Happy National Onion Ring Day

Steve & Ted
Friday, June 22nd
Steve and Ted celebrate whomever it was that created the onion ring.

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97 and thirteen 38 and as says even in the morning here at 7:46. On a Thursday morning at. Big big thing. City staff recommends closing which does clap golf course and seeing. Which is our schools considering fences around all elementary school playground. Suspect jailed in which 2000 latest homicide three big things. Even dead on face and hands and. And we've got that report of a grass fire might wanna continue to avoid that area that's so walker and those sage pretty close to West High School. Watch her slow down there closer to their gasoline prices up they're gonna call from traffic tracker Jason. Said that Kellogg and broadly to 57. Gallons of politically he's thought it's 57 out there as well. Traffic update from Kate enhanced test radios brought you budget product. Charles Goodyear tire city's downtown market and waterproof in the east cherry street Molly and online at Carl's tired dot com your home for complete dark hair. Sunny and breezy today with a high of 86 degrees mostly clear tonight. You'll like those 61 Friday mostly sunny tomorrow's night 86 right now very pleasant partly cloudy. 69 degrees we have west wind at seven. Miles per hour. Are you ready for golf clothing and all the other outdoor activities that don't would this time of year we call. Summer's summer's started today you know don't forget hats for all that sun protection. Joshi the best selection in town of the best service and happened Jack's. At the clock tower in delay you know have been Jack's 748 now Stevenson just a moment ago were talking about the yeah hot dog water and the Quito. Term Quito was brought up. Ted and I'd done some research here on our crack research team working on this. The key telegenic diet is a low carb moderate protein and high fat diet which puts the body injury. But metabolic state known as you Telesis. When your bodies in a state of pertussis. The liver produces he tones which become the main energy source for the body. The key energetic diet is also referred to as Quito diet low carb diet and low carb fat so. It's awesome which is compatible with the hot dog water hot dog okay walker. Now as long you were on hot dogs and and we will continue hot dog team. A woman is recovering from injuries to her face after being hit by hot dog. It happened as she sat in the stands at the Philadelphia Phillies game of the team mascot. Launched the hot dog. Wrapped in duct any lead out. Well this is viewed sort of it would just hot dog was wrapped in duct tape. It's something that has been done for years without anyone being injured until now. Kathy McVeigh describes what happened. It just came so fast and it just hit me late that I understand baseball. But not a MacBook. And the bay is suffering from a shoulder injury so she could swap a hot dog away she was helpless agreed team is apologized offered her tickets to any payment. And what are she and that probably still digging the relish out of her nostrils when we like you. Might remember this happened that are royals game a few years ago and slugger shot a hot dog and it hit a woman injure in the off. Now so. They got these hot dog cannons. Well liked might be I don't think the royals do it anymore because of that I think she says of less than I was at the edit window and that's stuff they don't do that anymore who. OK we had a mixed close on Wall Street Wednesday. Dow Jones Industrial Average down. 42 point when he 400657. The NASDAQ gained almost 567781. ESP 500 up five. At 2767. Technology help the lead the way in fact we saw all time record highs for Amazon Google FaceBook and Netflix. And 21 century fox a seven and a half percent to another record high. This at Disney hikes its bid for fox assets up to 71 point three billion. That tops Comcast's offer of 65 billion. 21 century fox is the parent company of Fox News. On the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and the pulpit only vis Fox News. Turkey is imposing tariffs on nearly two dozen US products ranging from cars to sunscreen. To strike back at Washington sanctions on imported steel and aluminum etched Turkey. Australia's prime minister has achieved an important political victory with the senate passing. Personal income tax cuts worth 100 at about 106 billion dollars American. Over a decade to the cutting. Taxes reflect a tax in Australia. Mikey Marky. Seven that the one now Stephen Ted and the new air force tankers are on the way here for Wichita editor bill Roy the witch to a position with us this morning good morning bill. Good morning Stephen Ted Boeing defense confirming Wednesday that the US air force can't expect the first delivery of the Pegasus refueling tanker. In October and it's coming to McConnell air force base. McConnell is the main operating base for the tanker it'll eventually be home to 36 of the 179. Tankers Boeing plans to build. You Emmys Chris Powell has some additional responsibilities. UMB the banks guilt Trout has moved to and prize bank dollars in assumed someone Trout responsibilities. Had his leadership of the Kansas commercial operations. To his work as Wichita market president how will continue to be based in Wichita. Trout has been with the UMB for fifteen years. It's a big day today the Wichita business journal celebrating the forty under forty awards at a dinner tonight at the Hyatt. Forty professionals under forty years old recognized for their careers. Their work in the community and their willingness to help others it's the 21 forty under forty awards. After tonight the WBJ we'll have wrecked dies to 840 young professionals. Local breaking business news everyday on can't SS and a Wichita business journal dot com but the way it's done business journal I'm dual role. How does unqualified to be forty under forty. Well you have to be under forty footers that I got that part you know. And then and nomination form is submitted on your behalf. Talking about all the great things you've done. And then. And after we we had more than hundred almost 200. Nomination I'll hear that committee whittled it down to the for the 42. I would not be eligible because because of the age limitation right. Now that that ship sailed a few years Yucca that we can considered he considered it. Dieter discrimination there are jumping. Well it could be as opposed to make that case to Steve that eighty under eighty application formally given is that legit. I mean. And shabbat after I'd you know it was handwritten I didn't think it was. Yeah did you recognize Mike and mention him and excellent and mention. On six look at today's first is summer started find most of my time is gone summertime some sober you up at 5072. Celebrate the oncoming of summer there bill. I I was awake at 579. Realized that was the exact moment that the you could probably tell because the temperature went down and it's now more like spring we're going in the wrong direction I feel the earth start tilting back you know seven is that. Via the durst yeah okay I got to the solstice right. To today is national daylight appreciation day. Terrorists that they need did steady Adobe that date I'd is getting it's getting shorter. During the summer is that right or longer. I think more of days ago and longer than soccer. We'll catch on number go to astrology. But anyway it's daylight appreciated Asian day so while those by daylight is another go out and do something fun. That's for the whole dealers and now and don't forget to sun screen can't rise. Package of about 755. Mills Steven did. Davis Gina did in the 8 o'clock hour we've got new details of Wichita as latest homicide it. And if the burial of Kate Spade in Kansas City today. Ted Woodward has the latest sports. Course gates' visit India fashion. Person kid that's got sports coming up its exports said Wichita open golf tournament under way we'll have a preview coming up sport plus entertainment news on the border with deadly bird. Tonight it's coming your way at 8:35 this morning and weather and traffic and it looks pretty good for a the next few if a couple of days 8 o'clock hour seem intent right here on K and a sense.