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Monday, March 12th

The Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week with WPD Detective Wendy Hummel.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first firm. Live team coverage of breaking news KM SS we just cause number one news talk can't weather station. Depend on. Why this is the case and this is forty isn't even Ted thanks Steve Macintosh. Five dead as helicopter crashes in New York City we've got the story. A man is dead after a pick up crash in the west Wichita. I can look toward those details are just ahead on Google the program called free kids the schools or this songs that they could've conceivably men's basketball tournament. I'm KM OSS meteorologist Dan Holliday. It's a big week in Wichita over the NCAA tournament coming to town and how will the weather treat all the visiting teams are forecast is coming up. By the people are dead after a charter helicopter crashed into New York City and east rivers Sunday night Daniel negro is the city's fire commissioner. He says a pilot escaped and was rescued by a passing tugboat. But they had descendant divers after the other five people. We're the most difficult parts of the operation we're told is the five. People besides the pilot all tightly horn missed so these horses had to be cut removed in order to get these folks. All of this helicopter which was upside down at the time it's submerged. No word yet on what caused the crash a National Transportation Safety Board is investigating. One man is dead and another injured after a crash in west Wichita Saturday morning at Edwards and second. He has send news spoke with police sergeant Blake moma. What we found was a single vehicle accident. Single vehicle accident that vehicle was engulfed in flames at the time of this rival higher. Law enforcement. Pick up struck a curb and a large tree in the front yard of a residence. At 29 year old man was pulled to safety by officers as the vehicle became engulfed in flames the driver a 28 year old man was pronounced dead at the scene. The cause of the accident is still under investigation but alcohol is believed to be a factor. The man is dead following an explosion and fire at a home in Salina Sunday morning in the 300 block of east bond at. K is and you spoke with neighbor Kayla Bertram who says she woke up to the sound of a loud bang. And then a rush outside to find a home in flames. Lanes are coming out of all the windows the front dole are just the whole thing. I didn't know what to me I just my first Alice just again I mean my daughter out. The Salina journal is reporting that family members identified the man who died in the fire as 42 year old Justin Rogers. Cause of the explosion is under investigation. There'll be lots of dancing in the sunflower state as all three division one schools received bids to the NCAA basketball tournaments big dance yesterday the Kansas Jayhawks earned a number one seed in the midwest region and the right to stay close to home. Can you won't play their opening round game against sixteenth seeded pair and at which is tolls in trust bank arena on Thursday. Other teams will play in Wichita or Seton Hall North Carolina State San Diego State Houston Michigan and Montana. Wichita State earned the number four seed in the east region and a trip to San Diego. The soccer's will take on thirteenth seeded Marshal on Friday Kansas State earned the number nine seed in the south region and is headed to Charlotte, North Carolina. The wildcats will face eighth seeded Creighton on Friday. Phil holed a brand Kagan SS news. Top Republican lawmakers in Kansas have responded to the mass shooting at a Florida high school last month with a plan to mandate safety standards for schools. The measure they unveiled last week also would provide state funds to school district we're training and security upgrades. But skeptical educators and legislators say the new spending is not enough and argued that the authors should not duck gun control issues. In SS news time now settle for 4 minutes past 7 o'clock. NCAA tournament bids announced yesterday eight teams coming to what you saw one from not very far away we'll have all leave results. Coming up in sports a bomb threat and Wellington high school that story coming up. On the case and as a sporting news Stevens head. The Guinness as well you Stevenson now 78. 8 minutes past 7 o'clock another threat and an area school. A fifteen year old Wellington student has been taken into custody following a bomb threat at the high school according to the Wellington police department police were notified by school administrators on Friday that a threatening note was found. Indicating a bomb could be found on campus students were evacuated to a safe location. ATF and KHP officials responded to the school but no explosive devices were found Trenton and honor can SS news. Prices steady at the gas pumps. Better than having to pay more. That there are no change. In the average retail price of gasoline. Over the past two weeks the price of 259 for regular. Industry analyst Shelby Lundberg saying the six and a half cent drop from two weeks ago spent itself out. On the very last day of this two week period oil prices moved up a bit. And there's other reasons still mostly in every formulation for spring and summer expect gasoline. That would cause they pump price to rise probably just a few pennies. According to the Lundberg survey San Francisco has the highest price in the continental US at 344 per gallon El Paso, Texas the lowest at 219. Steve Rappaport Fox News. President Donald Trump has announced that he has agreed to meet with the leader of North Korea Kim Jong only. Following the announcement the administration said the will not be any more conditions ahead of that meeting. Republican senator Cory Gardner of Colorado was on CBS face the nation Sunday. And he stressed the importance of North Korea sticking to previous agreements. What we need to see is North Korea actually start living up to some of the agreement the agreement is they have already made that they said they would. But to the United States decades ago. This meeting will be the first time a sitting president will meet with the leader of North Korea. Unisys news time now settlers can this be but it. And so far in traffic this morning things that looking OK out they are not seeing any. The big slowdowns at this time in the gasoline prices this morning. Gasoline prices sitting right at 230. For a gallon I saw several places to 33. Traffic updates from cape and SS radio I'm here at chambers and a public is and storm presently forecast would Kansas today meteorologist Laura Ben and good morning Laura. Mornings get tickets are but you didn't know lots hour's sleep this Monday. You are really. And like. More sensitive than I am like I can and I didn't miss it a bit and then. I tell you one thing it it was interesting to me as a I got up Shelley and I got up and got into my car which I live outside. Yesterday afternoon and it looked like there was some spots on the windshield like if may have might have green just a little bit. Somehow. Saturday night was like about dying panic Oscars now. Lights it was really weird phenomena we call net rainy. Well but out we did have a little bit of rain ambled on that was late Saturday Sunday. Conducted dirty at your car again. Really nice sentiment but actually it's okay. Start but it Monday morning at the airport chapters 24 degrees and we did it take up which are killed it yet went out at Portland at. I've been out or out which at that because he. Warning that. I'd. Well. Yesterday Emma. Run around its fifty degrees and feels like he's twenty yesterday after of that northwest yet. DeWitt pretty. We'll start number 2325. Footer for whatever and and is he got a warm up today at all about okay. Scatter brained aren't we can yes you are. Thought I'd get it if you've sport yeah I would that oh my this morning but the winds are beyond that app. And doing. And that no one militant Puerto more. Important they feel like today and tomorrow but it had the. At the week that I'd a went victory that riot act but at the sixties. That means. Happened near eighty. To hang tight end and really. Andy's. Just gonna have a nice gentle shower one of those to his right. Act act on Roma. Goes on Rhonda yeah I am very bad in power well. It's got arraigned Sunday and treatment does you know it's gonna bring hail about the size of a golf hall and there. And I currently rain variety hi guys. So tonight's Iowa 53 for 248 RR. Thank you down McKay is in storm tracker three forecast. With Kansas today meteorologist Laura Bennett at 713 now Steve intent in the morning. Here on 98713. Thirty K in this Aniston does haven't an on a Monday or 713 means it's cyber. Crime stoppers update the detective Wendy humble when he thanked nice to have you with us here on Monday morning. More are way over doing just fine. And reap as always we look forward to hearing it. One of your crime stoppers cases that we might be able to salt or one of our blisters at least by the apostle for you today but he got forced this time around. Now we are hoping for help on the line we're featuring this week it happened. The black and then happened on March there. Two individuals. We got. Grainy video on an eight time. They product and that as a cult that it'll located at 200 block of west. And treat her well if you're a month I got an ID pre painted it and all they pulled pork. Fortunately the work that way it recovered close by and that there. But that it happened several times but it seems that there before. And that we're talking investigators that are working out I guess the other businesses have had any issues that well they even saying. It all from the same couple people. Hoping that if I make and check out the picture and they're not weary people make out the clothing in and do things like that we're hoping item ID. Well we. And it's a little bit of problem there with them the location on that when you started out we couldn't quite hear where was it again Wednesday. List. A whole breast cancer that's just below the downtown. OK I think I know where that is all we know that is. My wife and I used to living in an apartment close the picker so that break and it did take a forklift for Iran. They did and they act that it was recovered but. The issue here is broke and they've done good or they're analyzing and and they're doing it in other areas of the neighbor. And just be and being mean and nasty mean to catch these guys. You know will be yet some video or a photo business that too good. Right it a little rainy. You know it was at night. So why he undated if they're better than others where they are probably half. I think about the lecture on the exit wearing. Pink logo on our old. Card make out I mean somebody on it yet. Now Wendy if somebody it just tuning and I don't know about crime stoppers you have a web page where you have archive. And not. Images and video of crimes that kids could be solved and somebody. Could make some money with a good tip there. That's right still it somebody outlook and extra time by checking out they keep that work featuring this week aching back the previous week. And look at the end. Any apparent that the thing happening informing and you don't get any information on the web. All right we'll see if we can solve one for you thanks firming Weathers has always on Monday morning in detective Wendy animal. From crime stoppers don't forget that's crime stoppers number very easy to 6721112672111. Stephen did have been doing crime stoppers at 7:10 in the morning on Mondays now for. And yours. And while good eater ten at least. And we brought to conduct. You know find somebody in and solve crimes maybe somebody get a little money there. That is Monday march 12 2018. That we had a sunny breezy chilly day across Kansas Sunday. Which does high temperature 51 but it felt like in the afternoon if you got out and I jelly and I did. We got and it just felt like it was about. 22 degrees or something. Awful. Yes definitely an honor our oldest grandson Nolan playing in one of those. YMCA tournaments with with this with his buddies they were playing a basketball tournament they play three games yesterday. 12 lost one and he lost a championship game and a fun to watch. He about their Noland play basketball. So that was some of the fun we had this week in a lot of basketball going on my goodness gracious. We're gonna find out all about it just second here we get Ted Woodward and here Mike says areas. And to find out what's one on review of the big game NC they had the what they call it Ted when they see all the the bracket thing there yesterday the selection show I guess I was so bad on this stuff I've never. Gotten into it much and you're one person America I was an air about reasonable return him well I like the tournament that the bracket thing is just all everybody is so on ball. And I guess it's good way to sell beer at some sports talkers. We've got three teams involved ten Robert sports is warranted take it away at a three teams yeah. Sunflower state will be involved heavily this week when three different locations spanning coast to coast and of course we had eighteen is coming to Wichita. Or action on Thursday and Saturday so let's get to it the NCAA basketball pairings announced yesterday Wichita State. Got an at large bid as a number four seed as the shoppers will be going to San Diego for the NCAA tournament first round action. We'll be on Friday afternoon shocker it'll take on martial law. In the opening round first time Marshall has been the tournament 31 years now Steve you don't see Marshall on the schedule for the shocker is very often when's the last time a shocker is in Marshall played each other. I don't know. And basketball. Eight days after Pearl Harbor what haven't met since 92 December of 1941. Can be history making it didn't have which is that our coach actually coach Marshall yes Gregg Marshall was an assistant at Marshall university for a couple years Marshall was at Marshall yes. Little bit of history there. Shoppers and Marshal all of that'll tip off at 1230. On Friday afternoon and so on that does coming up the shocks. K state also plays on Friday evening early Friday evening just about 6 PM. Kansas State is going to Charlotte wildcats will be taking on the Creighton blue jays in the opening round. He stayed a number nine seed in the tournament as an at large as well. Kansas. Got an automatic bid for the tournament as big twelve tournament champions. And the jayhawks are the number three overall. Seed in the NCAA tournament they got a number one seeded and they don't have to travel far just. Yeah on the bus come down here to Wichita. Kansas that one of the bids to come played in trust bank arena as the number one seed in the region hosting the quakers of Pennsylvania. That will be a 1 o'clock game on Thursday afternoon the first game we play it in trust in downtown Wichita before that day so. KUN panel will lead off. At 1 o'clock on Thursday. As KU was playing its first NCAA tournament game in which it's 937. Years. So here we go now. The other games after Kansas here in Wichita. Will be seeking a call against North Carolina State in the mid afternoon. Early evening it'll be San Diego State taking on Houston. And then the late game about 9 o'clock Thursday night Montana against Michigan. Eight teams that are coming your Wichita seven big state schools and one Catholic private you know about that you know. Coming to Wichita of course they'll talk about it tonight should be a very interesting. Show with shocker head coach Gregg Marshall the weekly WSU basketball coaches show with head coach Marshall that'll be at 6 o'clock tonight. Broadcasting live at eight. And that'll be right here on 987 and thirteen thirty KM SS and great show and I have known and make sure you are listening yeah 6 o'clock tonight. And go out and have dinner with coach and AJ sports grill the Alley at 6 o'clock tonight and thirteenth in green which. NASCAR racing yesterday in Phoenix Kevin Harvick the winner the grace for Kansas native Clint Boyer the second top ten finish of the season as he took sixth place. And Clinton moves up into the top ten in the standings moving up three spots now on to number eight in the overall standings. Hockey yesterday at Wichita thunder in Tulsa. But the Florida one win. Under defense clamping down Holman Tulsa O for five on power play opportunities in game two of an eight game road trip the thunder during the NCAA tournament. Nice win on the road yesterday for the thunder soccer baseball on a cold day yesterday at X stadium taking on Texas Arlington shoppers. Trying to get some offense going and get the three game sweep saint Denis had to call for soccer baseball here on canister. Why exactly it definitely doesn't one Ron's got to score as the team goes away and god that all is cut off when he slides safely. Yet the shoppers were behind in the late going to face tied it up in the bottom of the eighth and then thanks to a one out error in the bottom of the tenth. That turned out to be the game winning run. But the run in on what the runner on base on an error shocks gotten around to score soccer's comeback to beat. Texas Arlington five to four in ten innings talk baseball team gets the three game sweep. And they are now twelve and two on the season. And in the NBA yesterday the Toronto Raptors going to New York can be the next 132106. Off the bench for the raptors former shocker point guard Fred van believed eleven points. Eight wins in a row for the raptors now who are still the number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference with sports was even today Kate in assets seven point did you doubt you better for the Rush Limbaugh morning update Stevens in the morning. CNN cents.