Help Wichita Police solve a cold case from 2002

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, January 2nd

Wichita Police Detective Wendy Hummel joins us highlighting a cold case from June of 2002.


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The case this is forty years and he's in bed. Thank Steve Macintosh a frigid start of the day here across the US we've got the story. Until all the brands the man accused of making me swapping all the lifting Wichita man dead by police gunfire is expected to appear in the telephone. Report this week. Demonstrations turned deadly in Iran behind it Woodward book details just ahead. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. It is another single digits start to the morning for us with temperatures warming into the twenties this afternoon. Our complete forecast and win we get out of this deep freeze this coming up. Firefighters responded to report the house fire in southeast Wichita this morning just after 5 AM. Firefighters called to report of the vehicle on fire with the extension to a structured this is your pony and Belmont now the water from. I think that fire. He's flowing over into. On upon these streets. A main thoroughfare east west down there and there are some freezing so while the traffic weather is being pretty much a closed off right now Gannett owned. Upon the Belmont himself least Wichita. Bone chilling cold grip the middle of the US is 2018 began breaking low temperature records. Icing some New Year's celebrations and leading to at least two deaths attributed to exposure to the elements. The National Weather Service issued a wind chill advisories for Monday. Covering a vast area from south Texas all the way to Canada and from Montana and Wyoming in the west through New England in the east. Dangerously low temperatures enveloped eight midwest states including parts of Kansas Missouri and Nebraska. Along with nearly all of Iowa Minnesota South Dakota and North Dakota. A frosty call for firefighters this morning in west Wichita around 1:40 in the morning. Firefighters called the 4400 block of west eight street finding a garage fully involved and smoke and flames firefighters worked to protect nearby structures from the flames no injuries reported Tyler barracks. The man accused of making its warning call and Wichita the lifted 28 year old been dead by police gunfire. Expected to appear and California courtroom sometime this week in connection with a case. Should a court appearance will be the first step in bringing barrister Kansas to face criminal charges. Los Angeles Police arrested Paris on a phony war on Friday afternoon and he is being held in jail without bond. When Burress arrives at court she will be served a copy of the arrest warrant issued by the Cedric county district attorney's office and given the chance to apply for a court appointed attorney. He can then be extradited to Kansas or contested. Contesting extradition would mean that his arrival in Wichita could take several weeks. The Sedgwick county district attorney's office on Sunday said that they are reviewing all possible charging options for barest while the investigation continues. It is unknown if Paris will face any kind of homicide charge Phil held a grand KM SS news. Amanda has been arrested in the shooting death of a woman and a Lawrence apartment the Lawrence journal world reports the man has been sought. Since the death Wednesday night a thirty year old lay a lot turner. The suspect was booked into jail early Monday on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter and being a felon in possession of a firearm. Fox News is learning more about the deadly New Year's Eve crash in Costa Rica but killed twelve people. One family of five from New York hit a family of four from Florida were among the victims. Bruce and Irene Steinberg of Scarsdale New York told friends they were looking forward to taking their sons William Zachary and Matthew on an adventure through Costa Rica. The family was also known for being very involved in philanthropy and the local Jewish community a family of four from Florida Leisle and Mitchell Weis and their two children Hannah and Ari were also killed we've been looking into the records of nature or the private airline which operates these charter flights around Costa Rica. And it turns out this is the second fatal crash in the last few months for the company in September 2017 an American and another passenger died on a nature air flight the plane crashed minutes after taking off as well the investigation into the cause of the New Year's Eve crash continues in New York Laura Ingle Fox News. At least twenty people have been killed in protests since Saturday in Iran. Starting learn more about how Iranian leaders are reacting to those demonstrations Fox News has obtained a leaked memo from inside the country Carey show panic at the highest levels of the running government. And he key passage from the report government leaders are quoted as saying. God help us this is a very complex situation is different from previous occasions while protesters are said to be chanting the leader lives like god all the people live like beggars. Iranian people were promised that they have the sanctions relief could make an economic difference in their lives. He just simply hasn't the mullahs aren't honest with their own people. Utah Republican congressman Chris Stewart speaking to Fox News show a little sponsor news pain and SS news time now 7055. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Back to hoops action tonight for Kansas its top twenty matchup in Lawrence tonight should be interesting on the preview coming up sports. Tony seventeen overall a very safe here for air travel. That story coming up on the Jay and is this morning news was Stephen's dad did. The K innocent sporting news is Stephen deck down seven on nine and 9 minutes past 7 o'clock. On a Tuesday January 2 to 2018. Missouri based foundation is proposing that the Kansas legislature. Have an independent outside attorney review sexual harassment complaints and bars secret settlements. Get more from Kansas information networks Daniel Norwood. The women's foundation also said Friday that the legislature needs to create what the group calls and non fraternization policy. Covering and turns legislative staff lawmakers and lobbyists and ban gifts to and turns. The foundation released its proposals ahead at a Statehouse news conference on Friday with senate president Susan waigel. The foundation promotes gender equity. The legislature sexual harassment policy has not been updated since 1994. It says that legislative employees complaints about harassment can be brought to supervisors or to legislative administrative services. The foundation also proposes that elected officials legislative staff interns and lobbyist receive annual training. The recommendations also call for more female legislative leaders. Authorities say a vandal or vandals knocked over dozens of head stones. And tore emblems off veterans markers in a night of vandalism residents discovered the vandalism Friday in Richland township cemetery which is a Butler county. Craig's have been urinated upon and memorial flowers had been shredded. And the cemeteries US flag had been stolen some of the tombstones date back to the eighteen hundreds no arrests have been reported. Ronnie Price KN OSS news 2017 was a very safe fear in the air zero. That's the number of accident deaths there are to report for the commercial passenger jet industry in 2017. That's the safest year on record. The Dutch aviation consulting firm to seventy says the fatal accident rate for large commercial passenger flights adds up to one fatal accident for every sixteen million flights. There were however ten accidents that did result in fatalities both in the air and on the ground involving cargo aircraft and commercial turboprop planes. That includes a New Year's Eve crash of a commercial Cessna aircraft in Costa Rica they killed twelve overall aviation deaths worldwide have been in decline for the past two decades Karen McHugh Fox News. K Unisys news time now 7-Eleven. 11 minutes past 7 o'clock. We have a fire and this is at pony and Belmont. That's in the Bolivar area except little ways west of Oliver. And we've got water on the roadway in freezing there there's and that's on money from Belmont to broad view avoid that area this morning. Traffic update from K in essence radio on Jad chambers. Now McCain is in the storm tracker three forecast with Kansas today meteorologist Leon Smith and and. Morning Leon good morning right and Denver. Considering the effectiveness of Doug on cold well it's colder than you don't what. Don't want fill in the blanks to a lot of there's always been blanks the balance physical presence or those on Soriano and. Everybody is stocking an asterisk the next or exploration what this morning look at nine degrees but that's about ten degrees warmer than it was this time yesterday morning so he's got nine and I got three easier I've got you know we're sure not while showing no. You guys are really dog show at nine at the airport. And double check my note we'll get. Well it until what three would be our official over Diallo though if we get down there but any. It can happen is certainly cold enough either way it is going to be it's a cold start at six degree bear this economy is gonna drop a jacket or cute by the sap. Afternoon we will see more sentient resort up a little bit cloud cover ups are gonna clear out loaded sunshine. We will be. Quote unquote warmer today than yesterday 24 for the I didn't take its sixteen yesterday still were not going to be above freezing I don't think we see temperatures really. Up above freezing probably until Friday were going to be covering in that dom. You know in and out below thirty ranged do the next couple days but we're at the right direction. Publisher had a warm fall there's no doubt about it autumn was was very pleasant around here now. Now we got to pay the price. It is you know that the you gotta pay the piper eventually yeah that you want payments are that this weekend though it was just as you know raw brutal cold every day we come up a couple of degrees at least. It's in the right direction. It is and I'm sure you got out on your motorcycle over the weekend and a did you did you do a lot of those one of those plunges other two went down in the. Okay that's why people stated and that's what everyone was able to its nobody wanted to see that. Didn't lead you could see that space and it it Latin large white. Low jumped in the water bill look I mean I've done a New Year's Day right the last five years this is the first year that Mike. No no that's enough to dictate he saw high today around twenty organs some sunshine to yes sir decide will be coming up Saturday there's going to be pretty nice the critical. Are they consider that's the is in strong part of report of the Kansas today meteorologist. Lee announcement and now 714 Steven Ted it is that. It's not Monday when we usually use this but it's Tuesday after the holiday so. Police detective Wendy humble is with us this morning over the crime stoppers update first before we get into the crime. Wendy this utilities New Year's Eve. I don't know that this happens anymore but there is time when people would actually fire off. Fire arms in celebration which was never a good idea terrible I'd write. What what goes up must come down out. Yes but you know years ago he the department erratic campaign you know. Warning people of the dangers of doing. Now. I think it may have sunk in a a but he got a heavy got a featured crime to tell us about the sporting. I usually do to meet her partner and run an old cold case. Homicide from back in 2000 you. More neighbor called police. Tack on a resident. And the 2000. Thought her there an elderly couple partner and neighbor with concern for the patent aluminum. A lot Ayers. The windows and the things appear to be out of place so officers arrived in town. The couple. Laying out in the hallway in the living room area lead out Akron. And they are all covered in blood at that it would not work on and it. And as. An effort to blunt force trauma. Though. Potter potter of the couple being. And mr. Carter did survive. And you know it was never the same historically did I several weeks in her accurate opening injury that has never been all. We run it every remind people that it had a ball. That anybody has any information we love it here. OK again. When you give us a location that timing during the day when I might have happened. Well. For more lap couple that. Eighteen otter out yard. Officers arrived at about 134. And we found a couple of the location Egan was there. When he went urging. Urging shoppers can. A lesson that's an old 2002. But like I say every now and then you you need it. Paul amount let people may go jar somebody's memory or something course you've got on the web page or web page you got all kinds of archives of about past crimes with photos of all kind to detail right. Yeah that's exactly right like that like to make it about how to do all that we run short term mine people. That the that aren't and we don't need any help. And a little bit of information my could be that at all and. And of course today tipster is remain anonymous crime stoppers has always in the the money comes from the public and they're in a government money's involved they can know something about it. When you were called to 672111. Right. I went hate when he eighteenth here do you feel any older than he. I don't. Know it's terrible. All right let's thanks Mayweather is this morning we appreciate crime stoppers update the detective Wendy Hubble right here receive intent on K and SS and don't forget that crime stoppers number is. As always to 672 when he won eleven you know something you could do. Makes a lot of money there and help them solve what kind 717 Steve antenna to double check. Jet on our current temperatures. Leon has nine degrees after announcing Ian we 94 degrees last hour. And I copied three Cubans got a double check that you got nine minority last I saw from Columbia airport yen on we will do a double check on net 718 now Stephen Janet ended tiger sportsman did what were the course. Yesterday was New Year's Day which means football bowl games right. Yeah we had a game is on KM H yesterday all day long including two national semi final game is a classic Rose Bowl yesterday went double overtime. Georgia beating Oklahoma. To advance to the national title game and then of the Sugar Bowl last night in the other semi final wasn't too good of easy Alabama win over clams and it'll be Alabama and Georgia. Playing for the national championship in college football. We got men's basketball tonight in Lawrence match up between two top twenty teams tenth ranked Kansas posting eighteenth ranked Texas Tech. A yearly is he eleven and two on the year techies to dwell on one. Although tech has never won a game in Lawrence O and seventeenth. All time in Allen fieldhouse jayhawks are. Seven point favorite to win again. See who has beaten the red raiders sixteen. Times in a row streak goes back eight years now. A year who has won its home opener in conference play the last eleven years trying to keep that's during extended. Live coverage of the jayhawks in the red raiders at 630 tonight's game will tip off at 8 o'clock. That's a live on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. Yesterday in college means basketball Kansas State played its conference home opener but could not keep up with sixth ranked in West Virginia. The former K state Coach Bob Huggins mountaineers win at 7769. A dropping K state to eleven and three on the season. One and one conference West Virginia lost its season opener way back in early November now they've won thirteen in a RO. Why they're ranked sixth in the nation. New Associated Press college basketball rankings coming out yesterday. Jayhawks moved up one spot in the top ten now ranked tenth in the nation. Wichita State did not lose but they drop in the polls shoppers. Got the switch to have Virginia leapfrogged over Wichita State is those two. Exchanged places in the top ten shocker dropped one spot down the ninth. In the polls the shoppers are of the highest ranked team with two losses but he also had a only has one loss on the season. Soccer women played their conference road opener. Tonight at Houston. Steve strain we'll have live coverage of the shocker ladies at 7 o'clock tonight and it's live right here on 987 and thirteen 38 in as ass. Pro basketball in the NBA last yesterday the Toronto Raptors win at home that's no surprise to beat the Milwaukee Bucks. 131 to 127 in overtime coming off the bench for the raptors as the sixth man former Wichita State shocker Fred band bleach had eleven points. And it was spreads three pointer in overtime that gave Toronto the lead for good. Twelve wins in a row at home now for the raptors. They are the best NBA team on their home court fourteen and one at home it's not easy to go ended. Q&A Toronto and get a win. As a visiting team Toronto right now as the number 2 team in the Eastern Conference and Fred van fleet is really helping out big reason why. And we got a good dubbed baseball bird dated aide David Cone is 55. Years old today former pitcher for the Kansas City Royals yeah. Five time all star and he managed to get on get five World Series rings. It's good for the yanks or those with the yank him during their worry anchoring their great run. David Cone beyond the only one won Cy Young award. That was when he was pitching for the royals it was the strike here 1994. OK don't was sixteen and five. And of course the strike canceled the rest of the season. Never know it's the royals' minor Mitterrand that year they were only four games out of first place when the strike hit and David Cone was the best pitcher in the American League day here but. We'll never know things with a finished up but he got a Cy Young award for the Kansas City Royals happy birthday to David Cone if he is fifty. I have it today you're talking about Texas Tech basketball when he is not they're not known for that really that. Back in the seventies but my brother in law was living in Lubbock and we've been down to visit and Tommy and I went to a basketball game. A Texas Tech fans you've been to the tech game in love again and it was ideal remembers the arena was groundless but it was nothing like. There are around house religious. Ralph and pick it it was very impressive that it. It was basketball they were a football you know. Texas to act yeah off now than all Linda. And it intermittent basketball success over the years and it looks like they're on one of those up swings right now knowing me like they're really good now it's 722 and Al give differ Rush Limbaugh morning update. Scientist once again sounding the environmental alarm at. That's coming up Stephen did the morning on K and a sense.