Happy National Whiners Day

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, December 26th

But I don't waaannnnnaaa celebrate.


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Pretty hate tennis since we are Stevenson in the morning at 845. Here and accused him on December 26. The day after Christmas now three big things. With the police chief Ramsey says Bobby pins are resolving citizen complaints here. Ford did in Iowa house fighter and lizards and bitter cold across much of the US three big things even dead on K and a sense. The gasoline prices in Wichita this morning I was gasoline prices are still around. 213. A gallon that seems to beep. Writer on the average the last couple of days now that's the still have a stolen vehicle watch out for a slowdown this is. How a 35 southbound lanes for the right shoulder but it's partially in the roadways there stalled out vehicle traffic updates from cape and it's as radio and hit came. Mostly cloudy and cold today with a high of nineteen degrees yesterday's high was 35 and seem cool yesterday. Mostly cloudy cold tonight the overnight low none unit Wednesday partly sunny tomorrow's high up to twenty I have it. Now partly cloudy thirteen degrees in both Linda seventeen my New York that means no wind chills right now these forums below. Women's stood up and use their voices into what. 17 saying enough was enough in the face of sexual harassment. Boxes colonel Scott has more 27 June. Yeah you senator Al Franken resigned because of it all women deserve to be heard. And their experiences. Taken seriously representative John Conyers took a drastic step in the wake of. I am very tiring and today. Sexual misconduct allegations hit him other members of congress and senate candidate Roy Moore in Alabama did not date underage women always the women's lead to movement found its voice. But senator Franken in announcing his departure fired a parting shot saying that president trump on man who has bragged on tape. About its history of sexual. Assault sits in the Oval Office the White House responded with Press Secretary Sara Sanders not only saying the president has addressed such allegations that feel strongly that the people of this country also addressed that when they elected. Donald Trump to be president colonel Scott Fox News. Amid strong demand from would be buyers and a shrinking supply of properties for sale and Standard and Poor's is reporting that the SP core logic case Shiller national home price index. Stood a solid 6% in October above its previous 2006. Each. Prices are climbing it more than double the pace of wage growth creating some affordability pressures. That of an offset by relatively low mortgage rates so yeah. Folks can afford a minor ounces anymore. Strongest annual gains occurred in Seattle where prices. Have shot up twelve point 7% since October 21 team. And I have a good friend who's a son is. Living in that area and trying to find affordable housing needs as it is a nightmare up in Seattle lot of people want to live there. Las Vegas has seen prices increased ten point 2% San Diego not growth of eight point 1% well. Of the twenty metro areas tracked by the index Washington DC. Reported the smallest price game with just three point 1%. Already crowded there media markets stock markets were closed Monday in observance of Christmas of course. The S&P last Friday. Fell one point the Dow lost 28 points and the NASDAQ fell five points so it's a down day there at the inclusion just before Christmas time. Now look at the local business use from which to a business channel. With a few 2017 days to spare Wichita has nearly triple its air being being guests total from last year. According to released this week from the home sharing hospitality company there have been 7730. Stays in Wichita so far and when he seventeen. And that's up from 2900. For all of 26 team. And air BMB spokesman said the company. Would count a couple traveling together as two guest arrivals. The average group size for trips to Kansas is about 2.4. An agreement to sell easy home furnishings franchise. Is in place according to a news release Friday from easy gates LLC chairman and CEO bud gates. In a deal that will be made official January 1 the easy home franchise rights will transfer to Virginia based rent to owned company. Premier rebel purchases. Easy home has to Wichita locations. Wanna polonium Broadway and one at Providence square and 35 stores nationwide in seventeen different states now. But gates established easy gates a rent to owned retail concept offering furniture appliances and electronics in 2007. He was formally chairman and CEO of Rent A Center here in Wichita and thorn Americas incorporated. So there's a can and got to tell you I've no idea or Providence square and I don't either and it doesn't include. Urged. I other growing hyper pit LLC manufacturing operations. Just got more room according to a news release the pet products designer and manufacturer will move from its space near the corner of thirty for street in meridian. In south west Wichita. To Jeff Lang's iron horse manufacturing part. Near Seneca and MacArthur high prepare the release and will occupy the entire existing 103000. Square foot facility. Though Lang has said department could eventually include up to 600000. Square feet of manufacturing space. And local business news. Every day on Cain and assess and which of his journal dot com. For the which stub his journal and Steve packets are all right at 851 now and a you know something that happened in history was. Years and years ago George Washington crossing the Delaware need hand once on Christmas Day. To attack that area passions right the German troops out. And a signal their New Jersey George Washington's troops annual Christmas Day trip across the Delaware River has been safe. By boats made by children organizers had feared yesterday's crossing would have to be canceled because low water levels on the river between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Would have made it impossible for real actors to navigate. In their wounded in the Durham bodes well. Philadelphia waterborne nonprofit that teaches bull building skills to middle and high school students let the organizers six handmade twelve foot rowboat for the cost. At these votes only draw about six inches of water. Meaning they can get across river under current conditions are up this event was canceled yesterday. It that it is nearly kept it. I didn't news story yesterday afternoon is that it was canceled because there fifty Mara wins alone apparently does want to his fall on a murderer in this release says that they know they have it but it didn't sell. And we'll have to double checked there's something there's some fake news somewhere some fake news somewhere they did they did this this is what I got this morning it's a well that's more recent than what I read yesterday's game and went ahead and maybe has maybe the winds died down and Ashley amendment. You're up there in the northeast by the United States down they get blizzard conditions across there and if you've got these rigid winds and down here in the midwest and the plains states. Wow. Incredible as mrs. just after last week last well last three or four weeks physical as it's been all year yeah now it's just. We're in it you weren't a winner now winner officially started a few days ago on here it is it's. But you know. It's not you don't want to know about it two weeks from now it could be 68 and sunny it country's oldest death we'll keep an eye on the situation for. Our Christmas so weekend is over there and that what people are still off work at bank. Again I think it is off front around Christmas time here. He's let's say that down on Saturday with a my son and my granddaughter Evan we had Christmas shopping day luncheon. Carlson Kelly's. Her good friend Dave Phillips of course is a very high ranking executive in reality you know or the with a not so chips. Britain green apple caiso there evidence it was really really really good bye. Granddaughter said she wanted she'd like to have launches okay let's go. In two nights and our Evans is a thirteen to use a student at the north. It's a derby north middle school they get derby north millionaire at least two of this is national whiners day. If you want to you're allowed to whine about being too tired of over eating habit go back to worry capping so much to clean up. With a long lines the return dial the story containing that Ted. And Ono mountain Christmas gifts and well. Reverend Kevin support me created national wire Thursday in 1986. In hopes of encouraging people to be thankful what they have instead of being unhappy whining about what they do not pass. I don't really know anybody who wondered if now anybody complains that they don't have an banana at that have been meant that they have ticked higher to an earlier and only like. You gotta idea do you work here. Well I'd be in this present company I'll present company OK now I don't hear a lot of whining about among now parallel zone which. We can joke about it but then national Weiner stay if you what do. No wind that not all about your business would you like some cheese with that want to go right to. Besides even did. Eight is as news at nine blizzards and bitter cold across much of the US. That's coming up at 9 o'clock Stevens in the morning on in this sense. Pavlik in the heartland makes its way to Charles Cook really now. Win the golden hurricane comes into soccer women's basketball kicks off American conference play on Saturday December 30. We their first rivalry series match up against Tulsa tipoff is set for 2 o'clock in Charles Cooper arena. For more information on Havoc in the heartland does it go shoppers dot com and watches today by calling 978 fans. It's seeing you win the around the house. This is Sam with Christian youth theater which time. Inviting you to see what he's production of musical classic and game from January 25 to 27. The best ticket sales are twelve to fifteen dollars each good. Two dollars extra at the door so get your tickets early. Please call the office to ask about our group breaks and get your tickets by visiting seem like he Wichita dot org or by calling 6821688. See you IT we're glad Entercom cares. IPods and his. Now it's time to fly it. Have no. Toyota rapport Highlander tundra and more always the best deals of the year. Hi I'm Jim lobe. General manager daddy's Toyota December really started with a bank. 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And the money and we're all about building and maintaining your homes indoor comfort and whether foundation repair repairing cracked and go to walls foam insulation and waterproofing a basement at the money and we're long established and highly experienced. We do the job right for you and our prices are very competitive global money in dot com for the location nearest you. 27 day relies MRI things. No collusion in the NFL access another year and I had so much planned to 28 days. So much lower rush because they're historic travel ban would be another you. Coming up. I'm working on. And every hour throughout the day throughout the year. Happening area everybody in 97 and thirteen third Terry and SS. We have not to return. Bundle. Old glory to be bullied already pulled back and get a lot warmer. But an idea of nineteen degree who. And just. Well whether showed up with a vengeance hunker down and get ready to watch a state play in Phoenix tonight you know in its own form come back tomorrow morning was received it we'll keep you posted on what's gone over the weather traffic here is everything going on. And keep it right here under 92 at thirteen 38 and it says and then we'll keep you posted through out today. Stand by for Glenn Beck. But back tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock to eight and 10 in the morning on 9713. 38 in SS Wichita. Thirteen degrees wind chill or below at 9 o'clock. This is 987 and thirteen thirty KM SS we should John Kerry and SS FM Clearwater and Entercom radio stations and listen online NK and SS radio.