Happy National Cupcake Day

Steve & Ted
Friday, December 15th

Cupcakes, the cake you don't have to share. Enjoy one today.


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Nice holiday memories there. 98 standards that are being dirty game and it says. We aren't even here in the morning at 745. And the three big things. Congress keeps stumbling blocks implantable all tax code does need more information on shooting a fifteen year old girl in north Wichita. Pizza Hut offers reward and killing of delivery driver. 101000 dollars pretty big thing we've been dead on K in a sense. And things in traffic this morning we've got some areas where we've done that traffic that's. Kind of heavy on the air but. As it seemed to be any large slow down some pretty heavy traffic right now at Kellogg at the eastbound right around do it and rode it. Traffic updates on case and aunts and son Jett capers. Sunny today with a. I feel 52 degrees clear tonight fuel might lose 37 Saturday. Sunny and warmer tomorrow's high 61. Now partly cloudy west wind at seven miles per hour 48 degree. And paint and insists. Okay Unisys Brothers brought you by the modern art vote as one of the best suburban bars in America by the fervently do. Located at 979 west Douglas in historically you know the monarch. Stevens in the morning at 746. Into this afternoon content. In the news hour on an idiot doesn't the Taco Bell. A delicate green ridge road in 98 dollars in business. Cash which I would award to some lucky person coming to the drive through drive through lucky we've been doing this stuff for several years and right around Christmas time Taco Bell like to. Let's give wasting Christmas cash and my gosh that's what we do about that. And only funded and is a few times and got to get more time for Christmas again over its Taco Bell at that elegant in metro east side in the noon hour today. 747 Steven Ted hey how about Stephen Ted which Toppert dot com all. Who you are right there at our website KE NS has radio dot com we're going to ask a question are we asking the question how do you. Do most of your Christmas shopping. In brick and mortar stores 27%. On the Internet. 33%. To that went way up and a nearly even mix of online and offline shopping 40%. And be me. So they go you can take that you can give part of the boldest go to our web page. And is as ready of that continent only people on wanna let us know how do you do with you or shopping. This time of year a Steve we got some. Feedback one of our listeners this morning we had a story earlier about delta buying the on the Airbus everybody yes yes that a Boeing Pratt a deal Boeing thought it was going to land that the budget you know we. We kind of waste areas Airbus a little bit and that we we kind of put on delta air parts we did I hear one of our listeners bomb mentions that you know Airbus employs 300 Richardson's to Boeing zero and that's true Airbus's actively involved in many local community programs that help up cans food bank and humanity for the flying counts other things. And he also points out the via the Airbus plane contains 40% American made parts and it's assembled in Mobile, Alabama. Airbus is more American people think says Bob and and spears which does LaBroque work for Boeing employs more people than anybody else in town so it's true. There's there's that. You know that's three better off we're really well connected to the air at the aviation industry out all sorts of forms in the air by if you employ almost but he keeps people on television statement. Are I can't I gotta get the last word though we appreciate haven't Airbus to get a big presence out which state university on June so we'll have an Airbus here. Stocks gave up an early gain and finished lower. In agenda I heard the phone ring at my opponent it was an air get the telephone calling it but he yourself and you. That I get it. Yeah IC the information was. To put our nose back in judgment. Or mine. I just I I think it's funny can't find it amusing that. To watch the friendly competition between those two giants Boeing and Airbus every year while there are so much from in so much work and so much money on the table well it's. And some massive industry and it is makes the world go around literally. Right here which have not been amended its of its a huge part of our DNA it is in Youngstown him. Stocks gave up an early gain and finished lower Thursday. As the Republican tax plan hit another snag. Indexes turned lower after senator Marco Rubio said. He would vote against the bill unless the child tax credit was expanded this is all Marco Rubio is all stock market went down yesterday these guys they've become at a club and what has gone wild back and so's you know that's their pick and choose and on this thing you know may just. May just not get a pass at the end of the day. A that's called politics Elvis once ounce part of the process. Standard and Poor's 500 index fell nearly eleven points the Dow declined over 76 points. And the NASDAQ gave up nineteen points. We're talking about something in it kind of triggered something in my mind are related to a several years ago I don't know who was I was talking to somebody who's explained to me. By a company like a bowling Europe big company like then. What have these presence in different states. Like you're gonna be years if simply is over here and you're doing this marketing over that statement because it gives you more political clout. Right as the more places you are and he board representatives are there to help to please. Yeah the days of of building an airplane in one place and there are long gone gathered that a lot of things apart for together in different places and and its global zoom. And we've got Diana Davis is in Malaysia and Dubai and you're just go all the players have been about some engine work being done down its profit field ounce on the hearing only counties are. So that airplane or flying in did not. He'll beginning ended one assembly line in one city's doubts assembled in parts of fourteen different places all over the globe the only other thing that Honda I drive is that it is at a Japanese car. Oh sustainable renewable happily right that it it's easy the mobile need not and up. And who knows better about that kind of thing and build Roy look didn't editor of the Wichita business journal he's gonna talk about. Looking at the best places to work good morning of beatle. It morning Stephen Ted Kennedy story in the weekly edition of the Wichita business journal which is. Of course on the streets today forty companies recognized as the best places to work in Wichita. More than 500 people attended a Thursday at a luncheon at the Hyatt to recognize the company's. In three categories small medium large based on number of employees. Three companies were category winners they scored highest prime lending Wichita the bond James injury lawyers and Edward Jones. The companies were chosen based on scores from employee engagement surveys conducted by quantum workplace. More than a hundred companies were nominated but the list was pared to the top ten in the small category top fifteen. In the medium and large categories of best places to work award sponsored by the Kansas chamber and Cox business profiles of all those winners in today's weekly edition. This week's top 25 lists two of them connected to banking on is the list ranked by consolidated assets the other is banks ranked by market share the top three ranked by market share. Bank of America in trust and then fidelity. The 2017 book lists publishes next Friday. December 29. Local breaking business news every day on campus hasn't Wichita business journal dot com the Wichita business journal I'm dual role don't. Criteria for picking the best place to work I mean you know what do you look at there that the defected to. You know that to trash is empty to regularly and there's plenty of other paper what audio or this or. This is not something that they have make their case to us they're decided by employee surveys by. Some workplace K okay and so once the once they're nominated they have to have their employees take a survey. And then that sell us score. Is shared with us and we get the we get the top ten top fifteen. And actually out completely out of our hands its deal this is what the employees think of their companies. OK so not like it like it is now so it's just basically what they think about their their their company that. Now wonder how honest they are. I assume there are they're very yeah Ito they. It is that he best places to work that's that's interesting thank you for doing that theory presented the yeah today is national cupcake day. Or seek update originally salute to the case state football schedule ouch. Honolulu. McDonnell. Well I shouldn't of said that it. The a lever a few good. Original originally known as the 1234 cake because the recipe called for one couple butter. Two cups of sugar three cups of flour for eggs and also one cup of milk and one spoonful of picking so that you don't let heated so the 123411. Again. But it but it the other. The single serve K makes it convenient for serving in sharing my granddaughters of rustle up a few cupcakes before in court one of my favorite is the hostess cream filled a case. Which this little white squiggly line on top of it get to. You familiar with that we're sure are you more of a twinkie. More I'm probably more of a twinkie yet they bills account again I prefer is a lovely pot. Which he eight years doesn't have to share with any plot to. Exactly. Thank you bill cupcakes are great because they're self contained. Yup assistant Michael Lester Gloria. You throw wrapper away and boom you and you have you know all right some 55 coming of the 8 o'clock hour. We're gonna talk with the Fox News radio Tanya gave hours about Google revealing its most searched for lists for 27 to. I think if they do and also of course. We've got Mitchell is from the Kansas City Chiefs get an update if teams want to get. I guess they're coming up that 8 o'clock top of the hour more information about that shooting of a team in north which is off all the news was Stephen did this on tape in a sense. We did something unique something that no one else hands to make that gift even more special. And that is exactly what he can do this Christmas my children can reduce your custom view we specialist. If you have something in mind or somewhere jewelry that you want to improve my sheltered view history that custom master page just for you. Now through Christmas you could say 50% off almost everything in the store since 1950 Mike sell to Jewelers 50% off. Now through Christmas. 2929. 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From the government or from what tiger gentry. When it's warm outside people tend to buy if you were sweaters and coats. This is we're in what is traditionally peak exporter in coach he's been decided rebuttal in senate to make up for what we're not getting from other major. Discounts. They're Christmas Eve all of the afterwards sorters in our store are not 25% off. It made perfect holiday gift that Jessica did for the flyers begin to bloom this spring they're kept separate talks had many opportunities to Wear their new cold weather clothing. As always your guess may get packed free of charge in our personal service helps to ensure that you went over the exactly what you need. Object committed were shopping is relaxing experience and when that offer special savings to the halt its rejection limited we've got you covered. It's the most fabulous time of the year. Don is here. He's Toyota the deals are better then you're always want to. On means the biggest discounts of the season on new Toyota models. Toyota rapport Highlander tundra and more. All with the best deals of the year. Hi I'm Jim lo general manager Eddie slid out right now we have our biggest rebates will be here but I'm gonna give him even more. Now through Christmas I'm giving these complementary desperate years with every new. Hi Leo Gloria. Up until. It's definitely answer. Yeah. Insomnia and here's a little nuts dominant and you're. He's Toyota DOS. From within and you were certified used to purchase a taste for your for 22. Suzuki a seven and thirteen thirty K and us as we should John Kerry and SS FM Clearwater. And Entercom radio station list online at K and SS radio dot com.