Happy National Splurge Day

Steve & Ted
Monday, June 18th
Go buy yourself something nice.

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So I hate. I had to think about what news stories have the most to me I think it's. And neat story it. I am used to. He's thirty K and assisting them in the morning now. 814. Salomon among day. House of Representatives to vote went to immigration bills this week seeing Hutchinson man's body recovered from a late in Colorado line. Man's body found himself Wichita. Three big things even dead on gay and a sense. And this morning out there in traffic well the slow bit was definitely the road construction. A look at Kellogg in 1935 right now we've got to stalled out vehicles eastbound Kellogg. Little place past that just passed the ready and watch for slowed down there traffic on Kate and SSI and yet chambers. Partly cloudy today 10% chance for rain high around 94 degrees. Committed to and version history tonight. The overnight lows seventy Tuesday 30% chance of showers and storms tomorrow's highs around nineties. Now partly cloudy we have SL green to ten miles per hour they have 77 degrees is Steven Smith. Super six gold tour card did. Played eighteen holes of golf and each of the six areas golf courses. For only 49 dollars that's just over eight dollars to around talking about cherry oaks cottonwood hills Wellington Heston. Prairie trails and against a country club. Purchased now go to Wichita perch dot com hey coming up in the 9 o'clock hour this morning court to Glenn Beck program. And what his guest will be Katherine price. Author of how to break up with your phone. The thirty day plan to take back your life. Okay and interestingly enough. Now from 9 o'clock with with a Glenn Beck here and K and assess Steven Ted poll question today we are retiring the one we had for Father's Day. Which was remember how we celebrate fathers' day. And at the end and it drifting into this because. One of the categories made a big comeback at the end. Take get out for a meal only got 9%. A nice card got 70%. Simple quality time together which had been the leader dropped to second place with 34%. And taking that top spot with 40%. Group to fire up the grill. What is surprising turn now asked the Alice. Surprise though wait long and that wasn't more popular apparently there's a surge at the team surging into the end or from me you know charcoal. Lobby Steven Ted bullets right there on our web page came Unisys radio about counseling revenue question today it is summertime and I was at the store with. Kelly yesterday trying to bureau can of ice cream I wanted to bind because it's that time of the year when ice cream really tasty for summaries and notes or. What is your favorite ice cream flavor. We start with rocky road. And I frankly don't know what that is but it's it's supposed to be partners who happens chocolate chip. Neapolitan which is what three. In one strawberry. Chocolate and Vanilla those choices. Remember when he went to the story that pretty much was your choice and now you go and there are hundreds and hundreds. Each day is out of ice cream choices and a all kinds of flavors. Use do you just go out don't want traveler well. Go to our website Cain is his radio dot com. And take the Stephen temple question by the way it reminds me of the fact that my dad we're grown up he was a big fan of the yeah. Khaleda history. We take that that little. Bucket put the ice around it and it puts alternate for every dollar of wind that. And turn the crank it just helped earn it and turn it and after that every summer I was a kid after awhile it became ice cream and a lot of happened but does he love it that way on us that's one of the it's few times you would see my dad patiently do something like that we can only ice cream yesterday in our Father's Day and a half brother Ned brought. Big big jug of an ally stream homemade. That. Yeah my damage you've been pretty nice about stuff that he would do it that it was tasty when it. It was super tasty have to put anything editor just didn't win but Indiana we just did Vanilla yes yeah. A 23 year old Wal-Mart shoppers accused of making fraudulent returns of more than a thousand. Of the chain's stores across the country a thousand wal mart's Thomas fruit acre was arrested Wednesday official said he made. One point three million dollars for the fraudulent returns all kinds. They finally got a suspicion arose and fruit acre attempted to return to computer at a Wal-Mart in Yuma Arizona. The story reported it appeared he had taken part out of the machine before making the return. Yuma police caught him. And UN police department of founded Def out of date had allegedly committed similar fraudulent return out more than a thousand wal mart's. Over eighteen month after pulling this off a thousand times somebody go pokes fun Yuma finally figured it out good for them. How about that he was mr. troubled over the coat announced probably has gone error or is. Whirlwind week I don't know if he manages those policies will take your no questions asked. A whirlwind week on Wall Street ended with modest losses Friday amid worries about a trade war with China. Dow closed down 85 points S&P fell just three points and the NASDAQ Composite lost fifteen energy companies drop with oil prices. Industry and technology companies saw industrial and technology companies also fell. After the current administration announces 25% tariff on fifty billion dollars and imports from China. 852 now Stevenson in the morning and wouldn't take to noted changes for a local tech company editor of bill Roy of which this is true with us as always good morning bill. Good morning Stephen Ted changes happening in Wichita state of the art institute of emerging technologies and market solutions. Director of product development kitten Hanson has left to pick a product director position roll twenty dot net that's a company that develops software for tabletop games. Hansen says he'll work remotely from Wichita Matt Forney has taken overs on a Mars director. China has designed and is producing an aircraft to compete with Boeing 737. That's aircraft model that has the greatest amount for two Wichita Spirit Aerosystems. Where two aircraft corporation of China says it plans to get type certification for its single aisle C 919. Passenger jet by the end of 20/20. The Chinese company says it has orders for 815. Aircraft from 28 customers. Meanwhile the drug administration moving ahead with a imposing a 25% tariff on fifteen billion dollars. With Chinese products imported into the United States. President trump says the tariffs will be placed on goods that contain and that's for release significant technologies. Says the US would move for more terrorists if China retaliates. Local breaking business news every day on can't assassin a Wichita business journal about comp for the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy. Like your birthday to your twin daughters here thank you very much well thank you when he won 2220. To come out there. And they're both doing well in both doing well Hillary she's about it is our masters their College Station right. Sydney's teaching high schools about that bless their heart yeah. Every proud of them there a couple of that absolute release marketed in attractive. Young women of course. You know they get that. Well remember a mrs. Roy and Gretchen yeah outside entrances that's right rich and all those good attributes its. Sail design they know they get a lot of stuff from girl that you that day yesterday there probably tell you what a great guy you'll marvel at it. Yeah out there on the way down the sand and camera. To celebrate their birthday okay. Today's national secular state as the field holiday. Created for you do something special for yourself. To indulge yourself in some luxury or pleasure. And where this came from that its nationals Thursday splurge on yourself that it would you do bill. Lotto and well may be. Maybe get. Some sort of ice cream treat or something. On it's pretty modest but just says it. Indeed go out noted that you Rolls Royce is on a Monday afternoon. Much hard to get into the splurge frame of mind on a Monday allies thank you gentlemen at 855 Stephen did status as views of nine Hutchison band bodies. Recovered from a lake in Colorado. That story coming up at 9 o'clock Stephen did it on K and SAS.