Happy National Lazy Day

Steve & Ted
Friday, August 10th
A day to sit around, doing nothing.  Maybe binge that TV show you've been wanting to see.

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She's actually not be impeached because he's doing great things the country. The people want a piece on October idiots. 713 thirty KMS says he did in the morning now. Pretty big day news. Thirty and ten to fourteen years in prison. For shooting a government tax agent in north what you can off season. Secretary of state Khobar removes himself from mobile counting. We candidate in the Republican gubernatorial primaries lie and iconic wacky Shaq. Building burns down in the event that the broiler and part in south Wichita three big things Steven dead. And remember this week we started two new road construction over by 1996 and on 1835. Northwest which type area they're so deep cautious over there net's broad construction is actually going to continue on. Until October. Can go quite some time. In the eastbound lane closed there they got one of the links one of the exits there meridian closed entirely so just that. Remember that that's gonna slow you down until October traffic updates from thin SS radio line here achievers. Mostly sunny today with a 10% chance for rain and high of 94 degrees. Mostly clear tonight the overnight low 64 Saturday sunny tomorrow's night 92. Now partly cloudy all the and 69 degrees. Prairie fire coffee if you're not drinking prairie fire golf rework your boss. Doesn't love you. Yeah on the 840 nines even Ted coming up here at 9 o'clock on the Glenn Beck program. Bill O'Reilly with news of the day Glenn Beck program coming up at 9 o'clock. Here on K you know assess the Stephen Ted poll question today this is on our web page in a sense radio dot com and you're welcome to participate any time. August is national sandwich month what is your favorite sandwich. They Ebert and we're going to we're gonna stop this question after today we got a new would go up but. The appeal of butter and jelly got 5% the bottom 5%. Maloney got 6%. Turkey 8%. Ham and cheese 10%. To go or chicken salad also got 10% so. Tune and or chicken salad damage he's tied it tends Ruben 29% at one time the leader in this poll. Felt the second place here at the end of blt. Took the top spot the favorite sandwich. 33%. Of the people who who went to the website and took the Stephen temple 33% 13 said BOTs are favorites and which. Probably on not on the menus of many of the restaurants around town a today's new question. White House is unveiled its plan for a new branch of the military space force. Is this a good idea your choices are no is a waste of resources or yes it is necessary to ensure the country's safety. The answer though that Stephen temple right there clear cut on a webpage came in as his radio dot com. And we have some results already we already have as a result Australia. Right now 100%. Of the people voting say. Yes it is necessary to ensure the country's safety. You go Stephen temple. 815 now and a consumer prices declined two point 9% in July from a year earlier. A rate of inflation that suggests Americans are earning less than a year ago despite and otherwise. Solid economy Labor Department said the Consumer Price Index ticked up to 10% in July annual inflation. Match to two point 9% from June pace from June which had been the highest level since. February of Tony well core prices which exclude the volatile food and energy categories rose to 10% in June and 2.4 percent. From a year earlier. ID 851 now let's Steven Ted. And be taken with bill Roy editor of the which and a business journal and look at its local sports this morning good morning bill. Give Marty Steven Ted gather big story the weekly edition of Wichita business journal a conflict between what does it Wichita in the greater Wichita sports commission. The year on disagreement culminated with a sports commission being evicted from the bits of Wichita offices. There's a Wichita hired her own guy to work on attracting sports events to which atop the commission says. They're not giving up on sports of network so we asked the question. Who runs sports in which a top actors from work the answer remains a bit unclear and might be causing confusion for some organizations not knowing who to approach. Reporter Dan McCourt also takes a look at how they handle sporting event marketing to other regional cities Tulsa and Omar hall. This week we spent ten minutes with Josh eluding the new CEO at Wichita as ETE accelerator. Voting says Wichita has a big entrepreneurial opportunity. Wichita has made a lot of progress but there's more work to be done to assist startup companies that might be ready or able to grow. And he says those business owners should be supported by the community. Local breaking business news every day on can assess and what to top business journal dot com but the which is not business journal I'm dual role. Nobel by wife and I were talking last night she should get over a week. But to go the and NBC World Series this weekend because LD stadium the gonna bulldozer right afterwards. And the have you heard anything like that at some fits and. Oprah right afterwards no of course there is a plan to attract. Affiliated baseball team here to Wichita that would include. Making sure that there's a new stadium to be built and some activity around too well I do is there an architectural plans into this thing have you seen anything about it has there's there's no team so far this I get that we have heard. We guy got to have a team got to have a commitment from somebody to move forward and and so. We're waiting and watching to see when that happens. If that doesn't happen and we don't have a stadium is big bulldozers then next year's NBC you'll have to play it to OS athletic field on the softball I'm. Not at dissing matter one of the one of the area schools I don't I don't think all the guys who yeah I don't think all the chips are falling in place on this thing yeah. Not so far seems a little crazy market now. All right well today is national lazy day. Probably dating days and we all got a lot to do we got a lot on our plate so to speak and every now and and its good taken good Ole. Lazy day and actually do almost nothing. This is a little bit of challenge for me while my wife tells me that because of the schedule we're on his broadcasters you know. Saturday morning at 9050 wanna be doing this and at 910 and what we do that you know a little hard to get off the treadmill although it up. Like a hamster is something tidbit right out there on the and I can distill like beckoned enough and how much you bill you and again I just. Got that sometimes unwind and watch a ball game mergers watch back to back episodes of the office. Alone man that's good stuff that is is kind of wind down a little there yet but do you but on national lazy day you don't let Gretchen believes he gathers they'll go on right. Oh yes Jesus is she's gone all the time. She never she never rats he never state like the Eveready bunny that are exactly yeah. Our national lazy day enjoy yourself thank user. Hey thanks what we got here come and appear at 9 o'clock yeah they get the news at night to talk about coat pocket removing himself. From vote counting in the gubernatorial primary in which of course he is eight and it. That's come out of the blocks even tell the warnings on can't assess.