Happy National Tattoo Day

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, July 17th
Where is your tattoo?

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97 is bigger yeah it says he's belittling you know he's back in tonight still no word yet. Three big things me. Russian woman charged with slightly new. You keep trying to infiltrate conservative groups in the US. Amazon pictures website legends. At her computer problems on prime you block Wichita woman would. Ruled competent to stand trial. Sharif who keeps happening her ex boyfriend's mother. Pretty big thing Steven did. The gasoline prices in Wichita area this morning at the low end I'm seeing 259. Gallons of some stations around 261 but. 259 easy enough to find out there it's gasoline prices continue to fall a little bit about the fifth traffic update from state and Texas radio US chamber. Partly cloudy today with a 30% chance for rain to the high of 91 degrees and 40% chance for rain tonight the overnight lows seventy to. Wednesday partly cloudy 20% chance for rain tomorrow and a high of 93. Now light rain 76 degrees we have a north wind it and it says seven miles per hour Stephenson the morning at 848 here. On Tuesday and coming up the top of the hour 9 o'clock. We've got to Glenn Beck. Political scientist and author of us vs them the failure of globe those those globalism. And the topic is going to be the trump Putin's summit. That's gonna put Glenn Beck at the top of the hour 9 o'clock here. On Kate in SS. Boeing is forecasting a fifteen trillion dollar commercial airplanes and services market. What are your outlook projects rising demand for nearly 43000 new airplanes valued at six point three trillion dollars. The global airplane Fleetwood also sustained growing demand for commercial aviation services. Leading to a total market opportunity of fifteen. Trillion dollars. The company's annual forecast renamed the commercial market outlook or CM poll. To include detailed analysis of the dynamic aviation services market. Was presented today at the foreign broke international air show in London. Or guesses support you for which does aviation manufacturing and service industry groups. Stocks started off the week mixed Monday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average higher by 45 points at 25064. The NASDAQ Composite sold off twenty. It's 7805. And the S&P 500 down three at 279. An Amazon shares hit an all time high during trading defense off late in the day as shoppers. We're not able to get those trying deals in fact they weren't able to load them. Stocks finished higher by nine and a half dollars. Netflix shares sold off in the after hours after its quarterly numbers mixed subscriber growth. Also on revenue expectations. On the floor of the New York Stock Exchange cult that only these Fox News. About six million vehicles were potentially deadly attack that they're buried in letters. The agreement announced on Monday must get court approval. It covers owners who claim that their vehicle's value dropped. Because Ford used to Condit equipment. 851 now Stephen Ted and Kansas bank expanding in Oklahoma editor bill that would stop business journal with a us this morning bill. Good morning Steve intent guy union state bank building a new location in Bartlesville Oklahoma union state based in Arkansas city park Kansas City or. It's adding a location replace a mortgage processing site there they wanna make it a full service branch. Project expected to take about six months to complete. Union is the fifteenth largest commercial lender in the Wichita area. Which does he centric has purchased the Wichita area information technology services provider. Called that ability of some of the that'll help keep centric toward its goal. I've doubling its employment over the next five years terms of the deal not disclosed he centric provides practice management software for the healthcare sector. Now has sixty employees. And Ville -- may be getting into sports bar at shopkeepers there may not be thrilled about it appears tight ends sports bar real plan for the northeast corner Kellogg at Seneca. Dirt work has begun some of them circulating a petition opposing the establishment. A sign indicates there may be living units included in that development. Local breaking business news every day on Afghanistan stand at Wichita business journal not comp but with the top business journal I'm dual role. I guess and that they're either dejected of that. Because it's an amber. That the U it's they think tutors thinks is I think at twin peaks and then they're saying blame those kind of handling areas that we keep him I don't use stumbled a while ago and I definitely did yeah I don't know anybody from around here who hasn't. Mistakenly said Arkansas city when recourse. That's one of those little peccadilloes it's part of broadcasting you have to work you know and nobody in a world. Kohl's C east is green which except us its Greenwich. Everywhere in the CNN Oklahoma and then not Colorado it's the Arkansas River that we have your chances for your B of L regulars Eldorado everywhere else in the world I mean. But those 35 years Levenson an. You see it I'm remember one of my first week in radio lie. IEA which was by the late 48 years ago yesterday or today before yes. Ice I eat I copped to resist copy about the my rice is seen river yeah. Which I got a call from my dad immediately say it's the mayor's seat. Right on I didn't I was a kid in me is my daddy help me wanna hear him more of my first news. Gas over at them and down without a little bit. I said then that the town puts a little bit north and east of Wichita was sketchy. Yeah. Kansas that's yeah that's that's the bill married those I had a lot of people. By the way I went on FaceBook and in talked about them but broadcast premier. Beginning forty years ago Sunday and a lot of people chimed in and some good old friends are different net. Jim Colby who or she should be TV sports and just he just won a mini. Who shined and hinted stance of things for the good thoughts of everybody refute that. That is relations again national tent Tuesday course. This is that the quartet to derive the Polynesian language or Tom which means to tap or mark. And just did you have you wanna talk about this do you have a chance to I thought that did you get a bit I can neither confirm nor denies the that they have got a nice and I'll admit to that idea like we asked the fortieth or forty people so I might as welcome really yes I think that it's what Pembroke school the academy thought. Nobody nobody sees this that news ever once there. Very very if we can get him okay well if we can get that it Tony inducing a program director pay for them that I have entertained effective may be getting. Stephen Ted tattooed somewhere on our our Bonnie. Nice. Theme on one side instead of the other you know we get the plea for countryside. Mark Toney and the date that you got mark I'd be right to middle of the idea tramp stamp right there yeah. Right but also meant so many good ideas are I don't think it's a bend over Letterman knows that I wanna Martin O'Neill or. Eight if I've stated it got about 9 o'clock lots of reaction. On Capitol Hill left but from the summit that's about it instead on KI SS.