Happy Ugly Truck Day

Steve & Ted
Friday, July 20th
A day to take pride in that dented, primer grey, broken, old truck.

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Your folks that like to turn normal stuff. And I think there's there's been some things going on that we are quite unaware of that we should be made more aware of. 97 at thirteen 38 minutes says even in the morning here. Set in the 46 here on Friday morning it. Now three big things he. Definitely if you will strike up a marching band this fall college shoppers sound machine. Carnival worker admits killing Woodstock couple. Their bodies found in the shallow grave in Arkansas line. At least thirteen dead now after first to duck boat capsized his own table rock lake near Branson Missouri high winds to blame. Three big things seem content on Kate and assess. The gasoline prices in Wichita this morning right around that seem 57 a gallon still that's not change yesterday that I'm. Starting to see more G 56 is out there not 256. But that is Douglas and Seneca also experienced all of her traffic on K and as as. Rocky budget Robin Carl's Goodyear tire but didn't downtown and market and Waterman and he's cherry street Moline on line across tired dot com. Your home for complete dark hair. I get a stay warm here is these are simply cannot as warm and sunny and hot again today. And we have a 10% chance for rain in the forecast for the high of 99 degrees. Yesterday's times and one old ones was sometimes. Heat indexes in the afternoon. And wounded thirteen and his health partly cloudy 20% chance for rain tonight the overnight lows 71. Saturday sunny and hot tomorrow's high 93. Now partly cloudy and east wind at five miles per hour and seventy degrees. Davis just whether Ron do you find the modern art featuring the largest collection of brands voters and his skis in the state of Kansas. The monarch over to military discounts for current and retired veterans the monarch in doing. 749. Makes them 48 now was Steven says stocks ended the day in the red Wednesday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average down 135 points at 25064. The NASDAQ Composite down 29. At 78 point five the S&P 500 down eleven. At 2804. And we did see travelers an American Express weighing on the Dow Jones Industrial Average after their quarterly numbers IBM did need led the way. We also watch for Microsoft after the bell the company did report a 10% profit rise to stop. Is one to move in the morning it is it Dow component. Comcast that is dropping its specific 21 century Fox's entertainment assets that ended the bidding war would Disney. Disney moved to a new high today but Comcast and fox continue to battle it out for sky. On the floor of the New York Stock Exchange Nicole penalty vis Fox News. California and fourteen other states are suing the US Environmental Protection Agency over its decision. To suspend an Obama era rule aimed at limiting pollution from trucks. The lawsuit filed Thursday in the US court of appeals for the District of Columbia circuit says. The July 6 decision by the trump EPA was illegal and could put could put thousands of additional highly polluting trucks on the roads. The rule that issue limited production of heavy duty freight trucks. Outfitted with a older engines that don't meet today's emissions standards. A federal judge has tossed out New York city's effort to hold oil companies responsible for global warming saying it's not the judiciary responsibility. Missed district judge John Keenan ruled Thursday. Keenan wrote that global warming is a problem best left to the other two branches of government that. So the judicial restaurants is the ball and you're talking about this go back as president and that's not the constitution out look at the laws because you guys have written no laws that give them to take place. I do interesting did the the shocker marching band coming back. As a shocker sound of machine. And new Newark they're pursuant to Notre Dame. And you're probably you'd be Q you were in a marching band and you don't play instruments. No but I but that Notre Dame marching band pretty yeah that's pretty pretty good stuff out Saturday afternoon part of this that halftime pistons present. Now when you they show college football on TV and Nolan have on radio that don't even. You haven't mentioned the marching band he's going to do it all after they did it yes they do hours and has got a fun to watch on TV yet. I don't know what they could do that just do voice overs talk about the the marching back at commercials are on now the got a lot of got to take care of business out there. All right they coming back and you know better than in not a lot of room to march around the inside that. Coker an answer to it. I don't have a march around the outside where people were. Get their their food when all sorts on well yeah. That's what you need out on the concourse well be somebody that did. Like Uganda they already have a band up there right did it down and its authority and power and early jazz man man yeah pep band typhoon to hit it like loose scope here and I certainly it is ya get divorced and I believe they'll probably have them perform at events and they'll like that are. Aren't 751 now Stephen dead recognizing excellence and local health care editor bill Lloyd other which style business journal with us this morning morning bill. Good morning Steve and Ted the other big story in the weekly edition of the Wichita business journal which is of course on the streets today we present at the 2018 health care heroes awards. They shoot the WBJ and our sponsors recognize 37 people and organizations. As health care heroes in our community they range from administrators. Innovators volunteers doctors nurses. The awards dinner held Thursday night at higher regency Wichita to people presented lifetime achievement awards. Doctor Alex AMR is the CEO of Wichita surgical specialists he's the chair of the surgery department at KU medical school Wichita. Doctor Claudia Bristol-Myers president of the central care cancer center. Locations throughout Kansas and Missouri. All the profiles of all our heroes in the weekly edition. And I continue my series of discussions with the people who are running for governor in chances this week my guest on the biz talk with bill Roy podcast. Former Wichita mayor democratic candidate Carl brewer who you heard here just a little while ago you can hear the other conversations. By going to our web site next week it's Republican Jim Barnett local breaking business news every day on an assassin to Wichita business journal dot com. But the Wichita business journal I'm dual role. So you've probably asked me over. You know when you stop beating your wife that's always good question by the out that said those of the pack questions that you really wanna hang our hat on its internal us. That's always get a good response you know yeah. They listened. Talking about the the marching band there all noted where ever you were never marched in and you were wrestler right. Yeah out of wrestler and I was in band in junior high in elementary school but not in high school who wanted to instrument did you play this year. I was a drummer it was a as a percussionist what do you. And not at its interest aren't you I was able to play because of after I've bash at the end and Arab after the fingering and right now that's a mind thing you talk to heroes. Health care heroes and at a would be critical but it I think you left one. And that is a person and every medical office who has to deal with the insurance companies yet. Have we get we immediately due and the administrator there ego Betty out. That is a job and android news blog that's okay yeah and after they get through and we get the bill than my wife Ashley go and call the insurance company that's in and make sure that they. They remember to pay what they're supposed to play in it can be a fight sometimes if I'm I'm thankful for those folks in the healthcare industry they always stood neo wishing to do a good job with me anyway they've got beast still go on right. That is yeah just. You know you have an experience and their there for you right here that are taking care unions pretty amazing today is ugly truck day. No bill you you always have a brand new shiny for the you haven't Uggla not necessarily brand new blood hopefully each time I've never owned truck but with Ted I know you haven't now. Well I would Utley struck me was dense and bangs and scratches but the big brought me pride that it would trek right. Absolutely of that truck owners will tell you those surge you know stories those are experiences. That's a good at all work and truck you know usually the story is on a lousy driver. Oh that's true that. Ugly truck and he built up okay when you're track is really pretty I've seen it yet there's great big reared duels on it then it. And about in a mud flaps. Knowing how does he have Yosemite Sam mud flaps are in the Atlantic layouts. Which you I can I interchange them middle consignment what time geared as a seasonal exactly credit Casey while Kampman left right right now it. Thank you delta 755. Now Linda Calvin peete on OJ on new deal as is bumpers. It's 755 save receded yet in the 8 o'clock hour this morning can have the latest on that capsized ducks vote on table rock lake Chad has sports. Now back added after the all star break for the royals and one last home weekend furlough for the wing nuts we'll talk about sports a few minutes old plus entertainment news on the blur right dead yes we got to get to jam packed episode of the blurred entertainment coming up in 35 minutes we got a good movie anniversaries -- they do -- -- jam packed his opinions packed with chants against my Bain and Ho's let's forget weekend weather Friday morning traffic all the way. With Stephen dead and 8 o'clock hour on CNN sense.