Happy Birthday to Steve Martin and "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"

Steve & Ted
Monday, August 14th
One-third of the Three Amigos is 72 today.

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one news talk can't weather station. Depend on us. Ten foot birdie. The man was wounded in a Sunday morning shooting eighties Wichita police officer Paul cruise says it has been in the 4500 bucks to beat Bailey. Dispatchers received multiple calls reporting shots. Iron in the area officers found the victims suffered from several gunshot wound to the leg. Police say several witnesses reported a vehicle left the scene of the shooting thirty are still looking for the vehicle and a suspect. Now the forecast with can't assist staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning as strong trough of low pressure is developed in the western part of a US. They'll bring in moisture in the chance of thunderstorms often on just about each day this week the high this afternoon 87. Rain and thunderstorm chances increase overnight Carlos 72. And a few storms again Tuesday and ninety I'm Taylor assess meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy seventy degrees and of itself into five miles per hour. Charlottesville Virginia police are authorized to enforce a curfew in the city. Following an attack on a protest against white nationalist rallies in the city. One marcher was killed nineteen others injured when a car ran down protesters on the city streets Saturday. The alleged driver is expected in court this morning ABC's Elizabeth her reports from Charlottesville. Seeing right now open much calmer than what played out here over the weekend. But for the most part it's a message of unity that's being spread around here I attended the vigil where it once survivors spoke out and spoke to the group pleading with them. To stay united to stand together all of this. For the victims. The Kansas bureau of investigation of the Ottawa county sheriff's office are looking for a vehicle. Connected to a death investigation in Ottawa county and approximately 7:15 PM the Ottawa county sheriff's office responded to our residents on K eighteen. In the town a test Scott. After receiving a 911 call when deputies arrived 35 year old Matthew shot ski a resident of the home was pronounced dead. Authorities are looking for a silver 2006 Ford F 150 extended cab pick up which is connected to the suspicious death. The pick up as a crown push guard on the front. And a black plastic tool box in the back it has a Kansas tag 892. DZOO. And also a front tag that reads eat beef. Anyone who sees this vehicle is asked to immediately called the Ottawa county sheriff's office at 7853922157. Rodney prize came in SS news. Hutchinson residence was severely damaged after a fire late Saturday evening. Our news partners that KSM report that Hutchinson firefighters responded to how far call in the 17100 block of east third street just after 11 PM. Hutchinson fire chief Steve Beers says upon arrival crews encountered heavy smoke coming from a single story duplex. Crews located a fire that did considerable damage to the interior of the home. Deere says no one was home at the time of the fire and no injuries were reported the home is now totally uninhabitable. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation. Phil hill the brand can get SS news. Last week US senator Jerry Moran from Kansas introduced a healthy food access for all Americans act. To instead defines food providers to invest in communities for people don't have access to nutritious food. It's ought to think here in Kansas the breadbasket of the world but there are people who go to bed hungry and are people who live long distances from McCarthy's story that has a full array of healthy nutritious products that improve the health care and the well being of our citizens of our state. The Kansas City Star reports that from 2006 to 2010 according to report on the rural grocery crisis a fifth of the State's rural groceries shut down. They Unisys news time now 834 Stephen 10 in the morning here on a Monday morning Ted Robert the Butler. It's time for entertainment news we've put that fine line between entertainment and real news every born into this diamond. Did they get oil went straight start and an actor and a director has died in Los Angeles. That's big bird carries it well. It's. Won't. I hit it it's not funny it's not. Joseph Bologna it was best known for his role in the 1982 comedy my favorite year below and it died Sunday after a three year battle with pancreatic cancer he was married to actress Renee Taylor who says his doctors kept him alive. So we could get a lifetime achievement award this year at night of the 100 stars but the actors fund of America they won an Emmy in 1973. Joseph Malone you're dead at age 82. Dame Schreiber ABC news. And we are closing arguments starting today this is an Taylor Swift groping trial you. And the judge threw out all the claims against it a swift on Friday there's still some stuff to be settled chief among them the claim by swift that former radio personality David -- groped her attitude doesn't thirteen photo all the jury will hear closing argument on that and newest plane the swift's mom and a radio promoter got him fired each side gets an hour than the case goes to the eight person jury Jason maintenance and ABC news Hollywood. Well let's see how the box office performed this weekend what did people see or not see at the theaters and the we'll get a big kudos to the stunt people who do what they do. To see how they can Annabel creation tops weekend box office the horror sequel earned a solid 35 million bucks an estate view better than twice its budget on the flip side. Is crazy animated the nut job to naughty by nature open with just shy of nine million good for third but given that it played in 4003 theaters it's one of the worst openings all summer I think you'd drama glass castle bowed in ninth Don Kirk called second. Closing arguments scheduled for today in the Denver trial of Taylor Swift vs a radio DJ accused of groping her backstage for years ago the judge on Friday dismissed all claims against swift and DJ claimed cost him his job her claim to get him go forward. As well as his against two others he says we're involved. On this day 28 years ago but Joseph these New Jersey album became the first US album to be legally sold in the former Soviet Union. I'm Christopher Watson. There's a reason movies higher stunt people to stand in for their stars just watched the TMZ video of Tom Cruise on the London set of Mission Impossible six he's attempting a running jump from a platform to a rooftop but despite the safety ropes cruise comes up a bit short slamming into the side of the building after they hoist them back up he walks away but with a pretty serious limp wrist trouble. Are you may have heard that clear remedies joining Kevin James in season two of the CBS sitcom Kevin can wait now James his former King of Queens costar shared a new photo on her hands to Graham of them on the set together writing that it was quote an amazing first week on the show remedy was announced as a new Kevin can wait cast member last June with producers firing James is onscreen wife actress Erin Hayes her character will be killed off in season two which debuts next month the extra. Martin has a birthday Sunday comic author musician playwright and what are the Mark Twain prize for American humor he turned 72 I'm Christopher Watson ABC news. Actually and a lease at Sunday but today is Steve Martin's birthday yeah I saw him at the coliseum many years ago 72 today. Is that guy national treasure. A scene I just think he's giving a lot of him off. Allen saw him and Martin Short. I'm concert really. But that was the that was fun and two of the three the other night with two in the and of course that was one of their bids they call a guy up out of the audience to be that's not a third person and it did it again at the it's very funny. They thought in the thing Steve Martin 72. Today C I saw a couple movies olympians the one of the based on make a recommendation from you. I did see the adventures of Sherlock Holmes with Basil rat boom I'm not only get ever seen it Sherlock Holmes movie. Really I think I decided to law owns the bathroom that was the first one in Basil was usually playing every. Yeah out of bed dived and again he gets that franchise with no it's unlocked home I thought it was actually an awesome it yet again early in Nigel Bruce yes that's doctor Otis doctor Watson over is true Adidas is not. Necessarily true the books this I would like but I think he's he's a great oil and scream bloody heads and just remember they were doing something we're talking about. They had they were solving your crime involving tobacco and they're going on about that that. And Nigel Nigel Bruce's funny. Watson says selves which is you're smoking those we as. That is a funny man but then yeah I was pretty good end of the that was I was soft places in the hearts didn't you tell me that the outset recently I've ever CNN. I am really hadn't. As an Oscar for a Sally Sally Field got the oh best actor he's a note the place and it went well the Waco Texas does this film and Watson hasn't lacks asking clinic yeah and arranged these live widowed and trying to make it yachts and a living it's a depression. Farming type movie and I mean I just sit Agassi in the pot houses in that movie and on the western Kansas I seem a little smock simply ignore and it really. And medicine that is terrific group that is an out of Richardson John Malkovich is first big movie yup. And nine Danny Glover at a floating movie. And they were both meant everybody and it really did an excellent to really well done thanks to tolerable recommend that one places in the heart. It. Unloaded yesterday did mark the classic. High school comedy fast times at rich my high celebrated its 35 anniversary yesterday. Dead bird program. Good hearted. Based on the book by writer director Cameron Crowe about his experience going undercover at the San Diego high school that introduced us to a cast of unforgettable characters off. Thought it was it was but none more so than clueless daughter Jessica Coley played by the an unknown Sean Penn and I'm it is fast times at rich mud hole I was clueless writer director Amy hecker links directorial debut a modest box office success at best today it's a classic and paved the way to The Breakfast Club and other films like it. The 2005 it was added to the national film registry. Christopher Watson. ABC news. And it takes some skill to play completely and Lola and it was he was perfect was good and fury yet. And today marks the 75 anniversary of a terrible movie. Jungle siren. It's one of the lorries imovie you're going to see on nine easy the only had a 3.3 urinating habits that must be horrible. Jungle siren buster Crabbe is in this. It's about a woman who was raised in the jungle who helps a man fight Nazis who were trying to start a native uprising. Power buy a plot here's what it says on the movie poster sees no one girl of bullets. It took this American he man to teach her the manual are lost Paul and what do pupil she made it sounds dirty. Well I think it's it's it's actually horrible. So we are seeing jungle siren coming your way you might just run I don't think it's very distinct murder. There you go entertainment news in the blurs brought you are good friends at pizza at Johns in any attack you know what they were closed yesterday's close Clemson. That means they're all the money that these are open for another great six days of fantastic. Pizza. So you're gonna get what she needed the head on down the pizza Johnson is drive on down to fifteen to 208 south Baltimore and load up. Peaked at Johns in Jerry is 42 down Stevens did the big career move for local banker editor bill Roy is gonna tell us all about that. Coming up there was Stevens head on tape and a sense.