Happy Birthday to "Toast of the Town"

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, June 20th
The Ed Sullivan show premiered on this night 70 years ago.

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Seven of thirteen thirty KM SS. Seated in the morning feedback into their record at 830. Tuesday was especially bloody on Kansas highways with six people feel the craft. Meant rebel Laredo is the. It after a motorcycle accident of I 235 and MacArthur and southwest Wichita. Highway Patrol reports a driver lost control of the motorcycle ran into a ditch. The patrol identifies the dead man is 41 year old David Alan Cooke of Eldorado. Three people died after a three vehicle accident in Anderson county. North of Garnett in southeast Kansas. The Highway Patrol identifies the dead there is 56 year old Richard money of Richmond. Kansas 47 year old Max Arthur Jackson and 57 year old John gill of Garnett. A woman was killed when to pick ups collided northeast of NASA city in southwest Kansas. 64 year old Shirley weeks of Brownell died at the nest county hospital. And a teen driver was killed when a car and a semi collided north of candidate in a much in Kansas. The patrol identifies the victim there is seventeen year old Brendan salas of sits anti. The president continues to focus on immigration as a policy that impacts young children and his criticized by both parties. President trump once again defending the zero tolerance immigration policy that separates children from their parents that the US Mexico border. And they violate the law people that come in violate the laws they endanger their children in the process. And frankly they endanger all of our children. Some prominent Republicans criticizing the policy including Republican Texas senator John courted. Who said families should be kept together pending their immigration hearing. At the White House Jon Decker Fox News. Heavy rain that caused flooding and Scott city in Scott county. Scott county emergency management director Tim stat line. Reported a storm that dropped two point one inches of rain on the city said the storm caused flooding on several streets resulting in stalled vehicles that. No injuries but which policy council has authorized a submission of their annual action plan to the US department of housing and urban develop. And to fit here at the plan will cover the period from July 1 2018. Through June 30 2090. It provides a basis and strategy for the use of federal funds allocated to the city by. For supporting services for the homeless housing in solutions as well as benefiting low to moderate income families. Also on Tuesday the council voted to a man city code which pertains to alcohol consumption and parking areas. This comes after promoters for events at the downtown area requested a process for the consumption of alcohol. In public parking Rogers parking lots and parking facilities within a certain area. The amendments would allow the City Council to approve an application for alcohol consumption for events which occur in those parking areas. Out of by central on the north hillside out east Kellogg on the South Pacific on the west Roddy prize came in assets days. An alleged serial rapist in the Washington DC area has been indicted. Even though police don't know his name. Fox's Paul White their reports since 1998 investigators have used DNA to link Amanda six attacks and he is suspected in several others in Maryland and Virginia. But as a statute of limitations begin to run out prosecutors felt they had to make a move. DC currently has a fifteen year statute of limitations for first degree sexual abuse but DC law allows us to indict an unknown offender under the pseudonym of John go win his identity has been established with reasonable certainty by his DNA profile since 2003. The man's DNA has been in the national DNA databank but there are so far been no matches. Ever wanted your assistants. Your own assistant when you travel. Imagine having your own in room concierge when you stay at a hotel. Amazon is launching a version of its voice assistant device Alexa for hotels that lets guests order room service. Get more towels or request restaurant recommendations. Mary off has already signed up for the service and we'll have the echo Smart speakers in ten hotels the summer including its Weston in Saint Regis brands. Eventually guest will be able to link their Amazon account to Alexa so they can listen to their music playlist during their stay the shopping won't be activated. Amazon says data from hotel guest will be deleted they Italy and marry on says those who don't wanna device in the room can ask to have it removed. Tonya Jack powers Fox News. And Alex the forecast with K and his his staff it you don't just stand holiday good morning Dan the well good morning we got some much needed precipitation and some cooler temperatures to settle in for the rest of the week. Scattered showers and a few storms wind down this morning then clearing this afternoon with a high 88 tonight partly cloudy our lows 66. Bit of breezy day tomorrow or Thursday's high 83 and I'm Kayla says meteorologist Dan Holliday now cloudy 66 degrees northwest wind at eight miles per hour. 8:35 Stevens in the morning on Kate in SS time for entertainment news the border with Ted Roberta. Talking about taking a stand against the bullying and now actress Lily Bobby Brown speaking out against bullying she is called it quits on Twitter. If you don't have access is stranger things still are milling Bobby Brown addressing bullies and wants she left Twitter during Monday's MTV movie and TV awards to fourteen year old who plays the character eleven on the hit Netflix shell recently deleted her account on the platform after becoming the subject of homophobic means any recording message accepting her MTV award for best performance in a shell and brown told followers actually MySpace and it's been my parents are. It's he added if you need a reminder of how worthy you are and to rise above. Michael Jackson the musical. Michael Jackson's life stories coming to Broadway the Michael Jackson stayed in Columbia live stage announce Tuesday. They're developing the stage musical based on the can pop fly for the books by wind died and two time Pulitzer Prize winner. Horrible withdrawal from the icons catalog of hits. And Tony award winner in contemporary ballet superstar. Christopher wielding man behind the musical of American in Paris will direct and choreographed production. Since the state is on this there's no indication production well dressed for controversial aspects of the superstars life which included a 2005 trial and acquittal for charges of child sexual abuse jumped Leno Fox News. Warning for parents planning to take their kids to see the movie Incredibles zoo. Heather who's a son with fox TV affiliate in Orlando WOOFL. Reports. Outlast Friday Incredibles two is the number one movie in America. That moviegoers might notice something out of the ordinary at the box office health related signs. Warning that may affect customer epilepsy. Triggering seizures those warnings going up and Peters after ten year old Sarah care parents and her dad saw the Pixar film in Ocala we. Sarah's dad Christian service describes the scene in the movie as a flashing strobe lights. Ten year old seizure two days later Sarah still had. Eased very. Nervous hopes other parents let children epilepsy twice before they go. I'll leave animals but. Let's get a close with country music. The fox celebrity profile on several countries started hitting the road this summer like Carly Peters spoke about being the only female artist opening on several tore it. It's amazing. The only on the right okay. Russell Dickerson is on the ticket with Lady Antebellum and Darius Rucker Aaron he already knows there's certain venue he's excited to check out there's. And many singers like Thompson square looks forward to family time on tort suit yeah. And a lot of parents out. Actually ignored then Fox News. Kevin Costner back in the saddle playing a father of a family trying to protect their way of life in. Yellowstone. In Yellowstone premiering at nine on the Paramount network Kevin Costner heads up the Dutton found it control the largest contiguous ranch in the United States array. In little League City. Once. It's but that in the sixth generation rancher and devoted father is immersed in it corrupt world where politicians are bought and sold by the world's largest oil and lumber companies and land grabs me developers. Billions and his family constantly at odds with Thomas Rainwater the new chief of the reservation and casino owner who will stop at nothing to get payback for atrocities. Against the native Americans. Michelle Perino Fox News. Elvis Presley's daughter says that king's fortunately. He's gone California supreme court judge has ruled that Lisa Marie Presley can continue with her lawsuit. Against her former business manager whom she says squandered the kings 100 million dollar fortune I'm all shook up. Presley's only child says Barry Siegel enriched himself with exorbitant fees of 700000. Dollar annual salary. It made reckless and negligent business decisions. In one case she says Siegel decided to sell the majority of hurt trust's stock in Elvis Presley enterprises. In exchange for cash and stock in American idols future holding company. That investment eventually went bankrupt. Elvis Presley died more than forty years ago that he'd 42. Jack Callahan. Fox News. Young woman had come to the midwest and found it on his attorney dale brown now. And had that problem now gosh man dressed seeking UV with a hundred million bucks. I didn't close I'll you'd better. And he can start over then I mean surely it is trust. Will generate more funds. If you don't we'll see Steve Goldman the real loyalties contamination Cilic account. You would Dixon and a lot of seniors aren't sure about the legalities all. Seventy years ago on this night on CBS the premier to show called toast of the town. And people eventually started calling it the its elements even as the host and columnist forgot he was a newspaper yet. They put him on TV was always awkward on T old. Arab but it turned into a monster. Variety so it was on the air Lila souvenirs we love to my family Watson Dana excellent and was on that first ever edition and a birdie and he's senior Wednesday's I don't know. The they got a good vote they got a good looking media Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. And ever and that's when they are right on and a singer Monica Lewis was on I don't not familiar with Monica lately remembered that much about you know and then another two. They got Broadway composers Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein the second to show up and preview of this door to their new shows that not yet open called south the south. Wow it's still a host of the town. And his first on the air seventy years ago on this night on C via the Tony before I watched that show religiously selected. I could steal jokes but he literally in America wants that original got to be Dallas school playground and then Monday morning regale would play. I've been told this evening there that it. I'd like to spot we are that I know that. This. And Steve yes ten years ago today it came out in which Islam movie theaters and movie called the love guru. But Mike Myers I had Jessica Alba Justin Timberlake. Bird destroyer John Oliver Ben Kingsley. It was not abuse I think overall I love guru. What did you do to my room step. They don't know to talking about. I don't print. Don't Marines. I heard it. Are they several minutes of that yeah I can't even see tonight's know it stinks while. Huge financial flop overwhelmingly negative reviews. For the love guru got nominated for eight whereas he awards. The worst movie and won three of them at one worst screenplay. Worst act. Actor Mike Myers and the worst picture and he a year. Blue listing go at the love guru came up ten years ago on this day. Entertainment and reasonable or is brought to you by our good friends at pizza Johns in their eighties you want tasty pizza. You just hit right down on page fifteen in Poland it 208 south Baltimore and enjoy it. The tastiest piece around pizza Johns in every age 44 now putative. We're in your bill Roy that would stop business Joseph you talked about. What should take a look at the growing local company that's coming up speed until the morning on it and sense.