe we've match I had my first checkered I was only sixteen years sort of pan am trying to Munson there's a huge gap that I had. Wanted to see -- out and really figure out who I had an artist while winning season four of the boys gave her platform she's learned it still takes a lot of work from the parents have built a career at least from the press me on a lot of things and help me SK EC -- singing onstage feet in front of the camera and so I'm very thankful for that she's also earning an industry where a couple of years ago big spotlight was put on the lack of female voices on country radio so as for where she feels that conversation has led to think it's definitely put a lot of attention on us and Alanis have a lot of opportunities it which I think is great you know hopefully everything will get to the level allowed actually to Mark Penn. Fox News. Stick to preview what's going on on the small screen. The TV show featuring a history making cast has been given the green light to FX pros they dance musical from Ryan Murphy stars Evan Peters Kate Mara and James Vander Beek. It'll feature of the largest transgender series regular cast. As well the largest LG BTQ cast ever for scripted series. Set in 1980s in New York this series just opposes. The rise of the luxury trump Barry University downtown social literary scene and the ball culture world Peters and Mars stars in Jersey couple who gets sucked into the glamour. And intrigue of the city in the eighties. It's played its premiere on FX in the summer. The NFL's canceled the final Sunday Night Football game of the season. The reason it's on New Year's Eve and historically no one watches TV that night other than watching called for a. And that about UB NBC hit with Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt playing Pawlenty Amy Buckman is being bandied about. Four regions. That fox two on Fox News. From the small screen to the big screen and how are things going for holly he would. It's not the kind of ending Hollywood likes to see. Box office revenues down two and a half percent to just over eleven billion dollars the number of people buying tickets at a 22 year low. Blame it on bad original movie's lackluster sequels and stiff competition from streaming services like Amazon Hulu and Netflix. Paul Dergarabedian is a senior media analyst with comScore you have more contents on more platforms. Available more than at any other time in our history. So while the movie theater experience freeing Cingular and essential. It's not the only game in town. Moviegoers now have more tools Internet buzz and sites like rotten tomatoes with approval scores in Hollywood California Claudia Cowan Fox News. By the way it was one year ago the Debbie Reynolds past one and number. Now that he or she was 84 and she died today after her daughter passed right trees this year yeah sixty. Debbie Reynolds died a year ago today. What are people watching on TV over Christmas week no a couple of TV funny ladies and a classic movie. According to Nielsen figures popular shows included a preview episode of Ellen DeGeneres is new NBC game show. And a vintage I Love Lucy episode CBS. Also a Christmas Eve broadcast of it's a wonderful life on NBC. NBC's most watched movie in more than a year. People were still team and in the seeds of wanna analyze them. And football of course NBC had done on NFL's Minnesota Green Bay match up top rated program for the entire week Christmas week. Packers vikings. Not surprisingly with George Bailey in pro football in their pocket NBC was the most watched network of the week about this. Back to NBC has won six of the last seven weeks r.'s total viewers yeah. What do you think fake news has been around a couple years making it's been around forever. 100 years ago on this day the New York evening mail published a neglected anniversary. It was a SA very facetious by eight Wilmington all you know possibly recounting history of bathtubs and of mine. He told about the first bathtub in Cincinnati in 1842. And he made other straight faced claims as wells and Millard Fillmore was the first president to have a bathtub installed the White House not for him. Megan was astonished and people took his tissue of a deserted these seriously. This commentary are a hundred years later. Some people just do not recognize satire know and it's it's and that's exactly what that Oilers and they start to taken things literally and and it gets his chance and it's on its more true today they're never act as sounds awful but I think the younger people today. They take everything that now. They don't have any idea what to what you're getting teased or kidded you could even go back to Jonathan Swift in the sixteen hundreds of mural that essay about. Stopping the food shortage by killing babies and eating them up and being honest and not realize he had been a modest proposal was satire that supposed to be funny but that that state. I. Alice Dennison a couple of birthday today about comic book creator Stan Lee and fighter man incredible all Stanley is 95. Today. It'll Stanley from the sim. Instead. He. Is my imagination. I mirror imagination. The rails Stanley's over the facts speak so Sheila. But lessened as comic book each go your trim friendly and quite catch cook. But now you're opportunity. Is knocking. Both. Don't let it slip by. He doesn't and number of me. Come in and next in scorer helped interfering AM ninety years old can do it I want. Ask Stanley Stanley Stanley is ninety's I have it today and a happy birthday to actress Michelle Nichols. Star Trek on the Tenet will roll through all yes Joseph Nichols is 8580. Years old today. Here's some of Michelle Nichols from the famous triples episode of star track. Only she says to heart of what is said. What is its line lovely lady. It's a triple should bode this week is creature known to man. The exception of cause you don't love these. It's buried. But it's important it's only saying that it might she's. She'll Annika will have more troubles actually on the blur tomorrow twos in the I like horror and he did on the course. She kissed William Shatner on the air on that show poll. And that was a TV history moment I don't believe is the first interracial kiss on prime time to let them. Happy birthday Michelle Nichols he's 85 today that's entertainment news in the lower royalty legged friends it. Beat Johns it either right there on tape fifteen at 208 cell Baltimore beat John 88840. Now Stephen did and coming up. He's got to Boeing orders better the last years of which the business journal coming up. Very fired coffee if you're not drinking very Fargo and worked your boss doesn't look half that morning on tape and assess.