Happy National Scrabble Day

Steve & Ted
Friday, April 13th

A day to celebrate Scrabble and its creator Alfred Butts.


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Again I am a little concerned about some things that are going on now country. I think that. We are awesome and I love us so. Even dead in the morning this is 987 and thirteen 38 and as past major award bestowed it. Get that information from bill Roy editor at the Wichita business journal of the local business updates. Shortly now it's time retrieving things green. The district attorney says the Wichita police officer who fired the shot that killed a man during a swapping call will not face criminal charges seeing it. Summer like temperatures now swinging back towards the winter. A major cold front coming through Kansas tonight. Features in Oklahoma getting back to work after a nine that day walk out. Three big debut Steve instead of 987 and thirteen 38 and as best. Back in mid week week and a rise in the gasoline prices all the way up to 55 gallon that's where they are right now. Found a couple of batters box here in Wichita but I got a call one of our traffic records earlier and cents to 47 if you're headed up towards new himself. You're headed that way you can get there on the next guest got. When did hit there to get gasoline although it might not be the best in travel traffic update from K and is this radio and get cheaper. And let's take a look at that weather forecast here heading into the weekend. We've got to breezy and warm day on hand looking for high of 79. Degrees and gusty winds out of the south. And a strong cold front moving through tonight overnight low all the way down to thirty or it. Looking ahead for the weekend windy and cold on Saturday a high tomorrow only 43. Overnight lows Saturday night all the way down to 27. And then on Sunday. Sunday we will see some sunshine a high of fifty degrees on Sunday. Currently in which feeds off we do have a wind out of the south. And that is gusting up to about 33 miles per hour it is. Mostly cloudy 71. Degrees primarily to a high of 79. At. KE NSS weather's brought to you by the monarch. Be sure to explore your love of America's native spirit every Wednesday with four dollar select urban and whiskey is. It's located at 579. West Douglas in historic delay no great place to hang out monarch. It is 850 with Steven said on TN SS. Gusty south wind right now and were already in the seventies and our high today is expected to be 79 so are already most of the way a warm out wise are going to be. But boy once that cold front comes through tonight bloom yet not going to be. Not going to be altogether so nice. I hope people won't hate me but I'm kind of glad that's come and I like colder weather person and look a at wind might be a bit much that. And a restaurant owner in Vermont is offering 100 dollar gestured to get to the person who returns a life size cardboard cutout of himself. That was stolen from the airport. It. This guy says he has no idea why anyone want to steal the ad for a human league's beast growth. You'd like to cut out back because it cost him 350 bucks. Surveillance video shows two women taking the cut out of this a back in March. They had just gives these women had just gotten off an inbound flights at Burlington Vermont international airport. The proof there you go. It's two women get off a plane they steal it. Yeah 150 dollar cardboard cut out the beta low walk away yeah but it's it's this guy wants it back. And it's just some guy just a local guys companies restaurants. At the local restaurant or it's 8510 Stevens had major awards beast go to let's find out the details from editor bill Roy a at the Wichita business journal of mr. Roy yeah. Good morning Ted the other big story of the weekly edition of the Wichita business journal on the streets today the Wichita business journal handing out. The 2018 realistic awards at a dinner Thursday night more than two dozen companies want awards and eight categories including residential firm's commercial firms stop developers top builders all their profiles. Will be available on the WV GA web site and in the weekly edition. We also recognize three Wichita area leaders who have given much not only to the real estate industry but also to the community. Mr. white in junior JPY Kant and sundry of the state Tom bombing are gobbling are and sons construction. And Bill Livingston of GL and the architecture they are the first to join the real estate awards hall of fame. And a subsidiary of Coke industries has made an acquisition Coke chemical technology group isn't saying how much it paid. To acquire controlling interest in Genesis advanced testing technologies. That's a robotics company and they plan to help commercialize new electric motors and control my mechanisms. Cook described it as a significant investment. Local breaking business news every day on can't SS and a Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm dual role like. Well loved. Got a big weekend plan what's going on. Normally we don't matter resting up from the crazy week that was this week get ready for the real estate awards last night we had a great time and I think doing some clean up around the house is going to be my main. Well yeah that kind of that kind of stuff kind of starts to. Starts to get you get on ya Israel of course say I'm sure you've had your tuxedo years it talks from the gridiron you know Preston clean already. Absolutely had brought that out here is your weekend events. It up a putt that as like that does stuff and the community dumpster down at the park and if it didn't miss it you are. They get to do where that tear real estate awards here you top that details. Now that could have more outward differences and that now my top Patton Michael this is a my lighted lawn that now that was why don't look. Now you know trot that out of Riverside park sometime. Which are it's the UCLA it was overlooking all the cops the opportunity to Allah that ended today is Friday the thirteenth of that media interviews that you care not not really I'm only human feeling bad news Rebecca from beer man that doesn't mean much to me. It's national peach cobbler to Hampshire Steve Macintosh will be glad that I found is that the stuff. Now now that appeals to him yeah especially if there's some kind of either all of motor whipped cream maybe I'm not supposed. I Xanana laced a patio and bent them and analyze and monitor who I see it scrabble day as well. In honor of the creator scrabble Alfred butts who was born on this day. Hoops Alfred butts invented the game scrabble scrabble now right and if you put you know butts if you place it correctly probably get a triple word score and somehow you know yeah. I'm honest I'm not just travel guide doesn't grab either it it never did he grab me like some other things did and now. More monopoly but I'm not Smart enough you know come up with these words like really. HZHVO. Is a word dying in is somewhere there's the chart LL. It means you know it's a synonym for medal and want that that the parliament the best part about scrabble as the cheating. And Dan and as those maybe the best part in the game all right let's get your household chores your body headed there at the Wichita business journal joining us for the local business update. Here on Friday the thirteenth. It is 855 which Stevens did.