Happy Festival of Sleep Day

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, January 3rd

A great day to celebrate by... zzzzzzzzz


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Seven and thirteen thirty K and answer as we are deep into the morning. At 8:47 here Wednesday morning third day of the year. Now three big things. Congress begins the new year with two new US senators and few sale and with a man shot in north which could. Through dead in grain elevator accident south of Wichita three big things even dead on Kate and a sense. And this morning this cold out there doesn't. Seem as bad as the last couple decades but debt and still cold out there one of the traffic conditions we've been dealing win the last several days. Thank gasoline prices in the south average is still around 229 over several retailers according to drop the price sent a little bit. Easy enough plenty 27 out there in which does morning traffic updates Franchitti and as as radio on his chambers. Sunny today with a high of 33 degrees partly cloudy and cold tonight the overnight openly thirteen then on Thursday. Partly cloudy with a high of thirty. Now what the county northwest into seven miles per hour and eighteen degrees. Pianist as weather brought you by the monarch. Explore your level America's native spirit every Wednesday. With the forty dollars select fervent and where's he's located at 579 list Douglas in historically you know the monarch. Steve into the morning now on thirteen. Thirteen 37. In the sixth. Published. The season which suffered dot com poll we got a new question up and running today here on our website green on. Candace has radio dot com itself as always a multiple choice and yeah it's Tony eighteen how do you feel about the year ahead interior choices. The future is looking bright not war. Everything's going down I don't know who or. I expect to be about the same as when he said the team is a BA artists expecting to speak it with Toppert dot com bowl. Bureau website in this is reviewed on a little fun. Yeah an optimist and pessimist or I did I Jess walking your way through another I'm an optimist I think it's going to be a good year. At least vert Stevenson what you think. I don't know why I just have a good feeling twentieth toll seventeen we won the Marconi award. I mean we had a great year and 27 team we've got to or 5000 shows under our belt this Friday. We're going to be talking about an anniversary this Friday and and I think it's. A big athletes get bigger here when he. Look you don't girl full of optimism over there probably a little too much prairie fire called the couple. I think yeah I have my kneecap being talked and I began being. About seventy people at a Christmas themed lingerie party and a have been arrested and charged that marijuana possession in Georgia. News outlets report Carter's Ville police said officers responded to a home about forty miles from Atlanta early Sunday morning. Party goers told police this loud cells were fireworks not gunshots. Police found evidence of drugs and started an investigation. Not clear how much pot police found but at least. 63. People were charged with possession stone people in lingerie shooting off fireworks. Does sound like an ingredient for. Merry Christmas hit Laura. A low key of sliders described the event as a Christmas lingerie pajama party celebrating. A 21 birthday. Why at all somebody's 21 birthday yesterday island and bought it I don't get recovered all the basically have never been to a lingerie party or a Christmas theme lingerie party. The they put on the lingerie and then go caroling through the neighborhood is that wayward tee you know to pass. Your asking the wrong person. Virginia sheriff's office has issued a warrant money laundering a top hat and a mop normal one of the skull are stocking cap to him right. A Virginia sheriff's office has issued a look out alert for a wily creature loose in the woods now. The New York poll what's on the sheriff's office pleaded Monday that an elusive bovine is throwing a wooded area near Pannemon road. Animal control has devised a plan to British news there's account. It's Virginia roaming around animal control is divisive plan to catch the talent delivered to a rescue facility. The sheriff's office has put out bales of A where there ever has been. Bedding down they know this counts as a they know hurts sleeping and their asking anyone in any case it does not even EC's cal please call urged the dispatch of unclear for how long this rogue ally has been a large now in Virginia but. Now how deep in rural Virginia are we with this I don't know this sounds like why don't they just stake out the place where the as CIA. Case they captain. Yes it's a big deal McCain is a rolling can figure milking this for all it's where I am I am filled out about that. Stock indices closed higher on the first trading day of 28 team led by big gains in big technology companies that now increased 204 points. As to be rose twenty till. NASDAQ complaint that I kind of climbed to 103 points after the new year. Is ready to get stock market early on and the 852 now Stephen did good news for. Bombard yeah eight aircraft manager bill Roy the witch and a business general of the us this morning good morning bill. Good morning Stephen JD have a party gave pleased to announce at the end of the year at secured a new firm order for at C series commercial jet. Egypt air committed December 29 to buy 12300. Series aircraft and it has the rights to twelve war. The deal would be worth about 2.2 billion dollars at list prices. You order means work for Wichita Spirit Aerosystems makes engine pile longs for the C series. Which is Donna from LG group building is 6500 square foot vascular clinic and surgery center and east which topped construction started on the facility near 127. Street east what paper street north. Practice leaders say they needed new facility to increase capacity and meet demand for increased patient volume. That project cost is about two and a half dollars. And another quick trip coming to Wichita the company will build and Jan three store on the southeast corner 29 of may use. That's in the Cadillac late development company spokesman Mike for amber says that construction timetables still being finalized. Including sixteen nearly 29000. Cars passed through the intersection of Tony night the Macy's. Local breaking business news everyday on can't assess Anna Wichita business journal dot com. For the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy. While another quick trip in northwestern Wichita and now. Okay off it's doubtful we'll look right bill Schneider coming back and went to please did you visit case Stater. How well. Bad day he can coach as long as he feels good and wants to do it and we got some results this year so now. About to add to your accent your being a and yeah Kansas City graduate your very excited about that aren't absolutely today is of course the festival of sleep today. Home and I need to go back and celebrate. It on the cozy opportunity to arrest after the new year celebrations taking part in the festival mostly day is easy and right creative all one has to do is find looks awfully comfortable spot somewhere and fall asleep. Bids are not required. I tell you one of my favorite spot for a good nap when I was in management radio was the weekly staff meeting. And when person and bookkeeping with the start to drone about her life. That's beginning would DNA and I would. Begin to gnawed off. And yeah I was notorious for that the meat you know and a morning drive radio bill by 10 o'clock in the morning I'm on golf. Right that's it I've so I've fallen asleep on soccer fields with kids games door and I'm about policy right here short but it just keep going that her whole lot of throughout the Sun Valley festival slip festival. I should be poster boy all right coming up can't assist news at denying that. Take a look at all of today's youth including a grain elevator accident south of Wichita State at the morning on K and assess.