Happy New Year

Steve & Ted
Friday, February 16th

The Chinese New Year... the year of the Dog.


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As you know bombs. I don't like on like I ever North Korea's. London and our presence than there was ten under runs on me. It is 848. Morning 97 and thirteen 38 in SS. Power companies dealing with diversity in the work place in the city of which feeds off. We'll get the scoop from Gilroy Daly editor at which the visitor on his Wichita business journal updates. Now three big thing was even dead three. A fight at a home in west Wichita between a man in his dad leads to a gunshot and a man wounded seeded. First appearance in court yesterday high school shooting suspect suspect in Florida seventeen a murder counts well. Earthquakes. In the northwest Oklahoma three point 8 magnitude earthquake this morning that. An hour and a half ago many folks felt that this morning right here in Wichita pretty big things with Steve instead. And just a few minutes from now about ten minutes from now they're going to be shutting down the ramp from southbound I want 35. To central they're doing OK gas southbound I won 35 to central closings. They've Jackson. Let's trash barrel values that exit lines snap and they've got those crash in Brazil they're going to be preparing them. Those break in the and I guess I shouldn't of bump into them so many tough guy exactly that it is some repairs there again SS outbound. Freedom from I want 35 central traffic updates. So okay and is this radio on fed chief Bernanke for the update now let's take a look at that weather forecast journal Friday eight strong at north winds today and that's why it's so much colder only a high today of forty soon after a couple of warm days mostly cloudy today still cloudy tonight overnight low down 31 minutes. Now will be breezy this weekend but the wind will be coming out of the south that will give us warmer temperatures again by tomorrow sixty high Sunday. 66. Under mostly sunny sky. Early in Wichita this is cold though right now we have the wind out of the north gusting up to 21 miles per hour it's partly cloudy 25 degrees and wind chill of thirteen minutes. And as your weather forecast partly to heighten its fourth season but separately coats who. A pizzeria in Michigan is going to break the Guinness world record for largest delivery. Pizza. They cooked up a 72. Inch. Pizza apply for delivery and so I do the math 16 feet six feet now now. Steve Boyer and judge chambers with us today here in studio. Unless they can something that was gonna be big enough that it would require specially made vehicle that's what I was thinking yeah it had a lot I get some. I guess it and I about it even but it Barry and I think are trying to yeah bat. Live Massa pizza they cut to the same oven Mitt they used to cook a Guinness world record breaking. 18100 pound hamburger last summer apparently is on their agenda they like to break world records. Pizza always donated to the police and fire departments. The previous Guinness record holder for delivery biggest delivery pizza ever was 54 inches now. Those those records don't seem that big no adult I don't I'm not gigs specially mean you've been up to eight days yes Jason got Mets superdome that thing is massive it is. I seen people carry that thing on the top of their cars yeah. Not do on Karen and out the door. Well and they now put her on the menu for a starting price of 300 dollars. With a an additional fifty bucks if you want extra cheese or meat toppings. 350 bucks here it is here's the challenge for which it's. He said somebody break their record he said that someone orders that they'll deliver it within a five mile radius for free. Did the delivery charges for delivery definitely out of my three friends I have no idea by everybody says they'll delivered for free islamists within five miles of the store you're they'll they don't olives on it in a bushel of anchovies and they have sent the documentation of the massive pizza to Guinness for official certification. Don't. And I'll let me make 73 inch pizza and we can have that record year in which itself among which that I must and a river festival that man let's go. If it is 852 we Stephen said business. Company's Wichita diversity. Almost topics are on the table editor bill Royce the Wichita business journal mr. Roy and. Good morning Ted yet the big story in the Wichita business journal weekly edition on the streets today where as Wichita stand when it comes to diversity. More specifically how to Wichita companies treat their employees who are part of the LG BTQ community. That's the focus of our centerpiece this week the big story. We spoke to some employees diversity experts and companies about local diversity attitudes and efforts. The topic of attracting and retaining employees in Wichita has been a hot topic in recent years. And it's growing in significance because of the need for more workers and aviation and other fields Wichita as attitudes about LG BTQ workers. And those of its companies and their leaders will be significant as the city tries to convince workers that 2000 welcoming commuter. This week we spent ten minutes with Valerie why she's the air service and business development manager at Dwight. She feels good about the new airport terminal and its performance in the past couple of years 2017. Was a record for the passenger count one point 62 million fliers. Local breaking business news everyday on can SS and went to Tom business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm dual role. Happy new year bill it's the Chinese New Year the last year of the dog has begun. What year were you born bill I can have. Excuse me of a 61 K let's see what you would do you know you are on the China eyes down. 61. You are the here he talks. The shock you were born in the year the Sox fans are guys that me and Chad is Chad is a snake yes and a snake and I am a goat. And at a at a I was I was gonna say you might be a beaver I don't know says it says here bill that you Ari Gold box. You are hardworking active and always busy and popular among friends. I'd say that's right there. Well sounds all right. Famous boxes through history include Adolf Hitler and Walt Disney well there's two kinds spectacle right there cat I guess bill Roy hopefully you're more towards one in the other. I'm able to relationship ox people. It says a lot and says they prefer to stay alone enjoy solitude. Now they treat friends sincerely and count on much friendship. Means well you get to work on that this weekend all right that's exactly truck is the but the apologies keep yourself. We'll see go to the snake guys festival to fox bill Roy happy Chinese New Year as we enter the yearly dog get. They get SS news time is 855.