Happy National Brothers Day

Steve & Ted
Thursday, May 24th
Steve and Ted celebrate their siblings.

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What is your favorite Newsom to talk about why Bob culture. Com you know hi this is something fun to think about rather than you know getting around them and he's immensely. Good and it's a big I mean just today and then you know literally see if there's a lot of weight behind. 987 at thirteen thirty cake and as soon as stated in the morning now. 7:45. Here on Thursday morning at three big things. Three. Members of congress are getting high level intelligence briefings on the roster of world but seeing. Police arrest two suspects in the robbery shooting in southeast Wichita line. More charges filed in connection with the Wichita eagle squatting case. Predicting Stephen dead on in his stance. The gasoline prices in the Wichita area this morning not seeing much change from what we had out their yesterday. Still are 1969. A gallon. If you're headed that direction prices were about ten cents cheaper than that in elder radio. Traffic updates from state and at this radio on gas chambers partly cloudy with a 20% chance for rain today and tonight. Today's high 89 degrees going to be kind of muggy out there. Overnight lows 69 and and on Friday 830%. Chance for rain tomorrow's high 92. Now mostly cloudy we've got a south wind at nine miles per dollar and 67 degrees at. Kate and SS well stocks ended in the green Wednesday. Stocks moved higher in fact moved to the highest levels of the day but the end of the day with the Dow Jones Industrial Average. It finished up. 52 points. At 24. 86 the NASDAQ Composite up 47 and 7425. ESP 500 up 92733. It was those that. It that really move the market. While they said that its strong job market tax cuts and spending to export growth. You noted that they know Russia would be rational to see those rate hikes. We saw Netflix gaining Catholics in fact hit and you all time high we had a couple of pieces of news for Netflix including that they signed on. Former president Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. To do original programming the stock. Then tire up about 4% on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange nickel metal eighties Fox News some house page outlook. Here in the as Musharraf this new year lawyers. Have enjoyed one of the largest pay increases over the past year a four point 7% increase as of April. And that brings the median base pay for an attorney to 101807. Dollars this is according to glance door. But more skill positions and high demand are making strides still including truck and delivery drivers. Seven jobs with the largest annual pay increases as of April per USA today our number seven this is. Network engineer. Network in Japan up three point 6% to 71000 dollars and be like yeah. The guy who goes right and makes computers ran of these network engineer. OK number six is a web developer three point 9% increase and we know that has to do with computers that's a little over 65 grand. Number five delivery driver four point 5% boost got to get your goods to the customer to almost 39000 a lot of that has to do of course with. Internet shopping in and now I imagine ordering it that way. Number four truck driver. Up four and a half percent. In just under 54000 dollars bounded down number three as we said is an attorney up four point 7% to. 100 in 2000 of their lawyers always when banks killers doing well. Bank teller up five point 5% really 230000. Dollars a bank teller that traditionally. Really high paid people although they managed. Around a lot of money everyday right in. And number one financial advisor. Up six point point 4% to a median base pay of 55000. 296. Dollars well it's been talked about that was our money tracker Don Brown on CN HLP the money tracker the man is absolutely. Rolling here out ash it. But he you know he just can't put monitors you just you know this. It and donors. Now it comes in every day just like unity dresses like community chest that Nia he's just like you and me if those little spats that he wears of the of the office. Too late. Is moving its headquarters. From his hometown of Denver to Southern California I did not know that mostly was a Denver based company. The burrito chain says more work done this has worked on in Denver. And New York offices will be either moved to its new headquarters. In Newport Beach, California are probably lured away. Or taken over by its existing office in Columbus, Ohio over the next six months of the un office in Columbus Denver to New York offices will then be closed. And now has over 2400. Restaurants. And pretty well too poor play my grand kids like it. I've been in there timer Jeanette not really sure what the big deal is. It's been you know a couple of cans of beans Italy I kind of feel like dealing it's pretty pedestrian but there are some people it just oh god dollar and think some of the younger folks you know and if it's the trendy thing to do. In a large study of company wellness Baltic taco shop and grow and for the money in a large study of company wellness programs free electronic cigarettes did not help smokers quit. More than usual methods such as nicotine patch it's. Study in The New England Journal of Medicine finds that tool what works best is offering smokers' money to kick the habit. Separately another study reports that lung cancer rates are now higher for white and Hispanic women under fifty than for men the same age and that can't be explained. Us by smoking patterns loans for the something going on fairly well at least in this this or. With women. 751 nasty content is there any for another medical school in Wichita is there won't sign an editor bill one which top business journalists this morning is always good morning bill. Good morning Steve and had the dean of the University of Kansas with a medicine in Wichita. Says he does not see the need for another medical school in which it talked Gerald Mendes says they can you med school a certain state well over the years. Suited to local has filed incorporation papers for a nonprofit that would maintain a college of osteopathic medicine. And other schools and health sciences she's also purchased downtown buildings. As they could go up for sale to she's not sure. There are fewer used business jets on the market these days the inventory fell in the first quarter according to jet that. Down 350 aircraft compared to a year ago. That might mean good news for companies in Wichita that make new business jets Q were used jets. Could lead to sales of new jets now means greater production which tile factories. Do you adopt brewers wants to reach more young people of nonprofit group is active region and doubling the organization's class count. As part of a national expansion. President kind of stepped it says why he will be offering classes this followed Montana. And North Dakota that will push why ease classes to about 300. Up from 170. This school year. Local breaking business news every down can't assess and Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I do boy. You know today is Brothers day in even ball. If for those who don't have Brothers someone in their lives usually like a brother to them right side. Oh brother is in sibling. Yes sibling now I have a religious figure or of them male companions former teammates who I consider almost like Brothers to me it's not I came from a family with. With four boys and three Brothers. The dynamic was interest. Very. My older brother was usually. Pretty mean and ugly to us that two per person born child right out textiles that's that's a lot of baloney out bullying eldest child making its duties George. My second brother but take a brother my older brother Mike was I. Terrific athlete and a lot of charming personality. Garces what lazy. And that there was any. I was accorsi the highlight of the in my younger brother Jerry who always out to please. Doing things and it really is today I think for the people and come the Macintosh Brothers they can never happen for a run around the neighborhood at all times you have a you have at least one brother Wright bill. Head to head to rather you just want a few years ago but to have about one brother up in Kansas City might kin. He's doing well and we see each other once in awhile good. 'tis human to my Brothers are argon dual. And yet of course is ease of ease of Brothers took a I've got two Brothers who have won had a birthday this week yes my brother ran into a couple days ago and did go to admit the fact that he he bullies and and mysteries Brothers that because it's not a through it didn't. Well you mean we're just I was I was a mentor a man is nice bill that he now the here that's that's my word for it tidbit. And I'm under my Brothers might have different words to describe a mentor who pushed and her yeah. Number I've title and said that did you have any life lessons learned and I don't but it find out how willing to clean up after that web mettler through aren't well. Let's all celebrate and be thankful for our Brothers today right. Seven of the fourth thank you guys. Same as Stevens and 8 o'clock hour we have an update on that new North Korean threats to do you rate at the summit. Ted has the latest sports right to it yeah I'm thankful give me an update on the shocker baseball scores they get under way should be under oil and nausea plus entertainment news on the border with Jim Woodward. And we'll look at whether going into the holiday weekend against arrangements Stephen deadly 8 o'clock hour on Kate in a sense.