Happy National Peanut Butter Cookie Day

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, June 12th
Steve and Ted are big fans of the peanut butter cookie.

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I hate had to think about what. News stories that it the most media kits and neat story. Violations. Yeah. Appear on a Tuesday morning June 12. Which is a homicide totaled 42. In the first 43 weeks of the year seat motorcycle riders critically injured in north Wichita. Historic meeting between leaders of US and North Korea three big things Steven dead on kick and a sense. Have a stalled out vehicle this vehicle is northbound I want 35 rhetoric when he first and and remember today with guests tonight new road construction is going on in the out west Kellogg yeah. Let's Kellogg traffic sentenced her road construction is going on at 1835. They have good exit from the west found that. Kellogg to northbound nine to 35 closed there remain closed until October traffic update from K Unisys radio on did fevers. Mostly sunny and hot today with a 20% chance for rain this afternoon and a high of 93 degrees. 50% chance for showers and storms tonight overnight age 71. Wednesday's 50% chance for showers and storms tomorrow night at 87. Now cloudy skies 77 degrees southeast wind at fifteen miles per hour. Coming U 8 o'clock hour this morning the Glenn Beck program and for them to be talking with might prove as the author and radio personality you bookie is if you're gonna be done. You better be tough and hit it. Sounds like big Goodman's that's coming up here replant decked in just a few minutes. The Steven dead bolts question right there on our web page case and as his radio dot com. Others date is June 17 how will you celebrate. The grill. Zero no percent. Take dad out for a meal at 09. I nice card at 14%. Simple quality time together 86%. Is reflecting either that the people who visit our website to very cheap. Or. Maybe not hard and they can sit deal where you know your daddy if you buys them for your dad. It could be pretty difficult its most ads have everything they want already. And it's very hard to it's I know would be hard for my kids to find something for me. However as I told you before they did one year buy me a very nice. Pulled Loescher deny it do you pay for later on my beloved car dealer well. The thought was a BS the sentiment was obviously very very genuine there. US consumer prices rose two tenths percent in May with surging gasoline costs. Driving much of the increase to part two tenths percent is not very much of an increase. Labor Department says Consumer Price Index climbed two point 8%. Last month from a year earlier putting inflation on its fastest annual pace since February of Tony fifteen but core prices which exclude the volatile food and energy categories have risen milder 2.2 percent over the past twelve months or Eric. Gasoline prices climbed one point 7% in May and jumped or 18%. From a year ago when one point eight so gasoline prices have been. Not brilliant play I don't call that inflation that's not much US and global markets rose modestly Monday as investors made preparations. For president drums beating it with the Korean leader Kim Jung on in Singapore the Dow rose five points S&P ruse just under three points NASDAQ. Rose fourteen points. 851 now Stevens had a wealth managers create a new business editor bill that would stop business journal with a us this morning is always good morning bill. Good morning Stephen Ted a group of Wells Fargo wealth advisors has left to start their own firm. The march Wagner held wealth management group split from Wells Fargo and created the horizon wealth management group. Members managed 180 million dollars in assets Wells Fargo partner Andrew cook the coup Cobb says they took 95%. Of their clients with them. Spirit Aerosystems says it's close to being back on track for its largest program. CEO Tom gently says the company will be back on its normal schedule on the 737. Program this week. The company had fallen a bit behind earlier this year. Spears is moving to 52 aircraft per month that's up from the previous production rate of 47 a month. New announcements this week the Wichita business journal announcing the winners of the two of the eighteen HR professionals awards. Have to group announced Monday the other half being announced today the new hall of famers will also be revealed this week the winners will be recognized at a luncheon in August. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess it in Wichita business journal dot com but what about business journal I'm dual role. Interesting that those folks who broke off from the if the company there it took off quiet them. Yup sounds like it might have been some maybe some. I don't know. Hard feelings and there may be eaten. Watermelon stand did they don't say and then you obviously they wanted to latins do their own thing and they sure not you know. Is it interesting this week would. The new demands that the CEO for mr. it is genteel way. You know I I. Owing a person with that spelling that I ever did was Jim gin teel played first base for the but the Orioles in the in the eighties and so I couldn T and TNT and all right well so this week he was saying that it instead of a thousand new jobs may be twelve or thirteen hundred new jobs in Wichita. From spirit this year right. Right now. That's in every one of those is going to be a result in three jobs and get those filled it does bill. And never held we'll see it also creates a vacuum at the smaller suppliers to it that's caused a bit about a bit of a problem well as interest in our suppliers yeah good good information is a we got a Lisa suppliers you have to keep keep supply and that the parts and what that so right and so we need some workers in here maybe we shouldn't that go down and raise some other communities maybe take all of Tulsa as workers and you know give a big deal big bonus if they come to which you panel that. Today is national peanut butter cookie debt. You have to end of the peanut butter cut them let's look at Reagan had a I'd rather have a nice chocolate ship knowing gut is saying chili chocolate chip within an armory at reach of me right now again about our wonderful or five of left but the truck there A of America ought to be advocate of what you did not loaded. He's about as good as it is simple and tasty. And he's big and repeated battery itself Siam rightly put that in the cookie you've got the best of both worlds as delightful and put little whipped cream on top and kids there right. Okay thank you national peanut butter cookie day. Celebrate celebrate against say 55 student advantage as he has done this morning. Historic summit in Singapore they sign a document. That's coming up seated in the morning on Kate in SS.