Happy National Buffet Day

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, January 2nd

Steve and Ted are big fans of the Buffett.


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I am a little concerned about some things that are going on in our country. I think that we are awesome and I love us. And thirteen thirty K and as as we are even in the morning now eight. 47 here on the Tuesday. Pretty big thing. A bone chilling start to the new year across the US seeing a man shot during street robbery in north Wichita line. Man faces charges in California in connection with the Wichita police shooting. Three big things Steven dead on K and assess. Democrats don't want to continue to avoid the Lincoln and have peaked yet. History a traffic accident there watch out. In its Lincoln and speak yet. Dragon king and SS Rutledge had a province Charles Goodyear tire. The dividend down to market and Waterman an Easter treat small and no money grows tired I come home of the 3495. Oil changed. Becoming partly sunny today with a high of 24 degrees mostly clear and cold tonight the overnight lows fifteen to. Wednesday sunny tomorrow's high up to thirteen one knows now mostly cloudy ten degrees and east wind at three. Miles per hour hour and a double digits. Officials say yes a new record is as content at Huntington Beach in California but it's not the kind anyone wanted to be a part of a marine safety office says the record 73. People reported injuries in a single day by sting rays won't. Lieutenant Claude pandas says in his forty years of working as a lifeguard at the beach he has never seen so many stingray injuries. And it's as a spike. Is in apart due to extreme low tides. Small surf and warm waters in the sixties and Malone the holiday crowds in town. Stung perfect store owner yeah stingray news we'll. Last cause in Los Angeles I was right there on Huntington Beach and watched the sunset over the Pacific Ocean you are thing got raised have been wonderful beautiful evening. About that. And New Hampshire a man did not let extreme cold get in the way of a heart warming proposal. Josh Darnell dropped to his knee and popped the question after climbing recommend ravine. As a hit minus 34 degrees on Mount Washington. How romantic. I was happy ending Rachel rescue said yes. She says her intended had hikes temperament remain last summer. When his father and had been planning to pop the question there ever since apparently Josh likes to Ackerman from being me even if it's 34. Below zero yes we hope that's not a euphemism. I and it's cold. Nearly half of power customers in Puerto Rico still lack electricity more than three months after hurricane Maria not. Good to hear this officials in the US territory say 55% of the nearly one point five million customers have power. First and the government has given that statistics since the category four storm and it September 20 with winds up to 154. Miles per hour. It dead as previously was previously reported that to power generation. They reported that it stands at 70%. Of pre storm levels but does not have all households now we're three months out and still only. Barely half the people get their power back devastating damage devastating and whatever they just can't get it back together take a long time to rebuild everything. Eight 51 now Stephen Ted loaning money to local small businesses editor bill Roy of the Wichita business journal rated talk tell us all about that good morning bill. Good morning Stephen Ted Leo Wichita area banks have been growing their small business lending infidelity led the way climbing to fourth from a ranking of 21 a year ago. Gruesome outlet by Fidel fidelity and fiscal year 20175. Point 42 million dollars up from just less than a million dollars last year. Six other financial institutions around the state posted year over year increases in amounts land. Breaking news this morning at WBJ exclusive Wichita law firm decided to move Martin Pringle law firms lease was up at the rough and building downtown. They were looking to make it changed they found it in the news beginning works development proposed for the 600 block of east Douglas. Our Brian or Waugh has all the details system with two top business journal dot com. Attitudes may be changing about the use of private jets for company travel. Apple's CEO Tim Cook is now required by his board of directors to use private aircraft for all business and personal travel. The company says and a government filing that moves in the best interest of security. And efficiency based on the company's global profile. In years past some scorn to use of business aviation as a symbol waste. Local breaking business news every day on can't SS Sander Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy. A CEOs time is valuable I've been told and you don't wanna waste as CEOs time sitting in an airport someplace waiting for bad guys. Like the rest of so OK now right. And with Baylor that and then some other some other leaders company leaders to mean the same time Maria. Today's national science fiction day. This date chosen the second January as it corresponds with the birth date of famous science fiction writer Isaac as some off. Whose works were followed by many he died April 6. Of 1982. And so he was in Davis national a science fiction writer and today is national science fiction day. Are you big scifi fan there bill. Not really didn't I like some of the movies some of the scifi movies not a big scifi reader. Then. You need there with a prost vote section of the thing which. Was on my favorite movies of all time leader James are necessary seven foot errant. Things. To receive them outer space the black annoyed I don't think I'd do you original hole you should see it definitely. I mean Howard Hawks I believe direct that's correct and the dialogue in there going back and forth is like you're listing to real people. It's very interesting the way that it and a nice sought as a kid I saw it on TV news night. And I thought it was scary and creepy. Ma and seven foot carrot coming to the the Earth's moon. Here why not have been well. Yeah Bruno heel or turn up the for a turnout today is national book may de I'm sure that you like to go to buffets. Ted and I used to read to go to buffets with that might candidate Mike Kennedy the voice was desires is a of that there's an off day aficionado he is sees it the king live update I mean night and he got the cat what I think we have a contest Monday to anoint. And got up like six or seven trips. The back and four I finally threw in the talents of Mike you're the Amal. Don't know Eichmann might candidates of both say that the folks back in the kitchen or on high alert Alia as a concluded away ha yeah. Mike Kennedy the king of the buffet on Nash yet he invested view of fate eyes and present thank you gentlemen coming up. USS news at nine a bone chilling start to the new year across the US Stevenson in the morning on Kate and SS.