Help Crime Stoppers catch a burglar who killed a Wichita man's dog

Steve & Ted
Monday, June 18th
A Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week with WPD Detective Wendy Hummel.

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. 7 o'clock visibly finishes forty use either dead actually Bakken zone without enough. And 77 degrees man's body found himself Wichita we've got the story. Hutchinson and body recovered from lay. Hilton head. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday yesterday's high in Wichita was 97. We. Authorities are investigating after a man's body was found near the someone called 9112 reports what they thought was a dead body in a tree line next to the river. In the area of Wausau and green might boulevard which is just south of Pauly a Broadway. Police believe the body had been there for a few days and identity of the man in the cause of death were not immediately determined. Authorities have recovered the body of Hutchinson man who went missing in a northern Colorado late. Steamboat today reports 64 year old Davis pass of purchasing Kansas was with another man on the shore of steamboat late trying to fix a problem with their votes trolling motor Friday afternoon. Route coming corner rob Brian says we don't really know a lot about why he went down. S.'s Bonnie was recovered just after midnight early Saturday morning in an autopsy is scheduled for Monday. Is that Campbell came in SS news several people are dead after a high speed crashed near the Texas Mexico border. Fox's Jeff Paul reports the victims are believed to be illegal immigrants. The dinner Denny shared just spoke a little while ago saying no a six person might have died in a number of casualties might only rise he also says the driver was known to law enforcement. It was changes last weekend they're scouting the area are looking for immigrants to smuggle fourteen people were incited when it crashed while. US Border Patrol agents pursued the SUV. They Zeta vehicle ran off the road and flipped over several times twelve or rejected Ford died on saint. A fifth passed away on the way to the hospital. The sheriff says it's an extremely busy area for smuggling more assets are needed and that they have a real problem with illegal immigration that's showing no signs of slowing down. The driver of that SUV walked away he is in custody. A strong earthquake knocked over walls and set off scattered fires around the metropolitan Osaka in western Japan this morning. Killing at least three people and injuring dozens. President trump will meet with house Republicans ahead of votes on a pair of immigration bills. The discussion this Tuesday will go over GOP bill protecting undocumented kids from being deported art house counselor Kellyanne Conway says separating kids and parents is not the president's intent. Nobody likes seeing. Babies ripped from the mother's arms. But the president tweeted no GOP bill would get his signature without funding for border wall California Democrat representative Adam Schiff says that's not productive. None of this can be resolved by a angry tweets or by. Using these families as a lever. French both on NBC's Meet the Press shift says other issues sending people to the border need to be addressed. Colonel Scott Fox News. So Cedric county commissioner accused of been spending more than 101000 dollars in campaign funds and trying to cover it up as Ashton judge to dismiss his indictment. A defense filing Friday in the case against Michael O'Donnell contends the US government has needlessly interjected itself in matters traditionally reserved for state authorities O'Donnell has pleaded not guilty to a twelve count indictment alleging wire fraud and money laundering. The motion says quote overzealous prosecution sometimes occurs when prosecutors throw a wide net on criminal corruption. It contends O'Donnell came to law enforcement's attention during an investigation of other higher profile people. Argues investigators uncover the alleged campaign finance violations and charged him instead of referring the matter to state officials. The US attorney's office said it will review the motion and respond to the court. The global brand Kagan SS news. Think Anderson is due time now 704 Foreman is France 7 o'clock. Father's Day baseball for the wing nuts and the royals we'll have recaps coming up. Sports and which does viewed downtown library is open for business. That story coming up on the case in us this morning news receive instead of hey is this morning news even did announce seven only 8 minutes past 7 o'clock on Monday morning. A gunman injured eighteen and shot a man and a pair of carjacking attempt Sunday before being killed by a bystander outside a Washington State Wal-Mart. You isn't the Wal-Mart and Tom water happened around 5 PM. A seventy year old man wanted by Kansas authorities was shot and wounded by a police officer following a traffic stop in Oklahoma deal. Authorities say medics pentagon do as head during the stop late Friday at the officer fired his own weapon striking medics and hand. He was taken to the hospital for treatment it wasn't clear what prompted the unidentified officer to fire on the man. Max was stopped after Kansas authorities notified police that he may be and talk a lot. He's won it in Kansas on award for stocking. Rodney price KN OSS news. After years of waiting which does you advanced learning library is officially open. Saturday's ribbon cutting ceremony was attended by a large crowd. The new library is a hands on experience for people of all ages with the tech innovation room where visitors can try out everything from selling it computers. The main emphasis of of bribery is of course books and reading. While the old library was great some said it was showing its age and then you ivory is exciting for the development of the downtown area. The library has nearly sixty computers for the public to use as well as a tractor to pick up items being held Amy let KN SS news. A New Jersey teenagers facing serious jail time over a song post on social media. Eighteen year old Michael Schmidt of west Caldwell New Jersey faces up to ten years behind bars over accusations of creating a false public alarm. After posting an expletive late in rap song with the title referenced in the name of his high school to the music sharing site sound clout. A concerned classmate alerted administration about the post. Which also featured a picture of Schmidt pointing a gun at the camera now weeks later he is under house arrest awaiting trial. Schmidt maintains his innocence telling buzz the news that cops tried to paint him as a school shooter but he never planned on attacking this school. In New Jersey might cancer Fox News. NSA is used on now seventy and tend to spend 7 o'clock. Stalled out vehicle causing a bit of traffic hazard and it's an about the worst place it could be for Trenton desert right now as it is bound to look better and it interrupts them. One more thing the site through a construction slowing things down there traffic updates from cake and SS radio lines jet chamber. And now the pistons storm trackers record gas group Kansas today meteorologist. Laura bad and good morning Laura. Good Monday morning did a good weekend to enjoy Father's Day you have anything special. Don't Young Kim took out one day in mind up just drowns them dinners they have the day let's say what I had a great day Father's Day weekend. Go happy fathers day do you think I it was a great weekend he and now we are turning the page in gearing up report what could be a bit of a wet start of the work week. Now that sounds great doesn't mean today's not going to be the opposite cricket he. Hot and humid here and we are toying with us now your clay. Now I know I'm terrible but I'm okay and right at the guys Bobby thank you mean just a couple of days okay back to their. Temperature at airports 77 got a few clouds a slight breeze at LaSalle ten miles per hour the wind picks up what they see some puffy clouds in the afternoon. Highs in the mid nineties calling for a high of 94 in Wichita. We do have that isolated storm potential I think a lot of this is going to states to the west of 135 fatal storms can get going we'll definitely clear out the evening and overnight first thing in the morning for Tuesday or in the warmer side in the seventies. Is going to be hot again for tomorrow but that's army sector every T is is to return it's going to take some time for this rain to ride in the metro and singer best bet is going to be Tuesday night into Wednesday. That's policies and what whether to return to parts of he had does not expect a tight as severe weather on top of this by your heavy rain is going to lead to a concern for flooding that's going to be the biggest thing but with the rain comes along with the cooldown. That'll be nice welcome treat especially for the midweek before we allow for them Ricci is kind of leader through the end of the week and we do pretty much have a chance for rain every single day into the weekend but I think your best that's going to be in the short term. Before we dry out and allow that heats the pack back on for the weekends. Well ahead of that I got to with a lot more Saturday afternoon and frankly money mowing mostly dirt my backyard just. And it's need to drive it you did you really need that's really handsome and some open to a packed up. So I don't know he rain I dad but I could turn I can you know they turn on the water hose there and got a cheap so you know. It can't just assume that does take its free rein organ here a couple of days please hold out for a couple of days and and you had a gallon and who knows in my file back to our dry pattern you know hopefully we keep this a little. Sounds like a plan to me thank you appreciate the curious as to our part to three forecast. With Kansas today meteorologist Laura Bennett knows 713 Stephen Ted on K and assess here on Monday morning and it's time for our crime stoppers update. With Wichita police detective Wendy humble good morning music album like to have you with us on Monday. Good to have you got a crime details about the way might help you shall today. Yet you look at. Back on April 22 and route 2 o'clock in the morning. You can see an unknown aspect vehicle that was captured on the surveillance video an area. Look like Ager went on central were armed security and it turned north on mount karma. The car government paper at taxpayer and they parked in the driveway not. Adorn one of the residences there even at home and then got back to their vehicle. Not this team and later same vehicle comes back. We. Had the human later and Derek a burglary. Came resident. That they are regularly knocked on the door. And they were all out inside that was killed or the want -- They'll have a computer I had and then work. The dot being well we really wanna find out that person then I'm we got. Grainy video. Look like it I know model Ford or vehicle where we're looking work. He can't again Gibson location please. It Edmond neighborhood back there by now Marmol and central oh yeah yeah okay. And it had to get surveillance video business. Private right person or something. We actually we have at it in the area all different than it is that we were able to capture that you know the car. Coming before they turn or now I'm on another business where we can eat. Shot. Where the park. And that expecting a moment ago in the president for the time. So it is it like at that video we got went by it not be a. The united and it animals dogs especially evident to me great burglar alarms on the other hand. In some of these burglars know how to diffuse that situation as these we saw here and yes. That very nice thing to do but. And they wonder after your goods after your goods in a. Like I can't really been an effort man. The information we appreciate it like a remain anonymous. Eight by calling crime stoppers. Now it's is any indication as just one or two Hillary can even tell if one or cheaper now I don't want. Oh okay yeah. All right now Indy you've got to take but here's an interesting about your web page you get archives in there Indians and people can go in there and look. And look through these the information in the photos you have there and maybe cease upping. That will trigger something in naked deaths all the past time for of the in other words you're statute of limitations for it and run out. You're still looking for for people to. It is time to turn in other crimes as well right. Right in back he had time he declined to go to the web. Are on that haven't been ball. Hide and up to 2500 dollars up to 2500 dollars in most cases. And says release you do use while easy but do you think about a little bit on what to do this. You will remain anonymous Ceci guarantee. If you do this that you will remain anonymous and this money's all provided by private sources Reitman. Her out. He every Monday we dogma and in his there's a new case where you think about it at their crime stoppers update. The detective when dale thank you Wendy thanks appreciate your time don't respond. To 6720. Bartlett thanks went to 672111. The day is Monday June 18 we had another warm and breezy day across Kansas Sunday as most of you know which does high temperature. 97 degrees normal high for the date is 87 so we're still. Above normal are still very drive that it at least the possibility of some rain here in the next couple of it does take a look sports that was attempt. Burt here. On a Monday morning we got the royals baseball gambling on baseball talk about as well. Now and we've arrived at golf weekend no problem not a witch on themselves. And Kansas City Royals yesterday at home on father's day afternoon hosting the first place Houston Astros who have won ten in a row going into this game yesterday. Could do well the royals had a lead in the eighth inning they let that get away could Kansas City rally in the bottom of the ninth inning hurt the game on campaign. Ground balls third. Second phase out and practice first quarter of double play. But an acrobatic evident second base oh Tuesday. He had to jump over the sliding. Runner Belmont today and then when he came down Ian Logan to throw and complete the double play. The Astros complete the series Sri. And even more impressive they have completed a perfect three city road trip. Going ten and a vote. Seven before you should mention. Last year Houston had an eleven game winning streak snapped in Kansas City. Not this year the Astros leave town wins and eleven game winning streak. Royals had a lead like we said gave up some runs late that these men and that's everyone's been pounding everybody's bullpen and score runs late and win games. Royals have lost twelve of their last thirteen. Kansas city's homestand continues that they get a much more manageable opponent now only another teams in last place the Texas Rangers two royals host the Rangers. Starting tonight live coverage begins at 630 game we'll start electors 715 and it'll be on Sports Radio K at 81240 AM 975 FM. In other Major League action yesterday on Father's Day to St. Louis Cardinals were home and they shut out the Chicago Cubs last night five to nothing snapping a four game losing streak and Louis. Cardinals are four games back behind the brewers in the National League central division. Beat him cardinals two of the cardinal's birthday today. Lou Brock pool. Hall of fame baseball players one of the great base stealers of all time. Lou Brock is seventy now rain today death the cubs head of one to know that haven't traded him away in one of the worst trades in Major League Baseball history. Could trade. You remember tonight our memo. There's levels deals where you had an up and coming star future hall of Famer forces have not known that there. But they they got rid of him after three years and in in the course he goes on this. And the golfing career at cardinal is bigger got stuck with a almost none of the pitcher so no aggregate rates are fairly carries of the you know. Happy birthday Lou Brock he 79. Today. Pro baseball last night Wichita wing nuts in Grand Prairie, Texas finishing up for a week in Texas and the wing net capped it off in style with a 31 win over the bottom team in the league the Texas air all the three game sweep. Which assigned it a winning six of its seven games on the Texas roads one. Wichita now up into third place in the division five and a half games back an off day today for the wing nuts coming off that road trip. And it is golf week in Wichita as we get ready for the Wichita open the opening round is on Thursday pressed he country club. Today's activities include a select program for public officials and tonight at 6 o'clock it's the Wichita cup. Now teachers six PGA pros against six local pros. The whole deal is free you wanna go out today and check it out oppressed view just ten on out it's all free. You can get on the course and and get it right don't closed season a player coming starkly now to check that out. As we get ready for the Wichita open later in the week it's sports and Stephen Ted K innocently that it waited and I did some research unit likely here. Lou Brock. Was traded he was when he four along with Jack spring and Paul off. The St. Louis Cardinals go right now to get back birdie pro Leo Bobby chance and Doug Clemens and now. Trailing the cardinals got the better of that deal the worst trade ever. All right Ted says him when he want down the executive for Rush Limbaugh's a morning update. The IG report and Hillary Clinton on the way Traficant by the cabinet Stevenson in the morning on eight and as ass.