Happy Mojito Day

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, July 11th
A good day to enjoy the refreshing summer mixed drink.

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I do you have to thirteen thirty K and insisted there in the morning now 8:45. Through Wednesday morning yet. Three big things. Wichita City Council planning a new water treatment plant seems. Suspect arrested in killing of Wichita woman that. President trump traveling in Europe he will live recruitment. Pretty big thing is even dead on K and a sense. And in. Traffic this morning McAfee gasoline prices still hadn't seen 69. A gallon. That isn't any change from what we have been seen in the says he was 69. A gallon after a jump yesterday's draft update. Kate and as ass radio one's head chambers like we've got a little warm weather pattern going sunny and hot today with a high of 97 degrees yesterday's I. Maybe sixth. Mostly clear tonight the overnight lows 74 more of the same tomorrow Thursday sunny and hot. Tomorrow's high of 98. Now partly cloudy yourself 25 miles per hour 79 degrees receiving it here it's eight. 46 feet details coming up in the 9 o'clock hour. We've got Glenn Beck. And in their the first Ariza tuchman Jonah Goldberg. Senior editor national view of the topic. The book suicide of the west's. At what he's not going to be talking about that trump vs gluten and of course among other things as well women's March Madness. Glenn Beck come up and 9 o'clock. Here on K and assess stocks continued to make gains for the week Tuesday. Dow up for the fourth Dana grow up on hunt dead at 43 points. At 2400919. The NASDAQ Composite up three at 7759. ESP 500 up ten at 2793. And the Russell 2000 hit an all time high. Then pulled back on Dow Jones Industrial Average UnitedHealth and he's. Each hit all time highs Procter & Gamble Dow DuPont and following helped to lead the way in percentage terms. Google had some late day volume and volatility. This is after Google is facing a multi billion Euro European Union antitrust fine. Also Pepsi gained after its quarterly report a four point 7%. On the floor of the New York Stock Exchange opened early eighties Fox News. US wholesale prices rose three tenths percent in June to a slight slowing from may but the twelve month gain was the fastest in more than six years. Adding to evidence that inflation is beginning to rise after years of weak price gains. Labor Department says the June increase in its Producer Price Index which measures inflation pressures before they reach the consumer. All the five tenths percent rise in May. However wholesale prices over the past twelve months of her 3.4 percent that marks the largest twelve month gain. Since the three point 7% rise in the twelve months ending in November of 28 left. BMW says it is sticking with plans to add a thousand workers in South Carolina. Even though the company will start production of a new vehicle and China. BMW and Chinese partner brilliance automotive group holdings. He would joint venture. Called BMW brilliance automotive. Boe increased the number of vehicles made annually at two plants in China to 520000. A year. Building cars. Spokesman Ken sparks told The Herald journal of Spartanburg to BMW's new electric. I X three SUV will be produced only in China. And that effort won't affect production of the new X seven model in South Carolina. Even up with that who's making the cars and and where they're making the cars. Are right distance sandy users morning Ted Jean's job. A rescued English Bulldog with a nasty under Biden dangling Tonya that earned her the title the world's ugliest dog last month died Tuesday. Didn't get to where that is talking about her last month knowing that he didn't get to where that year a very long she was nine years old that's a burial for a dollar. On FaceBook page for his job shop owner Megan brand and rendered. Confirmed the dog died in her sleep. Just few weeks ago a judge Joseph won the hearts of judges in Petaluma California. Which he earned the top prize at the 2018 world's ugliest dog contest and 15100 dollars for brainer so heavy is the only head that wears the crown bonus well. That's why there's a runner up. Well beyond just the oh please first runner up on now be able take over those duties this ugly dogs second ugly dog will take no encouragement that those personal appearances and it and it. And the whole thing yeah him and the free Daughtry. 850 now Stephen Ted on K and SS and your name and you paint. For an aircraft editor bill by the what style business journal of justice Moore got the Dutch boy good morning at big old. Good morning Stephen Ted deceased series aircraft that has been flying over Wichita the past year or so is going away. The aircraft will remain. But the name is changing now that Airbus has majority ownership in the program the airplanes will be called aid to twenties. The company showed off the new name in new paint scheme as it prepares for the the Wichita City Council approved industrial revenue bonds for Cargill is ninety million dollar biodiesel plant. The IRBs had up to about 38 million dollars. The company gets a property tax exemption on the new facility for five years also gets a sales tax waiver on the construction of the plant. Scheduled to open in January. And advanced orthopedic associates is opening a second office this time an elder radio. The practice will begin operating a clinic Friday that'll be part of the Susan B Allen memorial hospital campus. Positions will rotate providing services in the hospital's emergency department. And at the clinic. Local breaking business news had today on can't assess Santa Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm dual role. We were talking earlier today about Cargill 109 and ineffective to. They have they've got quite a presence in Wichita now we've seen a lot of cargo here. Yeah you bet they'd actually been here awhile then they've had to you know what 800 employees in the area but down that a lot of amendment downtown area right. And they've got that new building going up obvious. Sleaze so yeah that's lateral presence drove down Douglas the other day and saw the new building going in where the Wichita illegal use of me. And you know that's impressive and I saw their talents very saw big signs somewhere a student something could have been it could have been out thirteenth and and rarely get put in that plant or whatever but that. So they've been they're doing a lot been. Good good citizens good corporate citizens here in which cap. My my son who. That lives in derby he has he and his family had some guests come and stay at their house for a couple of days votes are from Texas they're going to. Saint Louis and they stopped it. Who's with Scott for a couple of days a one of his air force friends okay and what dated yesterday a talk show last night implicated yesterday to entertain the folks from out of town the tick into the center candies you know. I just thought about the you know how many people entertaining people from out of town if for a day or Tuesday let's go to the zoo. It right that's really something to be proud about their must centrally at their kids involved yet and my son who's at the ball into his forties now you know when they first opened as a group. He loved it and he had to do you love the is that it was a good Zoolander and yet she you know took it. Guerrillas were moving too fast yesterday at a little warm him go to war for the gorilla when it's so much violence that hot. Mayoralty in naps yet right. Today is like me I'm gonna celebrate this somehow today but today is national Mo Ito day. This is a Cuban a traditional Cuban high ball. Consisting of white rum and sugar lime juice sparkling water and Mitch. And has become hasty have a favorite for Shelly and me we found the ball he'll several years ago and now we. We like to have double Hedo now and then and it's no coincidence that the favorite drink it but a well known author. Ernest Hemingway. Whose ego and you know had a lot of those volley was right he resilient beauties of them usable Gil got Laura tea and it doesn't surprise me that someone. But that much of communal literary talent and so forth that united Chile that something Thomas. That what did you say right around and it's Amber's at least that. I don't know. So that's right let it was over and that's really when you're right if you're a writer he's right draw okay at it sober and a well. We did an editor around here tells police that we can fulfill half of that play that being sometimes I hand (%expletive) and copy in the morning and he gets critical look on his face like. It's a foreign language. And I didn't I was at bat a right to pretend you know Tim I like to put in my place there you know he's in Notre Dame guys you know you helpless people are. Enough. Thank you guys it's 855. And got appearance kid Kansas news at nine. Women charged with several arsons in southeast Kansas into that story morning you come up at nine Stevens head on K and assess how.