Healthy 2-headed snake found in Missouri

Steve & Ted
Monday, January 15th

Both heads capable of eating the rodents that comprise its diet.


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Is distinction which talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KSS. Wichita is number one. News talk and what their station depend on. Morning 6:30 in the morning I feedback inside. The Wichita ice and our nation air for the national airport blast through recover its runways. Good for the slow but constant shift in the Earth's magnetic poles had altered pilots compass headings. It's starting reports airport officials told members of Wichita airport advisory board at the compass heading to the airport three runways of 56 degrees. Change has prompted the airport to plan to re number its two primary and won crosswind runway for the first time in nearly 64 year history of the airport. All of the forecast with Kansas stampede year old just damn holiday good morning Dan. Good morning some slick roadways are going to be the main concern on the drive into work this morning swim may be a bit slow going for. But as a cold Arctic air mass continues to move then they'll send temperatures in the mid teens by late today. Tonight a wind chill advisory in effect. Clear with a low near zero wind chills at fifteen to twenty below sunny and fourteen Tuesday I'm KO SS meteorologist Dan holiday no lights no 33 degrees from the north wind at fifteen miles per hour. The attorney representing the family of Andy finch says a family blames the Wichita police officer who shot him not the prank caller for his death. Civil rights attorney Andrew M straw. Who is representing the finch family said that the Wichita police department bears responsibility. For the use of excessive reckless unreasonable and lethal force. He added that while the family doesn't want to see barest I'll responsible. For allegedly making the swatting a phone call. He wasn't the one who pulled the trigger. Since the shooting the officer's name has not been released and the only information has been released from the DA's office is at the officer is currently on paid administrative leave. Amy web K and SS news. The widow of an Indian men killed nearly a year ago on a suspected hate crime in Kansas has. Devoted herself to spreading love and positivity in his name police allege 32 year old surround of a scooter blah blah and Indian immigrant living in a late though was shot to death last February at Austin's boring grilled by Adam puritan. Who witnesses say yelled for the victim to quote get out of my country. Kansas City Star reports pure and and faces charges that include first degree murder and hate crime. Could you bought those wife 33 year old Sunni Yana don't Mala spoke publicly about her husband last month that garment worker Jim Bob Lowe worked. She says she still doesn't feel very welcome in the US but is trying to appeal to the best in people. The mall says he's increasingly outspoken against hate in an effort to share grew to Buffalo's legacy. Phil held a grand Kagan SS news. The Kansas governor's proposed fiscal year Tony nineteen budget is prompting some skepticism. From legislative leadership Don Heineman. Is that house majority leader says a proposed budget goes does put more money in areas that don't need additional funding but. The problem is in the years of beyond governor Brownback tenure. It works great we're a year maybe two years and then the wheels fall off. And there's not enough funds to keep that level of expenditure going that's their disappointment. To them. I think essentially all of us legislators and it's an issue that we're gonna have to deal. Hawaii congresswoman wants answers after a false text message alert. About an imminent missile attack on the island. One like this to be clearly tied to the military and the military should have the actual. Trigger if you want to call it the Clinton or the ability to notify. The residents of the state. That's democratic representative Colleen how to boost up. The text message alert went out Saturday morning local time at red ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii seek immediate shelter this is not a drill. About forty minutes for a secular to go out identifying the first message as a false alarm. Can congress and the president reach a deal on back up. Doc that's the program to prevent people brought here illegally as children from being deported the trump administration plans to shut it down in March. Unless legislators sent him a bill making it a law so lawmakers are trying to figure out if they let it end. Or if they put it in a standalone bill. Or if they rap that's some type of doc got an immigration reform in a bill to fund the government Democrats such as Georgia congressman John Lewis on ABC this week's say. Daka first. I'll salon and will not flows. Government funded until we get a deal own talk. In Washington Molly Henneberg Fox News 634 now Stevenson in the morning 987 and thirteen thirty KE NN assess Allman is a federal holiday Barton is working day on Monday morning. And on this date January 15 of 1967. The Green Bay Packers of the National Football League defeat of the Kansas city chiefs of the American Football League 35 to ten. In the first AFL NFL world championship game. Retroactively known as Super Bowl one yes didn't call a dead at the time. That little catchy name came later all but that was Super Bowl 11967. The Packers. And the chiefs event chip there. And again today is January 15 and a a raider two headed snake is on public display at the shepherd of the hills hatchery in Branson. The juvenile Lester rat snake which is not venomous the discovered under house in early Missouri. The Springfield news leader reports a snake went on display at the hatchery last Friday. John Miller a manager at the hatchery says so far the snake is healthy growing and they shed its skin twice today. When it's full grown it'll be about six feet long. Lewis has both of the stakes heads can't eat and the rest of its body is like any other state. Western rats thinks formally known as black rat snakes are common in mystery Miller says they are valuable duke because very valuable because they eat rodents. So in a rat snake with two heads and both of them. Functioning so what happens when it's time to go to the polls when they go to vote won the Republican and the Democrat and there. It's a snake that doesn't matter snake that entity to myself wanted to ask if ever they can double up and a lot of advantages. That's of that for the two headed snake terrorists but they're probably of them not known to be political and anyway. Kansas City zoo has an you'll rival Al. The zoo announced Friday that us female chimpanzee named Gracie was born earlier in the week to 21 year old tee to. Raissi is key to its first big ET two under twenty after he when he. Went to the Kansas City zoo from the sunset due in Manhattan Kansas in 2003. Will be several weeks before visitors get to see the new champ which is bombing was his mother behind the scenes. So is new champ. Kansas city's do. X 3060 even in again. Shelley and I had a a long weekend Rauf Friday and Thursday night. Shelley and I and my brother Jerry is like north went and we died extra outs today but you feel good about that Allah. Capital Norton but don't have to say Heidi Kevin but he went there. You know integrate Mueller. Thursday night extra outs or at Stratford Straus now what twice in the past couple weeks yap. Pretty nice but that's a part of a pretty nice. And as you may have heard over the weekend it Keith Jackson has passed away yeah and a one of sport's great voices. Popular play by play announcer and through voice of college for quite football like several generations of watchers. He died Friday he was 89. Began calling football games three BC sports when it acquired the broadcast rights for NCAA football in 1966. He also worked NFL and NBA games World Series winner in Summer Olympics auto racing. He traveled 31 countries for ABC's wide world of sports. He retired for good in May of 2006 he's died at the age of 89 wanted inspectors. Or his what his favorite one of its for you what ball and Allie right yeah that's that's an calls football and he culpable in the big unleashed and Ki yak is my affairs I think is very very good very very and admit our main. The car for charity rod and custom car show starts this Friday convention to. Sentry to convention center. And of course to greatness shows that at least a portion of the a portion of the proceeds go to charity. And we're gonna have a couple of tickets to giveaway evermore Newsweek yes it up 24 dollar value so be listening for your chance to win 2 tickets this morning. For the cards for charity rod and custom show yeah. 638 Stephen Jen for the can assist commodities update with time left there of what their commodities point Tom. Good morning Steve. A lot of Kevin Peter Kim just doesn't listen to military and pride. But did not make moons could be amazed about buffalo blue spot in the near and there's an article that helped complete line. Can't sheldrake from the vehicles mostly lower attendance forty dollar level and only Nebraska could live cattle than the previous week we know plenty penetrating those are big. Entrant who do we analyze stock markets didn't really get dirty. The closed Friday February cattle were produced entitlement 1737. Arts you go about reporting seven Ireland forty can stick side. Didn't okay. They're excited to have him 157. I don't know we closed may have been due to more acres than expected soybeans were partly due to slower production moved to western scrub. Accordion lower and higher yield and production. Up for the week and so much can continue to lose eleven since it's been lost to him since the march corn lost to nickel. Trading resumes tonight at 7 PM for the great market. On the closed Friday march canceling we were told him forward Portland took some recorded. It's going to end we have looked at 346 in the quarter mortgage means skin and have an entire 96 you have. And we are trading supporting in the following markets. They will close at twelve noon today. February crude oil was ninety important importantly blood that you weren't good seven dollars and seventy cents higher at thirteen 140 to stick it. We're just looking at 2000003 quarter point at 2792. And an at large dollar index may get another new contract rose more importantly than that ninety billion road. Instead they instituted a whopping 126 point. It was 500927. According to ignite marketing advisory conflict that would probably be on the program of budget in 66 through ten dollar. I'm yearning gust which course Butler county in it to the radar of the Kansas weather center radar indicating. It's your either having some very light snow or it's just on pastor for a little bit what's going on right now. Like no government has been this morning and they accumulate were forbidden from place to live in placement it's not showing up as much spoke. OK we have more coming. Yeah they've radar showing them out of the west as some more snow moving into the south central Kansas area which of course includes Butler county. Cedric now he's pretty much covered right now Reno county and on down to the southeast all way down to the U. The southeast corner of the state looks like forget to some snowfall on this morning. The bad part yeah. Yeah now we get I can handle little snow. Gets real cold today. A drop down to about fifteen degrees soul bundle up right. You probably won't even go out the door today you'll used to hide in your blankets current. DT by it was okay. I'd taken ended many people think in the day off you see the markets because of the MLK holidays can be abbreviated markets today instantly. The financial metal market there abbreviated all the day's market their clothes. Egg markets are closed today so we're talking what talk about the Dow closing early. Well no doubt contribute so dearly. That actual. Stock market will not open today. Well how markets even opened OK I got to. I'm trying to catch up on what's going on them okay yeah that's that's right it's a major holy so they wouldn't be open today. I'd go Postal Service they have no banks open. So maybe just on stay home. Yeah. That's a tough call yeah yeah yeah yeah thank you its operations and it's 642 nasty dent on the way. We've got done grants the FT the money tractor. Put the market's crash in 2018. Doesn't talk about that coming up seep into the morning on Kate in a sense.