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Tuesday, February 13th

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Seven and thirteen thirty K and there's says Stevens hit the morning of 746. Three big things any president trust your budget has a four trillion dollar price tag. With a big increase in the federal debt scene police arrested one suspect in which about the latest suicide case looking for three more. Which school board changes the calendar for next fall short of class saves and a longer school years. Three big things Steven dead on Kate in a sense. Watch out for heavier traffic right now approaching it. The north junction from behind to dirty five approaching. From the west some very slow traffic death right here and that is technically north. Found on icy 35 approaching the north jumps entrapment case and as as. French budget Robbins posted you're tired of hitting downtown market and Letterman east every street Moline on minor pros there not come home of the thirty or ninety I'm Wilson. Sunny breezy and warmer today with a high of 55 degrees. Partly cloudy tonight the overnight low thirty nine's Wednesday partly sunny breezy and warmer still. Tomorrow's night's 69. Now partly cloudy. Tony six degrees we have a south wind at ten miles per hour. Kick in assess whether brought you by the monarch. Voted one of the best suburban bars in America by the Berman reviews. Located at 579 list Douglas in his store delay though the monarch. 747 Al Steven and Ted in the morning. The deputy mayor in the New Jersey town where former governor Chris Christie lives has resigned after comparing immigrants to rabid raccoon is on FaceBook. The daily record reports Republican Rick blood who resigned as deputy mayor of men Obama meant them township. Monday evening previously apologized for the comment but he said he cut and pasted from a friend before deleting Sunday. It compared immigrants to rabbit to messy mean raccoons and praised president crop. Let's that he did not intend to resign from his appointed position but was met with fierce opposition. At Monday and keeps competing. He apologized again saying his bonehead decision to post the rent and put the committee in a difficult position it's. You've. That's council discussed the matter in a closed session now else. Looks. Abbott records of me. Some of our ancestors must have been among those revenue recommends careful what you toast slices like arts of which came from places like Ireland and Scotland and places like. Rabid raccoons and the not very responsible with the old social media. Stock market has regained more of its massive losses. From the previous two weeks apple jumped 4% in led a rally in technology companies go while industrial companies banks and consumers. Focused companies like retailers also rose to dal. Gained 410 points the NASDAQ closed up 107. And the S&P closed up by 36 points. Kentucky's Republican governor is urging the State's highest court to rule in favor of a company. Whose owner refused to print T shirt for a gay rights festival because of his Christian beliefs is a this is quite a quite an issue right now attorneys for governor Matt Bevan. Have asked to file briefs for the Kentucky Supreme Court in the case involving hands on originals. The company refused an order in 2012 from Lexington is gay and lesbian services organization for teachers. In advance of the city's gay pride festival. Lexington human rights commission ruled the company violated a city ordinance banning discrimination based on sexual orientation. State judge in the Court of Appeals both reversed those rulings. Kentucky Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case this is selling it happened six years ago and it still has not made its way through the court seven argues Kentucky should protect the rights of citizens to act according to their conscience and I'd I'd like to say most folks would agree that but in and they come down with but not about how about this out of that but it is and an interesting. Dilemma. People meal with pastry shops. Floral shops. And don't wish to. Sell their. There where's their services to a certain segment. You know at bottom I think you would think somebody business has the right to do that but apparently not. It's been batted around the court and the courts is right around it's old it's not easy talking and out. It's not. Easy. I it's. 715 now Steven did the last day it coddled the day before Ash Wednesday today as Fat Tuesday. Also bush rove Tuesday and Margo have been talking about this a little bit and lent is going to begin what tomorrow tit with with Ash Wednesday and big day in New Orleans today today they got a won big last day of partying the party party party on there and a bad news that said news yesterday. We found out that singer victim bone had died in Florida at the age of 89. And your favorite quote of victim owned come from Frank Sinatra. Frank Sinatra said the victim on quote had the best set of pipes in the business meant his vocal pipes. A lot. Time to check in with somebody who has great set of pipes themselves 751 Stephen Ted. There are some kind of gambling still legal in Kansas editor bill or at least a business journal with us this morning to bill. Did morning Stephen Teddy out what to comments been charged in connection with an illegal gambling business. 41 year old Jack ops where was charged with one count of operating an illegal poker gambling business one count of operating an illegal sports betting business. According to the US attorney's office spot slurs of former director of tennis for Genesis health clubs the FBI Wichita police and the IRS investigated. Textron has plans to do some expanding the company hoping Wichita will issue a letter of intent for up to 435 million dollars. In industrial revenue bonds the proceeds from the bonds would be used to improve facilities. As it brings new aircraft models to the market documents indicate the Textron investor more than 100 million dollars in Wichita. Last year the city is counselor rather the City Council expected to vote on the request today. And companies all over Kansas are fighting high absentee rates because of the flu. But it Japanese pharmaceutical company says it's developed a pill that can kill the flu virus and a day problem is. The medication won't be available in the United States until next winter the developers plan to file for review in the US later this year. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess Anna Wichita business journal dot com the Wichita business journal I'm dual role. Idyllic comment specifically on a legal case but in general generally speaking. Oh the state. Pretty good promote gambling at a certain level. Rush is taking control of the but the privately. There's a whole different set of rules right and and laws and especially. You know one would get in trouble with one. Doesn't pay taxes on that when things for example and so I always pay taxes on all line winnings. When I gamble. And the last time I do. I dropped I dropped a quarter and a slot in Las Vegas in 1982. About last time and I didn't and I didn't hit the jackpot so Alda. And it. Some people make him think it's legal some of it's not haven't. If you pay by the way I know you'll like this today is world radio today AAR IA's view nest goes 36 general conference in 2011. Brought this up and approved at the Eunice go course United Nations education scientific and cultural organization. The it was originally being proposed by the Kingdom of Spain. There are folks in in Spain like. Love their radio and news tonight rock radio. Probably listening right now on the Internet then it's probably not probably we're very big in Madrid Alia that. We are reputed mistress I write it and I know you're your your career started out the radio you stayed in absolute. Leno is radio my brother was on radio I didn't know that what would you do. Laughter he got back from Vietnam he was on the radio for awhile and that Colorado TG EK you know evergreen Colorado is he candy chew into shouldn't endure it he did gap went out to visit him and I heard on the radio on thought. That's really cool dad is cool but it's a rule out already today thank you built check you again next hours. Besides he was dead coming up the 8 o'clock hour we've got to court all the news was even dead. We talking about Bill -- to draw a little bit here a few minutes sold to a suspect arrested in which both latest homicide case and by the way. If you don't have radio at work. This dispute at all minded in his fifth radio about. Stephen death on innocent.