Happy birthday to the Wichita Business Journal's Bill Roy

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Tuesday, February 20th

Steve and Ted wish Bill a very happy birthday.


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Patriot like don't wanna go to learn so I'm hoping we can talk within word something cooked. 97 and thirteen thirty K and tennis and congratulations to. Scott from what you thought. Twenty dollar gift certificate and pretty straight cuts at stake for that they want. It sounds yummy does it get some real good have more than. This week was even dead so stay tuned get your chance to go to Freddy's courtesy of steam engine and a 746 now all three big things three. Basketball Kansas 104 Oklahoma 74. Seeded swat team called out after shooting himself with the well. Authorities still searching for missing five year old which club boy. Three big things even death on Kate and ants ants. Several slide offs in traffic accidents out on the Wichita roadways this morning. And it's a whole bunch of them out there right now. Again the dispatcher just said motorists should avoid the elevated roadways this morning starting to get reports that death. Got snow pack coarsely packed out there on most of the roadways and some things very slippery. Half speed or less what I'm hearing from some of the traffic tractors out there. Just be very very cautious on the roads this morning and the emergence yanks are reporting plant is in effect in which stuff. Traficant KN SA instructing budget province Carl's Goodyear tire. It'd downtown and market and wonderment in the east every street mall and on line at Carl's tire dot com your home for complete dark haired. Cloudy and cool today with freezing drizzle this morning. And a high of 35 degrees we have bunker and thunderstorm earlier today partly cloudy and cold tonight you'll let those sixteen. Denver Wednesday partly sunny and cool tomorrow tonight thirteen for. Status as whether brought you by the monarch featuring the largest collection of cramp Perkins and misdeeds in the state does Kansas. On our coverage of military discounts herded retired veterans. The monarch in delaying when right now we applaud you missed. 23 degrees in north wind of 32 miles per hour that's a formula or I seen and its uses 23 days old. As we go to those bridge those elevated roadways say always. Present problems but it's this kind of weather at 747 house even dead. A coalition of unions at Walt Disney World resort has filed a federal unfair labor practices complaint. Accusing the company of holding its promised. 1000 dollar bonuses hostage during contract negotiations. The Orlando sentinel reports Walt Disney company announced last month it would give a 1000 dollar bonus to me to play. But the services trades at a service trades council says in a Monday released at his knee is holding employees bonuses until the union approves a new contract. At all costs. At Disney spokesman says bonuses are part of our apartment associations. Via. The privately held onerous Safeway vons and other grocery brands is plunging deeper into the pharmacy business. With a deal to buy Rite Aid the nation's third largest drugstore hop. Albertson's companies. Offering either share of its stock at a dollar 83 in cash or slightly more than a share for every ten shares of Friday. Rite Aid shares of Rite Aid jumped in premarket trading so there's a the take over this going on a merger we don't have a ton of I don't think we got right in there are a lot of their in this there's a lot of in the south and east Safeway used to be bay. Well my Shelley and I first got married to resist Safeway in. It would like shopping center there on the build long in the northeast northwest corner. And we did a lot of our. Grocery shopping and there we first got married a Safeway had a pretty big presence in Wichita and any right ears and across the street to an Albertson's in there which is now villains. Albertson's was in the market for awhile remember that yes and I like them a that they did very good idea out they that the Dylan's kind of squeezed everyone out Dylan just survives. The Kroger to Dillon to branding Kroger justice usually. Popular in the area and they've run off competitors time and again now though that ego. The S stocks resumed trading today after taking Monday off for President's Day Friday the S&P 500 gained a point the Dow rose nineteen. But the NASDAQ actually lost seventeen points on Friday so we had a three day. Weekend trading week and now we're back trading stocks today and Minnesota officials roll soon try to convince a jury that manufacturer 3M. Should pay the state five billion dollars to help clean up environmental. Damage. That's the state alleges was caused by pollutants the company dump for decades. The long awaited trial begins today in Minneapolis. And you know what I think of 3 am I always think. Minneapolis mining in something else that's this part of the ribs is that Minnesota or many up Minnesota I guess. That is a company that's that's a Minnesota counseling monster company it's a huge part of their their heritage and their their business community and now they go to court. Because. They accused real local I want taxpayers have to clean up ball and build on our 751 now Steve and Ted Airbus and cyber security. Editor bill Roy the witch stuff business journal with us this morning good morning bill. Good morning Stephen Ted Airbus among a group of companies that are teaming up to fight Packers. On Friday the group of companies signed this cyber security charter in Munich. The group also includes Siemens and IBM. The goal was to set best practice standards that can help defend digital systems. Against what the World Economic Forum senses an eight million dollars that the security threat. Kansas growth index has reported a big jump to Creighton University rural main street index rose this month to its highest level in four years went from 46 point eight in January to 54 point eight this month. Anything over fifty on the Indy index indicates a growing economy the data is from a survey of bank CEOs in rural areas. Of the ten state region including Kansas. And Airbus expects to have a great 2018 the company says it'll close the delivery gap on Boeing this year. Airbus is projecting record commercial aircraft deliveries that would get it close Boeing's numbers company says it will deliver 800 commercial jets this year. That would surpass their 718. For 27 team. And come close to Boeing's C 215. Deliveries forecast for 28 teams. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess and went to top business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm bill boy. As you had a three day weekend day did you enjoy it that Monday off you bet absolutely got some work done around the house yeah. Now that was always good to have just a day off every down and just to do what you wanna do and that's that's what we had these days as exactly. Today is of course national cherry Heidi. Thing. Seems only right did did we celebrate Terry bicycle to presidents day as we know the story. President Washington when he was a boy chopped on the cherry tree and told Tuesday and I can tell a lie. I chop wood down courses it's completely untrue but their week. As as much if history however and Jerry's were one of George Washington's favorite foods one. According to the American pie council apply came to America with the first English settlers. You know those wooden teeth when Elliot and after he got from those cherry pits about a bit his. His teeth were probably stained red diligently to look like take a vampires them. The bother us a look at what they think that cherry pie. You put a couple of candles on it now he got a birthday cherry pop right briefing gal you bet you see you're gonna put things on there I've been ill do. University images. Yes Siam well congratulations. Dustin thank you very much you made another here. One more trip around the sun don't have that or what do we say happy birthday to people would congratulations I guess every did not order a for just arriving well maybe they are for survivor unabomber I'm on the side that I of the grass now so it's true that's that's a that's in the win column in every president for celebration right cares so again he's and a special plan as today well not really we may go out to dinner tonight with the kids them about that elements of that you big on birthdays you know. I I I'm okay numbered the older I get that you know are actually to tell you the truth I almost forgot about. This formats many things on the mind she only turned seventy ones yeah month trip I hit a milestone and is assigned you're getting older bill. That a a girl whose bill bill let their ideas. I itself what we just say bless your heart thank you so much I enjoy birthdays because anytime I can get any kind of attention. Part of attention. It'll go for an as you know and somebody buys you lunch or ordinary it would yeah perhaps we'll have a lovely cherry pies sent over to business journal today they guys are right pain but some ice cream on had a birthday we appreciate things are being with us this morning. A it keep it here we Stephen Jen made 8 o'clock hour coming up we'll have the latest on the missing which cowboys. All the weather information for you Florida shooter makes his first court appearance. Substitute teacher in North Carolina fired after body slamming its donut. And debt leverage entertainment news the border. All just ahead in the 8 o'clock hour Stephen did get it right here on Kate in a sense.