Happy Birthday to "The Wizard of Oz"

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, August 15th
The Hollywood open for "The Wizard of Oz" was on this day in 1939.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. Who won the news talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning at 6 o'clock mrs. McCain is just pouring his receiver instead it. I'm Steve back inside fell 72 degrees. The department of these guys. Kate is just breaking news of fire at an apartment complex and Overland Park has claimed the lives of two children. Fires started early this morning in addition to the two children. Wanted dead four others were hospitalized one firefighter. Reportedly received nonlife threatening injuries. Wichita school board members got their first look at a brought proposed budget for the upcoming school year at Monday night's meeting the 682. Point six million dollar budget is counting on about 47 point six million dollars an additional state funding things to a new school finance formula recently approved by state lawmakers. The Kansas Supreme Court is still reviewing the plan to see for this constitutional. District CFO Susan Willis greeted board members with enthusiasm albeit slightly tempered. He's. It's maybe not. If the budget is approved it would keep the district's property tax mill Levy flap which is something all board members agreed would be good for local taxpayers. Board members voted unanimously to publish the budget and set a public hearing and final vote at the next meeting on August 28. Build a brand can get SS news. The FBI has arrested 23 year old Jerry far knell for allegedly trying to detonate what he believed was an explosive filled cargo van outside a bank and Oklahoma City. Authorities say the suspect admired Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. Here's ABC's David curly and undercover FBI employee provided a cargo van and materials which far now allegedly used Friday night to assemble what he thought was a bomb smaller but like the device from 1995. He drove to the bank left the band in an Alley next to the loading dock and used a cell phone he expected to detonate the explosion according to court documents instead. He was arrested. A federal judge has thrown out one of the charges against a Kansas man. Accused of plotting to attack Somali immigrants in Garden City. US district judge Eric Melbourne granted a defense motion to dismissal firearms charge against Curtis Allen. The decision comes in the wake of attempt US circuit court of appeal panel's ruling in May. In an unrelated case that found that a person convicted of misdemeanor domestic battery under a city ordinance can legally carry firearms. Now one and co defendants Patrick Stein and Gavin right. We'll still face charges of conspiring to detonate truck bombs at an apartment complex where Somali immigrants lived. All three men pleaded not guilty at their trial was set for February 20 dental Neil king and SS news. The jury was unanimous in its decision for Taylor Swift and her team Monday at the groping trial in Denver. And eleven year old Alison turner was in court for the verdict Taylor Swift vindicated a jury agreeing with Swiss claim that a former Denver radio personality reached up Swiss guard grabbed her butt cheek during a photo op for years ago any the last SEC. I don't set up for something. Shipley and thirteen year old Daniel Gordon calling swift role models with social donate money so that other women can bite sexual assault cases in court. Jason havens and ABC news Hollywood. North Korea's military has presented the leader Kim Jong on with plans to launch missiles missiles into water near Guam and a ring at the win pipes of the Yankees. But at the same time both Koreas and the US are signaling their willingness to avert a deepening crisis. With the H suggesting a path toward negotiations. Today the witch style City Council will consider issuing bonds. To assist a mole small but growing company global engineering. Which the mayor Jeff Long belt tells K Unisys news. Small company that batting. Only about twelve jobs. Well jobs are still important to rest and so others. The ability for small companies to participate in some of these. Economic development type activities also. Long Will commented during Monday's with the mayor on Stevenson in the morning here on May end as that's. Taken assessed you've done now 6044 minutes past 6 o'clock. It's 73030. KM FS we are he content in the morning. Here on a Tuesday morning August 15 610 now 10 minutes past 6 o'clock. And traffic so forth here this morning in Wichita things looking OK out there those gasoline prices. What's up price seems to about 1017. Gallon up there but it's still fairly unsettled. I saw. You 14 this morning you're areas all over them. Prices still little all over the place but seems to be averaging veteran seventeen. Traffic update from case and as as radio and hit keepers and now look at the forecast we've K UNICEF staff meteorologist Dan holidays and good morning Dan. Good morning some high clouds are spreading in from the southwest to start today. We expected the warm afternoon with temperatures near 981 for the high and an increasing wind out of the southwest at fifteen to twenty miles per hour. Because you complex of thunderstorms that roll our way this evening and overnight Carlos 75 and occasional rain and thunderstorms along and ahead of a cold front Wednesday with a high close to ninety. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now partly cloudy 72 degrees it was southeast wind at six miles per hour. Prairie fire coffee. You're not drinking prairie fire hoping it'll be at peace and work your boss doesn't love you. That's right that's right 611 Stephen did Tuesday August 15 the warm day across south central Kansas Monday not much breeze which does high temperature. Yesterday 89 degrees and Albert had back close. To the normal for the state and 982. Is the normal for the day yesterday. And forget and close. And be around ninety today. On this date in 1939. The MGM musical the wizard of law is. Opened at ground against Chinese theatre in Hollywood. When you have laws about a young girl from Kansas. Swept up in a tornado. Lands. In the land of laws a all the yellow brick road. Dog named Toto yet on this date in 1965. The people's. Played to a crowd of more than 55000. At New York's Shea Stadium. The places they say went wild are three of Paul McCartney here a few weeks you'll hear what you got see him on life and I got sea and many of you out there. Nazi Paul McCartney and content it was a treat a real treat for us don't have a few grew up with The Beatles. And I and our big Beatles fans to this stated Paul McCartney put on a heck of a shoe that's what I heard. Not a whole new take on the terms snapshot a Florida man has been sentenced to more than six years in prison. Or accidentally shooting a gun while taking a self be in district club restroom. It's it's not act and to check all the boxes on this thanks a series of events here that is just stagger this is the US attorney's office in campuses. So warned. The Associated Press is only given us one name honest guy SO war and now he's it's a monitor them yeah. And pleaded guilty to in April to possessing a firearm is convicted felons or an Asian pride gang member. Has prior felony convictions for burglary and attempted first degree murder is a bad guy. Or documents a sword was at a club who was a club lust. It's. Burton and his several it is got to let off. Admitting his firearm the bullet went through the mirror and into the age that women's restroom. No injuries reported to police showed up officers found a handgun ammunition and drugs on sort. Who is probably gonna spend thank you know restricted time in debate house I imagine so says like any one. Bad. Tough customer erected a while aunt and short and so brilliant to rate now at the brightest. Irish airline. Ryan air wants British airports to enforce its retreat Olympic. If somebody stereotypes about the Irish delete shares comes after it was revealed a number of passenger arrested for drunken behavior increased by 50% of last year. The airline has already banned customers from drinking duty free alcohol on flights. And stop people flying from some cities to bring it on board the aircraft at all. Companies now urging airports to banned the sale of alcohol before 10 AM and to limit the number of drinks per boarding pass to a maximum of two. All these people think. I don't that's Irish airline could the but haven't the snorted too negative and there's there's a joke in there about an Irish and dreary as minimum but it if you are here. Might as an Irish airline have a two drink minimum effect to register on. But at the event. Guess we're gonna have to. Call this what you call when he got behind is scenes shop talk. It is tough talk but it's more than shopped talked the issue could say just it's behind this design is seen capture Al. It's something at that week we do every year the Kansas association of broadcasters. And a has awards competition every year here in Kansas and we had a good showing. We put it that way just announced. Not just your own horn but now not your home but that's exactly when immunity today yeah and attitude the hell out of it at the first of all our good friend BJ Stewart who are our production guy here one of the best yeah amazing heads to his 12. First and second place in best commercials. Well. About that. Deserves it absolutely deserved Stephen Ted best sports feature with a special that involve Mitch hopeless. And the writing of home on the range and pulled the scale homestand numbered this yet any of those brits with Mitch just fantastic this get best sports feature. Dennis Higgins who with the best play by play for Butler basketball. This. Good friend Dennis. We get second places for McCain is his website spot news sports casts and severe weather. But the one I would pay a lot of attention to his best newscast. And Stephen didn't insist sporting you basically is guest yeah it's now about that top. His by the waved my by my count. The fifth time we have bill been awarded best complete newscast by the KGB the fifth time since 2000. And also it's 20. Like to do the best newscast in Newport a lot of war work it you know we all do all three of us and we have a lot of pride in it in so. We had a good showing from the Kansas association of broadcasters here congratulations did not just test everyone here every industry well yeah I did well and go to bed. Thank you put your name on the one major award and major awards shaped like a a leg up for mormons like. But if it goes but that that really. Let them we don't we already have the awards have taken and the reason meters shall we can. Well frankly so we can win and that's what happened. About it. Police in New Hampshire had their hands full after a pet iguana got loose and get a cyclist. This is our daily and it doesn't happen here in which occasional. Iguana story officers spotted at the cyclist vital tried last suing the roping mapped out with a unleashed Monday morning. Police safely cup they won without its older by posting on social media. The ten year old iguana whose name is mr. jingles. Of course that is. What a cutie but those reunited with its owner Brenda Schultz. He says she's grateful someone slaughter vent after he slipped out of a hole in the wind screen yeah the cyclist who tried currently mr. dingle was not seriously hurt. Police say no churches. Will be filed maybe mr. jingles wanted to out mr. jingles on out and he was gonna bite isn't it freedom. I don't know there's they're ugly where was that. This is in the Rye, New Hampshire New Hampshire and not even not even been dead for them. Well what's going on there are right it's at 618 now Steven did divert enough sport to deadwood Fernando. Into the royals brought up the catcher the other day a rookie. And is that got them get to recuperate as ozone Ramirez been hurt little bit of this rookie night I was hoping it does a good job last night there. The good guys and covering up you gotta bring up the end at AAA to know about here and when you get production from guys like that that are helping out. All the better last night Kansas City Royals on the West Coast visiting the Oakland Athletics. Nice quiet. Only 9800 fans in the stand up and lowest crowd for the eight all of a season and in. And the the royals it did royals BA's played a pretty even game. Except for this one swing of the bat you heard the game last night on the debate. Okay. Okay he's okay. It. Now about that yet and do an end when nobody up. Well first Major League homer a Grand Slam the last royal to do that lose. All Phillips also have a backup catcher guy got to play for the Wichita wranglers. Royals when it 62 the final score that's the third when mineral for the royals now. And the Kansas City is now within a half game of the playoff spot with 44 games to go in the season who next up the royals continued there. Continue their road trek out in Oakland and another game tonight live coverage of the royals and the athletics at 830 tonight teams start little after 9 o'clock. Listen to the royals and a's on Sports Radio KFH. 12:40 AM 975 FM. If the other great thing about the game west game games and a coach like that. If you ever if you miss you couldn't stay up you know it is to an inch steel and other morning we're gonna detail of that's right that's it you're sort right here. We've clearly with. We don't reveal exactly that's. Split things he used to the values to a game on the West Coast you missed it the late still. Staff yeah. I used to get up I used to but I used to you know grab the Wichita beacon newspaper yesterday in papers an afternoon paper because it would be to find out. Who won the game on the West Coast in a box score. These days though you know there are no felony while in the city here. The in pro baseball the Wichita wing nuts start an eight game home stand last night downtown Lawrence Dumont stadium hosting Kansas City T bones. It was a scheduled pair of seven inning games however game one went ten innings. The T bones won the opening game five to two men in the finale in the nightcap the wing nuts on the seven inning game thirteen to thirties or split of that double header. We nets and T bones continue their five game series tonight at Lawrence Dumont stadium at 705 downtown tonight. We met still enjoying 811. And a half game lead atop the division with twenty games to go in the regular season. In a couple of birthdays today former Kansas City Royals speedy outfielder Jerod Dyson. It's 33 years old today played on both of the royals recent World Series teams he's now the Seattle Mariner's. Because they drafted in the fiftieth round. And yet has become of may longtime maker really solid game the other day if grosans element he is not a very big guy now a little guy military trainer passed down. He's 33 today. And the former Kansas City Chiefs safety Bobby hunt is 77. Today. He played for the chiefs back in Super Bowl one of about that we're speaking of the chiefs will be having our daily live chat with me told us play by play voice chiefs live from training camp coming up at 815. A this morning make sure you're listening sport with Stephen Ted as we used them we always say a broadcasting don't you dare miss Nolan at a six Tony do given here for Fox News commentator Doug stunts controversies over confederate statues all across itself. I'm gonna talk about that Stevens at the morning on KNN cents.