Harry Potter headed to Broadway, and off-Broadway

Steve & Ted
Thursday, November 30th

As the Broadway premiere of the Harry Potter musical nears, we talk about a strange new Potter themed off-Broadway play.


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS widget because number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning 830 Stephens here in the morning team Macintosh. A man arrested in the murder of a woman over the weekend was charged Wednesday 33 year old Arens who are now facing one count of first degree murder. Souter was arrested after his girlfriend Rihanna McWethy. Was found dead at a home on north lynch deal in the Riverside area Sunday. Officers say the two got into a fight Saturday night it's turned violent she was killed suitors being. Held on 300000 dollar bond and his preliminary hearing is scheduled for December 13. Now let's take a look at the forecast with kaine is says stampede urologist Dan Holliday could boring day and the good morning looks like we'll have a dry weather pattern throughout the next seven days with temperatures gradually warming up into the weekend with a clearing sky sunny and high 56 today clear and 34 overnight. Friday's high 58. And will be in the low sixty Saturday 66 by Sunday I'm Ken SS meteorologist Dan holidays now partly cloudy 37 degrees we have both windows eight. Miles per hour. Three weeks ago nineteen year old not carry more was shot and killed in Wichita on south hydraulic. Police believe the incident may have started as a drug deal. Officer Charlie Davidson says Tuesday afternoon officers closed in on the teenage murder suspect. Officers had observed the suspect and involved in the case. In her apartment sincerity and officers moved into the area and the suspect was arrested without. It's at sixteen year old suspect took on a charge of first degree murder. Construction is set to begin on a ninety million dollar biodiesel plant in Wichita cardinals ended a news release that a 42000 square foot plant. Employed 35 full time workers is expected to begin operation in January 2019. The company adds that the new plant will allow Wichita to become a competitive supplier of biofuels. Which don't evil reports the plant will be separate from the construction of Cargill proteins news' sixty million dollar headquarters in what should talk. The new bio diesel plant is expected to produce sixty million gallons of biodiesel. And will add to their bio diesel plants in Iowa falls Iowa and Kansas City, Missouri Dan O'Neill Cain and SS news. Many public allegations of sexual harassment recently lawmakers are no exception. Fox's cad program. Says some lawmakers who want John Conyers to resign over sexual misconduct allegations is a big question as to whether or not John Conyers might resign whether he they could try to push him out again they haven't expelled members and all in a long long time Jim Traficant. Of Ohio was the last member expelled in 2002. Some people might find that a little bit harsh considering. What John Conyers is accused of here he hasn't been accused of breaking the wall which is what happened with Jim Traficant. He's been accused of sexual harassment. And not to diminish that in stature but those are not necessarily equivalency is when you're dealing with. The actual legal issues the house passed a resolution requiring all house members and staffers. To undergo sexual harassment training. The number of foreign visitors to the US is down this year and some are blaming the drop on president trump. The national travel and tourism office says the number of visitors coming into the US job nearly 4% in the first half of 2017 compared to the year before. Travel experts like Arthur Brown RVs drummers guide book company had warned. President trumps rhetoric would lead to eight trump slump in travel but the job may also be blamed on a strong dollar making travel to the US pricey. The biggest decline was visitors coming in from the Middle East with a 30% drop. The second biggest Mexico with a 16%. Drop in Washington Jill NATO Fox News. In New York City data is now officially the holiday season with the tree lighting up Rockefeller Center. And so it begins the Christmas season in full effect in New York City now that the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is lit the tens of thousands of flights were going to illuminate the 75 foot Norway spruce. And it will remain lit. Until the early part of January people are continuing out here now to hang around the tree with cellphones now getting the best pictures they can. The take home here in the city or where ever they hail from summer singing in getting into the Christmas spirit. Even though they're still a day of November left on the ground. And midtown Manhattan criminal stuff Fox News. 835 now Stephen did in the morning on K and as sad a sad and it's time for entertainment news still blurred this morning yet chambers. Is gonna tell us about what's gone on with instant rail ma that is right right. That's right we've got to. Now what is the most light in to Graham posed. Of 2017 for instant Graham is a social network but focusing on photos for the most part is. But it is like FaceBook but all votes and it sort of how that works out guess that must likens to grab both Tony seventeen Fox's first and then when. As the details. A report from the virgin details in Gramm's most liked photos of the year earned the top spot goes to the the states Laura seemed pregnancy announcement the image here in February had over eleven million likes in a matter of hours followed by soccer star Cristiano Rinaldo. Sure a photo of himself with his family announced the birth of his twins can't keep your students. Selena Gomez still reigns as the most followed start with a 130 million followers on the platform. Love was the most used hash tag increasing Goodwin Fox News. Steve a certain boy wizard it is heading to Broadway. But as Fox's Jane Meltzer reports from behind a red curtain its presence is already being felt a few blocks away. Hawks on stage I. Every potter musical news Broadway in March. But more than 20000. Theater goers already got your potter Phoenix Broadway. Pops up a hostile hops had these players the wizard thing students never destined to save the world. There are doing nothing should fit after it and I think there's certainly nothing. It was developed during a residency at the university fla features plenty of pop culture references from the nineties. From the characters from the potter books came of age there's people have come and seen as a six team. We have fanned two and cast and characters from the show income and fear. Matt Cox the playwright Christian McCarthy Parker directs them physically gifted cast. Plucked from the nation's top improper group's fans now clamoring for a nationwide tour that's box onstage. So Harry Potter plus. Grunge music and that's certainly a great combination but that's something I wanna go see sixteen times act. Mean interesting I suppose we're not American Idol runner up actor in television personality Clay Aiken. I turns 39. Today eight and of course best known as the runner up on the second season of American Idol. Now despite that loss eight and went on to a successful recording career you. At least six hole linked albums. He's active frequent TV appearances he starred in broadway's Camelot. The money I felon. Musical in 2008 in 2009. And ran unsuccessfully for congress in North Carolina. In this interview clip from Good Morning America. Eighteen jokes about being jealous of a fellow American Idol Monica Jennifer Hudson. I'm so jealous because there was a point where I was considered the most successful idol loser and now I'm not anymore. She has won a Golden Globe and I saw the movie and she deserves the Academy Award and now I'm going to be. Out and sobs second place again. Can place again it's actor in TV personality Clay Aiken turning 39. Today. An actress from one of your favorite shows Steve turns 32. Today. 32 so yeah here here's a clip take a listen to this. We accounts and I'm leading a study to see if deficiency of the mono not cities and I'm leads to paralyzing fear in monkeys. Yeah she didn't you just off. You you've done is experiments on humans. Can't brownie at how. Do you concur. That's from the Big Bang theory Steve you know announce who want what's your name and daily cocoa. And Kate is it Kenya and the other one. No okay the daily local press 32 today 32 yes delightful. Where she first start and hit sitcom eight simple rules. And since 2070 played any any yes that's Heidi the adequate than anything. On any top rated Big Bang theory. And continuing on with the birthdays. Been stellar. Fifty 52 today detective who could fill those theories there words just about any comedy that came out any given year all had been Stiller in I know. Seamlessly comedy that there. Well you defeat that he didn't like I have never found Ben Stiller funny and anyway some of the legendary comedy team and Jerry Stiller in. And Mara now they are funny. But at the bit. Ben Stiller is here it and there's something about Mary. I thought that was all right to. I don't think it deserves all the ClaimID dot but I thought it was funny. Meet the parents. Night at the museum tropic thunder. One that I do have kind of a personal weakness or is dodge ball. Let me hit you with some knowledge. He should quit now and save yourself the embarrassment. Duration of SATA optical take my chances in the tournament that you will take your chances. I know I just said that I knew you just said that okay I'm not sure we don't well I'm not sure where you're going with this. That's where you said that's what I'm saying to you all right. Are arguing that gap really is a bit him in Orlando what he exactly. So it's such an account ethnicity actor apple that's looked out. So there OK and he competed in pins Dillard and her being 52. Today is also Billy idols 62. Birthday and. That's strengthened us. Billy Idol I was born William. Broad. Began his career fronting the band Generation X. I was during that first wave of the UK pound back in the 1970 wrong hands. Solo artist in the eighties he candidates down to include a new wave hard rock and pop. He had some commercial success. And this video on MTV for quite awhile they got them. Big on a very a very fledgling league young MTV. Billy Idol was probably good for MTV and MTV was good for Billy Idol and so happy birthday Billy Idol. Turns 62 today. And one of my favorite filmmakers Ridley Scott is eighty years old today you're that'll. Yeah turns eighty course that is breakthrough was in 1939 scifi horror eight Lee and that day and now. Went on to make while you may Thelma and least that's right he ought to black hawk down big films the martian. And of course the he won best picture in 2000 with gladiator gladiators you bet threats of Ridley Scott happy birthday earned 82 day. That is now for the blurred today the blur every day is brought you buy pizza Johns in their grade that's right you can get the sandwiches salads. The spaghetti eating garlic bread and of course those fantastic pizzas the only special the supreme the veggie lover's pizza. The veggie pizzas were really good again that is pizza Jonsson community. At 208 south Baltimore 42 now and keep it here for Wichita business journal. Editor bill Roy. About possible ownership change for entertainment company. Seem intent of the morning on K and a sense.