Happy National Stress Awareness Day

Steve & Ted
Monday, April 16th

This year it is a day before Tax Day, probably a coincidence.


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Because there is issues. 97 and thirteen thirty K in assisting congratulations to Scott from city Kansas. God has a couple of tickets because seat. James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt and make what he forfeited post thank everybody delisting. The rest of this week is Stephen Ted. We get a pair tickets each day and then. We get to that right jet that is right give more to get to wait yeah we got to keep listening to Steven dead right here. On thirteen thirty. In this sense and 97 of course gay and it's a pretty big things now three coalition airstrike on Syria called huge. Teen killed us car plunges into our Kansas river in north west Wichita. Three big things even dead on K and a sense. The gasoline prices in Wichita this morning around 252. A gallon. Seemed come down a little bit further and a couple of other places that got a call from traffic tracker Steve. Speaks at 55 street south and Broadway. He actually watched him change the sign there to 49 gallons of coming down a little bit more. Traffic if they complete and SS radio and yet he's. Sunny today with a high of 63 degrees yesterday's high was 49 and it's partly cloudy to. Might the overnight low 43. Tuesday mostly sunny and warmer tomorrow's high up to 82. Degrees. 63 today 82 tomorrow now partly cloudy. Tony degrees generally have a north wind at seven miles per hour. 848 Stevens had been done. We have our Stevenson poll question today it's on our web page to Unisys radio dot com you are welcome. To plug in there and Libya part of the the colts. You still trust FaceBook with your personal information. Yes a mere three Packers depth. I have never given personal information to FaceBook 31%. No I have or will delete my account. 30%. Well and no but I still on FaceBook 36%. How much personal information do they usually ask worked it did an insurer. They ask for things like your restaurant but it only ask for your name in and that's why I'm neighbor and your birthday yet and number of sorts of things yeah where you worked yeah. And let the thing about that is he better remember. Lots of people just volunteer information on FaceBook and they just put it right out there I mean that's that's what it's forest posting. Stuff about your daily diet showing that the puppies and whatnot and you can track somebody's movements through your face the pressure can. What kind of movement cumulative physical movements or yeah okay. By the way just a quick note to as you know was off last week conditionally and I'm not Kansas City for today and right never been to the IKEA store up there in orbit that it. Now that home furnishings and it is an interesting. Interesting experience the huge box OK now of course but it sweet gesture and I Cheney sure whoever this companies get. Some interest in counts and had great stuff up there grameen looks to super. Or it's it's kind of some of those real expensive some of it's not the interesting part is there's no way to get out what you get end. You have to go through all the show rooms. Apparently. Design it as my son got like a rat maze yeah I'm amazed as much sense got points out if they ever had a fire everybody's debt. Because they don't act of that place that was an interest in content actually concept though that Shelley picked up a little something that'll do to have some sort. Yes. The I key factor. Never been there. Been in one in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania okay. That was enough for me you were very impressed and such bored out of my skull he sort of an amber other people there that we're nearly organic. Experience and I was like. Maybe it's a store that sells fairly crappy furniture yet I don't get it I understand the upper or okay well. I don't either but there ego it's a new concept. Although several major banks reported battered quarterly profits than analysts expected Friday investors took notice of possible headwinds. Such is an increase in charge offs for credit cards driving stocks down this on Friday. Those declines dragged the S&P 500 lower by seven points the Dow drop a 123 points. NASDAQ Composite. Lost over 33 points. And the Centers for Disease Control. Says a multi state E. Coli outbreak that has sickened nearly three dozen people is linked to lettuce grown in Arizona. CDC says thirty by people across eleven states have become ill from chopped. Romaine lettuce from Yuma now growing lettuce has been blamed for. That does is rolling Newser is one of the top 22. Of those people been hospitalized including three with kidney failure no boy no deaths are reported the agency has not identified a common grower. Supplier distributor. Or brand Romaine lettuce for Arizona again and make a cut back on my salad added you don't reach out and that's correct just to be safe ranked. Rile you out there you go safety and eating. 852 now I enjoy good Caesar salad a year. 852 now Stephen to an ultramodern a growing which stock company we've got more on that with the editor built Roy the witch to a business you know good morning bill. If Marty Steven Teddy them ultramodern pool and patio growing its business the company is having a construction division on reader Roland says she saw an opportunity. To create a new revenue stream or ultra modern they'll build above ground and in ground pools he's hired a service and construction manager of this hired employees for construction service and warehouse operations. A former CFO at Spirit Aerosystems now has the top job at another Everest base company. 53 year old Phil Anderson is the new CEO they jammed down aerosystems in taxes he helped lead defense programs. At Wichita as Spirit Aerosystems Anderson joined spirit in 2006. After the division was spun off from Boeing. He left spirit in 2016. That has about 300 area 325 employees and several facilities in the Wichita area. And US news and world report has released its ranking of the best places to live in the United States Wichita. Ranks number 816 spots ahead of Chicago. The report lists Austin, Texas as the top city followed by Colorado Springs Denver and the morning. Wichita beat out Tulsa Baltimore and Detroit Wichita got its highest marks in the value category. Local breaking business news every day on can't SS and Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy. But using one of the things are probably drove lover ratings for Wichita was Stephen Ted show every morning right here. On caddies that was then that was an asterisk in as I was saying that they had to be some sort of factors that you think yeah yeah absolutely. Where you on the I Keogh warehouse stuff sir. Not not a big fan haven't followed and haven't been there and to not really that interest you made done most of your own furniture there are now seventeen. Oh yeah Ron Swanson. He's that in mind. He's been my inspiration and that just basically about the wood shop everyday yeah it's amazing what kind of beautiful furniture you can turn out of the a little rubber hose and some peg board right right exactly sure Gretchen really likes which Internet so far. Out houseful of critics boards and try made himself at that it will care facility. Hey today is national stress awareness day are you aware of the stress. That does that you endure every day down there at the bid one well her her couple authors and a lot of pressure on you down there you're. You get it unity got a supervisor of a mountain of fairly inept people there and got deadlines. It you know all the time and I've got great people here I do you have deadlines and I got those awards that we give out and grant you do lying yeah and then you come on the radio Stephen's ever more rights now and you gotta be mr. stress poster boy right. But I nuts about not tell you and we had our event last Thursday night they re the state of boards. I had several people come up to me and say I'll listen to you every morning when. They're probably made a mistake there that's there now. But if they Q do you think you an answer and I'll pass. I realize there are asked if a fake it until 855 now Steven did give an opinion this is news that night and a strong storms hammer parts of the list seated at the moment on tape and assess.