Happy National Strawberry Ice Cream Day

Steve & Ted
Monday, January 15th

Wow... Seasonal.  But it is delicious.


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I like the direction that our country is headed and I am a little concerned about some things that are going on in our country but I think that. We are awesome and I love us so. Thirteen thirty king and ancestry or even in the morning. 7:45. Here on Monday morning. Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday today. 745. Now. Three big dailies folks you know why you want answers after missile attack false alarm but it's. Congress wrestles with saving it back immigration plan and and shot twelve taking down Christmas decorations. In southeast Wichita. Three big things even dead on in his hands. And this morning in traffic those roadways out there icy treacherous. The emergency exit reporting plan is in effect uses that language inside yeah it you have a slide up if you run into somebody out there. You can make sure to change your information you can get the accident report format a little quick trip review the local police substation Richard turned into a substation. And again the emergency accident reporting plan in effect for which stuff. Traffic updates on case and as as front budgeted Robin Carl's Goodyear tire. Located downtown a market and Waterman in the east every street bulk and online across tired I come home of the 3495. Royals game. Mostly cloudy with morning snow and plunging temperatures to below fifteen degrees today. Mostly clear and cold tonight the overnight low of zero. And wind chills muscle went. Tuesday sunny and cold tomorrow's high fourteen. Now light snow thirty degree didn't get a little wind gusting to 23 miles per hour. And Jackson wishes to thank their customers for a great holiday season going now for great end of the year sale items while they left including a large selection camp. Apps and paths to keep you warm at and Jack 601 messed Douglas in delay you know at the clock tar yeah that's a good idea today I'm looking at the can assess weather center a radar screen now I ended in a most of those Sedgwick county is covered. By a light to moderate snowfall Allen precipitation. Must most of Reno county caimans. Of the northern northwest or northeast corner is covered then you over to Butler county and down to the southeast and there's a pretty good area. The snowfall all the way solid cleared out of the southeast corner of the state so. Leon Smith and an earlier this morning from KS and was selling is you think most is gonna be out of here by about 11 o'clock this morning. But then you've got the nasty north wind. And it's going to be just to be old and ugly the rest of the day. And just taking a look at the which way cameras and the map overall the map shows slow downs. On every highway here in the Wichita area are saying it's slushy icy. And I've just got to take Sloan now and there's a lot of traffic out there may be a little bit less because of the holiday but. You can't tell because everything's running the Carrey Gary well slow their penalty and together everybody that's out there is still out there there and a but it's slow all right well. I think my wife is out and at this morning and I wish for the best. Yeah obviously. She have brought to call as early this morning and said that they do you know where my ice scrapers been a long time since you use yeah. And although she keeps started Roger overnight leaders afternoon she's going to be leaving where she's working today and it could be she's gonna treat that range so option. I thought I knew were restored not just get another cent. The Ford Ranger is back forty eliminated the ranger compact track. From a US lineup in 2011 because it's had customers were about if and enough and small trucks to sustain the business now. Since then Toyota has done fine with a smaller Tacoma truck. General Motors had a major hit when it brought back the Chevrolet Colorado midsize truck into when he fifteen. Meanwhile Ford continued selling a pit pick up called the brain injury in markets outside the United States. A revised version of that truck the one sold overseas now coming back to the US as a 2019. Ford Ranger. It's larger than the old ranger pick up as a few cosmetic changes for the North American market including changes in the grill and hook line itself. The ranger Ford Ranger mechanic come back here in the US are the European Union has set sent an expert group to help identify fake news. And propose ways to tackle the problem amid concern that false information is influencing elections. The team of 39 experts until that first meeting today is tasked with establishing how big the problem is. And who should dec. Combat fake news and how and that's in the at the European Union. Honda Accord has so was crowned North American car of the year. While Volvo. XC sixty took the top prize for the utility category and Lincoln Navigator for trucks. Winners were revealed this morning during the North American International Auto Show and Detroit's Cobo Center. The court edged out the Kia stinger and Toyota Camry. All the navigator REIT to beat the Chevrolet Colorado and Ford Expedition. Utility finalists are worthy Alfa Romeo. Still Leo Silvio and the Honda Odyssey a forum as well do it again so that's gonna Tia auto show there in Detroit. Today. Stocks. Stock markets and restarted 2018 carry through its second week. Rising retailers push stock indexes farther into record territory Friday interest rates. Also climbed after reports showed that a key component of inflation accelerated last month. The S&P 500 rose over eighteen point Friday the Dow climbed climbed to 28 NASDAQ rose. 49 points today and national federal holiday. And the stock markets are closed today for the MLK. Holiday. Now business is from the which does business journal the pair of Wichita accounting firms have joined together the apparent that meg difficult and Harman CPAs. Has merged with symbolic associates PA. The combined firm is now doing business says some ball Harmon and case CPAs. The firm's leadership has made up of Katrina Harmon. Eric symbolic and Tina case company now has eleven employees that work out two locations Kellogg Iraq. And the 7300 block of 33 street north. A top official like Coke industries was part of a group that met with president trump last week. General Counsel mark Holden represented Coca at a White House meeting on prison reform. Holden says he is confident the president will lend his voice to criminal justice reform. White House described the meeting as they listings section. The meeting included attorney general Jeff Sessions in Kansas governor Sam Brownback. Boone Pickens has decided to close his energy focused hedge fund he says it's time to start making new plans and setting new priorities. Pickens is 89 years old. Says he's had some health problems the closing of the fund brings to an end one of the most significant business careers of the past and century. He plans to focus on entrepreneurship. Philanthropy and political endeavors. Local breaking business news everyday on K in his session at which about business journal dot com. And I'm sitting in for bill all. Which thought is Gerald. Yeah yeah. Today it is what is today and what is national of course is Martin Luther King Jr. day yet. Of course he was an American clergyman activist and leader in the African American civil rights movement. Best known for his role in the advancement of civil rights using nonviolent Civil Disobedience. Hundreds of streets in the US have been renamed in his more and they of course have two weeks in a federal holiday. And that b.'s original regular postal delivery today and government offices are pretty much shut down and when else banks and savings lol probably closed today as well and a all right so that Stephen debtor here right here to tell you about what's gone on in the world make you posted on things. Is up to bring us up that it does account on the national. Strawberry ice cream day a national strawberry I tell you that they'll probably after driving her stuck in traffic and say you know I'd really like some. So strawberry ice cream right now yeah that's just the perfect season for writes yes it is it is made by blending either strawberries or strawberry flavoring with eggs cream. The Miller and sugar food coloring is often used to give the pink or light. Read hue and dating back to at least 1813. Strawberry ice cream was served at the second inauguration of James Madison. In my favorite strawberry ice stream ever had. How maiden. There's no food coloring or anything in it they just made Vanilla ice cream and aunts and slices of chunks of strawberries and embryo that was perfect like drivers and that's the way to go and not a big fan but I don't think it and strawberry with the public chop them to Vanilla in the apology and yes we got the three of them there I've never understood that it. All of fan of that that's kind of fun. Really and they just you know just take a spoon it's half. White and half read it at that as it to get when I was gonna say is you get a box of Neapolitan ice cream at the end all you have is just a little sliver of Vanilla and the metal because. Every Diana starting on either side been eaten are right the proper way to. Eat net Neapolitan ice and Antony is national strawberry ice cream day it is a 755. Now Stephen debt coming up at 8 o'clock. A complete look at today's news was Steve instead a man shot in southeast Wichita. Well taking down Christmas decorations. That story and mornings at 8 o'clock seated in the morning on and a sense.