Happy National Moon Day

Steve & Ted
Friday, July 20th
On this day back in 1969 man first set foot on the moon.

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I do not mean chuck should be impeached because. Obviously we've made progress as a country. We're employment rates. If he does a great job. 9700. Feet thirty NSA is deep in the morning now 8:47 on a Friday morning news. Pretty big things. WA if you will strike up a marching band baseball then colored shocker sound achieve the new. Carnival worker admits killing Wichita coupled their bodies found in the shallow grave in Arkansas line. At least thirteen dead after tourist duck boat capsized is on table rock lake near France and high wind today playing three big things didn't exist. And remember to watch out for traffic slow down this is from. On 25 street north your north of 25 on our Kansas street. Road buckled yesterday in the high heat so they've had a decent amount work on that but yeah that's. KN SA Israeli airline jet chamber. Sunny and hot again today 10% chance for rain. With a high of 99 degrees. Partly cloudy with a 20% chance for rain tonight the overnight lows 71. For Saturday study in tomorrow's flight 93 of them macular. Now partly cloudy and he's 27 miles per hour and 75 degrees. Take tennis as weather brought you by the monarch. Featuring the perfect patio for conversation and cocktails. But on our coverage of military discounts for current and retired veterans the monarch in delay no. He 49 Stevenson coming up here at 9 o'clock we've got to blend back programs and have Bill O'Reilly president and into the Bill O'Reilly. We've Glenn Beck coming up at 9 o'clock. Right here on Kate in assets. North Korea said today that in August reunion of Korean family separated by war may not happen. If South Korea doesn't immediately returned some of its citizens who arrived in the south in recent years people fleeing from the north and going to the south. The Tony sixteen arrival of a group of twelve female employees from North Korean run a restaurant in China. Has been a source of contention between the rival Koreas North Korea has accused South Korea of kidnapping and while South Korea's as they decided to resettle. On their own. Cheered on by a handful of activist liberal house Democrats. Announced outside the capital they are forming a caucus to push for. Medicare for all shorthand for government financed health care. At the same time Thursday democratic senators were introducing a resolution aimed at putting Republicans on the defensive. About cup administration efforts to undermine former president Barack Obama's health care law so. Looks and a handful of Liberal Democrats. Pushing for Medicare for all. That company New Zealand that tested a four day work weeks. Says the experiment was so successful that it wants to make it permanent. Perpetual guardian which helps customers manage their wills and estates released the results of its two month trial this week. Companies and its employees all reported greater productivity. Better work life balance and lower stress levels from working one less day a week. The employees more than 240 of them were still paid for five days a week during the experiment will then that. Returns from the beginning of march to the enemy get paid the same they're doing only working four days a week. Trial was conducted by outside researchers are using that and that's not a good they should reduce their pay by 20% to see if they see the same page I'd say I'd go for a three day. Thanksgiving layouts a lot of people all the support that's put up right. About the it turnpike gonna raise some fees a little bit for the use of that this. Told road from basically from where south of which are clear up to the Kansas City area. I happen to think that that that I've Boudreau what did you and I went up to Kansas City. Few weeks ago. Beautiful Iowa mean they keep they keep it up nicely out it's always great and it should be in great condition everybody be the greatest highways I've ever seen which are in northern France. And Germany. Mean that they get beautiful highways there anyway you gotta pay for dale until rolled in down German and painful it. And they don't wanna go on to more debt so I think it's great idea now. Shelly never coming back from Lawrence. Kansas in Lawrence and a friend of ours was in front of us in her car she was gonna come back to Wichita to. We got on the turnpike there Lawrence wide she had that the case it right. And I was behind our paintings start at right on through. So then you had to stop and undeterred by places in and figure out how we're gonna pay for it is yeah so how did that or worked out fine. They didn't arrest me or anything so in a don't get arrested appear to okay. 850 to now Stephen Ted let's recognizing excellence and healthcare with with editor bill Roy that would stop business journal good morning bill. It Marty Stevens had yet the big story in the weekly edition of the Wichita business journal which is of course on the streets today and getting to know the Wichita business journals. 2018 health care heroes the WBJ Thursday night recognized 39 people and organizations who try to make as well when we're sick. Help us through tough times round the practices where we seek out care you can see profiles all the health care heroes. In our weekly edition today. Two people recognized for careers worth of commitment to preventing illness and helping people get well. Doctor Claudia for us to Mya was president of the central care cancer center. Doctor Alex AMR's CEO of Wichita surgical specialists they joined thirteen others who have been named lifetime achievement award winners in the nine years of the program. This week's top 25 list childcare centers shrank by Wichita area enrollment. The greater Wichita YMCA tops the list nearly 5300 kids enrolled. Top early learning centers second the rest of the top five Ashley's house learning center Northridge academy in tree house learning center. Local breaking business news every day on can assess and which are top business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy. We talk about the health care workers in the doctors and nurses and Altman who try to keep us in good health and try to help the Solomon trouble and a corset. And during the past year. Had some. I had some experience with of emergency workers last couple years with a moment and so forth and you know these beefed if these were dedicated dummy in you that the they do a great job and and it's a good thing is that we're honoring him I think it's good to you that they they. They work long however is not not a lot of banks them it's good thank them every ounce while well today is national moon today. It's not what you think bill. The landing on the moon in 1969. Oh okay accepted this but it's all about Brian. Buzz Aldrin. Spent slightly less time of the moon and Armstrong. And together they all collected 47 and a half pounds of lunar material to bring back to earth. Where is that most of it as the president Neil Massa doubled back and darted back yeah visiting her idea to. Big duffel basic USA. In some of that happened had gel as a political sphere because of fears space center in elections and so. Yeah out of remembering that day in 1969 when wind. America to the world of the load and were the only ones of urban their right now bush USA you're going to make this state you know. Move Mitt State's own topic thanks chauvinistic still morning here on Candace has coming up at 9 o'clock. At least thirteen dead after a tourist. Duck boat. Sets eyes on table rock lake scene that morning on came assess.