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Steve & Ted
Wednesday, May 16th
School-time chat with Tom Leffler from Leffler Commodities

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37 and thirteen thirty KM SS seem to have a mortgage backed into. Have a words. At 630 here on Wednesday at Tuesday's meeting the Wichita City Council adopted two resolutions. To support this year's Wichita river fest of. Oh the council first adopting a resolution to allow alcohol consumption during river fest. They did this by establishing a temporary entertainment district around sentry to and the Hyatt regency which is top. The council also adopted a resolution to allow Wichita festivals incorporated. Negate a price water park and the lawn adjacent to the Hyatt regency river fest runs from June 1 through the ninth. Rodney price paid an SS news. A New York City man who hope to become the only out of state resident to run for Kansas governor beat kicked off the ballot. The state objections board voted two to one. To remove Andy mask in his name from the Republican candidates on the ballot in the August primary members of Kansas congressional delegation are pushing for faster environmental cleanup. As a former ammunition plant in the northeastern part of the states. The army began cleaning up contaminants three years ago from the former some Clark army ammunition plant facility produced gunpowder and rock of opponents during supper awards. The Kansas City Star reports the army says it's making progress but some federal lawmakers from Kansas are concerned about the 20/20 eight target date to finish cleaning up to 5300. Acres. Senator Jerry Moran and representative Kevin Yoder both Republicans are pressuring the army to speed up the progress. Yoder says don't encounter residents deserve to have this land back from productive use in the community. Sub Campbell came in SS news. Prosecutors will file nine counts of felony child abuse against the California mother of ten children. Who investigators said suffered long term abuse in a filthy home. According to authorities. I know Rogers who is scheduled to appear in court today told reporters earlier this week the allegations against her and her husband are false. California has the right to die law passed in 2016. But a judge says it was improperly enacted. And he's tossing it out. A judge in Riverside said California legislators right to die law was unconstitutional. Because they passed it during a special session. During those you're limited to the topics on the session. Alexandra Snyder with a life legal defense foundation said that was not their primary argument but he'll take. They got through that way because there and some pretty strong opposition and even within the commitment that they need to power thought out action at this site is still very controversial. She says of lawmakers get it passed properly they will fight again on other grounds she says there's no investigation following doctor assisted suicide. Leaving the process open to abuse by those who won a coerced or intimidate the terminally ill person. Jessica Rosenthal Fox News. A smile is a good thing right. School in Pennsylvania thinks though. Students in north Lebanon Pennsylvania high score told just smiled when walking the hallways between class. Asks if not well they can Wear their frowns right to their guidance counselors not all parents like the new rule some even transferring their kids to other schools and some parents say while they are telling kids to smile they are ignoring borrowing something the school district did night. Morning with a partly cloudy start to today we expect to be sunny this afternoon with temperatures in the upper seventies by lunchtime. 84 for the high later on tonight partly cloudy Arlo 65. Should be dry on Thursday would tomorrow's high getting to 86. And a system moving our way on Thursday night and Friday may bring us a few thunderstorms. I'm KO SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now. All remit is to sixty degrees coal no wind. But I don't think you gonna have to order. The youngsters in UST 2592. Smiles today this is the last day of matches for the switched a public schools. And I get a few lending unit in an NB ordered his father role going to be smiling today if that's summerall. And you know. Always afford to have in the summer off and you can play Little League Baseball spokeswoman do what it is we wanted to all summer long been violent act and I for one. I enjoyed school that's where all my friends were and I just enjoy it that yet it's at last day class at USC 259 and that they're probably in that last two or three days or week of school class and not much going on. Is pretty much relax in party on little bit may be some tests and a much. My grandson Nolan over Caroline thinks he has a finals either I think Monday or Tuesday maybe was yesterday. He got to the finals and final test it and they're all ready to take off for the summer they're going to be counting gonna watch for those kids. As the it pursues their summertime activities. Police were called and investigated domestic disturbance in the southern German town found a man arguing. With a parent. A resident in Google rush neared the Swiss border called the emergency number Monday to report is concerned about loud shouting. From next door apartment that have been going up for some time should police set off and went to the scene found there was a loud argument going on but it was between a 22 year old man and in an apparent. The men's open he would bit annoyed with the bird which blood was girl and it isn't going. The pair responded to a being shouted death with loud noises on its own police did it couldn't speak it could bark. Like dog. It's no one was hurt the operative left. At that. My wife tells new window. When she was a young should she had. With the black board won't cost much. And royalist and it was one of those might never. Yeah we're those miners and today it was in both in her room in his cage was always think she she eats birds to this day. Cannot stand for old. And apparently. Apparently the that the bird was taught by her dead. To say you know ugly sexist things high and whistle. And do wolf listen. Like debt in and a neighbor man. Came over body in the ready to clock her dad because you've heard that bird work with the and that's and it kind of is it that it was boys have a I don't know Abbott Costello and I'm. They were they were ready to go to blows over the minor bird forget about those birds ticket to heat and talked they can all talk very well. But I haven't seen in my numbered in years. Authorities failed and here's the thing you get the line and it and it ended at a retail. And somebody leaves aligning comes back you know one what do you do authorities say a woman is accused of pulling a gun on another shopper. Outside of Florida supermarket after an argument that began in the checkout line. The Leon county sheriff's office charged 36 year old Jessica mark with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill. The Tallahassee Democrat reported mock was at a checkout lane at a public to grocery Sunday but left the line briefly for forgotten item right. When she returned she found a woman had gotten ahead of the card she left the line. Sheriff statements as to argued in the other woman changed lines in recent months included and get the victim outside the store. Wow rule. Again heated Hillary over rated excellent those the little impatient in those those checkout lines and a I think most people around here was. Allow the lady to come back and yeah. A lot of smoke I have done I did and now some people would not not been in line with my wife and chickened out and intimately halfway through this man does. Stuff that she's offered at the barter. And there almost threw tea. What are you got to make it just spreading down to buttered come running back usually persons admitted that the way for about thirty now the opera. But that most people in this and I think Wichita I don't know I think in what is on ye hear those people are gonna most people give him some slack out there in your forties acts the there in the gonna come to blows with the herb there you know and news. And again the story came from where. Florida. We have you know we'll say we gotta move the Stephen Ted children floor. Man it got so many interesting things going on and so the people down there just wacky just misbehave by the millions down to the 638 restated to add that the KNS as commodities update but mr. Tom Loeffler of what we're commodities departing time. Well good morning Steve. The tone continued to eat and live cattle in the pants on Tuesday that Clinton's for the second straight session of triple digit losses immediately contacted the history of the contact was made on the week of April. Last week load test cattle trade in the big chart technical couldn't even board dale and side. Keep in mind on the subject were made appropriately. Can't boast that doesn't include triple digit gains. You know I conclusion yesterday and took a bit of losses typical white cat about to 1297. Instead of about nineteen when Gordon important. You know about reported to have worked so beaten the court and so different problems and that person to big trade yesterday. Obtained the first time since June of them in that moment when conflict of about one dollar. Updated includes numbers for the quarter and the makers hype you'd be in the bay and as you estimate at the moment like can you went into record and tired by twelve men have to. Like when opening up three and three quarters. Like soybeans straightened out with quarterly bulletin board and and amp brutal and 16 cents this morning the New England took aim. In the country and forty cents at 12186. Months since the net income to record a point important similarly the quarter. And it went into Iron Man during those 41 as. NG bid and tensions to influence what would import six or seven but commodity trading Martin advisories come to it took Robin. On the on the web by the fact that. It. I'd done that last day of school than last days of school earlier this week for kids all over south central Kansas and it looked at forty get now in the summer and doing what kids do it if we knew youngster but they'll think back to suspended several many decades ago but. When you were a child it and president Coolidge was in the White House what death. What did you look forward to most in the summertime when you go to school. Yeah I reported better than it would rule. It just a you can sleep. I knew when we hadn't just been ourselves you know mister Marino did not do everything we worked on the bottom all summer we could choose to do a big role so much. I'd remind me didn't know any different you know bad and good but I think I live report just didn't make eskimo. It's. And so. Really school isn't in line. That's fun I mean. Obviously you've made a success. Yourself went back to the inning despite the fact that you hated school does your teachers were all mean to you and beat you with rumors of what the right. I. You yes no. You'd I think we all have what this Steven did you all right. Nobody nobody thought we do anything here we are just does have a great morning every day. You know and people would say it was a disappointment should you probably don't understand what you are talking about really. Well it'll be easier but you know. I divert ET it yeah. Yeah and so would stay alive just when you talk. About lean hogs a figure who want to skinny you know it's. What sort of all with a little legal right we'll get. LI IE I know about about 7580% of what you're talking about Nokia influenced stocks and instant things like death and it's what went. A lot of commodities up it's good information and and we appreciate you coming on with a dog in his way over there and gestured and Butler county and and we love to hear for me every day and he did a good job so you know. Take that education years at third grade education you're here and liberty where that thing. I at a boy. A year and over cheaper. Than the act that Saddam it's 642 and Haiti. Time for the prairie fire coffee break already time via a gay it is as prairie fire coffee the freshest coffee in the Wichita area. Why because very prior coffee beans or roasted fresh right here in which you know you and you can get very fired call read your office just like Stephen dead. Like going 26730. Sevens over the long or on line. 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