Happy National Love Your Pet Day

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, February 20th

Do something extra nice today for the pets you love.


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I am a little concerned about some things that are going on in our country. I think that. We are awesome and I love us so. In the morning now 846. Rebate thing. And icy morning in union south central Kansas seeing swat team called out after shooting himself Wichita loan. Authorities still searching for missing five year old Wichita boy. Three big things Stephen dead on tape and as dance. Hey those roadways starting to improve out there but who do not. It's continue to be cautious don't trust him. Yes exactly that the roadways starting to look a little bit better in places where we can get some treatment on it but the highways still very slippery. Main streets in Wichita side streets especially still very slippery ice pack sleep. And have very very slow today. As he beat cautious about their traffic updates from cape and it's as radio on yet. Chambers cloudy and cool today with a high of 35 degrees partly cloudy and cold tonight over those sixteen. Wednesday partly sunny and cool tomorrow's night 34. Out cloudy. 23 degrees we have and we'll wind gusting to 33. Miles per hour. Think tennis has whether brought you by the monarch featuring the largest collection of France Britain and Christie's in the state of Kansas. The water covers the military discount for current and retired veterans the monarch in delay though. 847 announced deep intensity is Tuesday. February 20 twenty ET on this date in 1962 astronauts John Glenn. Became the first American to orbit the earth as he flew aboard project Mercury's friendship seven spacecraft. Which circled the globe three times in a flight lasting for hours and 55 minutes and 23 seconds before splashing down safely. In the Atlantic Ocean 800 miles southeast of Bermuda John Glenn it's a pretty amazing moment for the human race we had some guys have. Groups shepherd or somebody with they had been in and you know in the capsule and fired down the range of hand few miles that this is the first time we actually orbited somebody in the John Glenn of course he passed away here. Not a lot of long ago he spent many years as a as a senator from Ohio eighteenth. After he left the astronauts service illegal immigration. And our southern border has been a hot topic for several years now but was it like to actually make that dangerous journey. People can find out before they go at a theme park in mex. Apart kid uncle had a better bill offers a four hour not eight height through rugged country. The people are told the times to hide from the Border Patrol and they move fast paced not unlike how illegals are brought into the United States so the potential for injury is very real. The park says it teaches visitors that crossing the border is dangerous they see it actually acts says did chair Gary bombed and Fox News. There's a merry go round of that theme park now that's strange mine that is a strange moment there all right. We've been tell you about the freak K in SS app at the App Store. You downloaded for free and then you leave a comment by going to menu and click talk back and we'll play the comments during the Steve intentionally got one today Ted. I've got only one issue with the Donald thinking that they need to take a cheeseburger away from happening though. Fact kids are not their fault accountability lies simply with the parents only. Why is that a corporation now meeting to decide. How much younger how much fat what exactly we should and should not eat and my decision not payers. It's a very good comment and they don't even do the same thing that was what you think about you guys were talking about the via happy meal of the day you know I was trying to you know. Until he responded that she can respond to anything we talk about Steven did they just go again. Download the free Katie and assess app from the App Store and leaves a comment by going to menu inflict talkback. Talk about anything you want to reach her basketball whatever tent right. And maybe you cold weather water 850 now whistle blown things you'll closings though never on your mind there. Nearly two months after recreational marijuana became legal in California. Less than 1% of the State's known growers have been licensed. According to a report released Monday by a pot industry group look they're known. We should be analyst I don't get a license Snelling go and we can find him and and tax them. Excellent era allegory about the unknown growers of orderly melanoma strip. Or gone back to work on the stock markets today after a three day weekend at. Last Friday the S&P gained a point at Dow rose ninety in the NASDAQ lost seventeenth so back to work on the stock market after the president's. President's Day weekend 851. Now Steven and Ted tough year for what aircraft company editor bill brought the witch style business journal with us this morning good morning bill. Good morning Steve and Teddy out to a seventeen not a good year from body aircraft deliveries the company reported a 2017 decline in urgent business jets. A more than 41%. The company says it delivered just to Learjet 70% of the odds in the fourth quarter. That's down from eleven in the fourth quarter of last year but Marty reported fourteen total Learjet deliveries down ten aircraft year over year. Blue stem communities starting an expansion that will double the size of its campus woods estates property in north Newton. Can but he will land independent living homes for seniors 24 more homes in the development which has 23 independent living units currently. CEO James Crable says the expansion will cost 78 million dollars. And the NCAA regional coming to Wichita and a few weeks hotels will be filled it was first thought that the Hilton garden and would be open in time for the tournament and it's and to attendees. But the owner says the hotel for a one east that was won't quite be open for another three or four months. Barbecue chef says there are challenges working with an existing building he's turning the former commerce plaza building into the 120 120 room hotel. Local breaking business news every day on can't SS into Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm dual role. Candy just open anyway and his team don't have to have all the rooms fixed up nice maybe a curtain over the let's sleep Magnuson a debate on Florida couple at target a little less I don't know if it's a little plot cash flow on there that's right that's right well today is. National of your pet day. Ole good data focus on this special relationship you have with your pets in your case you're goldfish. But now my my relationship came to a watery grave and I'm sorry did both of them. Oh yeah both of armor on his parole know their names you have very creative names freezer well of course one was cheeseburger that was Shays fish from. Awhile back yeah I'll and then of course the other one was on fish Gerald Kennedy year old. John that'll JF decade. Or did you know that most households in the United States have at least one pet. And while they're more they're more cats than dogs in the United States more households have dogs and cats but not by much. We can't being at an independent species as you know oftentimes bulls simply disappear. From the house or maybe it's okay with me if you're not a cat a cat person goal. Not really campers and and I'm really allergic cat boy yeah yeah now. Well today's your birthday I understand so it correct that you just get in one thing to elect as people their birthday February when those pointy hats. Yeah party Aetna guys wrap on hydrogen is they had phones and make sure that it. Had an awful that you have can you remember of a birthday that was very special. Do you. Oh gosh. Had a big party in my fifth birthday now he's dressed like little lord fought world yet get up at its. And all the servants in a circle in big bow tied for fear him. Up at my knee pants yeah the long sought when you're five well buckle shoes now it's going back a ways. Yeah I bit my it's my wife gave a surprise party for me and my sixtieth birthday. I don't think Ted showed up but yet it. But it was there Jan what you dare to I was there terrorism is there okay well you did and on and I was working in their work well perfect. Dave dominated by. He was now working yes he was he doing game that is in anyway happy birthday built up a have a great thank you so much we appreciate me as we always say eat. Last year but our heart that you keep it looked the other up can't assist news at nine search continues. For the missing five year old Wichita boys Stevenson of the morning on tape and assess.