Harvest rolls on in Kansas

Steve & Ted
Thursday, June 14th
Steve talks about the Kansas Wheat with Tom Leffler of Leffler Commodities.

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97 and thirteen 33. And it's. See that in the morning feedback since fiscal burden to 630. A former Wichita police officer who looted a nine year old girl when he fired at her family's dog. Has pleaded not guilty to aggravated battery Dexter bets. Entered a plea Wednesday prosecutors say bets shot at a Wichita families. Nature English Bull Terrier twice. On December 30. Hendrick county district attorney mark Bennett says the girl was sitting on the floor next to the dog but it moved in bets fired twice. Two men are dead after two semi trucks collided on US 54 near Collison. In Pratt county Wednesday afternoon. The Highway Patrol says the driver and only occupant of one's semi 36 year old. Patricio much Reno of El Paso, Texas died at Pratt county hospital. A passenger in one of the trucks 42 year old Arturo Moore up a chaperone you Mexico indicted Kingman county hospital the other driver was taken a Weston medical center in Wichita in critical condition. And authorities say Kansas police officer died when his motorcycle crashed into another vehicle that had slowed to avoid a pedestrian walking on the highway. The pedestrian was later arrested and faces charges of second degree murder and pedestrian under the influence. 48 Uga 48 year old concordia officer Mark Henry was killed Monday afternoon and highway 81. In Ottawa county. A West Virginia man pleads guilty to burning his girlfriend to death. Dwayne Michael Lane pleading guilty to state to murder and other charges against the advice of his attorney the 48 year old Dallas single in the Cox with gasoline in September then set the victim on fire in front of her daughter and her niece Cox died about two weeks later and hospital. Police believe plane burned his girlfriend during an argument in their home. Lane also pleading guilty to child neglect and domestic battery Steve Rappaport Fox News candidates fear for their lives as Mexico's election season heats up in a nation where mayors are twelve. Times more likely to be killed in citizens of voters wonder who we'll actually be on the ballot for Mexico's elections July 1 the biggest in Mexico's history 3400. Offices are programs every political party regardless of affiliation has endured death in the lead up. At least 600 candidates have backed out due to violence Mexico City public policy group estimates that at least a 113. Candidates current and former politicians and staffers have been murdered this season alone the government's tally which tracks candidates' only lists 34 assassinations officially the situation is so bad that volunteers won't even a hand out flyers analysts believe criminal drug cartels and organized crime are behind many of the slings Kevin battled Fox News. Okay now a look at the forecast with K is his staff be -- Dan holidays good morning and the good morning to stretch of hot and dry weather is going to take us throughout the rest of the weekend right on into the weekend here's a region by pressure builds into the central part of the country we get to about 97 for the high it's clear and warm overnight are low 74. Sunny and hot on Friday with a high 97. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now mostly cloudy we've got to southeast wind at ten miles per hour than 75 degrees it is muggy this morning and I noticed that. When I walked out the door to go to my car. They come to work this morning it is really mode you can just about it feels like you can cut. The air with a knife but you can't it's not that muggy. 633 now Steve and Ted a south Texas woman. Gave a small bag of dead cockroaches to a city official to protest nearly planted palm trees that she blames. For more unwanted bugs in her neighborhood. Patricia poll last tree told the Corpus Christi City Council she's seen more rodents and unwanted insects including cockroaches since the trees were planted. Lester well also complained that the palm trees blocked her view of Corpus Christi bay. Key in the black plastic bag of cockroaches to city manager he seldom. And asked council members to reconsider the landscaping which includes more than 150. Homes. And to plant the trees across Corpus Christi. Council members took no action on the remarks during a public comment period I counted the unique way to. Two show that your upset the City Council Graham a big bag a cockroach yeah. I'm sure fifth if we've really pressed. City manager. Bob Layton or even the mayor of Wichita. That probably share a couple stories of people who have been. All have misbehaved in protest maybe they probably wouldn't tell stories on an act they would Mona. But what people think smiling people pretty much behave thanks abused down. Every now and in some hills you know you get the get you shorts was that they they get to an event yet they voice their frustrations and there issue sometimes people are not good it. Staying calm and collected when they do that there understandable. They're temperatures rise in the their voices rises well you doctor was a few minutes ago we talked about the raccoon. In Saint Paul, Minnesota. Declined the outside of the 25 story building before being lured into a trap with cat food now that the raccoon. Has been set free. Christina valve valve V via. Is general manager of wildlife management services and indeed which helped to capture the animal. Says a raccoon was released on private residential property. Angel animal became an Internet sensation. Before being captured on top of the UB as plaza in downtown Saint Paul. They'll devious says the animal is healthy and in good condition records adventures cause sister on social media. As it scaled the tower Tuesday do you see of that at all heck yes sauce a little bit of written and you know obviously. Those things that have the class don't go to war level guy's amazing the historical all right. There and see where he partisan fingers there have been to Britain told me. In the done via. That there is wave with I don't maybe the city might keep him around in some sort of mascot to mascot capacity of another set him free he's back in the wild now. Are indeed indeed somebody it is or maybe it's just my imagination he's really been muggy users while it was much worse a couple days you think they'll. Now are to measure it but you know seven factories it feels like about a 117. Active. It is it is muggy no doubt about it today. West our energy and the Salvation Army are teaming up along with west lake and it ace hardware and giveaways from fans. As people out there who they can't afford to maybe they don't have air conditioning. It's get hot they can't afford to handle this is a way the get a free fan it's gonna be from. 10 AM to 4 PM. At the Salvation Army city command complex right there at 350 north market. Downtown Wichita is out here living somewhere that doesn't have air conditioning done in these temperatures. You'll just sit in a room in Asia if you don't have as well as dangerous is very happy now you if you want one of these anti got to provide and I. And proof of address and electric bill. And it's only have to do it and get a free fan and I guess it total box fan of something to do it again ace hardware coming through in the with stars skip both up about 60000 dollar for these fans and then they're free again that's from 10 AM to four opium. Today at the Salvation Army said the command complex 350 north market there in downtown which. Yep and they always find demand for those people becoming it's definitely needed they are box fans I'm missing of this some video right now. On McCain has said they get a stack of and good old fashioned box mr. Mondale noble your yeah I did check up on 638 now Stephen Ted in the morning. Time for our commodities update the top left look of Butler commodities. John. Good morning team. Well yeah another session that like any type of market boom including new cash cattle trade. A lot of Kevin Peter general closed negative after trading knicks and Brooklyn in the range of what we saw back on Tuesday. I can accomplish that range bound for the past couple weeks we saw yesterday we dog catchers. I've never moved to the upside July until now game over eight dollars in the past seven trading sessions. I'm close literally August live cattle they have forty cents at 102 in 95 at Petersburg to. One important sidekick dive into the wind you know with the dirty ten 277. Have been the sweet corn important contract as part. Yesterday today and closed vegan purposefully and given back all of its games and I most of their games from some people upside the trade relations concerns wasn't really comfortable selling. It was a very nervous but also has an important thing. We're not quite friendly and tried to move this morning July came and went they have seven have sent it by putting women at December corn them to revamp the three and I need to revamp in November including stand between a quarter at 955. And I have like crude oil was trading 33 cents attitude and put 97. August gold seven dollars and fifty cents higher at 209 dollars. September 5 pinned to a quarter point article one have an Indian women in the quarter. Yeah dollar index 37 cent lower 93 or beaten was September of deadly and tensions sixteen point guard point 5000 to 24. Commodity trading Greg Moore can anybody contact look at commodity bomb program whereby you can fix it. And it's muggy I mean it is muggy. It is at an Ohio man obviously should stop saying that because everybody knows that. Right now. So the accustomed cutting either the of weak earnings goal now. We have pretty rapid rate to well into a lot of progress by this weekend because state became Booth. Once they get going. In a day long visit. No I can never win a major bill didn't do you know were afraid won't read them both of them harms the so far they have been putting spotted. Read and both. Some of the big log onto our farmers and and cast that we did. It seems like they're they move pretty fast elbow deep cut in Broward and hours at a time is that because they've their feeling pressure from. The weather is it just because they wanna get her done in in in name it was stamped their tilt gets stuffed. I wanted them because of those things that furniture until independent and produce those storms. Yeah you don't need them but we can't say hailstorm because you won't have to have things quirky kid. And when. Whether you know hot dry you can pretty much ran. Up throughout the whole base into the handling. But sometimes we used to have in question really important it gives step and you can't give any longer but then we have a video linking him. We were talking yesterday about the expensive. Equipment. Specifically. Combines. And do you farmers ever the loner rent those out to other farmers are. Is just something new you want your own narratives. Well I don't know if I'd have would lower. But then again sometimes I woke up from getting for a neighbor. Ole Casey it's a neighborly thing to do Internet. Take care of each other tuna farm. Just like it is here in radio evidence. Eggs. At the and just one big happy family get there. I take your time 641 now was Stevens did in the mornings on king in his system we have done grant. CFC I call him. Done I'm. Done I don't know if Tom Noe got done grant the money record Telus even talk about sleeping in the same room must. That's all the way Stephens of the morning on Kate in a sense.