Happy National TV Dinner Day

Steve & Ted mornings
Monday, September 10th
Chow down on some fried chicken or salisbury steak

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At thirteen thirty K and it says he's been in the morning now at 747. Here on Monday morning. Three big things. Three gasoline prices holding steady across the US the past two weeks. And could drop soon seeing Dallas police officer shoots and kills a man the officer reportedly walked into an apartment she thought would lose one. Three small earthquake rival northwest Oklahoma no major damage or injuries reported. Three big things Steven's dad that. And I just got a call from traffic tracker Brenda. And a Brenda was saying that on central. Between ridge road. And media big ditch. Good traffic accidents there. And trapped activities in the eastbound lanes lustrous slowdowns again net is on central he's found it. Between big ditch and ridge road traffic updates from Genesis radio on gas chambers. It weather wise and good for Newsweek came in here Sunday. With a high of 79 degrees. Yesterday's I was Olson 79. Mostly clear tonight the overnight low 59. Tuesday sunny tomorrow's night 82. Now partly cloudy cold and 56 degrees. Finish as weather brought you by the law and. Stop in or check their FaceBook for more information the monarch in Orlando. 748. Now with Stephen Ted. One in two American workers. Skips their lunch break at work according to a new study but experts say that's not necessarily a bad thing. And you study finds 50% of US workers don't take a full lunch break. The majority of people surveyed say leaving work behind to eat is unrealistic because of intense workload and pressure to perform now. Experts say not stopping to eat is actually good for some people driving energy into their work and helping them stay focused. But it's not that way for everyone. Well there are two people in this room that. That have tough issues with that. It's approved the nature of the hour you and Jan chambers worked some hours that. And don't allow you to take any power for meals and get a new take an hour offer in the middle of this thing go eat lunch someplace go to Denny's is open and and and and and do it makes sense of making sense of oh that's right. Now let's say you're safe on top of the work and get it done you know in sand. You're one of those people want the 50% and stocks finished the last day of the trading week Friday in the red. The Dow Jones Industrial Average down 79 points. The 2500916. The NASDAQ Composite down 27902. The SP 500 down 627. B one. For the week the Dow the NASDAQ and the S here to the downside some of the big movers on today pleaded Barnes & Noble. The stock was up about 17%. After richards' shot bells by an increase its stake. And discussed acquisition potential. Tesla was to the downside down seventeen bucks for the quarter it's down 23%. This says there's so much controversy around the company Ilan mosque appeared on Rogen show and smoked marijuana. Also had two executive stepping down from the company on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange nickel metal Levy's Fox News. Ansa news now from the deal which the business journal Wal-Mart appearing to be infusing some cash into via Wichita economy. Kids coming in the form of employee bonuses those folks are all bargain some extra money Ted. Company says it has paid out more than 760000. Dollars in bonuses. Related to performance of stores in the second quarter. The money got to employee paychecks this week company didn't say how many employees got the bonuses but all of that means is. Extra money going out being spent in our community. Airbus deliveries are slowed in August that leaves the company with hundreds of aircraft left to deliver to meet its goal. Airbus delivered 54 jets last month that's down from 77 in July. That gives a company 434. Deliveries so far this year. Well that's crank them out in the town. Averaged ninety a month and immediate goal of 800 for the year on my gosh assets turn out play I don't like in World War II here in America. That's a lot of her nineties when you go Airbus aircrack and it cranking along there. Charles Coke has decided to sell more books the science of success is returning to print the book delves into the company's market based management philosophy. And how it has help grow the business. It's been out of print for several years was originally published in 2007. The book will be available to employees at headquarters at may soon be available again on line. So there's some business news for you this morning from the which visitors Stephenson now at 752 did you gets up there. I yeah couple more things in traffic happening all right eastbound Kellogg at Tyler we've got debt. And I says here multiple vehicles involved in an accident they're so let's eastbound Kellogg at Tyler watch for slow down there. Stalled out vehicle eastbound Kellogg a tip he can. That's causing a road hazard so watch out for that yet as well and of course like I said on central eastbound lanes east of richer. And we talk about east on golf all the suburbs coming in from the west. You know god suburbs out there and that's all coming into its announced that three gets tie up on Kellogg company and it's on now slowing things down by the written aren't. 753 was Stephen Ted today is national TV dinner day. Did you on you TV dinners there oh heck yes it's a long way down their microwave yes it's much different than they used to yeah. In 1953. CA Swanson and sons. Was about the forever changed a prepackaged meal business interest in the TV dinner. Revolutionizing. Frozen food and in 1962 they thick layer of aluminum foil and other top. In 1962 Swanson stopped using the name TV dinner however in the United States deter remains synonymous. With any prepackaged dinner purchased frozen from a store and here at home pretty much yeah he ended Dellums and got a hole. You know section there of that stuff on a civil manner of course ID laws so that's pretty good and pretty tasty. Now the first Swanson TV dinner was what what do you think that taking guests had chicken blind Salisbury steak now. Thanksgiving gave me it's only certainty and Turkey now corn bread dressing peas and sweep it is. An image of what prop eight. Thousands of people who were alone on Thanksgiving Day but nobody know ordeal noted thirteen probably. Cranked up what those and then when I was drawn up they had the little brownie right in the middle there was a brown and you had to peel back the full oil away from the brownie when you you know when you've baked it. Which then led to it being pretty much the same consistency is a charcoal brick cat got to town and head out again had a real good thing was is that just as hard. As Barack by the time cannot Leo bell in the fifties and so was the call via the but you know it was steam media. Fifties and sixties you'd you know keep people put these at these TV trays. You have TV tray. We did when I was drawn up house candidates I've got you and they're just these famous photos of Ron Ronald Reagan in his life and White House. Eating and Stevie trees watching TV in so yeah that's what we get things back in the right and Swanson gala hungry man they kind of double the portions honor. Those are. Pretty hungry man national TV dinner days are sticking with state was Steven ticker. 8 o'clock hour we'll update you on the story but Dallas police officer shooting her neighbor. Did escorts coming up. No value in on how the chiefs did on opening day yesterday and we got to highlight belong to that's facing camera close entertainment do you get the world on the way to arrive. Now another huge name in the entertainment industries. Out of work after the need to movements gave him. Traffic and weather on the way they was Stephen tell me 8 o'clock hour here on Kate and the SS.