Happy National Nothing Day

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, January 16th

A day to celebrate not celebrating anything.


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Thirteen thirty K and ask as we are being content in the morning. At 847. Three big things. Hawaii's governor apologizes for missile attack false alarm the promises it won't happen again. Free persons injured himself which building fighter. Bitter cold and wind chill brings cancellations across south central Kansas street big things Steven dead on in a sense. Stalled out vehicle watch for traffic slowed down. It's on the shoulder northbound I 35 but it's right here on the red northbound I 8135. So. Watch for the slow down there and just be careful of slick spots out there side streets and residential streets still snow and ice pack. Traffic update from Kate and as as radio on his feet. Sunny and cold today with a high of thirteen degrees clear and cold tonight the Obama flew flew. Wednesday sunny and warmer tomorrow we're gonna warm up to thirteen free now partly cloudy one degree northwest wind at. At thirteen miles per hour giving us a win Killen. Seventeen. Been no ruling. In assess whether brought you by the monarch voted one of the best urban bars in America. My department review located at 579. Winners Douglas in these stories delay no. The monarch and a warm you up permanent. I was even Ted. College library in Michigan's upper peninsula is offering artificial sun during a dark period of the year. They college library and ask and I've. As installed therapy lamps for visitors a daily press institute lamps emit light that can help the depression. Or seasonal affective disorder. Library director Oscar DeLong says they're effective if you lose one in thirty minutes today. There's something to that there is well on the year and UP of Michigan that sun doesn't get very high off the horizon if not for very long this time of year it. And it's dark. Much time and it's cloudy much of the time it's time year you spent two college days and in the upper India era gallons sometimes it would go weeks at a time without a sunny day and it. I tell you have an effect in essence coming out today against going to be nice nice and cool cool cool. Airbus says it sold more than 11100 planes last year. Outselling rival Boeing thanks to a raft of year end deals and growing global economy and travel demand the European plane maker. Reported Monday that it delivered 718. Plays and when the planes and Tony seventeen fewer than Boeing 763. But a record for Airbus so. Boeing delivered more airplane the Airbus actually in the rear a year in sales and they sold more. About that it. Japan's. Public broadcaster mistakenly sent out an alert warning citizens. Of a North Korean missile launch. And urging them to seek immediate sheltered then retracted it minutes later days after that similar error in Hawaii yeah. NHK television issued the message today on its Internet and mobile news sites as well as on Twitter saying North Korea appeared to have fired a missile at Japan it's an. The government is telling people to take shelter. And then several minutes later they get it. Corrected that's Japan's public broadcaster. Again somebody hit the wrong button yes. Citigroup reported it and eighteen point three billion dollar loss in the third quarter. As a financial conglomerate headed take more than twenty billion dollars in accounting writedowns related to the new tax law the house. Loss of seven dollars and fifteen cents a share hey I would just look at the Dow a minute ago the Dow Jones Industrial Average it was up over 240 points so. Coming back from holiday looks like the Dell's unit if it continues like that. And have a real hopes terrific day and immoral one k.'s and highly invested in Mosaic Co. But the big law Citigroup up you're not you know grateful Citigroup stock a banquet called up General Motors expects strong sales in North America and China. To sustain its profit through 28 team. Automakers today reaffirmed its when he seventeen expectations for profit between six dollars and sixteen sites out of fifty cents a share. That expects similar results in twenty team can GM doing well. About that. 851. Now Stevens hit in the morning and a cross border aircraft dispute continues. Editor bill royal college of business journal with us this morning good morning bill. Good morning Stephen Ted galaxy conflict between Boeing and candidates from party and the Canadian government has filed a complaint against the United States. With the World Trade Organization. And the US international trade commission is expected to issue a final ruling soon. On whether the entry price of the C series aircraft armed bowling the decision for Boeing would uphold 300%. Import duties on the aircraft. Amazing woman has been sentenced for embezzling more than 200000 dollars from her employer. Misty like her amazed work that day ERI's solutions and call which like who was convicted of using company credit card. To make more than 209000. Dollars in charges not approved by the company. Michael was sentenced to five years probation. In Kansas City company has sold five point four billion dollars sold for five point four billion dollars in cash DST systems rules so often as soon as that's MC technologies. For 84 dollars a share consistency is a Connecticut provider of investment management software and services. The EST here is a global provider of technology strategic advisory and business operations outsourcing. It serves at financial services and healthcare industries. Local breaking business news every day on candid assessment of what to top business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal under the war. Fully Kendall my Brothers Jared and I using his pickup truck the mission furniture around his. Don't do that weigh in was acquitted cab furniture and it and but we did OK but there. I'm just thinking that I made some fairly. Obvious. And no requests or invitations to my three strapping grandsons and if one of the right guy for helping they would certainly be welcome. And could even possibly be you know compensated for their time. I've got three grants and all of them are over six feet. They're very healthy and strong but did these look signals that I sent out somehow or missed completely by the voice of I'll be darn I didn't maybe that is cellular tower saying signal is now or something and you just nobody responds always just. Gary Indiana and a little wives move analysts furniture that I thought I beat ended in tears in his spirit of entrepreneurship may be united. In his retirement in mind we should federal and company maybe moving company. To the market to geezer and a track that is are you now but a I think it would be amusing for people watch as arguing which of it on each other how to get the table out the door. And then and the pepper perhaps having some sort of health problem right there on their property is there any it may not happen fast about we're gonna win and we are here to talk about it who hitters they're Souter who. Today is you know we like to we'd like to highlight a special day every day you received any trial that is national nothing day. It was created as today to provide Americans with one national day when they congestion without celebrating observing the or altering anything. We have got a lot of these national nothing days and weeks ahead. Now let's look though most of the school kids in the Wichita area are observing today I tried silencing yeah it is it's national nothing to either Altman. And you know they're probably doing all kinds of me him and on the day goals you'll find that the bill PlayStation. Yeah I think it really it's 855. Now coming up. Unisys news a dime cold snap canceled classes. That's coming up at 9 o'clock Stephens hit on KS AS.