Happy National Pie Day

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, January 23rd

Steve, Ted, and Wichita Business Journal Editor Bill Roy discuss their favorite pies.


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Are right it always been a little match yeah that is the but yeah whole year is going to end up with a far. Let's go look at these gender and where it's detrimental. 9713. 38 and it says we are seated in the morning now. 7:45. Minutes Tuesday morning at three big pain relief. Government shutdown is over. We're now seeing Wichita police captain faces charges after Kevin teenage refereed during a youth basketball game plus. Sorry employee future robbery suspects in southeast Wichita. Three big things student debt on Kate in advance. But gasoline prices in Wichita this morning still around 235. A gallon that's. And I changed haven't seen much movement on the gasoline prices. So far this week still around at 235. Gallon traffic updates from cape and SF radio I'm Ted chamber. Sunny today with a high of 46 degrees here tonight the overnight lows on the floor. Wednesday sunny and warmer tomorrow's my 54. Now partly cloudy and northwest wind at nine miles per hour and did 25 degrees. Take Unisys weather brought to you by the monarch featuring the largest collection of cramp birdies and Christie's in the state of Kansas. Good on our coverage of military discounts for current and retired veterans the monarch in the lane yeah. Seven. 26000 to fourteen. NASA composite more than 71740. Wait and the S&P 500. Up 220 at 2830 chip with so many needs on the Dow Jones Industrial Average moving to the upside including Verizon Goldman Sachs Intel. We standings heading all time highs Netflix soaring after the ballot better than expected subscriber growth and outlook names like Halliburton and Schlumberger. Jumped on some positive comments from these companies. Halliburton beat the street and its quarterly report gave a positive outlook for 2018. On the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and Cole families Fox News. So even tempered shoppers dot com poll today to which the City Council has approved an ordinance. To allow consumption of alcoholic beverages in designated outdoor areas in fact two you can carrier you're drink around outdoors under this new ordinance and of course it. Stevenson which stoppers dot com poll is right there on our web page kaine as his radio dot com the question. Have what are you feel about this got three choices. I opposes change because of so many proposed restrictions that would be impossible to enforce. 27%. One in four intent I opposes change because it encourages local or alcohol consumption. Tony 7% to about half and they're opposed. I support this change to allow adults mobility in their artery party in 46%. Now so so about half not passed a little gave them. And Garcia it's Stephens gently what is Albert does come poll there at our web page pianist is radioed on accounts split issued all right. We're Rico's governor says he is privatizing the island's government owned power company. Following decades of mismanagement corruption and blackouts. Monday's surprise announcement comes as nearly 30% of power customers remain in the dark. More than four months after hurricane Maria it's not good. So you know we were wondering where she was scratching our heads why can't they get the power back they still don't have a back on. And apparently it's because this. Companies mismanaged corrupt. And that's been the problem. So maybe this'll fix it those poor folks who get their get their power back down there. A former Fiat Chrysler executive pleaded not companies and government yet to government raising government entity rather talking about a drive privatizing it now yeah. A former Fiat Chrysler executive pleaded guilty Monday to showering more than one point five million dollars in cash and gifts. On high ranking members of the United Auto Workers. Admitting he turned the budget of company sponsored training center into a slush fund. To curry favor with the union officials and can't do that. I always like a good start win. You know when management and labor are on the same page actually corrupt it yet that the right. Finally we agree on something we finally agree on something here have some money now area. I come upon the 750 now Steve into the morning on kaine is says in depth Cargill and the city of Wichita. Are gonna settle a pollution claim editor bill Roy that would stop business journal with us this morning good morning bill. Good morning Stephen Ted yak Cargile willing to write the city of Wichita check for 300000 dollars. Money is to settle at ground water pollution plan involving several companies dating back twenty years. The location as the north industrial quarter. The city entered into a remediation agreement with the state of Kansas back in 1995. Cargill had four facilities in the NIC area. At a downtown brew proud and restaurants going to be open in the spring Becky Norton says Norton troop brewing company should be open in time for the first it properly incidentally March Madness games in Wichita. Becky and her husband Dan Moore run the business he's a former longtime head brewer rivers city brewery the brew pub will be at 125 north Saint Francis. Spirit Aerosystems shares have hit the 100 dollar mark the stock is riding a wave that's lifting the overall market. But it also serves as a sign of confidence on the part of investors. Spirit seen its stock value increase about a 150%. In the past two years. The company has announced it'll spend a billion dollars to expand and at a higher another thousand workers. Local breaking business news every day on came SS at a Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy. Let's talk a little bit more about that pollution and guys and ground water pollution that discover what when he first in a old mostly Europe around that area. Well I know I did this is in the downtown downtown well you remember back in the early ninety's they also concerned that downtown would basically become a super fund site right frank you and this city manager Chris church's work with the state them and then EPA to left. To take responsibility for the ground water pollution and the remediation and you can that really made a big difference in Wichita and right that's over because this is part of that that effort. All right I don't know a lot of people may not understand that yes we've had some probably ground water pollution underneath that. Our entire most delicate part of our city over the leadership. Goes back to. I reverent and former mayor Bob Knight talking about it you write ago so it's it's not a new a new deal. I priced 752 Stephen Tim I know that you are celebrating down there. At torched our business journal national pie day Gloria. But you've gut there's several different kinds of prize in a big row right through the other. Understanding of the league table full applies to us for pied de you have the big thing they ever apron that you have down there when you when you shall know. That's is don't mess with the car. He'd get. Well that we've got to scientific survey that was presented to me from a website so it's got to be true. Brought national pie day and they surveyed today and found the top. Eight piety. Pies OK okay you have a favorite by loyalist are off of that built meanwhile a Boston cream has my whole hello. Pretty got that's like a hybrid between a pie and cake. Exactly everything there the best of all and a world senator I'd like every Dominic share the results within okay. Number eight favorite prize in America blueberry only 4%. Number seven strawberry pies five per site every didn't seem to stop and I have Midland why should that he'd be on the list lemon rain came in at 6%. I'll tell you right now that date felines and on the Internet to get threats just predict oxygen being there key line drive at number five Kerry by 8%. Number four. And Arnold Klein and I have no idea my wife likes rhubarb apply its homeless is the number three chocolate pie. Sixteen forget daddy French still Ted thank you can American that's probably more chocolate fountain. Or not but it's in the same family night at number two is pumpkin pie at 17%. And number one at 19% drum roll news of bill. Apple. Apple then notes in America it's American American as apple lines pride threat so you can sell relies cream on their money it's hot hello. It's pretty good guys danger is national ID and readers celebrating by offering you some very interesting information about. Well then there's also you know what about savory pies a lot of shepherd's pie though that's a different I think that's a different kind of I would collect cash or myself. Jeffords titles and all shepherds can't I don't know if all shepherd's pie well you shepherd's pie that Scottish so we Scott we have a funny way of looking at stuff. That's pretty pie. Hi guys thank you it's meat pie and we. How can you fine. Seven. 755 Stephen did get an update o'clock McCain is as boring years we've got us the latest on that earthquake Alaska pay in the 8 o'clock hour. Ted Woodward. It's gonna talk about winning about about a quarter of the day entertainment news in the plural have a huge movie anniversary today we'll luggage items coming up and I think is also coming up in the 8 o'clock hour just a few minutes we're gonna talk with. Fox News radio Rachel Sutherland about the big government shut down too heavily weighted on the ball coming up. In the 8 o'clock hour Dana that the morning on K and SS.