Herd of loose horses block highway in Georgia

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, March 20th

A small herd of horses decided to take to the streets and blocked traffic on Highway 78.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first furlough. Live team coverage of breaking news KM SS we should talks number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning at 6 o'clock this is the case and as a sporting news receive a dead at ninety Macintosh. Partly cloudy and 39 degrees. Pick and it's his breaking news the San Antonio Texas fire department as a package bomb. As exploded at a FedEx distribution center in shirts Texas. Earning one person in the FedEx employee apparently suffered nonlife threatening percussion type injury from the blast. The FBI and ATF or at the scene federal agents say this package is likely links to attacks by what they believes a serial bomber. The package exploded shortly after midnight today. Church is located on the northwest edge of San Antonio. A former basketball star in the state of Kansas was shot and killed a north Wichita early Sunday. Police lieutenant Todd no trials as officers arrived at during his bar at thirtieth and 47 year old man suffered from multiple gunshot bones. He was hospitalized and underwent surgery but died about six hours later. This individual was inside the club. Some kind of altercation took place we're not sure what was that what started it. During the altercation. Someone in the cloak. Fired guns striking her victim several times killing him. The victim is have been been identified as 27 year old plane Brunson a resident of grade band. The native of queens New York played college basketball a partner community college and led fort hay state in rebounding and back to back seasons in 2013 and when he fourteen. Investigators believe there were about three dozen people in the club at the time of the shooting but most of them were gone by the time police arrived. This is which doesn't ninth homicide case of the year. Kansas legislators who suffered a sticker shock from a report on the costs and improving public schools are considering whether to make the State's education goals less. Ambitious some lawmakers appeared less anxious Monday after hearing from two a lot of state consultants. Issued the report last week. It's at improving schools could require the state to increase its education funding by two billion dollars a year in schools up 44% boost. That price steak is tied to increasing the State's high school graduation rate from 86 to 95%. And Vasily improving how students perform on standardized tests. Lawmakers face a Kansas Supreme Court mandate to increase education funding Dan O'Neill Kate and SS news. Last week's NCAA basketball tournament was a slam dunk for Wichita. Says Susie Santo president and CEO of visit Wichita. She tells can assist music community pulled together to present and promote visitor opportunities. Day at a local organizing committee that and working on it for a law. On time but also the community I mean the business community stepped up. With all of the parties going around to welcome. The hoteliers they hit out of the park in May that student athletes feel like rock stars. NG bank arena I mean wow we showcase that unbelievable facility. On a national stage there's so many people that were involved with that. The tournament generated an estimated ten million dollars for the local economy. It was a campaign promise now the president is working to roll out his plan battling the OP Lloyd epidemic. That cost more than 100 American lives per day. In New Hampshire a state hard hit by the epidemic the president a long and the First Lady saying the only way to solve the oak Buick problem is to get tough. Pushing for harsher punishments for drug dealers and in extreme cases. The death penalty. If you break the law and illegally peddle these deadly poisons. We will find you we will arrest you and we will hold your health. The White House is the little focus unsung genius league breaking the flow of drugs into an across the country. An education and awareness and expanding access to treatment and recovery efforts. What the president has declared a national public health emergency some say his administration hasn't done enough. In Washington Lauren Blanchard Fox News. Here is growing in and around Austin, Texas after four bombings in less than three weeks. Police and Austin say they believe four bombings in the city over the past three weeks are linked and may be the work of a serial bomber. This after the latest explosions Sunday night injuring two man. Police say it marks a significant change from the other attacks which were carried out. With the package bombs officials say the trip wire indicates a level of sophistication not seen in the other explosions and could be an escalation. But the bomber's motive is still unknown. As the investigation intensifies police are asking the person or persons responsible. To make contact and let them know why they're doing it. There also urging residents here to exercise a new level of caution Casey Stegall. Fox News. So again the FBI's is there may be a link between the of bomb that went off in shorts Texas early today and those for the repair have been reported. In Austin, Texas Kay as its new time now 605. But that is fast 6 o'clock. 97 to thirteen thirty K and as soon as its head in the morning. At 611 here on a Tuesday 11 minutes to 6 o'clock. And we've got to stalled out vehicle potential traffic hazard northbound at. On Iowa and 3529. Street north stole that vehicle there. Watch for a slowdown this traffic volume picked up traffic. A different take an SS radio on Jesse James and though the forecast we've pianist is stampede college's Dan holidays good morning day. And good morning clouds are slowly starting to move from west to east across central and eastern Kansas. We've got a lot of clearing sky by this afternoon at sunny and cool today with a high 54. He will be clear tonight Carlos near freezing at 32 bit warmer Wednesday with a high in the mid sixties and KM SS meteorologist Dan. Holiday now cloudy 39 degrees never northwest wind at eighteen. Miles per hour. Today is Tuesday march 20 2018. At. Spring. Arrives at 11:15. AM with. This morning central time 1115 scoring spring officially arrives. Rainfall across south central Kansas Monday which Utah's high temperature. Was only fifteen degrees normal high is 59. And which star recorded about eight tenths of an inch of precipitation. Between the National Weather Service office. And their reporting station. Near the airport they've got it set eight to about eight tenths of vintage. We yesterday which is pretty good. You'd probably use a little more rain frankly. On this date march 20 and 1854. The room the Republican party of the United States was founded to. By slavery opponents at a schoolhouse. In rit and Wisconsin. The Republican Party the party of the abolitionist anti slavery party. The party of reconstruction they had some tough times after the war the Democrats. Down south rallied and frankly. From what I've read in history book the book recently. If pretty nasty down there when they tried to black people I devote. It during reconstruction. That he was very very nasty. On Tuesday and 81984. A winter storms struck an area from south central Kansas Kansas City. So falls ranged from six inches to a foot. Ice was also a major problem. The top 76 feet of the KF DIA radio tower buckled under the weight of the ice. Remember that it can get a march 20 winter storm it's you know it's big it's still possible still get something between now and Easter. No doubt about it there's still chances something could happen. The FBI has come up empty at the rural Pennsylvania site where civil war gold is rumored to be buried. State officials and members of a treasure hunting group joined the FBI at the site where local lore as it. A gold shipment was lost or hidden during the 1863 battle of Gettysburg. The FBI said it conducted a court authorized excavation at debts run a heavily forested area about a 135 miles northeast of Pittsburgh. The FBI is not confirming that it today had anything to do with the legendary civil war treasure. But the agency says it did not find whatever it was looking forward about fake news. The FBI won't release additional details saying the dig was related to an ongoing investigation. FBI digging yet they're digging for something but is it the lost gold from the civil war. They didn't get her although involved as a plot I'm hardy boys you know on the overall look there's no fun. Drivers had older horses after several equine invaders traveled down a major road in Georgia. Ten horses and escape from little creek horse farms and to take to the streets and ended up blocking traffic on I 78 year. North Dick tab ball over the weekend. Traffic came to a standstill. As police walked off the road to make sure bowl motorists and the horses were safe. Before the road was re open. It. 615 now Stephen Ted and just if it to bring up anything that might be a sore point for you but. The deadline for federal income taxes. Filing is going to be April 15. That a weekday. I didn't look at Mike Taylor that would be a Saturday Saturday. Now that's not our right that's not right at all right. You couldn't hit with penalties and as of Sunday admin. On the Mason an image of a back to the sixteenth. You may be hit with penalties and if you still money to the IRS. But those who are owed a refund however there is no penalty for filing late. So if you if you get a refund and you violate that I terrorist and care they get to keep your money the longer. The late filing penalty amounts to 5% of your unpaid tax every month or part of a month that it goes on it. That charge will accrue for up to five months capping the penalty of 25% of the unpaid amount wow I just fell asleep boy I don't mess just like that what's really got boring for me after tax return it's a Sunday by the way. The if you more than sixty days that you be subject to a minimum charge of 205 dollars. How or how are you just gonna read me the whole WTO fare so well as this 100% of the unpaid tax whichever is less picky over this no this is it's associating its electricity. It's his statement. Anyway it's our working for the IRS. What's going on here today to tell. In anyway if is about 5% of mop the fueling and so on Wednesday. I've got our war I'll get better I'll keep don't know about you on everybody did and off the radio this morning angry. Military might just a reminder gentle reminder that your taxes are coming to I have not done mine yet. Oh and we've got our elite when we get this less than a month right well you're right if the deadlines on Sunday at the usually roll it all I had today and a sixty. Gives a break there it's and I was just getting ready to say who hasn't done their taxes yet might have been done from I have months now and they're 23 haven't got a jet out that everybody's quite as efficient as fewer and retreated ten they're still trying to figure out ways to hide that massive income that's not gonna say I don't haven't I haven't had a guy that easy it is yours on the back air that's an ardent and that. 670 now seated yet here on 8 Tuesday morning type really don't. Or to Ted Woodward and take a little breather but there later this week basketball's coming up the network you'll want to. Baseball that debate and baseball today right here on Kate and SS yeah rockers are back in action. Wichita State or faced first opponent from the Big 12 Conference tonight as the Oklahoma Sooners come to town to visit X stadium. The 6 o'clock game tonight. Here in the game right here on K in SS Mike Kennedy will have to call shocks are ranked number 26 in the nation. In the collegiate baseball poll. Shocker with a record of thirteen and for the sooners are fourteen and eight Oklahoma already has four wins this season against ranked teams. And they meet tonight at at stadium Mike Kennedy will be on the air pregame at 5:30 PM game start at 6 o'clock. Your home shocker baseball right here on 987 and thirteen thirty K and that's test. Oklahoma is only three and nine all time in games in the city of Wichita docks and the sooners tonight. We'll hockey action for you the Wichita thunder hockey team continuing on that long eight game road trip there halfway through it they've split four games so far. Wichita is at Kansas City tonight. But think they would play all the time it really don't Wichita played four games. At Kansas City but those were all before Thanksgiving. And and thunder won three out of four games now that Plame again your late in the season making their last visit take on the Kansas City mavericks 7 o'clock tonight under still in third place. In the mountain division with a regular season winding down. The NBA basketball action last night in Philadelphia where the 76ers beat Charlotte hornets 1089 before a starting center for the Philadelphia 76ers former Kansas jayhawk til well indeed it. Who doesn't really they don't even haven't practiced pretty much the only actually gets in games. And last night when he five points nineteen rebounds four blocked shots. Indeed has helped the sixers win three in her own now they're still holding on that number 6 spot. In the Eastern Conference with the regular season winding down. Sports with Stephen to head case in asked as they did in the NBA and he had practiced during the week they got so many games yes they do. And he doesn't practice what he is not just considered such a fragile commodity that they don't literally Merling make him run through practice. I. I'm sure the other players. Wallet out here they're really excited about that it and you know. If you're not gonna practice you better be put up 25 in nineteen every night now because the old adage you don't practice you don't play Agassi oh well I that's an old added and I don't count this and with this guy puts this guy's name. Doyle MB to how good was he disease case you'd using KU. It is also the same Daly was great when he is healthy bill anybody you know he hurt his back Amanda shut him down oh Erica why they're the bad Saddam astray at the band has some health problems. May well eat well he's got some. Fragile. Bones bless his heart Aaron but you know if you keep him functional. Team mitigate mitigate that acquire a day. Most of our prairie fire coffee break already hear the sixers probably feel. We're paying him to play games not cracked yeah yeah it is millions of bucks might as well get away. Paid for very fire coffee the freshest coffee in the Wichita area because prairie fire coffee beans are roasted. Fresh right here in Wichita and view. Can get prairie fire coffee at your office just like Stephen dead by calling 267. 3771. Or online at prairie fire coffee dot com break six when he won now keep in or for Fox News coveted time stars. Smearing people of faith. All the way Stephen did the morning on tape and as stance.