Happy National Kite Appreciation Day

Steve & Ted
Thursday, February 8th

Seems a little odd to fly a kite in February.


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Seymour racial equality are linked to see. More women standouts and speed are expected. Speculation du champ and of which are. Is a pair of tickets to the security and Def Leppard to Kansas Wichita on July at least 8000 tomorrow's Stevens never got two more air. Of tickets to the journey and a leopard can't shoot now all three big things free. Coverage workflow budget was shutdown deadline looming neat seeing nothing messages restroom stall fingers tightened security at Wichita north. Flu related deaths up to 65 across Kansas three big things even dead on Kate in a sense. We have a stall at people northbound highway 35. And this is around I just Rolex watch for slow down there the gasoline prices in which does this morning still around 242. Gallon capped update from getting an assist radio. On judges are sunny and warmer today with a high of 57 degrees. Partly cloudy tonight fueled by vote for the night into Friday. Mostly sunny and cooler back down to 39 tomorrow Brunei. Now partly cloudy 28 degrees with a south wind at eight miles per hour 848 don't seem intent on king and assessed. The Stephen G Edwards Toppert dot com poll on our web page in it's it's radio dot com what would you like to received for Valentine's Day. Flowers. 10%. Chocolate 15%. Jewelry 25%. And just spending the day together. 50% now is that it doesn't cost the thing I've got a lot of romantics. You are about a romantic people or beta edition cheap when he maybe it's domination I can take you can't that's not mutually exclusive right you can be a part of our poll just go to a are a web page is his radio dot com is the Stephen Ted Richard Toppert dot com poll about that. Comments from time alone is great but the the other stuff doesn't hurt. You can download the free case and it says app from the App Store they usually was a comment by going to menu and click talkback. And tell us what you think about the show but I like about the show like Stephen did. You know like Steven did it may be elected may something about that something else but don't be a playbook Cummins back in the 8 o'clock hour. So you can be a part of the fun. And we've been one of the questions we asked is is it to. Should dead to be an age limit on running for statewide office in camp should people be at least eighteen years of age that's what the questions we've been asking should it take part have fun. Comments from Venus has FaceBook this morning New York Democrats introduce a bill that would require tied to pods to look less appetizing. Odyssey as seriously. Don't they have better more important things to worry about take your pick don't bite tire pod door watcher can use that lord maybe some people shouldn't have children. It does not take a village to raise a child it's on the parents to teach them as you know comments from. Venus has FaceBook this morning and Alaska Airlines flight to Seattle forced to return to Anchorage yesterday after a passenger. Locked himself in the bathroom took off always close at refused to follow crew instruction that's not good how do we know he took golf ball as close and that he's in the bath well. That apparently in the open the ordinary clothes on to take Daniel X. Was a passenger on the flight and told the Associated Press she does something goes wrong because the flight attendants kept going back and forth in the aisles and they had put on rubber gloves. Alaska Airlines spokesman said no emergency was declared that the decision was made to return to Anchorage and demanded police escorted the man Adam points back door. I hope they put some sort of middle or like the rabid right. And all the passengers were ticked off on a court in Cambodia. Has allowed the release on bail of seven westerners. Who arrested last month for allegedly posting photos on social media. Of themselves engaged in sexually suggestive dancing. The ten arrested people from the United Kingdom Canada Norway the Netherlands and New Zealand were detained when police raided a party at a rented Villa. So in Cambodia they don't like that kind of suggested suggested dancing to note working. Lot of they're gonna they are relentless at least now I endorse editors know Americans I now on I was real surprised that there were no Americans on their proud of our us USA USA. Officials are investigating a mothers complain that her toddler eyebrows were relaxed without permission at a date facility in Washington State. Alyssa solve got those said she dropped her two year old daughter off at the site in Pasco that's run by the Boys and Girls Club of Benton and Franklin counties in Washington now. The tri city herald reporter when she picked the child up later a patch of skin between her eyebrows was red and it appeared eyebrow hairs were missing. The nineteen year old mom posted before and after images to FaceBook. Her outraged post about what happened was shared more than 20000. Times. She wrote I think it's a scratch but as soon as I get home I get a closer look. These women decided to wax my daughters you know brow. Which I guess would be OK if he would that they can give them information yen in the off questions. Pretty probably thought they were doing her favor of saving her head. From procedure that was going to probably cost on news you that your commitment yet again in a relative and a regular mom's permission when the child is too usable it's but the idea. 852 now Steven did good news on. Delivering a Boeing aircraft. Editor bill Roy though it's about business analysts this morning good morning bill. Good morning guys you have Boeing announcing this week the largest member of the 737 Max aircraft Hanley has hit a milestone. The event keeps it on track for delivery to airline customers around 20/20. The 737 Max ten has all the design elements needed for the new narrow body model. Spirit Aerosystems in Wichita builds about 70% of all the 730 sevens of Boeing delivers the Max program has accumulated more than 4300. Workers. The mental health association of south central Kansas has expanded its housing operation. The association's taken over operation of nineteen housing units at two properties now runs 262. Housing units in Wichita and Pittsburgh. Leaders say housing is the first step toward clients getting stable employment or addressing deeper mental health issues. And Procter & Gamble was announced it's closing its plant in Kansas City and eliminating as many as 300 jobs the plant makes so it'll move the operations to plant in West Virginia the plant there is under construction. It's expected to be completed 22 letting and that's from the plant in Kansas City will be closed the Kansas City, Kansas plant is the only place dawn dish soap is produced. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess and it would just top business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy. I thank you bill today is national kite flying day. Kind stayed back to China in 470 BC. China is full of Lorne histories the origins of the kite. And bring your tight personally like import data do that in the Northern Hemisphere any line Hamlet after a windy day but remember when I was very February though very young my Brothers and I went in that but I could have been more than five we've been over the playground at Willard school which is down there on what Lincoln street. Right right towards school. We've got over there one day and got that Qaeda and it got so small you could barely see I don't know how high it went. But Depp creep its penalty and then. Nice when my son was about nine he was over Marshall middle school playing tonight in Wichita eagle to to picture and it is a big picture of the UC this kid to dessert you've run along as they're blown as tight Rebecca. Great picture out of order has got to get out their home but it. We have copies so why attack today in Indiana I don't know I would never caught my fancy I always thought was rather boring I was more of a team sport. Yeah summit where you keep in store is much more. Then just an ascending to meet in August. 10 now I gotta say you is go plus I'm not a tight personal flight. I congress works on budget with shut down deadline looming to Unisys news a guy that's all the way Stephen Ted in the morning here on tape in SS.