Hatch Green Chilies from New Mexico

The Good Life
Saturday, August 12th

Marty Johnson from Johnson’s Garden Center joins Guy to talk about his trip to the southwest to bring back chilies to Wichita.


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And yeah. Let every Saturday here at Davis said the bulk up we want to put yours. A little bit different they would commit to you from a cool place to call my agent at a tournament. It's 2556. Or me route and hopefully the outcome of stuff going on today. In addition to a lot of happy as. It is that there. It it's their coach for a minute. Just the crowd picked up they're going to be Rowland dies you're pretty soon for 40000. The prize don't come run record has said that because he didn't register part. It was yesterday. You can't just come when you become thought he took it. Great stuff with tears in the mobile outlet studios mortgage jumped to talk about the two. Grades reported them and so if that was my knees in my heart reporters. At an apartment. For. And you get people could miss the boat at there's spots were. You see people just cut to. Then again do. 23 miles per day and you've got it all right so let's talk green chili or stuff. And I think that there haven't you you've been. That's what news. Do you revealed it. Where you can. Fresh. High quality trucked in courage. People that you rose to ride. We started in and people can go to I actually had dot com. And then still stored in 1999. Jim and I went to Colorado for me. Thought their friends gardens and urgency that need to be Russian chilling account added that he talked about it he told that. Let year we borrowed her in the back and pick up some potentially in New Mexico. Next surely added. They wrote to for each store and so then approaching twenty years we've been doing it there's and we came back and I was surprised because people's. We have you have to go to New Mexico and get this over so that you're doing it you know we. We traveled hundreds of miles every year make several trips and pick up. New Mexico. And roast them. But the order you know and in the road through therapy. Basket like room. It propane they do. Or that they rotate around inside that room if they do what you can do it boom over. Particularly look after more efficiently than it kind of semi charged outside ski. To me that is one of the best flavored answer you can do with at green tree. I think so then we'll take them at the mid day. In Bagram I take him home in the bag and I just think about at a couple handfuls in their freezer bag with this you know there. And we get ready to use them all of that the stampede saw them. Quietly watched him and him and use some of fitness and manipulated and these are the number of any excuse by any of the jobs aren't. You could pick up the green chili cook. We have. New cookbook coming up. Mean and you'd. Have cool. I know that I had a couple of people in the equipment that we did some green chili cooking demo tonight. Besides. I'm. There's something special about these peppered you can buy and you can buy peppers that are similar and other places but actually make it really is the Mecca. And I wrote in my garden guy I've grown. Hatched New Mexico patch great chili peppers the same. Genetics that they're going in southern New Mexico and that the thickness of this he and from the ones that we've cougars won't last long. It doesn't want us fitness of this in the problem meet. And actually from London and New Mexico of their mortgage related just love that I'm on the water. So what about it that is about it. Girl. Let's talk about. Things to do that first. The average patch prematurely no matter how you prepare doesn't have that much but there is to predict that respect. Couple of miles medium or extra and their commitment to vary and what not to be important to start with them not to mention too. To watch him get sent to this MP saw that he gets embassy they'll just take that flat piece of heparin problem. One mistake in Hamburg and put it in just he's like that kind that. What I'll do also is all automate with particular stock that I don't know. Measuring rule. Let's say at court that it opened in about three cups of puree. We shall protect the cleanest name off of it and the food processors. Authorities and onions garlic lemon. Salt pepper but some thought that some. Central hopes to Mazen didn't have a very short time even. Some important some more pieces in there so. Once you get that basics of the green chili garlic and tomatoes they're cute now you. Julie's house it is suitable for. Amber's written maddening. Green Chile what in particular. Witness on ticket for earth and putting it in the putting on the yes man of the page spaghetti. If you make. Solves that put the pain of with the there's something about the flavor that it. When it is just. Today I say it's not the only addiction. Remember I made this. I made guacamole without avocado in particular and I think the rest in my within the older but that's. There's only one thing you can do you liked it to me the best thing to do with he beautiful coast. You. Claim that effort is put on paper when it gently. Dyson evenly Poland and couples. To get the purity of the meeker and of that effort. This could disagree with a guy like that Panetta open. Putting some tees in the heroes and thought it would and and and we get into better private tour. You know. Here's hoping things you can do it well into pick and fresh ones that have not come through there. It's been in the very. We'll he ends up yet you step peppered him with these if you have this problem of the she is definitely not. But. Yeah. The rose to local and usually that's almost a month. Right well I think we have so it fits this coming week in that we inroads in the world and a weekend it will go well into next to him. That's the part we come back and finish talking about. It is I'm gonna miss it I'm going to be coming you want you you're over objections and what is. I've been so many years that particular region. I note though it sounds like you did you. You government one of my favorite little doubt that we did. Did you get her out there with jokes mountain. We'll talk about that. And that quick break we'll be back mortgage ultimate moment you live from Beijing Games into their pets permit Utley and it's back in the world there. Snippet of the way and hit it and scouts and development fund. Put it that particular paper and get ready come October will be penalties it would be right back.