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Tuesday, December 26th
Guest: Wichita Police Detective Wendy Hummel

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number. We want you. News talk bad weather station depend on. Like 7 o'clock this is that there's this morning news and Stephen dead nineteenth Macintosh. Blizzard conditions so much a part. Across much of northeastern US we've got the story fire damages the house just south of downtown Wichita I'm Ted Woodward those details just ahead. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Yesterday we got 35 for the high in Wichita but today Arctic air is brought our temperature in the deep freeze our complete forecast in minutes. Kagan as his breaking news authorities say a woman was wounded to. When gunfire went through a Kansas City, Kansas house during Christmas Day gathering and the demand was killed when he came out of the house. Kansas City Star reports shots. Fired in an Alley penetrated the house Monday night says in the moment to a hospital with minor wounds a man in his seventies was hit by more gunfire when he went out of the front of the house. He was found dead in a neighboring yard. Police spokesman Patrick McCallum says there appear to be a family gathering at the house of detectives were interviewing those who were there as well as neighbors. No spent suspects were immediately arrested again this is in Kansas City, Kansas. Dreams of a white Christmas became a nightmare for folks in New England when a blizzard expected to dump about a foot of stolen some areas. Worcester Massachusetts. Resident John they do you. Plan to spend Christmas Day in Connecticut the old man winter stopped him cold. As it is no way I'm gonna get cars to lead off and in that sidewalk troubled and all that stuff. You can get in the car and get down to Connecticut 1 o'clock so I'm missing a really nice dinner. The white Christmas brought bitter cold of the midwest with wind chills below zero and some spots. How's fire south of downtown Wichita on Christmas afternoon just before 130 Monday firefighters were called 900 block of south Saint Francis. Finding flames throughout the second floor of two story structure no injuries reported that house was vacant. Which the police say a man using a shotgun took it took cash during a robbery. At a new a sandwich shop Christmas Eve in the 3400 block of east Eric. Police in man reported another man put a shotgun at him and demanded money as he was leaving the business. After the victim handed the Robert K shall suspect fled the scene on but the victim was not injured in the incident. Victims said the suspect was wearing an orange quality. Police chief Gordon Ramsey tells Kate and SS news every Wichita patrol officer is now equipped with a body camera. Sergeants don't I'd like to find some money it's a fabulous program except is very expensive. About 380000 dollars a year which yet isn't budgeted nice have to come over that money every year to pay for that. Ramsey says the body cams have resolved 119. Complaints in which citizens of viewed video of cases involving them. And found something different from the way they remembered the incident several people are dead after a holiday fire in Iowa. On Christmas morning fire has killed 4 in the eastern Iowa town of bluegrass. Firefighters responded to the home shortly after midnight Monday morning. Four people were in the hole with a time officials say one person did make it out but later died at the hospital. The three other victims died inside the home. The state fire marshal's office now investigating. Rich Dennison Fox News. A Highway Patrol officer in California's Bay Area has been killed while on duty his partner was injured when a suspected drunk and stoned driver slammed into the back of their patrol car. 33 year old chp officer and you can't malaria was killed on highway 882 days left behind. Three children. A wife. Brothers and sisters. Children that we're expecting that his father to come home and help open that Christmas presents but instead he chose to work today. Assistant chp chief Ernie Sanchez says kennel Larry and his partner had pulled over on the shoulder of the highway when a car slammed into them from behind. Driven by a 22 year old man who Sanchez said was drunk and had been using marijuana. The other officer in the car was injured Jonathan Velasquez was treated and released from the hospital. Jessica Rosenthal Fox News. Unisys used time now seven fold for Foreman has spent 7 o'clock. Kansas State football fans gearing up for tonight it's the case state football team playing in the tech. Texas Bowl had a preview coming up in sports the Wichita police horse as died that story coming up. On the tape and as this morning users Steven dead. But Taylor says sporting news T today announced 7088 minutes past 7 o'clock on Tuesday morning December 26 yes. The day after Christmas. Was at Boston University plans to offer an online bachelor's degree in Homeland Security beginning next spring. The board of regents has approved the proposal to offer students an overview of Homeland Security. When an emphasis on law enforcement operations. Which Russian officials say the four year program is designed to appeal to people wanting Homeland Security jobs in law enforcement or private security companies. Saturday to Wichita police department mounted unit suffered the tragic loss of one of the horses. The horse named champ had a large call involve us causing him to suffer unrelenting pain. After performing diagnostic procedures it was determined that has GI tract ruptured and humane euthanasia was necessary. Champs served honorably as a mounted unit horse for six years he was known for his kind and gentle disposition. Champ was love by the community and his Mountain Dew and officers. Said Campbell came in SS news. Congress has a long to do list when they get back to work in January including funding the government and fixing the backup program. Republicans are also bracing for what may turn out to be a difficult election for them next year. Fox is Chad Perry grim explains attack. Reform is not always an electoral lock in 1981. Republicans passed tax reform the famous Reagan tax cuts. And guess what they lost 26 seats in the House of Representatives. In 1986 they passed the last major tax reform effort. And voters ordered Republicans by taking a wait eight seized from them turning them over the Democrats and giving Democrats the senate majority. It's not a winner necessarily if the past is prologue here. Right now the generic ballot in terms of your average solar which way they're going to vote I tilts in the favor of Democrats by a staggering thirteen points. Senate Republicans you'll only hold a single seat majority in the senate after Alabama Democrat Doug Jones he's sworn in Kagan as rescue time now 71010. Minutes past 7 o'clock. And we have already this morning hadn't won an instance of a auto theft being reported to which a police department we know the weather gets this cold people wolf go out start up their vehicle there. You know started remotely and let it run warm up a little bit. It's gonna do that just either don't. Or make sure that you're inside of it in the doors locked. One of the two because that's the auto theft being reported already had that 1 this morning just because of their traffic updates from cape and has just radio. And yet chambers and other Qaeda sends our secretary forecast with Kansas today meteorologist. Laura abandoned Guevara and Laura. Yes I think you're definitely had this. Like a wanna car this morning it is. Well and it's cold there really settled in thought it hired a bit more easily the single digit it's fourteen degrees here in Wichita and that he add insult to injury. The wind on top of that it'd just yet hide it but. Cold breeze out of the northeast at nineteen miles per hour and the actual deal like temperature is negative. Three degrees and waited bitterly cold and the cold air we've seen in quite some time. And really be or afternoon we're not expecting much of a warm up that kind of what you get in the morning it looked to get the afternoon I'm all the way to twenty Q for the high. We ain't really gonna be a big actor in mobile let out like your wind chill actual deal like capture easily the single digit that even that he'd still like to. Rob back to reality after Christmas Day and night on holiday weekend and look at Google are out later in the week but we just kept it it is brutal wind that even that. Brittle poll. Elbit tomorrow it's gonna warm up to what twenty court one I'd want thank you honey I. Can tell you know. She got a positive that this sport well it's it's nice to have you on the air the first time with us and you bring a center really crummy forecasts if you. And later in the legally gotten bundled up though do you guys have I hope you're warm in the sent over there it's not at that cute eight petered out. The line in my lap. Your kid a couple that that that's taking care business right there absolutely don't mess around. They still aren't. At the end is in store with reports yet of Kansas today meteorologist Laura Bennett who has more. And again her first time on this to bring to cold weather it is seven to about 12 minutes past 7 o'clock on a Tuesday morning with usually on Mondays we have. If diapers update with detective Wendy humble and he has graciously consent of joins us here on Tuesday morning good morning went back to have you with its. Morning are you probably heard it and no that's it last Friday the police about was given up that annual warning about warmed up the cars in it. You wanna healer reiterate that for us that that it did so things can get stolen. Well of course it's tempting especially at a morning light the morning but yeah you're you're really putting your belt arrests by leaving Mac aren't locked in the car running keys in the ignition spell. But. But attempting out of mourning like Beckett I can bounce. Now can pulled out in heavy got a crime stoppers taste for us to look at this morning. I do. We are featuring an appetite back of the inning and December happened in padded the lead parking garage at all. A black top 83 vehicle apple in in the parking garage like a video account that we can Oklahoma at hat. Went into the parking our argument that you ul Haq. And pick and find out that you call it also now. And it went very very technical inside. Parking right right directly in the U haul. One of them has already been recovered the recovered about a week ago. The Hartley David that the one meaning beyond law. And I'm sorry the op I would hardly like not meaning that. Obviously we got the shot of the guys though loaded them and that he calls we've got a picture the vehicle. We like somebody hit it in the coming on these guys are maybe worth and by. I don't think have ever heard of that particular just exactly somebody doing something like that. Going to go parking garage for the trailer obviously they knew where the motorcycles roared how to how to get ahold of month. Right exactly you know and that maybe they were there to. Kind of one of those things where I had the opportunity. I and then made by the Atlanta they'd been there. Earlier hammering make it come back to what you call now. There's really no talent that is pretty clear. They get it but that's one of the bike in the U haul in India and a couple of them. You know some of those I'm in many of us that listening right now Hampshire have been in that Wesley parking garage I've been there a few times. And use their people all around the place and how these guys were able to. Do that maybe there their late nighter early in the morning thinking no one was around. What. It like anybody I'll walk out in the parking garage at that happen video's pretty clear mean we are hard and dot. To cut out like that of course now people could be walking around the debt and not really into the interview Easter. Biting your constantly look at and say well OK maybe they're. Those are their bikes are picking up and not even think the thing about it so the but you've got the video of a instant on the web page or at. Right we've gotten the web page. He and it just to reiterate gives them people may be turning and they don't know what crime stoppers is all about. You use. Donated money to private sector takes care of this money and and Europe anonymous. Tips they've their bills they remain anonymous. And asking about that how much money on that on a tip for a crime then went. A typically. We can give you. 2500 dollar in high amount reserve. High profile crimes you're exactly right all that money donated 100% for people in the community. All right so alone thank you appreciate it the neat crimes covers up late with windy the ticket Monday all the Democrats shoppers phone number. Don't forget that 2672111. If you got a tip. Maybe could help us up to 672111. I'd 716 now here on Tuesday December 26 and again a cloudy cold day yesterday we thought it was cold. When it hit way up to 35 degrees but. At eight we may hit half of that normal high for the date by the way. You fitting that he about 42. So we're going to be way below that. On this date in 25 team the Christmas season wasn't very merry for residents of the Dallas Fort Worth area. As for tornadoes struck the Metroplex. There were no injuries but tornadoes for torpedoes hit Dallas a day after Christmas. 20:15 at 7:17. Am Stephen dead on K and assess city's sports time we did Woodward and we are talking about. Eight football bowl game tonight. Involving and this thing but it the purple out in force tonight for bowl game. Activists bowls and Chase Field in downtown Phoenix Arizona. Kansas State taking on UCLA. It's a rematch when these two teams met the very high scoring Alamo Bowl from three years ago. He state UCLA the Bruins are 66 wildcats committed 75 K state has won four of its last five games. And is favored by a touchdown going into this one. This is the fourth time in K state has played in this bowl game although it's been under four different names and in three different stadiums. They want the copper bowl. Back in the early nineties. Also in them back when the games in Tucson it's also been called the insight dot com bowl the Buffalo Wild Wings bull announced the cactus bowl. They state is in a bowl games for the eighth straight season. Of course Kansas State has played in 21 bowl games all time in nineteen of those are under current head coach Bill Snyder. K state UCLA in a cactus bowl live pregame coverage from Phoenix begins at 7 o'clock tonight the game will kick off at 8 o'clock this evening. And that's all on Sports Radio KFH. Listen tonight on 12:40 AM 975. FMK. State in the cactus bowl. We'll be talking pro football tonight here on KM SS it's the weekly edition of the chiefs kingdom show hosted by the play by play voice chief Mitch whole list. That's at 7 o'clock tonight right here on your home of the chiefs 987 and thirteen thirty KMS test. Of course the chiefs coming off. A Christmas Eve win over the Miami Dolphins clinching back to back division titles for the first time in franchise history. And cease we'll have a home playoff game coming up next month as well so a lot of good things to talk about tonight. 7 o'clock this evening on the chiefs kingdom ship. College men's basketball the new Associated Press poll coming out yesterday. Jayhawks and the soccer's moving up Wichita State. Back into the top ten moving up three spots to number eight in the nation this week you need people Kansas up three spots as well up to number eleven in the nation. As the shocker the jayhawks jumped over Kentucky Miami and North Carolina out in the polls this week yeah it's stuff yeah. Pro football on Monday Night Football on Christmas Day yesterday the Pittsburgh Steelers going to Houston and wallop the Texans 34 to six. The starting offensive left guard for the Steelers is BJ Fannie from and dale Kansas. Former Kansas State wildcats part of an offensive line for the Steelers yesterday that allowed zero sacks on the day. Ben Roethlisberger stayed up right. Led the Steelers to a huge win at Houston. The Steelers right now are the number two team in the conference with one week to go in the regular season spread not Steelers won nine of their last. Ten games. And we got a good birthday today good baseball birthday Chris Chambliss. 69. Years old today now he was a he's one of the early stars for the Wichita air rose so I'm plate I'm sure you did have an elderly want status of course they called him up. He was the rookie of the year in the American League. For the Cleveland Indians went on the win a couple of World Series rings with the New York Yankees is a big hole running as the royals won him. Anderson Chambliss. At some might even be married to Wichita woman or 10 I forgot about that attic they might make right may have been aura. He's still happy birthday to. A baseball game guy Chris Chambliss. Former Wichita air those layers six. Bill Snyder's Lance you're Casey could have been speculating that way for a long time you get any thoughts of that did you think you'll. He's 78 year this being his final game tonight the pack his ball he 78 and he is knots. He's not said whether he's coming back or whether that's him right we don't know it's intact and instantly darn good gritty. All right it doesn't want that in itself is fueled some little bit controversy because. You know if you. If you leave you comment whoever the new coach is kind of in the lurch pretty late in the you know process to start recruiting right like that and make a coaching change. So. We'll see what happens at 721 to be here for the Rush Limbaugh morning update out California ample looks criminals that's on the way. Hey it's time for our prairie fire coffee break on K and as as the owner Rick just morning. Very tired coffee is a freshest coffee the which area because prairie fire coffee beans are wrote depression right here in Wichita. You can get very fired off read your office just like Stevenson by calling 267 minutes. 3771. Or online at prairie fire coffee dot com. Seated at the morning along K in a sense.