Happy International Girls Day

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, November 14th

Celebrating the awesome girls in our lives.


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I can't thank you in here yeah do you I mean yeah. You need Sheridan has come in your mind and I wanted to make the call me and I think he'll. 9871530. It's. Good. Yes we are Stephen 10 in the morning here at 8:46. On Tuesday morning November 14. Three big things pretty another flavor of past sexual misconduct. By Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore it's. Allegations that a Kansas agency charged with protecting children he's hiding how it operates slot. And stands his brother himself Wichita. Three big things seem intent on tape and assess. This morning does gasoline prices. You want 49 a gallon that's what the prices went up yesterday and bigger government our traffic tracker click on this note that at random and marinas things though. Gasoline price their teeth 41 and a gallon traffic update from cape and as radio and just keep. Cloudy today with a high of 57 degrees 40% chance or rain tonight the overnight low 49. For Wednesday tomorrow sunny. With a high of 61 degrees. Now light drizzle fog mist. 56 degrees you've got to south wind at twelve miles per hour. 847 ounce or even 10 in the morning a fiddle with a built in sensor will be approved by the FDA. It's called a vilified my eyesight and upgraded version of the drug to vilify. Which comes as a panel with the sensor embedded into it detracts if patients have taken their medication. This sensor relays information to a patch worn by patient and then that data gets sent to a Smartphone app. It's aimed at mental patient's legs schizophrenic or people would bipolar disorder who may have trouble making sure to take their ads. Those patients can also give their caregivers are doctors access to information tracked by the sensor panel. Till they don't Fox News. Prices at the wholesale level climbed four tenths percent in October and two point 8% over the past year biggest annual jump in more than five years. These are prices at the wholesale level this is an indication. Of the possibility of inflation. And a four tenths percent Jeff is a big. Labor Department says last month increase in the Producer Price Index the PPI which measures inflation. Matched the portents percent rise in September. The uptick from October 2016 was the biggest since February of 2012. Twelve month increase was driven by a seven point 6% jump in energy prices. Egypt's flagship state carrier Egypt error has signed a letter of intent to order twelve bombard gay CS 300 passenger aircraft or one point one billion dollars. The agreement announced inside the ceremony at the Dubai air show. Also includes purchase rights for additional twelve aircraft which could double the value of the sale. 849 announced deep in debt and a reminder that the Stevens and which Toppert dot com poll yeah is on the underway right now at our web page. Dana says radio dot com and the question is. Should the Wichita police department news traffic cameras. To stopped traffic spot traffic offense if you got 98 and 97 cameras now. The PD says around the city should that be using those two local people over and tickets 70% say yes. If you don't wanna take it don't break the law. 83%. No Big Brother is watching us. They don't want the you know the I am a Big Brother on them so it's located. The break the law and gas that it could be a part of that poll. The Steven temperature dot which suffers dot com poll and our web page innocence radio that count well guess what much you're sitting in your living room it's the world we live in now. The camera and they're on right now we want on probably want us writers bill. It's comments from Janus has FaceBook this morning Kansas Republicans banned candidates. Under 41 from debates there are three of them in the Republican Party. Were running for governor that are high school kids we have a Democrat from here in Wichita running it. Young man. Steve says actions such as this why this whole Republican is seriously thinking about leaving the party. If a candidate is old enough to run they should be giving the chance to win. Derek says. I could have seen eighteen that 21 seems a bit extreme I do believe. If your not old enough to vote you shouldn't Albany political or legislative position. That's interesting I know that when you get into it this political forum or debate situation having more than about three people that are. Is a little ugly it's confuse rather on loyalty and the Republicans. The people running the parties and we'd like you could just as simple as possible. And make sure that the quote serious candidates. Get their views out and so yes I think yeah got to open up. But everybody talks it's well we do here right. We may not be qualified to talk about it and I didn't think we were qualified insight I don't know. Let's not go over all right we have bill I was a a new business lobbyists into big editor for the witch stuff business journal as within us this morning it's always good morning bill. It Marty Stevens head Kansas chamber has hired a new person to work on lobbying lawmakers Christy brown the Chamber's new senior director of government affairs. She was most recently regional government relations director for American medical response should also work for twelve years in Tennessee running state and local campaigns. A new mortgage lending company has entered the Wichita market guild mortgage out of San Diego was opened in 19100 square foot space. At 300 north mainly occidental plaza building. Four people have been hired manager Brent flowers says he expects to hire another war in the next two months. And a record number of female attorneys made partner and 2070 demand still outpace women when it comes to advancing in the legal profession. Women made up 38% of newly promoted partners amendment at 62%. The number of women promoted to partner is less than the 40% of women who graduated law school with a 45% of the game associates last year. Local breaking business news every day on ten assets and at Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm bill rule. Think bill should those youngsters be allowed to speak their piece and Republican debates. Are they or are they not eligible candidates in this state to run for governor probably the answer is yes therefore they should be allowed to be in those things that I feel strongly about. You're right and we agree with the children okay. Now as long as you and I and Ted don't have to be the the moderator on that panel. And yeah you have been there and then that as well utilized as long as we don't after herd those cats. OK that's the right now is international girl's day Ayodele. Now. I have the tip stuff I have. Before the grand daughters and making its elements international girl's day because you would to your daughter you understand what that means. They want us to buy them something right true I think exactly right. And it's been tennis is actually the best way to work right bill. Well yeah sometimes it does I'm pretty proud of my all these breaches of national pickle day. It may be a Dylan Gergen a grinder Kosher Dele polish Hungarian align the bread and butter of Swedish and Danish. Oracle laid pickle whatever your choice eat them all day long or a classic more classic are you pick old guy bill I like sweet pickles off. The us in the long term pickle cut from the Dutch word tackle PE eight EL meaning brine. In the United States the word pickle typically refers to a pickled cucumbers that's or actually eating cucumber. Right here in the United States 5200000. Pounds of people are consume. Pickles are great snack low in calories good source of vitamin K though they can be high in sodium so. You like the you like the Sweden's Anna. This week pickles you bet sometimes those little ones that you get the jar sometimes it's I wish I could remember the brand name there's some there has happened here. This drilling well. Our friend Teresa Vizio over at the Wichita art museum loves the fried pickles and those are good all right I don't know Heidi Collins now like. I'm kind of come to enjoy those stories right tales and that then based the next question bill have you ever been tickle yourself. But but the but now I want to king's day oh so perhaps was not. Eight written by now. It is asking is it time to this woman levels at six charged him. And it is Roy Moore that's coming up at 9 o'clock to get him on innocence.