Heavy holiday travel predicted with lower gasoline and airline ticket prices

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Wednesday, November 22nd

Guest: Fox News' Tonya J. Powers in New York


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning it is 8 o'clock this is BK NSS morning news with Stephen I'm Ted Woodward is Steve Macintosh has today off. On the day before Thanksgiving it is Wednesday November 22. Kansas regulators to review of the west are merger with great plains. I'm Dan O'Neill on K and SS meteorologist Dan Holliday yesterday we hit 56 for the high in Wichita it's going to be colder today but that's not going to stick around long we've got great news for Thanksgiving coming up. 51. Million Americans potentially on the move here on this Thanksgiving pre Thanksgiving holiday is shaping up as pretty hectic those traveling. Here's Kansas State University assistant professor of hospitality management Christen Malick. About 8% of travel tonight percent of travel will be through airlines and about 8099% of our role be through driving. And a big reason why Hubert she's in driving or flying is because the gas prices are so much slower than last year. There're over seventy cents lower than last year and so it's a huge deal. And says they're for the relays are going to be proud day in and on the highways are your hair having a lot of congestion so it definitely. The couple turner record. For those traveling with youngsters especially by car Malick says packed plenty of toys and games. Or items for kids to watch help make travel a long period the easier. A US navy plane has crashed in route to the USS Ronald Reagan in the Philippine sea eight people were recovered in and good condition. However three victims are still missing. Rigorous training with the Japanese military now the Japanese military says that eight people been recovered earlier this month the Reagan train which you other aircraft carriers. While the Korean Peninsula is the first time three aircraft carriers had trained together off the Korean Peninsula since the late sixties. At this accident is just the latest and Japan based seventh fleet after two separate collisions at sea this summer involving the guided missile destroyers USS FitzGerald. And you assist John S McCain which killed seventeen sailors. Over the week and another destroyer on the new Japanese target that tough loss for potions propulsion. Thankfully nobody was hurt. At Fox's Lucas Tomlinson with that story. There are a lot of things that can change gasoline prices but one expert says there's a factor you don't have to worry about Jennifer hall with AAA says no bad weather like snow more ice can lower gasoline demand help cold winter is shouldn't mess with price is much though. As heating oil doesn't follow gasoline as far as price goes as long as supplies are adequate. Certainly if there is a major supply disruption that's going to affect everybody. I think as far as the end result. Material. They and work fairly independently of each other. Last year's Thanksgiving gas price was one dollar and ninety cents a gallon in 2012. Price was three dollars 21 cents the price is at 239 as a Monday. That's nick does an L reporting to Kansas information network. Along talk for president trump and his Russian counterpart yesterday. President president headed out for more log over Thanksgiving said the call was a great one and would sit two leaders discussed. Not only the situation in Syria but also the threat of North Korea had. Good Duckett about. But don't forget about your. Now the call comes a day after President Putin met with Syria's president Bashar Asad seeking a political path Fordham war torn Syria one that would include coordination of anti terror efforts with the US in the car reflects the White House is desire to thaw relations with Russia. That's Griff Jenkins in the nation's capital reporting for fox president trump include them also spoke informally. Several times last week when they were attending a summit in Vietnam. Shareholders have overwhelmingly approved a proposed merger of the largest electric company in Kansas on with a firm in Missouri. Kansas City, Missouri based great plains energy and two database Westar Energy. Announce at a news release Tuesday that more than 90% of the shares voted at each company approved the transaction. But revised deal creating a company with a combined equity value of about fourteen billion dollars still requires regulatory approval. Kansas corporation commission issued an order Tuesday setting out a schedule next year that includes an evidentiary hearing march 19 through 27. Disorder is due by June 5. The company has made publicly revise transaction the summer after the commission denied their original request Dan O'Neill came in assets news. Hundreds of American veterans may be facing a new battle against a deadly parasite they're called liver flu looks small parasites that are ingested when you eat raw or undercooked fish and they can cause a rare bile duct cancer. It might take decades for symptoms to show up. A Veterans Affairs Department study concludes from fifty blood samples of mandate of American Vietnam that's more than 20% came back positive or bordering positive for a liver fluke antibodies. But they insist their studies still and it's early stages the parasite isn't seen much in Americans but some 25 million people are infected worldwide. Till NATO Fox News. Big day a big day for shocker basketball. Game tonight and we'll have highlights of previous coming up in sports just few minutes to Unisys news time male bias. No no. Ted in the morning here on Kate and ask ask. Kansas university stripping three football players of their captain status this after actions during last weekend's game. A punishment for those three captains who rejected a handshake from Oklahoma quarterback baker mayfield. Before the start of Saturday's game between the sooners in the jayhawks those guys and are going to be captains for us this week in their place were going to send our seniors out to be the captains this week Kansas head coach David Beatty they're announcing the penalties against showed in mean Daniel lies in torrents Armstrong for their actions. The news from the jayhawks can't comes one day after Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley. Announced that may appeal will not start the sooners game Saturday against West Virginia and would also not service captain as punishment for his behavior during that game Matt polyps on how Fox News. Thanksgiving perhaps. On earth and in the sky. Thanksgiving preparations now well underway even an outer space. Astronauts aboard the International Space Station announcing Tuesday they'll be dining on Turkey mashed potatoes and crab apple dessert. All sealed foil packages. But the station's commander also notes he's looking forward to next year. And I home cooked meal because my wife is a phenomenal cook which I like my mother was this as police in New York City are preparing for quote stronger than ever security at this year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and Wednesday night's balloon inflation. All in the wake of the truck attack in New York that killed eight people on Halloween and Washington Caroline Shively Fox News. It is 810 it was Stephen dead in the morning you're listening to 987 in thirteen thirty K and asked us. Stalled out vehicle this is. Really a potential traffic hazard if it is on I at 135. North of 21 street it's on the right shoulder. I'll watch for traffic slowdown in that area because of that when traffic updates from Kagan as his radio I'm jet chambers. And taking a look at your weather forecast heading into Thanksgiving. Sunny today are looking at a high of 48 degree is not as cold tonight overnight low down to 33 under clear skies. They're looking ahead for me super Thanksgiving much warmer tomorrow with a high near seventeenth. By Friday highs seventy sue. But it's very cold right now currently in Wichita with a mostly cloudy sky and its 24. Degrees it will double that primarily to high 48. The weather forecast heading into Thanksgiving speaking of which. The day before Thanksgiving of course it's getaway day lots of Americans will be traveling. In many different waves. During the course of this day. Let's check in with Fox News radio's Tommy. Good morning. This is the likely sit this getaway day everybody is on the move. It is it looks like according AAA about 51 million at best will travel fifty miles or more during the holiday. Weekend gear and this is it's been a big deal because this is the probably the most travelled once since 2005. And no what are the factors what do what are some of the factors that big lie that. Our a lot of them. And you know cheaper airfare yeah one a lot of people stated and safe and good deal that seems to be. Cheaper than it has been over the last five years I think Spain based. You know ease the statistics and stated it they airfares are cheaper now than they have been over the last several years so that's one on recent. You know I mean we've seen eight lease Pina a long time you know high gas prices in and several years ago at that just aimed at. Between that and the financial situation of people during a recession. Is over Denver less people who traveled. The fact that people feeling a little bit more stable now little more secure in the air in here you know own you know with their own wallet. In their job security things like that that is one of the reasons people I guess field that more like they can travel. With Sony people traveling on one day. The any type of weather event could snarl that but it I think we should have fairly decent weather nationwide to get people where they wanna be by time today is over. Hopefully sell me that nationally. You know have a lot it would especially if we talked about line because that plane that it would ever do you have a plane delayed. It can it can release oral. More than just once again you can have bad weather and went idiot can affect people you know traveling in other parts of the country where they have in the weather just fine now. Any write about the fact that it is that the big deal. Fox News radio's Tonya. As a quiet down a little bit before this. More. No it is not quiet a matter of fact today. The torrid start to arrive com only narrowly. In early here it's near city that you really can't tell uptick in the amount of people on sidewalks. Anti congestion. Especially in and around midtown in Times Square where there are a lot of people who are you know coming into. A century or Iraq get down and stay in chemistry that we have a couple blocks radio city music hall and that they'll. But attract that gave three ladies instructions on on Saturday. At radio city just this morning and it did not the public on. Air you'd you can feel a lot more people here at this time of the year that starts about the week before Thanksgiving and goes through a it's the first week of January and of course the big showcase of the of the parade tomorrow as well. Yes I'll be covering net at the preparation and I'll be covering Black Friday down at Herald Square fox is not giving you sort of a weekend. I don't know I actually request to work thanks okay highest I grew up watching the parade on TV and when I got here at it you know. I don't watch this thing live every chance side yet because it's just on my favorite thing. Well it's it's a pretty iconic part of American this tapestry every year. It. I'm sure had been sure getting to see an up close and person knows is a treatment it gives did. Different access the get on TV. It really does it comes right our on building here at avenue. So I. How they really have. Probably the best seat for it in my opinion because you know it's right here forever building. You know I get I get to respond to bubbling up. Very nice well I hope everything goes well for you this weekend Julie thanks us for spending some time list today. Anytime I epic Thanksgiving that's Fox News radio's Tonya. Thanksgiving travel heading into this very busy travel day thank you Tonya. It is 816. Was Steve intent on K and assets we've been talking about Thanksgiving this morning. Religious freedom the pilgrims came to the new world for religious freedom right. And subway is now. In the course day. They got out of England where they did not enjoy religious freedom no relation Holland where they did have religious freedom. But they were foreigners in a foreign land there yeah everybody spoke Dutch yet spoke English and it was kind of odd. And as they live there year after year. Their kids started becoming more Dutch right they are like. Yeah English we need an identity and yes another reason they decided to get out and the new world also appealing to them. Where they were kind of envisioning a clean start some points. And so that's that's one of the reasons that play in mean that's one of the reasons we came in North America and to make money there was an opportunity also in the new world which was such an lower to. Only pilgrims and everybody was kind of the chance to. Be your own business person and then start to make money with your own hands and not have to serve anyone Beale lower class to anyone at that yeah land of opportunity can. And they they really came to the new world to establish a religious theocracy. And it's pretty much what they did they they were trying to find that pilgrims also they never called so pilgrims. We call the pilgrims they were separatists. In in more or less their terms. There with the term but pilgrims referring to those folks did not surface until about eighteen AB and so that's that's a little more recent. Addition to the to detail. So there are some things and atlas or one more the buckled shoes were real I yell definitely a definitely. Is there any evidence that native Americans were the were invited to the big harvest feast. Is that a factor a misconception. We there's no evidence the pit at pointing to the fact that they were there I don't think there is. Nor is there evidence of the contrary exact more. Mythology. The English written record does not mention any invitation. To any of the oral thrives. Any of the of the local tribes does not seem reach back to that the original event from 1621. They could have been error. But it was not mentioned in any of the English writings of the of the event. They've been planning they they've been planting on both sides of a Brooke from the colony. Another possibility is that after the harvest is gathered there were some diplomatic call between the two was the celebration cross cultural. Maybe maybe not there and win there's just no evidence either for or against that. But some folks like to envision that it was a massive. That's double harmony and maybe laws could've been gosh so long ago. It is 818 was the instead on KNS as let's take a look at what's going on sports. And he he's uncertainties on the on sports yes how about college men's basketball flat yesterday the semi finals of the Maui invitational. In Hawaii sixth ranked Wichita State taking an unmarked jet very competitive game between these two was tied at about fifteen minutes ago. The doctors experience and depth began to Wear on Marquette as the game went along. And never giving up on any possessions the shocker certainly made that sound in their favor. Thanks to senior Rashard Kelly and his buddies Rashard would not give up even a fast break layup yesterday Mike Kennedy involved hole at the golf on what a three point seven KEY and. Right tonight we wanted to laugh about it kind of an appellate goes down to the docket tell. It and it gets it back. Okay ice climbers Kelly how. Saw that replayed yeah off. I mean a couple of times already had. Amazing that was a playwright there have basically looked like it was going to be a breakaway steal and layup from Marquette which you see a thousand times yes. But one shocker defender decided to go back and contested Borchard Kelly any he blocked it twice on the same play in at a soccer and got the ball. As those plays like that that enabled Wichita State to pull away and beat Marquette 8066. Landry sham and let the scoring with nineteen points we mentioned Kellie. He dished out a career high eight assists tied his career high with three blocks to them on that play you heard right there. Or he pulled down ten rebounds too low Austin Reeves. Got his career high with nine rebounds he was everywhere yesterday to go along with ten points. Shocker is much too deep for Marquette as well soccer bench outscored Marquette bench 285. At fox when the game 8066. The other side of the brackets on Notre Dame clobber LSU by 39 points so that sets up tonight's championship game until whopper. Twelfth ranked Notre Dame against number six Wichita State. Shocks are foreign though the fighting Irish are five and no one a matchup. Last time these teams met was three years ago it was in the sweet sixteen. Mike Kennedy and Bobble hole have live coverage of the shocker is in Notre Dame a beginning at 8:30 PM with coverage of the game will tip off about 930 tonight that's on what all three point seven KEY NN. And then sometimes close to the midnight hour will start taking your phone calls afterwards on the shocker locker room show. Into the wee hours of Thanksgiving morning broadcasting from the Katie Lyons studio tonight slash this morning so we'll get out it. We'll take your phone calls after the game into the wee hours shocker basketball tonight on that you lion. Last night in Lawrence number two Kansas hosting win Louis Texas southern. And you can pretty much figure out what happened here Kansas. Made a school record 193. Pointers in this game. Is Texas southern decided not to defend the perimeter. Jayhawks win it 114. To 71. Subtle poor. But let's be Mikhail look at 21 points to lead several huge scoring efforts for KU last night when terrifically at events and jayhawks are for no. And they get take that perfect record. In two Thanksgiving they'll talk about it tonight and take you basketball hot topic coach Bill Self that's at 6 o'clock tonight on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM. 975 FM. Will be talking pro football tonight on the tees kingdom show the weekly show with play by play voice and Steve Schmidt told this talking all things chiefs. 7 o'clock tonight right here on your home of the chiefs 987 and thirteen thirty KN SS. She's getting ready for an interesting stretch they've remained in first place and they have for their next five at home. So we'll see how that goes talking football tonight 7 o'clock right here on teeth in them show. Hockey tonight the first place Wichita thunder there on the road at the Kansas City mavericks 705 tonight mavericks have won five in a row thunder will try to snap that. Thunder will have home games this Thanksgiving weekend on Saturday and Sunday downtown in trust bank arena. Soccer volleyball team is already got its berth into the NCAA tournament stocks close out the regular season this week. At Memphis this afternoon. Then home at noon on Friday echo arena on senior day hosting Memphis. Shocks in the top ten in the nation in attendance and RPI. Could they get to host of volleyball regional for the first time ever we'll find out on Sunday during the NCAA selection show. Sox have won eighteen matches in a row. And and you go men's basketball last night in Belgrade oh close one. Late scoring enabled tally college to win it on the road at Butler 8076. Dennis Higgins and call the game right here on K and SS. Tallied gets the road win and is now seven and one. Heading into the Thanksgiving break. That's fortunes even Ted KE NS as it is 824 we Stephen 10 in the morning traffic and weather update is on the way and the somebody just cannot let go of 2016. Who might that be the enemy morning minute coming up next on Stephen's head on eight MSS. OK it's time for our prairie fire coffee break at prairie fire copy is the press this copy in the Wichita area because prairie fire copied these. As you know are roasted fresh right here in Wichita now if you want prairie fire copied your office. Right down his phone number 2673771. Minute or you can go online at prairie fire coffee dot com. It's time for a copy break right here on KMS act.