Happy "Eat Your Jello Day"

Steve & Ted
Thursday, July 12th
The jiggly treat was patented on this day in 1897.

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What is your favorite Newsom good to talk about why pop culture world com. Isn't it fun to think about rather than you know getting around their music immensely. Good it's a big automakers today and then you know literally see if there's a lot of weight behind. 987 and thirteen thirty KE NSS Stephen Kelly in the morning here. At eight. 463. Big things three. Adult film star stormy Daniels arrested did seeing Kansas gas prices holding steady. Wichita police moved to better protect animals three big things even dead on KE NN cents. Some construction yes hey tag exit lane he's built derby applause on the Kansas turnpike. Closed for construction. That's going to be closed until Friday afternoon that tomorrow afternoon they'll reopen them but. And now that exit lane hateful derby plus. Just six feet tangled only lane they're closed. The other exit lane is opened traffic updates from K innocence radio is brought you budget problem girls Goodyear tire located downtown a market and Waterman. The east every street mall and online at Carl's wired dot com your home for complete dark hair. Sunny and hot today with a high of 97 degrees mostly clear tonight the overnight lows 75. Friday's sunny and hot again tomorrow's high again 97 degrees. Now sunny south waited seven miles per hour and eighteen degrees. 848 now Stephen dead in the morning take a look at the 9 o'clock hour Glenn Beck. And it is at first sight it's going to be the Cody Wilson. Founder depends distributed a topic. The OJ Second Amendment Foundation's reach settlement in defense distributed. Lawsuit. So that's coming up Cody wasn't gonna put a net. Would blend Beckham 109 o'clock Iowa and consumer prices rose in June for a year early oh from a year earlier at the fastest pace in more than six years of lifted by more expensive gas car insurance and higher rent. Labor Department says a Consumer Price Index ticked up just 110% in June but inflation jumped two point 9% from a year earlier. The largest annual gain since February of 2012 my paycheck jump accordingly her. Oh OK good core prices which include the volatile food and energy yet categories rose two tenths percent in June. And 2.3 percent from a year earlier. So you know we're talking about 2% and ending in the history of the last forty years that's not much but in the history of last. Dozen or fifteen that's a lot I mean the we haven't had that kind of inflationary pressure for awhile. Stocks ended in the red day in the red Wednesday after several days of gains. Dow Jones Industrial Average down 219. Points at 24700. Now making it negative for the year 2018. The NASDAQ Composite lost ground over 42 points about a half a percent at 7716. ESP 500 dropped twenty. At 2774. It was energy that weighed the most. Oil tumbled 5% today the steepest loss in thirteen months after OPEC says demand next year it would declined. Also those escalating trade tensions in US and China also pressured crude Dow winners included Disney diss and Walgreens Chevron caterpillar Dow DuPont dropped. An American Airlines and a new low after the company cut its forecast on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange nickel metal eighties Fox News a. Best you that I didn't think I would ever say this that the US is on pace. To LeapFrog. Both Saudi Arabia and Russia and reclaim the title of the world's biggest oil field producer. For the first time since the 1970s. The latest forecast from the US Energy Information Administration predicts that US output will grow next year to eleven point eight million barrels a day. Saudi Arabia and Russia could op and that forecast by boosting their own production. But remember that time when men and we did a promotion tidbit it to radio station where I worked during the oil crisis. I think we were selling gasoline for fourteen cents a gallon. At the time it was a buck forty people were going nuts because it was as it was that so we have Brent did the actually did we got the yeah. The gas station over Towne east square it at Sears store yeah out of parking lot. They had gas pumps out there so we got those and we went out there and the line went out the line of cars Ted went out on to pull. Now you're doing the right 90% of all clear out on the show on rock road in the cops came by and they were live it as we created such jam. And we took care I can follow we got a photo of one of our staff members can't remember her name companies people pump gas. Went global. Australia went around the world though it was good but it was good radio Polonia. Fourteen cents a gallon workers are. 851 now Stephen Ted and which aircraft contractor is growing editor bill Roy the witch style business journal is here to tell us all about it good morning bill. Yeah morning Steve and to network is under way out an expansion for air capital interiors. Company creates interior for aircraft. Astro to meet their increasing demand for the work they have to meet a greater range of customer needs a new 101000 square foot building will double the company's existing space they hope to be working in the new building about the fourth quarter of this year. The south central mental health counseling center needs more room executive director Dan rice says the organization will build an 8000 square foot building. You're 21 and end overrode it will be a one and a half million dollar Project Hope to start construction early next year. In new data from the medical society of central caddie shows the health care is the second leading employer in the area nearly 16% of the jobs in the Wichita. MSA which includes Cedric now or Harvey and Sumner county's. About 43600. People work directly in health care and related industries. Another 29300. Employed indirectly by the industry. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess sand at Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal and do Roy. You know Ted Ted and I have reviewed pretty much agreed to today every day we come on the radio and we wanted to relieve boost people's mental health does that mean we're health care workers. I suppose in an indirect ways the opposite the spirit work. We're trying to cheer people up. Right out all the out that's a good thing to ever give somebody shot. Then you went in myself shots you have what are you now heroin addict or what. Well I ended jumpstart my blood donors after at a blood clot really did you out or Pletcher art. And no fun I've known when I was younger I've known diabetics who had to give themselves that it's went out and it's not like I don't think I can do. Courses at least added maybe I can do him yeah like he did. At the ticket I probably missile I'll be given shots and I stabbing motion and you just who wants almost is you don't stamp okay. Thanks for the tip there but a national east York jello day. Trademark in 1897. By pearl weight of LeRoy New York City ELL a novel in Palm Desert loved by millions. It's funny you point one different flavors yellows satisfies. Every taste and and can be enjoyed it in numerous combination back in the day jello is a major major advertiser and on radio out. Now you know she jello and they promoted it as a top notch top flight dessert yeah healthy too right. I don't know Chela. You big jello fan their bill low the jealous you that what players are this time year's favorite red red red yeah. Did a good choice an NBA get on the green and a plate and you moved back and forth and you could want to jiggle. Right gentle. That was an extra special treat upon puts whip cream gag all in some whipped cream that really knock it up baby boom. But national eat your holiday. Thank you gentlemen and its 855 now Stephen just coming up at 9 o'clock president trump continues his meetings in Europe. That story and more news at night Stephen dead on in a sense.