Happy Birthday Tony Bennett

Steve & Ted
Thursday, August 3rd
Singer Tony Bennett turns 91 today.

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This is the station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one. News talk bad weather station depend on. Thank you John tembo birds don't. No reports of serious damage or injuries after central Oklahoma. Was shaken by a series of earthquakes Wednesday night the strongest registered about a third of. Four point two briefly knocking out power to 4600 customers in the north and all Oklahoma City suburb of Edmund the Edmond city spokesman Casey Morse is his home was rattled the. We did have you know trained in and big Macs and those sorts of things come down it was it was a pretty good jolt. Ellis to go to the forecast with. Yankee as a staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan what good morning we were watching a complex of showers and thunderstorms track across northeastern and east central Kansas this morning. A cold pro will be dropping in from the north today that may give us a chance of afternoon thunderstorms with a high 89. Scattered storms will come to an end this evening are low near sixty bit high pressure briefly builds in on Friday not nearly as warm with a high 81 and I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy 72 degrees northeast wind at five miles per power. My three to two votes Sedgwick county commission has decided to tear down a long time ranch for troubled boys. Commissioners Richard rams signed Jim Howell with a votes in favor of maintaining the facility that they were in the minority. County commission chairman Dave on cruise says he was part of the facility's construction back in 1960s. And they up to work and that building have not been aware of it's a value to our community for all these years. And like my colleagues. This is our decision we don't want. You know we'd wanna do things frivolously. And and especially with. Property is had a big value to our community I think now's the time to make a decision. The commission voted to remove asbestos and then demolish the ranch property will be returned to park land that's part of lake after the park. Wichita police are looking for a suspect after his cell phone store was a victim of crime Tuesday evening in east Wichita east of central drove. Officers were dispatched to a strong armed robbery. At the MetroPCS again located at 2 point 7 o'clock to be central. We're officers arrived they make contact with a thirty year old female employee the employee stated unknown suspect had entered the store. Has pushed her. And took cash from the register. Police officer Charlie Davidson says the suspect had short braids in his chair and was wearing gray workout pants a red ball cap glasses and blue latex gloves. The Wichita police department holding a collection drive looking for donations of school supplies. Officer Davidson says some youngsters in Wichita come from families who can't afford supplies for the coming school year. Each substation. And also here at City Hall we have donation boxes for kids school supplies that will be going to the children. To which our children so. So things were asking for our heavy duty backpacks and any school supplies that you'd like to donate to the children. Deadline for making those donations August 18. The man was left dangling upside down for more than half an hour Wednesday night near Los Angeles after a fair ride malfunctioned the ABC's Alex Michelson is at the fair with. More what's supposed to be a several second thrill ride turned general more than half hour long nightmare stuck headfirst for more than thirty minutes in the bungee jump at the Ventura county fair now functions they're growers are stunned by the side. After a city firefighters arrive on scene and are able successfully rescued him. Two other people stranded on the platform were also lowered to safety uninjured. Late Wednesday night Minneapolis fire chief John fruits health says the second body had been found in the rubble of the school building. An apparent natural gas explosion caused a collapse of the private school earlier in the day injuring several other people. I'll be there at that building collapses on itself. That is why we took the time we're strategic in how we're approaches we could not rescuers on top of that rubble pile because of those are two reasons it was it was very precarious. Can't assist you time now 835 with Stephen Tim of the morning here on Thursday August there at a time for entertainment news we told the what are we Ted Woodward. Hit taken away a lot of news in the world music another milestone for desk the seat though amber a lot of big names getting ready for a lot Lollapalooza. Now my shoes. Accident rain chance the rapper went of the headliners at this year's Lollapalooza music festival will play grant park in Chicago on Saturday Arcade Fire on the big names on Sunday the killers and Blink-182 tomorrow lord and wiz Khalifa today along with kgo fans who first played the festival ten years ago with another have been coming it's got a crazy base of Lady Gaga was played right of course on the the smaller stage well it was a 100000 fans are expected each day and you can't make Chicago red apple TV is live stream. Big sad it's saying. Another chart milestone for the seat on the smash hit by loose wanting Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Bieber it's now time for the most weeks at number one on the billboard hot 100 chart this year well matching a share and shape of the the Foo Fighters got a little help from a for another upcoming album Dave Grohl tells CD candidate that Paul McCartney plays drums on a song the album out next month on Jason Nathanson. That he saved Lincoln wanna age you're going to be there. Are said there's not and handed it to blink 180 simple. I'm sorry I. Mistakenly thought it was two different thought it was two different entities Blink-182. That's correct of have some secret meaning to it there ago that we'll look into it it against the lawless loses saving a life stream it so you check it out as he lied about Lollapalooza happen. A long running sitcom says so long next season the ABC sitcom the metal. Does he just shows a lot of headlines are awards but critics likened viewers like it's been around for eight seasons. Now ABC says the upcoming ninth season will be the last. Creators of the show joking they wanted to go out before too many people knew they were on the last season the middle was one of the top fifty most watched shows on television out and we of course have had to cast members of the middle live with us here on Stevens said. Over the years going Atticus Shaffer and a Entergy and always they are. Yeah yeah. Anybody remember that I do yes I do its business blinking on YouTube. Let's go to some of the late night funny last night let's check in with CBS's the late late show with James Horton. It's got tender recently paid a woman's going to change very often she missed tough fight because he was on a great scene did tax. That's how rag great continue to date itself. If you have one you win a free trip. Of course when two in this check arrived it was only half as big as it looked in the on line outside. And last night on CBS's the late late show with the next Steven cold air. About White House aide Stephen Miller saying he's offended when a reporter suggested only non Americans from the UK and Australia speak English. I gotta agree I gotta agree with Miller on that one I'm not sure what Australians are speaking is actually English. That's our I thank him driving get a want let me I was areas may. One of those is made up words. Colder air last night on CBS. Princess lay in the can already Anderson called on Johnson is another TV reboots. God. This era Miami Vice TV reboot in the works that's the rumor variety reporting Vin Diesel production companies behind the effort for NBC for the stylish music driven original cop drama aired from 1984 to 89 no comment yet either way from the network. Carrie Fisher had already filmed her scenes for Star Wars the last Jett died before the actress who played princess lay out later general layout all the Star Wars films died last December costar John boy you got tells ABC's Peter Travers the film honors Fisher's legacy this movie sends Laura in the and a very amazing amazing way and she's she knows she still kept alive in this franchise that's. Austin consumed Star Wars the last yet I opens nationally December 15 I'm Christopher Watson. And we take a look back forty years ago on this day came out in Wichita movie theaters the spy who loved me. The tenth James Bond movie the third one star Roger Moore. Got Barbara block great villain or Jurgen is. As Stromberg. Who wanted to destroy the world and created new civilization under the sea. Bond teams up with the lovely Russian agent stops time. Course sir Roger Moore recently passed away they'll. Yes and I think the many consider this buy you love me to be by far his best work is James Bond and I will agree with that pretty good news. Yup pretty pretty fun just buying who loved me. You know they they were trying to find a director this movie. And the producers approached and I was kind of up and coming in Hollywood at that time in Steven Spielberg. To direct the bond movie. At the time he was in the post production of something called jaws. All along okay but Spielberg decided to wait and see quote how deficient picture turns out. Well it's. I'm pretty good. And Steven Spielberg went on do a lot of different projects. Have never did get involved with James judging on errands and David's arm. Rather tentative and businesses and lots of third degree and using them. Spy who loved me celebrating its fortieth anniversary today. And a happy birthday to Tony Bennett. And along time crooner is 91. Today happy birthday Tony Bennett yeah World War II veteran. He had his first number one hit in 1951. It all and tell alive and still singing. But that. Zone on Tony Bennett he has won nineteen Grammy Awards he has won multiple Emmy Awards he's the Kennedy Center nominee. He has sold more than fifty million records worldwide. Happy birthday today. He singer Tony need to he has nine do you want me today he's a legend the senator is he has entertainment news in the blur brought to you by our good friends at pizza John and I are being. They have lunch specials every day from 11 AM to 3 PM and check that out skated their for lunch get yourself taken care of it's right there on tape fifteen. Strike on down to 815 stopped there at 208 south Baltimore. And enjoy it tasty pizza pie at pizza jobs and hey don't. Get a look at the photo right behind the counter there Stephenson. Hall well hey it's time for our prairie fire coffee break on tape in and says you know prairie fire coffee is a freshest coffee in the Wichita area. Because prairie fire coffee beans are roasted fresh right here in Wichita right here now you can get very tired coffee at your office just like Stephen dead of course by calling 2673771. Or offline. At prairie fire coffee. Dot com. 843 Stephen did an important deal for the future of Wichita as the largest employer and your bill Lloyd. Of the which business journal all the ways even though the morning on Kate in that sense.