Happy National Arkansas Day

Steve & Ted
Thursday, January 11th

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Thank you should know I thought well on the usually very. Like I did get it really you don't. I found a few months ago. It's evident thirteen 38. Says we are Stevens had in the morning Dallas 746 here in the Thursday morning. January 11 at 46 now. Pretty big thing. Maybe four bodies recovered after California mudslides. Got to wrap back release his budget specifics. Lying when your weather returns to canisters being big things even dead on pay in advance. And in traffic this morning again we've got sent to a school bus accident that was reported this was on the ramp. On the ramp from. Westbound Kellogg for to northbound I won 35. Involving a school bus luckily no children on board that school plus when they had the accident we're hearing imports plus slide offs. Actually hearing reports that there are. Vehicles having trouble making it up and down grain stamp in yes not getting enough power to get up those ice covered brain cells. It just it's gonna take a lot of extra time to get where you're going today he's very cautious strike update on cape and it's as radio funds did favors. Winter weather advisory until noon of Indian colder with rain and freezing rain snow today. Temperatures now dropping into the police state and their possible snow accumulations. One inch. Screened at thirty miles per hour plus today. Then clear and cold tonight the overnight so naive that Rite Aid increasing clouds tomorrow's high up to 28. Now blowing snow 22 degrees north wind at 41. Miles per hour. Fears they can assist whether brought you by the lost art featuring the largest toy. And a craft fervent and Chris he's in the state of Kansas the Bonn are covers military discount for current and retired veterans the monarch in Toledo 747. Steven did and a quick update again on Leo whether we do have a number of school closings around the area which both schools are open today the buses running at a late. And no school today for May ease valley center Goddard Cheaney Clearwater. Connelly springs circle and over Renwick centric. Shall set number of schools have canceled classes for today and right now but from the radar indicating that we're pretty much. Out of that. The big storm for for a few minutes anyway but I have addressed this morning most of this Ted it's Bosnia here by about noontime today yeah most clear out. We move on to be brief and away we go. A Florida woman is believed to be among the oldest in the US celebrating her 112. Bert and gosh. Isabel to Santo was born January 11 1906. Theodore Roosevelt was president. She is originally from Colombia where she founded a factory for medicinal ointment and creams. She married at the age of 41 later had a son. She moved to the US after husband was kidnapped disappeared. How hot and what is your existing interesting lineups. Is it el estado celebrating her 112. Birth now bless her heart lecture on there in Florida. The University of Maryland medical center is investigating how a woman was just start wearing only a down and hospital socks and ended up at a bus stop at night. A bystander posted a video and FaceBook showing her mumbling and coughing in the frigid weather. He tells are on the video that an ambulance has been called after security officers walk away. The game and instead returns her to the medical center's emergency room. Hospital issued a statement expressing shock and disappointment it confirmed that the woman was discharged Tuesday night from the emergency department of via. And fortunate that is not representative of its patients standard mission. So organized now Stephen dead in the special guest this morning. Which the mayor Jeff Long Will with us this morning or tonight and you weather's. Rockets into why this mayor along well critic and that does traffic report lie. At an Islamic. I'm sorry we can't pay you for this. I was gonna open and I can get a second geared. So Dell again that what's it like it did admit mr. at that. All the roads slick and they can meet 185 minutes ago from Tupelo are and all. Some explain and control. Really since you've been driving can slow. Usually make that that gig in about what 49 seconds right. I'm pretty sure that. Speed and jogged back out for tonight. But that you know the the thing is are people slowdown in behaving themselves mr. mayor that you. You know. Accident there's been some trouble with the lie then na and traffic literally was backed up from. Central complain all the way it is or by it was just. And I am NG traffic from that point forward what is that about a mile stretch there. Now will have budget over the east side gives a report from over there a check. Out thank you. Are now. Well we appreciate you being with a display just one of those days and have been net schools of being canceled which schools are not cancel the many of morale of the area. Now my wife were remain goat but then he was pretty happy this morning much now about eight apple well. She did a couple of car will in the luring her. She must be really dedicated to her job and your school than. We not get out in the wind is yeah really this morning and so fighting land. And and the slick road. But that but the structure out in the city out China's Sri serve as news just. Very slow moving so yeah they have to wait until the diligent people that you really need to do anything about it so fun. Now. Literally early this morning I listened to the weather and I think it. Dirty trick parks morning it was still if he agreed that it was. Fearless and change rapidly and and came down all of and we're going but. People are behaving. It's just going to be a slow commute to work in. To get work and you might wanna. Re vegan or even triple. Were you guys safely out there'll be a jumper cables and you're trying to that that 1956 Studebaker years is going to get. I'm out there and I am. Ever closer and he called morning and so on it and Merrill well in fast traffic report. Report and view live from down now what's. Thank you mr. mayor so what's those school buses are running late and the mayor is running late this okay. But that debt you'd think with his security detail that they would be able to travel to have a limo itself and I management changes for a local tech company editor bill Roy. Which about business journal with a us this morning good morning bill. Good morning guys neck area warning as the new president and a Centene media aborting says he'll leave the company and try to turn it around. That's NT was over the past few years held up as an example of Wichita hot tech company. Wichita eagle reports the company is close to filing for Chapter Eleven bankruptcy protection. Warning says there are 36 employees left of the company. A year ago they said they have more than a hundred employees and plan to double that by the fall of 27 team. That rocked college in Wichita is closing education corporation of America bought that rock recently. Now the company says the Wichita operations will close after the current class of nineteen students graduates in June. Other closings include Oklahoma City Cleveland and the morning student records will be transferred to Saint Louis. In Spirit Aerosystems CEO Tom Jim Kelly is praising the State's proposal to fund increases in research and training. That includes five million dollars for the national institute for aviation research. And one point seven million more dollars for the national center for aviation training in Wichita. The increases are supposed to help meet growing workforce demands. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess at Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm too liberal. I thank you build Ted today is national. Arkansas today okay. Recognized and always announce it. Yeah recognizes the nature of state oh mistake yes 25 state to join a union that was back in 1836. Yes it is Arkansas Arkansas. Of course my daughter in law as from Arkansas. Shannon and yet and yet she's finished and is from possible great art itself. How big it's now is that payment. What's the big deposit not figured. Not much there and to. Arkansas beautiful state yes it is beautiful unit down in the Ozarks there in northern Arkansas it's beautiful country while yes that your site today is Arkansas day and a again a lot of weather making news this morning and will update that you won't all of that coming record 8 o'clock we Stephen did. As we take a complete look at today's news that's coming your way at 8 o'clock. Write your feet in the morning on Kate in a sense.