Happy National Fruitcake Day

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, December 27th

The gift that keeps on giving.


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Throughout like the direction that our country is headed and I am a little concerned about some things that are going on in our country. I think that. We are awesome and I love us so. As we are heated in the morning. On Wednesday morning at 745. But. Three big things. Wichita official working to help policeman staffing challenges seeing Ford dead in crash on I seventy near Abilene blunt. Heavy snowfall and bitter cold across much of the US. Three big things that we've seen dead here on in assess. And this morning here in which it's only a gasoline prices going up to seeing 29. A gallon they're changing the signs out there. It happens but yesterday's gasoline prices generally similar and it to thirteen gallons. Get ready to go ahead and had a lot of places this morning team when he nines traffic update from state and has his radio and yet Jesus. Mostly cloudy and cold again today with a high of 22 degrees Tuesday's times 25 that's. Mostly cloudy and cold tonight the overnight low fifties Thursday. Mostly sunny tomorrow's night's 37. Now it Valdez guys thirteen degree he's given the northeast wind at nine miles per hour. And that means the windshield. Is one. 746 now Stephen Ted history books might call it the year of investigations. Fox's Rachel saw the reports seventy. You. Republicans and Democrats spent much of Tony seventeen cross examining each other a special counsel Robert Mueller investigated Russia's interference in the presidential election Republicans zeroed in on reported democratic ties to the Russian dossier on president trump while Democrats tried to build a case for collusion and obstruction of justice pointing to the sudden firing at FBI chief James coming. His testimony has ex FBI director was one of the most watched hearings of the year. President United States would meet alone saying I hope this I took it as this is what he wants me to do. Several months and a handful indictments later Republicans including congressman Jim Jordan were calling for a parallel probe into alleged political bias on the Moeller team after anti trans text messages surfaced sent by an FBI official kicked off his team put a second special counsel to look into this raising the possibility of doing special counsels in Washington comes 2018. In Washington Rachel Sutherland Fox News. Vietnam says its economy grew six point 8% this year its highest jump in ten years driven by increases in industrial output the service sector agriculture and fishery production. And tourism. Now six point 8% and and we're luckier fortunate we get 3% growth here in the US course we aren't being mature. Economy. As opposed to what they they do there of the general statistical office said in his statement. That industrial and construction output grew 8% while the service sector expanded seven point 44%. Hi is GDP growth since Vietnam's economy grew eight point 5% in 2007. Still considering themselves Communists I guess there are but don't levels controlled economies against it's been pretty good. I hear it's a beautiful country physically. Apparently got some natural resource tell you mention tourism Ireland tourism and bigger deal to them and get a population there the -- obviously they're very industrious and hard working people. And they're pretty well in Vietnam. A listless day of trading on Wall Street ended with a major stock indexes closing slightly lower Tuesday. Apple slid 2.5 percent amid speculation that the consumer electronics giant might cut its targets for sales of its latest iPhone. Standard and Poor's 500 index fell two points while the Dow slid seven points and the NASDAQ. Lost 23 points they Davidson. Is placing a renewed emphasis on teaching people to ride it as part of its efforts to attract more customers. The Milwaukee based company's decision to expand the number of dealerships with a Harley riding academy. Comes as the industry grapples with years of declining sales and an eighteen customer base. Program launched in 2000 but about fifty locations and L 245 dealerships in the US offer the three or four day course. Are you that the ministers are not buying motorcycle at it and then not much interest in now or you'll motorcycling you not a motorcycle person who. Of course our good friend Don hall who does the mortgage on K you won in dogs and he's got us motorcycle and that's a lot of a writing them. The patriots group and in different things in and of at a good friend Bob who I don't think I only know if he still has its borders edit it to about one time really. And bobbled it every is in September go to other places South Dakota. I am motorcycle rally up there. And charges largest producer I was up there one year for that. They cannot for that I was there at that tire bill here lateral wells was it's an interesting place are capital lot of interesting happenings when they do the motorcycle and sports channel three meteorologist Leon ever done. He's just another guy that is on a motorcycle he does a lot of motorcycling in that we talked about that talk about that with a Moline airport does yup looks like Tony Davis Symbian. After get these people in here to try to right the single safely and be responsible when we're gonna keep our next generation interested or. Companies not going to be around right. Let's take a look a local business news now courtesy of the Wichita business journal. Shares in US retailers enjoyed a bounce on the first day of trading after Christmas on rising hopes of a strong holiday shopping season. But fading expectations over sales of Apple's new iPhone I just said weighed on the broader stock market. A host of traditional retailers and department store chains topped the table biggest stock market climbers today. That helped the S&P 500 retailing industry index gained two tenths percent and achieve a record high by midday in New York. The second quarter of Tony eighteen is shaping up to be especially busy for heartland cardiology. The specialty medical practice will relocate to have its Wichita offices. And open a derby location within a matter of weeks and CEO Barry Reynolds says heartland is anticipating moving in April into a medical office building in northeast derby also on April. The expected completion of a building near 35 street north and web broad. Have a house apartments administrative offices and the combined operations of you know of its practice locations. And equity Bancshares is not finished growing through acquisition of the which stock based organization. Announced in a news release plans to merge with Kansas bank corporation and Adams dairy Bancshares incorporated. Equity expects to close on the mergers simultaneously in the second quarter of 2018. Pending necessary regulatory and shareholder approvals local breaking business use every day on K and assessed at a Wichita business journal's top comfortable with the business journal. I'm Steve packets off. 752 and now today is. Today you know you celebrate national fruitcake day. At a our new made with chopped candy or dried fruit nuts and spices and sometimes soaked in spirits. Fruitcake has been a holiday gift giving tradition for many years Diana. Role is believed to be the creator of the fruit case. And one of the earliest recipes known comes from ancient Rome listing pomegranate seeds pine nuts and raisins that were mixed into a Barley. Mash and this is still a thing somewhere. Apparently national fruitcake day. Mean I heard all the jokes but I've never actually even seen one it's not as prevalent as it was forty years ago now the residents when they liked. You would always get one from somebody forty years ago it's it's kind of gone away and I don't know many people who were actually like them that they're thick. And they're actually extremely heavy you know in use people she's a right to treat you good to prop the door open where he now me. For Brad Pitt alcohol and it to keep it preserve an occasional doses. Yeah tidbit you've never seen unicorn either but I am sure you believe themselves. And Johnny Carson would do the prepared more than differ Kate have you ever seen one of those Johnny Carson would always on TV we do this particular stat there's only one fruitcake and existence after it's passed around of their kind of person around the globes. And giving people taking every you've taken against bank yesterday getting your returns to get some of it's it's the right side I think maybe gets up and l.'s. Yet you haven't taken anything back at noon and neither. My gifts were all spot on this I'm hard to five for the tele. But the wife file may publisher to bath robe and three it's a good problem. I'm not that hard by now. That in a got grandkids as I said it to the board watches. And they you know easily done it's in. All right Ted. 750 Bordal Stephen. It in the coming up. At the top of the hour of the Davis has Forney is with Stevens at 8 o'clock a look at all today's views including that tragic crash about seventy. Near Abilene for people from Missouri killed their friend who tell you all about that and all the news coming up. At 8 o'clock we Stevens in the morning on K and SS.