Happy Birthday to "Star Trek: The Next Generation"

Steve & Ted
Thursday, September 28th
The Star Trek sequel series turns 30 today.

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Is distinction which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. One news talk and weather station. Depend on. 830 Stevenson of the morning's feedback is constantly referred to. Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner died Wednesday at his home in Los Angeles the magazine announced a 91 year old was surrounded by his family. After bill the. Business empire in media and nightclubs as he fanned the flames of the sexual revolution. Through the sixties and seventies. Famous playmate Barbie Benton says during her time as Playboy bunny after always treated her like a princess. It was a gentleman. For the nearly nine years that we were together. And as very. Big part of my life and. Now forecast with K and his his staff meteorologist Dan holidays good morning Dan good morning we're seeing a few hyping cloud spread across south central Kansas this morning but more sun and clouds expected today with a high 75. Clouding back up tonight Tarlow 56. Tomorrow's high 77. And it looks like our next chance of rain will likely hold off until later on Sunday I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy and 54 degrees Middle East wind at seven miles per hour a suspect in the shooting death in western Kansas. Is now charged with first degree murder and aggravated battery. Fifty year old Renee and wants those Scott county made his first court appearance on Wednesday. He's charged in the September 22 depth of 44 year old Darrent Rothenberg who was found dead of a gunshot wounds at a Scott county home. Deputies found in ones and a pick up about a half mile from Robert Byrd's home. But his post reports investigators believe the suspect was angry with Ron Burke were selling drugs to his son. He remains jailed in Scott county on a 500000. Dollar bond. His next court appearance is set for October 11 Dan O'Neill came and SS news falling rocks killed one person and. Injured another at Yosemite National Park on massive rock fall happened on Yosemite iconic Al kaput tenth in the middle of climbing season. One person was killed another was injured. Park Rangers and helicopters responded to take that injured climber to a hospital. Yosemite National Park is a Mecca for rock climbers el capitan is a granite monolith rising more than 3000 feet from the Yosemite valley floor of the park says the rocks appear to a fallen along the popular waterfall trail route. Clayton and they'll ABC news Denver president trump and Republican leaders are proposing to overhaul the nation's tax code. Who will be the big winners. President trump is promising his massive overhaul of the US tax code will benefit the middle class. Our framework and lyrics are explicit commitment. That tax reform will protect low income and middle income how cells not the wealthy. And well connected and it's not good for me believe me. But there is clearly at least one way that the wealthiest Americans will benefit from the president's plan. Through the elimination of the estate tax which is only paid on estates valued at more than five point five million dollars for individuals or eleven million dollars for couples. One is that ABC news Washington. 833 now Stevens head of the morning on K and this says it's time for entertainment news the blur with Ted Woodward and talking about some nut. Relief for hurricane victims in Puerto Rica right at the out artists Marc Anthony end and Jennifer Lopez and announced a humanitarian relief effort for Puerto Rico. After the devastation caused by hurricane Maria. Speaking and ABC news' Anthony announce to their coalition figures from entertainment sports and the arts of come together to formed this almost lavalas. Alliance as we are one voice. If anybody's listening just know that we're coming. Just know that we care just know. I'm I was talking to the governor earlier and said just so people do that a piece to be patient. And effort trying to help other people need help in Puerto Rico. Another terminator. On the way. One of its TV show is only aired once it's already got us effort for a full season and some 30 Rock news. I'll be back that was only earlier this month that James Cameron revealed Linda Hamilton had Arnold Schwarzenegger would be back for yet another plant terminator film now we know what and July 262019. No word yet on the plot but we do know Hamilton will be playing Sarah Connor at the same roles you played in the first two films suspect. What's that way CBS has just given a full season order to young children. The Big Bang theory spin offs Monday debut held just about all of the Big Bang series lead in audience just shy of seventeen million people CBS says is the most watched new comedy debut on any network in six years. X it's after six when I'm farmer Hulu we'll have your Liz Lemon Jack Tunney he fixed from now 12 starting Sunday they'll be the exclusive streaming outlook for all seven seasons of 30 Rock as well as parenthood and other NBC universal shows. I'm Christopher Watson. 30 Rock probably among my top five shows all right that's them all right. Let's speaking of TV record ratings for the return of this is us. TV's serious drama drew a lot of what eyeballs Tuesday night most watched episode ever by far. In key demo that advertisers love those eighteen to 49 year old a 12%. Over the season one finale. Total viewers NBC. Show only second it to the finale is under thirteen million people tuning him. This is us beat its lead in the voice by more than two million viewers and ratings for the voice down 13%. From last season. This is us very trendy show a lot of people rather I can't figured out what's it about their native began Fiorina. Don't know what. It's kind of focuses on one family and their relationships through the years there intricacies. And there's kind of a surprise ending kind of at the end of every episode crossing into the next week young and heard the story on here now and it's it's supposed to be very emotionally charged and all this some people just. Gosh you guys think it's the greatest show ever. I didn't care who. And apparently you're not a watcher either. That's getting record ratings ya BA lot of a lot of people watching him. And speaking at a TV we got sells a lot of TV news on this for a. Tonight it's the return of will and grace on NBC the Emmy winning sitcom went off the air in 2006 in tonight's return as topical and political it takes place partially and president trumps wait announced that star Debra Messing just want you to take away one thing we just hope that we can make everybody. Laugh as hard as we did before or more also tonight how to get away with murder is back in the star Viola Davis tells me the first episode kind of feels like a reset button. Almost avalanche rock bottom. And I think that a lot of people are sick and tied the Middle East and she says this season we can expect some fantastic guest stars Jamie Smith's husband. Palms just you know this terrific actors murder returns after two hours Grey's Anatomy season premiere and scandalous back to kick off its final season next week. Also tonight's super storm great news in Chicago fire back. And happy birthday today to Hilary Duff Naomi Watts and you mean brothel and Jason ravens. We've been talking about it all morning long and let's look back at the life of someone who has passed away. You look Hafner. You have there was the ultimate Playboy posts in wild parties at his mansion in his trademark row and could jam is surrounded by a harem of young women celebrities and always an aura at Saks. Think for good party. At act act act. Perhaps they're the party started in 1953 in Chicago with the first issue of Playboy magazine. It featured a nude photo of Maryland in a row and was an instant success. Cutters on self as the pamphlet here of the sexual revolution. It's post. Writing and Ryan are grieving. Yeah the magazine led to TV shows and an entire Playboy empire. There were Playboy key clubs featuring waitresses wearing revealing bunny costumes. In his seventies Hefner was attacked by feminists for exploiting women. Quite quite quite sex like Sports Illustrated exploit sport but the nation's mood had changed. Attendance in profits at the Playboy clubs dropped. By 1988 Hafner had closed the last of them and turned over control of the still profitable magazine to his daughter Christie. A year later he seemed ready to change his bachelor ways. Doctors marriage to a former playmate resulted in two sons but after eight years ended. And he went back to his old ways in his mid seventies and touting the benefits of Viagra. Hefner took on a T seven girlfriends all in their twenties with several starring in a reality TV show. Added 2012 X 86 Hefner settled down again. Berry 26 year old crystal Harris my major change. The women are attracted who have not change. Hefner has been immortalized in wax. And in the pages of his magazine. Asked once what he was most proud of he said that he changed americans' attitude toward sex. Brady hit ABC news Los Angeles. I had a few million bucks I'd probably a lot more attractive to younger women. Of oh lead to start out brits say it. He was about as plain Joseph as you can get and he created the whole thing in cartoons and jokes are great thing in an magazine and it's I know that's a cliche. They work by the away I just happen to think of my Playboy buddy wrong story that I have heard ever till. An exhibition basketball game. And then Levitt arena years when some of our media celebrities to on the Playboy I've never heard this story yeah. One of our guys got hurt one of Playboy bunnies you know what the metal bars and 99. Dollars if it was fun I mean. And isn't stuff I think that may have been during the Brady off years. Well everything goes during those in again I don't think I was little handicap they made us Wear high heels as well I was going to ask what was the losers that. What was the hook for this everywhere racing where the Christian world where there really high heels now okay they both of you were dressed up just like they had bunny outfits on the date any updates on again. No I can't remember much about it at the game that is gosh I wish somebody had pictures or video I just used somewhere at all I've got I think one photo. That was taken by somebody I would dearly love to see it. Any documentation of this event are. I got some so I now acting. It's in the archives in hopes that at the Playboy bunnies in the course you mentioned yes we do we we interviewed a Playboy playmate right here on Stevenson a few years are behind. Now. It's a little connection yeah we've got a little connection that you have area and right now it is very cute after an autographed pajamas I gag I was smoking. I'll do during the polar. Near the mansion out here in the stated that mansion. And assist you to Johns on the earth surrounded by a bevy of young women aren't just that's right and it's. Gibberish we have done. Radio history for seventy years ago today hate radio began broad based radio. On 1490. The show and I sort of sense where they began yet. Eventually they ended up on twelve felt forty which is they were there for decades yes and of course we were on the twelfth forty signal Rottweiler and pianist Ellis in assists with what they beat me right right. So that that's where tons of people as gutless and soccer games and all you asked was he really on 1240 and they were then there's studios were out of western Tibet and below the TV studios and that all began a seven years ago today the beginning take radio bill that play gain around. Jim O'Donnell model in order of Iron Man there's there's all your names on that inner. The it's it was thirty years ago today Star Trek the next generation. Debut on television. Space. This final frontier the last live action Star Trek episode was eighteen years old when the next generation took to help ease on the mortgages on the stock. No Mr. Spock this time but we did have mister data our mantra lieutenant morphed the friendly cling on police dogs do not bluff a bald French captain with an English accent I'm gonna enjoy because the federation Starship Enterprise and even Whoopi Goldberg to remember the first time Star Trek the next generation ran for seven years for more than the original manner in some new fans to this day Michael Dorn played warfare original fans that were our fast -- kids now. And they're becoming. To make itself Christopher Watson ABC news. Them. But they didn't 5000 she knows. And it gives seven euros a good run and run it on campuses and a finally Steve will leave Italy this little bit in the numbers game. Company and can't yesterday of course on the bowler we told you about the birthday of Wilford Bradley the actor yep 83 terrific yeah. Today we also have someone who is 83. Ricci to barred no old regime are bull Yemeni breezy bardo memories and now no I didn't realize that big fans are right now. But it just imagine Wilford verbally and Brigitte GRO were born one day apart. For some reason that they'd make it beautiful. Yet. Summaries that just makes me giggle at that I'd agree briefly. Looked. Entertainment news and Hitler's brought to our good friends at pizza Johns and journey they sponsor the smoking jacket I want it you have had an actor. They're open Monday through Saturday 11 AM to 10 PM. Serving a tasty. Pizza and salad and sandwiches and spaghetti right there. On page fifteen it 208 south Baltimore pizza John. Hagee at 843 now keep it here for editor bill Liza with stuff business journal. A new development in local cyber security. Bill's gonna tell us about it seed into the morning on Kate and ants ants.