Happy Birthday Wilford Brimley

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, September 27th
Actor Wilford Brimley turns 83 today

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Is this station which talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news and CNN SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Steve Macintosh Ted Woodward. Kansas gas prices continue to tumble down four more cents this week to an average of 330 cents a gallon. Jennifer hall is with Tripoli Kansas we have seen our inventories could go up quite a bit but it certainly hoping that price drop. Haas says swift fall now under way a gas stations are looking to get rid of their summer blend gasoline which. Could also bring down prices Kansas still has to six. Cheapest gasoline prices among the State's average price today in which stuff to 27 a gallon. Now the forecast with K units their staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning it is a cloudy start to the day it's moisture continues to live din from northern Oklahoma they'll give us a few scattered showers through about noontime. Our high today 69 it's partly cloudy overnight Tarlow 53 and sunshine and warmer Thursday with a high 76. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now mostly now. Do you 58 degrees northeast wind at nine miles per hour. A former blue springs Missouri doctor and boy scout leader is being held without bond. After admitting that he sexually assaulted a boy for years the Kansas City Star reports 45 year old Joseph MacKey of Lee's summit. Pleaded guilty in Jackson County Circuit Court. He statutory sodomy. He's set to be sentenced. November 3. Court records indicate the victim met MacKey threw us out in activity and was also patient of the doctors. He was abused dozens of times between the age of fourteen and adulthood. Investigators found other victims who said they are also abused by MacKey. He told some of the victims he was coordinating and sexual activity study. For the University of Kansas however school officials told investigators the study didn't exist. Dan O'Neill taken SS news. The latest effort to kill obamacare is no more there will be no senate vote on its. Now Republicans Walid sixty votes to pass future legislation on this instead of a simple majority that means Democrats and Republicans will have to work together. Maybe he's Mary Bruce on Capitol Hill talked with the dead bill's co architect senator Lindsey Graham he says the GOP has to keep fighting. Do you feel that we've. Settled own a movie kill that thing can you imagine if we just don't fulfill this promise. Florida senator Marco Rubio talked about the hurricane devastation in Puerto Rico with the US capitol after meeting with vice president Mike Pence. Rubio recently returned from the island the senator is warning members of congress and the administration. Of the horrific conditions many Puerto Ricans are now suffering in the aftermath of hurricane Maria. I did my role here today is raising alarm about. The reality that there are three over three million American citizens. Who are. Potentially. And that in the grips of the ever growing. Significant. Humanitarian crisis. And donated to 833 now Stevens hit and a we're celebrating our five thousand's that show on the on the radio here on K innocence this morning Ted and he gets some blurted it looked a couple of calls can we take these cults. Before that I have a quick story. One way and got it back into radio in 98. My late father was still alive and listening was listening every morning and yeah I talked to you and to help them let me do some color on a football game honestly at a basketball game and I annoys stunt I know it was terrible that's not true but of my dad gets to reduce and then I think it was a real thrill for. About the pastor wave in 99 now so. It was a thrill hey speaking of people we know pat is on the line is this the path. That's why the father not just the father is maybe the first time he's ever been up before 930 yeah. About riots. One of the joint merriment. Rest guys. That matter the yes. But the one wonderful attributed. Mr. received today but also can I just get by sympathy it and he said those guys. And they were put for three hours of the day in my business. Not true that he pays no attention to us whatever he's doing door sometimes it's. And it. Retaliate you have a dial you can just turn a soft yeah you can't yeah. Through these draconian and what she is is your I would assume. Dear father than your favorite segment is are our chats with Mitchell's list. I like. Like the memories. Six years ago Saturday so that. You know you know. Use the period Christina and also all the Bugs Bunny segments are very good bugs. So you guys are peaking at my intellectual purity I certainly know we knew that you tat. But a bit to pleasures. Congratulate you on your achievement as well earned. And the Marconi award was very nice to yeah perfect yesterday to get rid of the air or written guidance used to be. Dictate but when you're name Mike Cook as well system principles yeah. Is that I was in those guys reporting odds. Seem to run across a lot of people missed some things insidious. It was do you enjoy your show so people forget shortly appreciate what you do. I gave you pet pit exit tense day as it appears that yeah he's gonna have nine goes back to counting his money that you've been busy girl. Is doctor Tom what this this morning good morning doctor Tom. Good morning you guys congratulations. On the Marconi award I would like you radio you editor. Or just wonder for how he every morning expect and I try to buy rent get the sport reporting and they say oh those characters as a listening to learn. Really. This did the doctor Tom I know. Are allergy and I'll doctor Tom Rosenberg hey nice to have you this and it's great to have listeners like you were born intellectual when guys like Woodward's. Don't say that that they. The Italian RD of Marconi orders in the extra bit did you interpret dinners macaroni cheese but now Marconi is something early spirit and great. Apparently appreciate you guys. I think that's a wonderful award at there's that is an Oscar enemy or anything like that I'd just like secretly. All right not thank you doctor Tom appreciate your call is morally and I think here we now have a the play by play voices Butler a rule I knew he was on tennis and tennis and it's taken this all of this is an honor loses good morning Dennis. Good morning guys long time Lester first time caller. We heard that before. Alias and congratulations. To insist even edit and edit all the people all I know a lot of work a lot of people and you know I I really do fight against our every morning get up early out and getting older Lucy religiously and utmost in years I was McCain SS most debate night and I mean that my GB of that anymore site. I know a throwback you know I was your radar registered as a great job you know get up you know it was on locally nationally and a really enjoyed the show. But Dennis thank you so much for calling a news more you're kind of a radio aficionado you listen to some of those great West Coast stations when your grown up yeah. Absolutely and care but just personally appreciate all the great coverage you give Butler community college over the years simply could not guys this is our thirteenth year due and other football and basketball on in the net terrific nice thirteen your area so we really appreciate you guys keep up the great work. And I thank you Dennis Dennis against Colin Dennis is a great listener yeah the get go. You're talking ignited you know Houston to San Francisco Giants baseball game he's been around talented guy and we're glad to have you did Stanislas mammal. Yeah anything you talk about Magloire is more on the do you want part of yeah. The city's. Outlook and it will do the blur tackle talk about the ratings for the National Football League over the weekend. Now those ratings were up they were up just a little. Now on despite taking undertaken any controversy. Or because of it let's take a look at what's going on in the NFL. Prior after the ticketing controversy begin to separate. The national focus the NFL's as ratings for Sunday were up 3% compared to week three of last year's season and money ex cowboys cardinals game in which Dallas team owner Jerry Jones joined his team and taking unique. Was up a whopping 63%. From last year but that game was up against a trump Clinton debate the news of the ratings spike comes after the president tweeted Tuesday morning. That ratings for football are way down. Jason Nathan's and ABC news Hollywood. And we talked about this earlier in the week there's a new series of videos help dinner with dot guests celebrating a life of insult comic Don Rickles before he passed away earlier this year at age ninety he did take some interviews with other famous people if you ever get down about the state of the world. No this kind of along the snow being available gene for Don Rickles died he had dinner with snoop dog in Canada. No I'm deaf it's one episode and a thirteen part digital so produced by AARP every punched in the face of the people who do well. Sarah Silverman another one of Rickles dining partners at his favorite Hollywood haunts we choose Kennedys as our relaxation. Canon there's marijuana. Rickles like vodka to the FAA RP says the web series celebrates his life and career Scott Goldberg ABC news. Eleventh. Broderick yeah I'll. There's no way in near miss that old sick of them. Dinner with Don and up in his monologue last night today ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live poking fun about it chain restaurants. This is called Villa Italian kitchens got more than 200 locations nationwide I don't think we have one here on and apparently they're serving up. Pumpkin spice. Pizza. And a child born in like Indiana or someplace where they don't know anything about pizza. Innocently she goes to a mall with her family as she tries pizza for the first time. And it's that pizza it's pumpkin spice and she hates it she weighs two years of her life thinking pizza tastes like Nutmeg. He never tries it again what about that child so. I'm afraid of I have to ask you pick up your phone to call your senators again. He title last night this pumpkin spice is yet and finally Steve will close with. Birthday today that caught my guy about actor Wilford brenly all yeah. Who's 83 today and I think no Wilford friendly as he looked like he was 8335. Years. You don't he's always the same I talked about to watching the electric horseman over the league and he was and that as a younger fellow us. He was in true grit in a very small part. John Wayne back in the sixties using China syndrome. He's in tender mercies split Robert Duvall. He was and he is gonna varies semi regular cast member on the wall seems on a few times on TV. And if you wanna hear a mix of that little. Strange mix of genres he was and as Jeanne Claude van dam will be called hard targets you can ask. And we used to work with a guy named Craig Meade around here who's kind of a dead ringer for now from brutal at easily conclude. That. Out of his break out roll out early start recognizing Tibet and died and the natural he was the heat as the man baseball manager and an answer in the national. But I think my favorite role is might be a one time appearance on Steinfeld. In which he played the postmaster general and accelerates the trailer called Cramer into a dark room and grilled well mr. Cramer. Remember though I'm a postmaster either way I'm also Jim yeah. Bug that my job is to have the mail delivered them up by the way it is it's million up on the Stevens until we interviewed the original Kramer. The character was based on the outside Kenny Kramer had him on my right Carol Stephenson. It for weeks at a birthday Wilford Brantley is 83 to. That's entertainment news in the blur brought to our good friends it peaked at Johns in the army and thank you pizza just been great cultural yes it's been a sponsor for us for. Quite awhile now on name that they bring you the blurred every day entertainment news glad it happened on board the right there on page fifteen at 208 self Baltimore. The Internet pictures right there on the Wall Street second out when you go to pizza John's. Time for the prairie fire coffee break on tape and assess. Prairie fire coffee's a freshest coffee in the Wichita area. Because prairie fighter coffee beans or roasted fresh right here in Wichita and you do get prairie fire copied your office just like Stephen dead. By calling 2673771. With. Or go online at prairie fire coffee. 43 Steven Pitt editor bill Roy of what stuff business journal coming up balling is planning for a new aircraft mark Stephens and on innocent.