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Monday, February 12th

The Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week with WPD Detective Wendy Hummel


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. Who won the news talk bad weather station depend on us. Our vision thinking and as a sporting news season dead. I came back in charge police investigating a fatal shooting himself priest Wichita. We've got the story. Increased security after social media threat that Jardine middle school want to put words those details just ahead on KMS that's meteorologist Dan Holliday after dealing with slick road conditions this weekend if it appears we have a full week of dry weather ahead our forecast is coming up. An eighteen year old is dead after being shot late Sunday night which the police sergeant Brian high tolerance is dropping arrived at this residence in the. 900 block of south pine ridge. They discovered a man with a gunshot wounds he was taken to an area hospital where he later died so far police say there are no suspects. Wichita school officials say there will be increased security at Jardine middle school today after several vague threat profound on social media UST 259 spokesperson Susan are Asman says the post are believed to be from students at the school. She says there will be extra Wichita police and school security on hand today and man died in a house fire in north Wichita Friday night 3100 block of north would lend. Investigators say one person was in the home when the fire broke out first responders Saddam initially find any smoke. But it was discovered coming from a small house behind the main hole. Firefighters entered the structure found a man not breathing investigators say the structure was filled with smoke but there were no flames and they didn't use any water. Man was first reported in critical condition but he later died. Three people are dead and four hospitalized in critical condition. After a tour helicopter crashed in Grand Canyon Saturday night open victims and first responders were exposed to high winds cold temperatures. And total darkness chief Francis Bradley would do cooler out pie police department. The terrain. Where the crash occurred in quartermaster canyons extremely rugged. It's only accessible by aircraft. And all first responders had a twenty minute hike when he knew how to get to the scene six. Passengers on the plane were all from the United Kingdom. The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the cause of the crash the current administration is defending the decision not to release a memo from Democrats in congress to. White House is defending their decision to block the release of the memo drafted by Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee. Critics say the decision is partisan politics the White House claims they are releasing it based on the advice of legal and national security experts representative Adam Schiff ranking member on the house Intel committee says president trump simply doesn't want the public to see quote. Underlying facts Democrats drafted their MO as a rebuttal to the Republican and know which accused the FBI and Department of Justice of he's using their surveillance authority when they got to fight the war on former transient pain advisor Carter paler and in Washington. I'm Alison barber Fox News. A plaque that memorialized a first home built in Wichita has been stolen from midtown similar plaque is also missing from Riverside park. Jacob carver the historic mid town citizens association says that first he thought that the plaques might have been removed for maintenance by the city. But that was not the case. He hopes the plaque is recovered because it represented the beginning of what to talk. Carver is worried that the thieves we'll try to solve the browns material from metal scrap and the cost to replace the plaques will be very expensive. The plaque in midtown was put in place in 1990 victory. Amy web at K and SS news. Legal challenges to a Kansas law requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote headed to trial next month. US district judge Julie Robinson on Friday added additional days to a previously scheduled trial that begins march 6 in Kansas City, Kansas. The new schedule sets aside eight days for the bench trial. The American Civil Liberties Union sued Kansas secretary of state Chris cope mark on behalf of the League of Women Voters and voters over the requirement that people produce a document such as they birth certificate or US passport to register a motor vehicle offices. The ACLU's lawsuits key argument is that the Kansas law violates a federal law requiring minimal information to register. A separate but similar case also simultaneously goes to trial arguing a right to vote claim they'll hold a brand can get access news gay and SS news. Time now 7055. And it's been 7 o'clock. Talking shopper who tonight coach show night. Big big pro golf tournament finishing up yesterday and we'll get into a little bit of Kansas State men's basketball history it's all coming up its boards and even. Many fans getting Eagles tattoos. That story coming up on the case and as this morning news was even dead it. The kid is this morning users even dead several nine on 9 minutes past 7 o'clock. Wichita woman pleaded guilty Friday to producing child pornography but she was babysitting a seven year old girl in her home. 46 year old Stephanie Larson pleading guilty to one count of production of child form. In her please she admitted that she allowed a man to produce a series of videos in which she committed a sex act near a sleeping trial. The man paid Morrison to let him make the videos sentencing was set for April 25. Both parties have agreed to recommend a sentence of seventeen and half years. Dan O'Neill OK MSS news. A bill in the Kansas house would earmark millions in lottery proceeds to finance state water programs the bill would require that eight million dollars in appropriations to the state water plan be drawn entirely from the economic development initiatives fund which uses a lottery revenue. Currently state law requires that six million dollars in general fund revenue and two million dollars from the economic initiatives fund go to the water plant. The Topeka capital journal reports the new bill would take the entire eight million dollars from the EDI half. The bill's sponsor representative Tom Sloan a Lawrence Democrat. Says it would require that three million dollars be used by the Kansas Geological Survey. Kansas biological survey and Kansas state university for research on maintaining a reliable supply of quality water. Roddy price KUSS news. Philadelphia attacked two arts convention rolling up at a great time for many Eagles fans who came out to mark the franchise's first Super Bowl win. Why not an Eagles town like they won the super ball. I was hoping to get one back in 05 but it didn't work out here I am today get it done by vandalism permanent and my tattoo will be permanent. Among the estimated 20000 in attendance and date to a Eddie vanity Eagles tattoos were the most popular trend of by far but at least one artists there was refusing to do Eagles tattoos turns out. He's the cowboys fan. 7-Eleven now Stephen dead on KE NN assess. I seats and heavy traffic on Kellogg especially on the east side of westbound lanes. Between all of her and would want to some heavy traffic in that area at this time traffic update from cape and it's as radio I'm Jeff chambers. And OB UKS and store broken through forecast to Kansas today meteorologist Laura Bennett good morning Laura. And this day so far is downright frigid. He is sky. Oh. Think a couple of days he back to the speed and equities now that they get eaten this Monday. That this story every week rights. A crummy weekend incredibly weak and just our grain and yeah. How old I don't Saturday is that agent. It and it is up just yet yup yup they say they no ad. No crops north Keyon this corporate greed is expected and they were the one that we're able to make element over the weekend. I get tight you wrote that Barry out system. After it now. Hey you know let me get a night warming trend would start off this morning at eleven degrees the winter light we do you warm up nightly look hike state which tops. Already buried that's just be getting back. Is it ease the big east. On Valentine's day of Albion tight street that we got to start from the bottom get the proper I. So 42 today and 4340. Or 5553. Tomorrow maybe I am exactly 43 today if I'd park Mara back I'd. Part one and valentines is you just plum beauty clump toasty up there and on topic media. Anglican. And one not so did you get any Eagles to add to. Oh. And that story. Out of build the Philadelphia Eagles. No right so actually to yoga at the end. You get your your favorite sports team tattooed on any part of your body and now that's probably good that might be an. Probably an idea. How their exit or. The KS and storm tracker three forecast of Kansas and a meteorologist Laura banner right now partly cloudy. Eleven degrees 713 now Stephen dead it is on Monday morning that means it's time for our. Crime stoppers update with lieutenant. Wendy pummel you with us this morning good morning had a nice to have you whether it's here and it's. Cold Monday morning. A word and it. But I tell you. Oh I'm sorry your detective. Hey. Listen if if I want to offer you deputy chief how's that. There might be right but there's yet. I would tell us about you got to cry and tell us about this morning please. How are really agree idiot tickle it oh I really encouraged. With letters to go check it out. That we are featuring what happened back on injury eighteenth. It another burglary. And white male. An unmanned vehicle on a passenger side. When it is agency about hey look at 600 Douglas. Had a hammer and each pattern that or get inside of the that. Once he wouldn't I'd ever crashed last machine every item that were late in the machine as jeweler didn't get cart. And the cop. First time we've seen something like this. We really try to gear or. When you activity can see that he's covered pretty well. He's been the key extinguished and pain. About my people. A minute and check out the video. We pointed out. We're seen not sure they were poor and how that happens during the burglary. Nike issued a joke. Don't think there. Like in line actors that might help identify. So check it out and if you know something about it. Give McCall the crime stoppers hotline to 672111. You could mean it could receive up to what 2500 dollars for the right at the right time right. Her. Line I went to stay warm and now the next week L promoted to captain now sent. That there when the animal with a crime stoppers update every Monday at this time don't forget crime stoppers numbers 2672111. The money used on prime severance pay those said. The pay those. Tipster is it's all private money in its donated money none no government involvement that is correct they have spent the today 715 now with Steve intent in this last week we're giving away but we've given away yet. If your tickets or partner cards for for a Coke dolce archer do well I got done what happened visited Coca built in a new location out west there and I'm not into the new west locations they have it and most interest single shop I mean you've got to. You can sit there and you can have a glass line over a beer or some other beverage and you can you can partake of all the great great shot out there. And I brought it heads of human gets up this morning. That I found on the shelf I knew this and brought up your Alley. It is. Chocolate covered the chocolate covered bacon. I'm very appreciative and thank you love it covers both your favorite food I know. Exactly day. Looks dark chocolate to begin love it expedient cracked it was open and take it take. I mean and its record to her champions and gets its it's good debate I don't know that now man. Enjoyed guy's done this will be the best breakfast I'll have this month mentally right now they'd listen po begins sports understand a shocker locker room the other night that you got a call from the mayor is that right after the joggers and now mayor along well gave us a Davis calls. What was that he was that the game Saturday night he calls on the locker room show after the game that he anything interesting to tell you heard just Paula I think he was promoting his trip to the White House today is emitted. We must respond stalking her and just few minutes but he was yeah he talked about the game enjoy the soccer he sang and now former sheriff Mike hill. They were sitting together at the game. I think he's hired Mike to be a security guard and I'm Mike came down sent hide it hide it was a press rove and Jeff the net Maryland while not that he real estate in his seat he could have been on national TV because that that camera if reality had he is right now and right there and get you every time. Every time you were on national TV now. I'm sure people across got people back and you know in Tennessee using it. Well you know a citizen I was on my phone started lighting. Really. Relatively TV viewers exactly. And in LA and and Bucky Walters called in our show right after the mayor did. We had to Wichita. This elaborate on sewers give us a call and how. And bobbled it you know said well I wonder who our next. Two collars of the mount Rushmore Wichita are going to be in an and we didn't get any national sailors and we said here's the Alley Collison. Nothing now. This map Harrison Ford may become but you know them the mayor and the mayor and Bucky Walters I get back to back on the lock them shows that that's pretty good right there are at 718 FO Stephen dead. Check out sport that what Tim Webber got a couple Obama. We can. Shows like coaches are going to be on the air tonight at ten Ellis talked shocker basketball a night. Lastly we didn't have a coach shows so we're overdue tonight we have back to back head coaches shows once again tonight talk about soccer hoops. WSU basketball coach he showed head coach Gregg Marshall at 6 o'clock in the women's coach Keith Adams at 7 o'clock. Both live right here on 97 and thirteen thirty K in SS both broadcasting live. And AJ sports grille of the Alley thirteenth in green which they'll have dinner with soccer coaches tonight talks to groups. Soccer ladies are coming off their visit to number one ranked undefeated Connecticut on Saturday of course the soccer mean coming off a win. Over Connecticut at home on Saturday so lot of interest in being talked about with the coaches tonight. Pro basketball. Yesterday it was a special day for former Kansas jayhawk in Boston Boston Celtics retired. The Jersey of Paul Pierce former Kansas jayhawk his number 34 hoisted to the rafters by the Boston Celtics yesterday he becomes the 23 Celtic in franchise history to have his Jersey retired. He's the all time leader in Celtics history in steals. And in free throws and in three pointers. He is second all time in scoring in Celtics history. He could not pass the great John apple chip. He's ahead of everyone else on our list lot of good players on that list fears of course spent fifteen of his years with the Celtics in. Talks about how he wants his legacy to be remembered. Shall give evolving given that your legacy Ali is the inspiration. And not brought to others. To pick up our worst days of the stressed and tired mentally drained. The last. I've been given. Is to pay it forward. To prove our work pays off when you are looking to be better than everyone else. But it's there. To be the best you no matter what your position in life. Ego where you know yourself the former jayhawk Paul Pierce number retired. By the Boston Celtics broke off yesterday. At the Pebble Beach pro am on one of the most beautiful spots on the continent. All the best golfers in the world were beaten by a guy named Ted potter junior. He's been basically a journeyman. His entire career he broke his ankle couple years ago it was out of golf for two years while impeded here in the Wichita open a couple years. Back in the earlier in the decade. We won the Pebble Beach pro and yesterday. His biggest paycheck before yesterday had been 33 during. Pretty pretty Montel I feel stuff on the golf tour yeah. And that that was in Vegas obviously a lot smaller checks along the way yesterday. They handed him a check for one point three million. Dollars. He gets us he gets to play in the masters from. GAAP and does this pretty good stuff or against been laboring for quite awhile Ted potter junior wins the Pebble Beach pro am yesterday. And steam. Fifty years ago today in college men's basketball. Kansas State. And they record says most rebounds in one game by a senior. Who would that have been with 24 rebounds against Creighton. Fifty years ago fifty years ago. Can't think nick Pineiro pay no nick the stick. World's tallest biggest attack. Wow. Fifty years ago today Nick Faldo of the Kansas State wildcats grabbed 24 rebounds against the Creighton blue did all they can't do standard put it ends up. And he did have a job. Mean bill. Still K state record for most rebounds and one game my senior. That nick you know Pino Larry I don't that was fifty years ago today. Sports the Stephens says okay. NS and there's a blast from the past 8722. Time for our prairie fire coffee break one K and has asked Ted. Now prairie fire copies of freshest coffee in the Wichita area because prairie fire coffee beans are roasted fresh right here in which at all. And you can get prairie fire copied your office by calling 2673771. Or online. At prairie fire coffee dot com you differ Rush Limbaugh morning update strange stories of emotional support animals. That's all the way Steve until the morning on Kate in SS.