Happy Birthday to Woody Allen and Sherlock Holmes

Steve & Ted
Friday, December 1st

The first Sherlock Holmes story was published on this day in 1887, Woody Allen turns 82 today.


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Is distinction Wichita turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news okay SS Wichita is number one. News talk bad weather station depend on us. Good morning deep in the morning thank you thank you so much. The widow of a Candice been killed last month during an encounter with Barbour county deputies. Has sued the county sheriff and his under here Christina miners. Filed a federal lawsuit Thursday alleging. Law enforcement officials use excessive force when they killed her 42 year old husband Stephen. The lawsuit contends video shows Steven Myers was standing with empty hands at his sides and did not threaten officers or attempt to escape. And now the forecast with K and assess staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning this very quiet weather pattern will continue with temperatures soaring well above average following this chilly start this morning are hi this afternoon 61 is south winds pick up at fifteen to twenty miles per hour tonight's low 39 sunny and 62 tomorrow and Sunday breezy with a high near seventy I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now part. A cloudy and 36 degrees again just legislative committee will not endorse a plan from state corrections officials to build a new prison. Mainly because of how the project would be financial state department of corrections outlined its plan Thursday that the nation's largest private prison operator build a replacement for the State's oldest and largest prison in Lansing. Course civic based in Nashville with the lease of the new prisons and state were twenty years before the state owned it. The legislative committee wants the department to pursue financing the project with state bonds instead. The committee's recommendation to deep label project will go to top legislative leaders and governor Brownback. State law gives them the final say on whether the project moves forward. And O'Neal Kane and SS news which Dustin university is beefing up its security for the NCAA volleyball tournament. W issue will host the first two rounds of the tournament today and tomorrow. This is the first time the school has been selected to host. KS and news spoke with a associate athletic director Brad Pitt and who says W ratio is upping its security for the volleyball games including using metal detectors. The more stuff you bring the longer it takes to get him. Sort tell people bring what you need to come a little bit early arguably far Pittman says only bags are smaller than fourteen inches long. Fourteen inches wide and six inches high will be allowed inside the arena backpacks are prohibited. Diaper and medical bags will be allowed but are subject to prior search. Two entrants. The bell ringers and red kettles can be seen at some seventy locations around Cedric county. As a Salvation Army seeks donations during the Christmas season which talk commander major Joseph Wheeler tells K Unisys news holiday fund raising support Salvation Army programs throughout the year. We we have to stretch it out there are other campaigns throughout the year to help supplement but the biggest amount of income as a minute Christmas. And it lasts for the majority of 2018. For instance this past year the Salvation Army provided more than 66400. Meals to our various feeding program. Major breeder is our guest this weekend an issue funny seventeen southern laureate eight on KE NN assess. Vice president Mike Pence spoke with a Christian broadcast network about tax reform. The vice president says he and president troubling tax reform will be passed before the end of the year. We really believe that for Christmas comes. Know from delivered to the American people the largest tax cut in American history. The senate is expected to vote on the tax reform bill by the end of the week Democrats have called the tax bill a giant tax cut for the rich. Opponents also argue the plan would add more than a trillion dollars to the national debt. A woman in the United Kingdom is homeless today after thieves. Stole her house houses get broken into occasionally of course but it's not often that feeds take an entire house but that's what happened to one woman living in woodland England about three hours west of London. Police say someone pulled up with a flatbed truck while she was an at home and hold a waiver mobile home. Now this wasn't just some recreational viewpoint that was taken this house sports a fireplace. And a big screen TV. Gary Baumgarten. Fox News. President Donald Trump extends Christmas greetings to. All Americans we pray that our country will be a place where every child knows a hall filled with a blow up a community. Rich with. And a nation. Less. With faith. The president spoke at the national Christmas tree lighting in Washington DC it's the 95 year for that tradition. 836 now Stephen dead in the morning here on a Friday morning it is time for entertainment news supporter. Judge chambers on the border desk this morning in the debris floating over the story about well known TV personality from the the days in the past Jim Nabors has passed away. At the age of 87. And did apparently see contracted. Hepatitis B and India several years ago and he has passed away and. Jets got more on the story debt at year out we've been talking this morning at past news Jim Nabors several celebrities. Have have been it's making statements here in a statement Carol Burnett said quote. Jim and I remained close friends for 52 years he's the godfather of my daughter Jody. Every year he was the first guest on my variety show I considered him a good luck charm. My heart is heavy and I'm grateful he was a large part of my life. Very talented man yes and that was from Carol Burnett an actor Michael McKee and actually. Responded on Twitter that he said and that Jim Nabors just wants about ten years ago. He was exactly as nice as you would soon. That's a nicely upset about it yeah end up also speaking on Twitter the Muppets. The Muppets Muppets tweet about Jim Nabors really yeah as one of our first Muppet show guests Jim Nabors was a part of my family we will miss his laughter his singing and it's friendship. Sola yeah everybody Chiming in about it Jim Nabors just remembering that the good times and all the talent. Jim Nabors not only good it is then acting in in doing comedy but did a terrific singer really gets singer great singer singing it. Well we've got some bad news that bodyguard of pop star Justin Bieber all been arrested. Cops say he slammed into a Miami Dade police cruiser goal tending to officers to the hospital. 7 NEWS Miami's Jessica holly. Has more on that story. A pop star's body guard getting a little guarding himself as he walks out of jail 32 year old Michael rain and not saying a word just hours after a dangerous drive in southwest Miami Dade. Police say he slammed into a Miami Dade police cruiser and then took off deck hard did not stop. Didn't check on the officers will being it's one of the worst things that one can do to officers injured. One airlifted out. The other taken to the hospital in an ambulance arena standing up that cubs blocks away. And beavers got a vet those. Bodyguards a little bit better. Victoria hire somebody might wanna check they're not going to hit and run somebody down. A few movies hitting theaters this weekend here's a Fox's Jacqueline Karl with fox on film. Fox and I'm Jacqueline Connor coney island's. 1950s. Boardwalk science Carolina. That's a look at wonder wheel about four people whose lives intertwine net Coney Island amusement park in the 1950s. Starring Kate Winslet Jim Belushi and Justin Timberlake. Full XQ and are aware of the many of whom yeah. It's a nightmare began. That's from the movie psychopaths. When the spirit of the recently executed serial killer comes back to possess other serial killers. Systems and. That's alien invasion some one aliens took over earth and humans are living in shelling in bunkers below ground. That's thoughts on film on Fox News. What's it for going to the theater you have an uplifting experience for office air clean. Yikes. That's considered theaters this weekend as well as a birthday yesterday Big Bang theory start feeling cloak though. She's gotten engaged. Her heart that's right. Her boyfriend not Ted Woodward is it now they'll cut her boyfriend Carl cook posted a video and is instead Graham accounts. Thursday of a tearful cocoa flashing at diamond ring on her figure and shouting we are engaged. As she accepted a proposal with a very loud yes. Thursday also happier yet yesterday was her 32 birthday. The bet that that's what he's six year old took sit in the caption the video. Engagement comes after nearly two years of dating he added this is the best night of my life. So there we get out and test. I'm happy birthday to Sherlock Holmes and he and yet as you're there every time yet exactly Sherlock homes ever ever dated that's right. My crutches was who turned. Or just the. Let's on the path. Kelly. I'm from the looks of things I think you're between jobs that you between residents. Boring and charity element. That's right debt as it is that was that was sizzle sound from the one of the more recent Sherlock alone in his manager. Arthur Conan Doyle's first Sherlock Holmes story a study in scarlet. Was published in on this state in 1887. And of course the detective remains popular character to this day. One of the reasons is. But he eventually passed in the public domain. And so all sorts of different studios start making movies and he's telling an extra stories of itself. That's one of the reasons why his popularity blew up a day gap was on the state and 1887 the very first Sherlock Holmes story. Was published a dream ideal option that's right and also happy birthday today to Woody Allen. Woody Allen turns 82 at the wooden man years old today. This an old joke. Two elderly women Florida cats don't have recess and and one of them says whether food this place is really terrible. It once as I know it's a small portions. Well that's essentially how I feel about life full of loneliness and misery and suffering and unhappiness. And it's all over much too quickly. At Atlanta but it it's it's it's funny it's woody out that I once had an album and LP. One of his routine and used to be stands right absolutely. Hilarious funny yeah that was funny prolific filmmaker writer actor comedian. He's been behind what's the Annie Hall Manhattan Hannah and her sister's match point. He's won four Academy Awards one for best director three for best original screenplay. Woody Allen. Born in 1935 he turns 82 years old today. Steve that's a bowler gambler every day's brought to us like pizza John's interview are great yeah that's right. 208 south Baltimore suffocate fifteen and market they're in derby they've got. Now basically everything you might want to daddy salads sandwiches and courses and after he says. They are the purveyors around hills and flat snacks pizza Johns in early April series now he's here for editor bill Roy thought the Wichita business journal. He's gonna talk about moving ahead with development of Wichita as river corridors. That's all the way Steve intent right here on Kate in a sense.